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  1. Dead game :(

    Hi guys, Am i only one who can see that game is dying and only one who is pissed off by it? PvE: Dungeons- there is about 100 dungeons but just 5% of them is useful and people do them and few of them he could never ever see. The differences in dungeons by colour (green,blue,violet) is useless because you can get 50lvl in 1 or 2 days. Why it cant be separate like this: newbie- boss cca 15-100K, easy- boss cca 100-1M,normal- boss cca 1-5M, hard- boss cca 50-300M, expert- boss cca 300M+? By difficulty give rewards. For special rewards get back 4-man version of dungeons. Complicated mechanics everywhere and when someone screws it everyone dies and players are more and more toxic, Mechanics should help people to kill bosses faster, undone mechanics heal of boss. Party should die only if is time up. Open world- In the beginning was possible to farm monsters and get material to sell, not anymore. Solo dungeons are so complicated by mechanics. Players can access few raids at week but at free time just 5 dungeons like idiots, again and again. Sound s it like fun? no? yep because its not. and that was PvE but PvP is much worse now. So PvP: Unbalanced, for example Warden is unbelievably OP class. He can attack like melee or range but he has even 2x more hp and heal and he can even recover extremely fast. His neeed of PvP gear isso low, he can just do his circlehitting everywhere but there is much more problems. Arena-there is just few players who do it and there is no motivation because reward looks like bad joke and those best players are ending witch ranking around 1900 because they have no opponents and cannot go up. Battleground- The bigest problem at all, same problem with ranking like in arena, for example, still meeting the same player at bronze ranking but with endgame gear, players like this just demoralize newbies and nobody want to be dog feed so new players are not coming to battleground and if they try and team will loose because of them other players will be toxic and angry about them. Fraction PvP-nerf of rewards, destroyed funny location to open PvP, like Terrors and Blackwyrm in Misty Woods, now its waste of time. But P2W events and trove are all the time but what a waste of money in death game. Teoretical reborn of game is still possible and low numbered comunity can be saved by merch of US, EU or Ru servers.
  2. Hello people play PvP (arena and battleground) I do not like to walk a million times the same thing, I mean dungeons, I have not played for half a year and I have an outdated gear I have dragonforge 9 because I can get the raw materials that fall from BG and arena, but other things can not be obtained in this way, similarly with spoulshield, but the jewels are old. Very often I am not throwing the fullgear players and I do it then messing up, although I'm level 22, but Geary I have two classes below and they tell me then swear that what they climb if I do not gear, but where do I get when I PvE tired? Thanks for your advice
  3. Warden is Weak

    If the warden is weak, then what are the other classes?! Warden is in 6 in 6 brutal OP class, the same in 1 in 1. It has twice as much life, it does not stun, not KD, it does not have even top gear and it can be measured with endgame PvP gear players and it only has HM10 -12 and a raven / ascendant weapon ... I know he was pretty bloody at KFM because he has a million resists and Gunslinger because he has hooks, but this is just OP and needs a totally brutal nerf or all the other big buff.
  4. Hello people, I need to advise what element of Summoner is better on PvP Battleground? I have a dragonforge 9 gun + PvP earring, ring, belt, bracelet and necklace. Legendary soulbadge and mystic badge I have for both elements. PvE is clearly better ground, but maybe in 1 in 1 arena I use on BM, SF, BD, DES, GUN wind and on FM, WL, SUM earth. KFM and WAR will not win.
  5. Arena rank

    I can not help but counting the silver rank is retarded when that rank is to be for beginners so why if I win the silver +15 and when I am the silver loser I get -25 ... rank for novices when from 1400 above any mistake does it mean instant death? Should this be a rank for novices ?! Do you know what reality is? 1300-1349 is a starting rank, 1350 -1399 is rank for novices 1400-1499 are average players from 1500 above that are either scribed cheaters or good and excellent players! I play other games, and nowhere I've ever experienced a retarded counting of player stats. So this should be redesigned or should be corrected by the BnS wiki where he writes that gold is an average player ...
  6. Nightfall Sanctuary carry run

    Hi, I'm looking for a carry run Nightfall Sanctuary. I buy wind earrings, earth earrings and ring and summoner soulshieldy. Thanks for the offers
  7. Ultimate skills

    The ultimate skill of the Summoner is totally inapplicable, both in PvE, where before it is activated, you will give a normal rotation double the damege, as well as in the PvP, where the opponent would have to be very stupid to stand all the time on the spot and waited. Why does the summoner as a healing class have something like a soulfighter? The current ultimate skills come to me so as not to say that the summoner has nothing.
  8. Is it worth still playing BnS?

