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  1. TT Summoner Swarm/Wind rotation

    I use simple mode.
  2. Hi guys, I need help with ping in the game. My connection is not bad, https://www.meter.net/rs/201926205188.png and PC not slow, game instal in SSD, 16G RAM, Core i7 7700K and GTX 1080Ti, but I have a ping of 160-240 and sometimes up to 500, for example I often lose in PvP. So what is the normal ping in the game in Czechoslovakia? Alternatively, what is the address of the servers to test using the ping test. Thanks
  3. TT Summoner Swarm/Wind rotation

    Thanks for the reply, I have played earth / thorn and wind / swarm I only used in PvP, because of better targeting and aircombos. Wind with PvE was recommended to be stronger. What ping concerns I mostly have is 160-190 but sometimes it rises to 400-600. At the same time my internet connection is very fast and stable and for example in World of Tanks my ping doesn't rise above 50.
  4. Hi all, can someone please advise me on the summoner skill rotation? It is said Windborn soul badge is stronger Wind/Swarm, but I do not know what rotation on top DPS. Previously it was bees> petal storm> wine whip. But with sunflower I have about 1.4M DPS and with Wind will not get over 1,2M DPS. I have VT / TT Gear.
  5. TT Summoner Swarm/Wind rotation

    Hi all, can someone please advise me on the summoner skill rotation? It is said Windborn soul badge is stronger Wind/Swarm, but I do not know what rotation on top DPS. Previously it was bees> petal storm> wine whip. But with sunflower I have about 1.4M DPS and with Wind will not get over 1,2M DPS. I have VT / TT Gear.
  6. Why developers spit veterans in the face?

    2 - Look at the attached screen. This is a similar achievement, only one has been added later and should therefore be automatically fulfilled by older players. All: This may have been poorly translated, meaning that if a player reaches a certain level, his or her earnings will no longer be raised. It can go hard dungeons but earnings will be the same as normal. Small raids such as Khanda, Aransu scholl, Snowjade, earlier for each of these raid about 10G and more came hall of keeper, etc. and instead of the new one was better paid, everything went wrong and the rewards decreased to the level that DKV is just waste of time. The same is true for raids, why is the tacheon reward the same as for skybreak? At the same time it should be higher, for BT you get about 50G, so for vortex it should be 100G, for tacheon 150G and for ET 200G these rewards leave and do not remove mechanics. Why did two-man and four-man dungeon cancel? So why don't the old dungeons get rid of the game right away, or does it restore them like HM and CS? What is the enjoyment of the game when it is worth to walk just called big5? Why are acessories cheaper? For example, if the 3 highest soul stage cost 12-20-40 oils and now it's 8-12-20? Why don't they let the others get cheaper? (12-20-40 "True Tiger" 7-7-etc ...) This only demoralizes players who bought it before ...
  7. Hi all, In every online game, developers try to keep veterans, make special events for them and offer better deals. In short, they appreciate players who have been playing since the beginning of the game and are still faithful to the game. These players have an advantage over newcomers, who often serve as teachers or mentors. But in the Blade and Soul developers, the veterans are downright spit in the face! In all the time the game is running, they have not done a single event in which veterans have been given a minimum reward for loyalty, while in this game veterans are disadvantaged! Therefore, it is no wonder that people are looking for other games. It's really a lot of rotten in this game, but it had the potential of a great player base and in the first year the game was really fun, today's game is almost dead, it is played by a few hundred people and the fun has shrunk to 2-3 raids and 5-6 dungeons… Merging servers just confirms that the number of players is decreasing. Achievment points do not unlock anything significant and their meaning is zero, there is no difference between a player who has 1200 against a player who tries to fulfill them and has 6000. Double meter in the achievment points, where the new achievement should be fulfilled by the old players, but they must do it again. It's the same with unity rank. Liquidation of 90% of the dungeons that do not have to pass once and all revolve around the top 5-10. Degradation of mechanics in raids and dungeons, so those who have been honestly taught for weeks have lost their efforts, because you just have to wait for the nerf and then there's no need for mechanics. Brutally unbalanced PvP part of the game where newcomers and endgame whales are facing each other. The result is that there are only whales and newcomers, nothing in between. Logically, interest in PvP decreases. The degradation of equipment, where the equipment becomes significantly cheaper and the player who has stored the raw materials and bought it for months, is caught up in a month by a player who has collected half of the raw materials. Irrational game economy that is linked to the previous point. Instead of higher revenue in top raids and dungeons, revenue is still roughly the same, but it will be reduced in old raids and dungeons, where nerf mechanics are also. With a higher level, the earnings should increase as well, but roughly HM15 earnings are no longer rising and the HM15 level player has the same earnings as the HM30 level player… Normal vs. Hard dungenons, apart from higher difficulty, presence of mechanics and slightly better rewards, are no different. The original 2, 4, or 6 player settings were much better and a better challenge. Really developers, so hate veterans, who often invested a lot of time in the game and considerable money? https://i.ibb.co/VNtJNG2/Screenshot-190627-005.jpg
  8. New PvP skills

