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  1. I thought that lighing is on PvE, I don't have KD there at all, I only have one stun and my opponent will run away from it right away.
  2. I play frost FM, soulshields I have the second best. Glove and bracellet I have the top, I have a necklace from Mao, I have a Wraith ring, I have earrings from TT, a belt from the toilet. I know I don't have the highest gear, but you could say I have a gear grade below the best. Even so, when I play, I'm often the best at killing and damaging. But in short, I move most often at the rank of 1400-1500 and I was on the gold only once all the time and that was when the game started and there was a BG event. It would be very helpful for me to know if it's worth trying at all, because if I don
  3. Hi, I know it shouldn't, but if it's not about winning and I'm just collecting points for losses, then why can't I do it. Is there any automator that would log me into 1 in 1 arenas and then just search for another one and so on? Something like fishing. Gradually he collected 20 zen beans for the loss? If I left it all afternoon, it could give some 1500-2000. I'm looking for an automator because I'm still waiting for a duel for 2-10 minutes and I don't like it, even if I try anyway, I'll lose anyway, so why try. Unfortunately, there is no other way to get a soulstone and there is no conver
  4. But I don't like PvE and I only play it as a necessary evil. I like 6 in 6, however, when even after four years I don't see any progress at all and I'm still on bronze / silver rank and therefore, according to the developers, I'm probably noob very frustrating. I'm even thinking about looking for another game. Because in every game, the player improves over time, but not here!
  5. It is clearly written that bots would only be added to the bronze and silver rank, which is 1300-1599. Even if the player has gear, it is very difficult to get to the gold rank in 6 in 6. All you have to do is get a weaker team several times in a row and from rank 1590 it is 1390 and you can do anything and it will be useless to you. Then we have an endgame player on a bronze rank, where he discourages every newcomer from BG.
  6. Hi all, I would like to ask why if I want to focus on PvP 6 in 6 so why do I have to do stupid solo dungeons and there is no alternative way, I mean specifically the need to have 2x mao glove. I would understand the Tower of Infinity and Trial Arena, I know roughly what to expect from each class and it's a de facto PvP training, but this is how the skills of individual classes are constantly changing and learning to know them all is no fun. So why do I have to learn any more monkeys from the solo dungeon? It's not enough to completely cough up PvP in this game, but it's still
  7. Definitely a great idea for me, when PvP is almost dead, so at least they could do this to make it even more bearable for the few players who still play. Who will go for PvP when it turns on, for example, a novice with HM5 and on bronze, or a silver rank gets an endgame whale to whom he can't do anything at all? These whales would then be on the gold rank and higher, giving weaker players a chance. The current PvP is very frustrating and it doesn't matter if it's about unreasonably long waiting times, unbalanced teams, or invincible opponents.
  8. Not everyone has endgame gear ... As for the immediate recovery, it is meant in the case of a solo dungeon. Master Hong, Mao. When I try to make progress, I spend an hour fighting and another hour watching the loading screen.
  9. hi, i'm the only one who's totally useless loadings? For example, in solo dungeons, I die and have to watch an unnecessary loading, while when I use revival charm, there is no loading. Would it be such a problem to do it as a trial arena, where when I die it will revive me and I can try again? Or cancel CDs for revival charms in solo dungeons? It is similar in normal dungeons, where, for example, in the Brood Chamber you just have to go backwards and there is no loading ... Another problem is the videos, which must always be skipped using esc. When he first appears, I understa
  10. Hi all, Surely you know a situation where you are simply unlucky with your teammates or MM, and even if you try your best, you will lose, because there is no teamwork in random BG. Subsequent penalties for loss (rank down and ridiculous reward) are de facto penalties for trying to do something with the match and the current system does not motivate the player to fight. When I see a stronger team, I do some damage and I'm AFK for the rest of the match, waiting for the end. Therefore, I think that the best player from the losing team should get battle points as well as the winning team and h
  11. Undoying or Wingrise for PvP?
  12. It's hard with ICE, fire has Paragon. ICEs mostly have Undoying, Warsong and Wingrise. Wingrise is the latest, but I don't know if it's the best. They use it for both PvE and PvP.
  13. Hello, I would like to express my huge disappointment from the last update. Canceled bonuses in PvP. Finally, PvP was worth walking in this game, because one did not wait an hour to find an opponent and 1000 for a win and 400 for a loss in BG and 600/60 in the arena was at least motivating and the stupid BG MM could be tolerated. Now will PvP be dead again, because spend hours waiting, then get the classic stupid BG MM and then get a ridiculous 100 points for defeat? No thanks. Canceled Ebon Realm. An interesting feat and an improved map just because of the mont
  14. Well I do not walk both arenas and PvP and I see the problem is that they are not opposed players with the same skill (❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ rank system) that discourages new players who try PvP, because the veteran can meet a novice who still can not control character. Yes with the addition of the 3rd specification are in the arena OP especially those who have the 3rd spec. I see no reason not to ICE FM because one element is always better for damage and the other one for PvP. Overall, nerfování is wrong, I would rather improve others.
  15. After all, it would be enough to adjust that stupid system when silver loses and -25 gets silver, and when it wins it gets +15. So, in order for a rank to rise, a player would have to have more than 70% winrate and maybe 1% of players can do that?
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