    I'm playing Summoner, and at the start of the new season, it's easy to get gold, but otherwise countdown to the silver rank is retarded! Once you lose the same rank and you have to beat the same rank 2x to have the same results, this is rank for new players as NCshit claims?
  9. Arena rank

    I want to point out that the silver rank is totally retarded counting points against the same rank, winning and I get 10-15 and if I lose so I come by at least 25, if it is a rank for newbies so why one loss spoils three winnings, it should be ranked much higher... If it is a rank for new players, one win should be offset by two losses. It should be balanced on the golden ranks and it would be necessary to win 2/1, 3/1 and so on, but this strict system on the new player's turn is really retarded.
  10. Arena rank

    Hello, I've found that the gold rank in BG and arena are average players. Diamonds are great players and platinum are unicum. In that case, silver is for noob / bad players and bronze is starting ... But in that case, 80% of the players are among the noob and bad players ... Would not it be easier to change that rank system to more reflect realities? Personally, I do not know why it is from 1300, but if I did so until 1699 points, I would say that the winning will always be more than a loss, I would give it to others. 1300 - 1349 - no rank - starting rank 1350 - 1399 - no rank - weak players 1400 - 1499 - bronze rank - under-average players 1500 - 1699 - Silver rank - average players 1700 - 1899 - gold rank - good players 1900 - 2099 - diamond rank - excellent players 2100 - 9999 - platinum rank - unicum players
  11. Warden is Weak

    Warden and weak? Ha ha ha ...
  12. Is it worth still playing BnS?

    Když mají PvP zařízení, ale převážně HM 9-12 PvP zařízení nemají maximální galaxii nebo nízké stoupající úrovně ... Ale je to proti nim s endgame PvP geare hráči ... Kromě toho, kde mají tito hráči PvP Ozubené kolo? Když do BG přichází nováček, stěžuje si, protože oslabil tým, ale nemůže to udělat, protože NCshit nemůže zajistit, aby týmy byly vyvážené, když je umístí do jediného týmu slabého hráče, takže místo toho jiný tým má slabý, oba dali jeden tým a výsledek je, že hrajete 4 vs 6, 3 vs 6 atd., které jednoduše nemůže vyhrát ... Google translate: When they have PvP devices but mostly HM 9-12 PvP devices have no maximum galaxy or low rising levels ... But it is against them with endgame PvP geare players ... In addition to where do these PvP Gears have? When a newcomer comes to BG, he complains because he has weakened the team but can not do it because NCshit can not ensure that the teams are balanced when placing them in a single weak team, so instead another team is weak, both have given one team and The result is that you play 4 vs. 6, 3 vs 6 etc., which simply can not win ...
  13. Is it worth still playing BnS?

    Yes 18 and 20 are not very different, but the HM9-13 team does not have a chance against a team that has 2x HM18
  14. 6 v 6 summoner tips

    I play it on the Wind element, only when there is a lot of summoners and a force master in the enemy team, so I change to Earth. HP has 300K 80 defense 10 offense about 1300AP. If I get someone to get into the air combo I'll take him 60-70%, but I will not kill him if someone gets me into the air combo so I'm 100% dead before I fall ... When I shoot someone, I'll take him a little and I have to burn it, but he'll kill me sometimes two or three. Just how many times do I have someone else and then come another and kill me in the morning, so the price to wear PvP SS and give points to defense when it is just as bad?
  15. 6 v 6 summoner tips

    All maximum.