    Summoner kills and kills from 100 to 0? It depends on his gear, but usually he takes 75%, BM can also block in aerial. For example, for a Destroyer spin, summoner is a treat. Why do I think the classes are unbalanced? Because I have had several thousand battles in 6 in 6 and if the same gear was about every time, the team that had more KFM and Destroyer each won the classes in the bottom. Summoner is not strong for me it's very easy to kill a cat and then? Gunslinger has a burst, but that's the only one, Warlock? This is probably the weakest PvP class, yes, when credit card warrior has purchased gear so it can be partially offset. But it is enough to look at the TOP 10 in Beluga and WhirldWind BG 4 ranged clases and 16 melee clases. Nova core is not as meaningful because the team that has the first orb and has at least one strong player wins every time they think.
  9. New PvP skills

    Don't attack? And how should I kill him before he kills me? After all, he just has to ponder and draw everything close and then it kills on the IK ... Commonly, players have ping 200+ and in that tef up to 0.3 sec when it can be penetrated when you just spam him 1. I tried all class except FM and KFM is clearly the most OP in 6v6 PvP. Other powerful classes are destroyer and warden, and the weakest are summoner, gunslinger and warlock. The rest is relatively average.
  10. New PvP skills

    Hi all, I would like to suggest two new, especially PvP skills for ranged classes. The first is a counterskill especially against spinners (Destro, Warden, Blade Dancer) "barbed wire throw" that would cause that when you hit an opponent in spinn, the target gets tangled and dies or causes it big damage. " The second is an ultimate skill that would strengthen classes that have almost unusable one of the ultimate skills, such as summoner, gunslinger, warlock, blade master, blade dancer, and so on. This skill would allow you to penetrate any opponent's defense for 6-10 sec. It would be possible to break through the immortality of KFM, HM Block, remove invisibility (sin and sum) to penetrate the FM bubble and the shield that the Destroyer has.
  11. Please rebalanc destro and KFM!

    Destroyer can still be killed though very hard and definitely OP because he just has to spin and jump ... But Kung Fu Master is brutally OP. It kills you forhot and you can have any gear, you can have a million crital defense and it is totally useless. KFM stuns, pulls you in and kills when you jump off it does it again and again until you run out of escape skills and eventually kill you anyway. When you try to kill him, he's immortal and no cc works on him. To hit a gap of 0.3 sec is ping 200+, which is almost impossible for BnS and it is enough to squeeze 1 and wait ... Then it will pull you and kill you.
  12. Rank system

    Can the players for giving us a truncated version of the game? Can players for being unbalanced PvP with OP classes like Destro, Warden and KFM demoralize? Can they consider that nctrash kills the game? How many people played three years ago and how much do they play now? Would you go to PvP where they would kill you in the morning and you wouldn't have a chance to defend yourself?
  13. Hi all. Which gem is better for PvP for ranged classes? Or which 8 would you put in your Incienator 6? Diamond - 87AP or Obsidian - 32AP + 335 Mystic? Thanks
  14. Dead game :(

    That's true, but BnS has nothing to do with the people of the Iron Islands.
  15. Rank system

    What I know, but this system is built on thousands of players, not tens as it is on the EU server ... Therefore, it is necessary to modify the EU server or merge with others in order to equalize the number of players. The fact that a player who is AFK or a bot gets -25 and a player who tries to lose but also gets -25 will find you logical and fair? Certainly not me. An ideal adjustment would be to see the screen. Screen