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  1. Hi all It would be really nice if all the things a player buys or gets from F10 are Bound to Account. Previously, it was possible to request items from GM, who transferred items such as charms, etc.. But now they either can't or don't want to transfer these items, even if the player still has tickets to transfer. If it is possible to seal weapons and other equipment and then transfer to another character, then why is it not possible to seal objects from demonsbane? This thing somewhat degrades the importance of sealing charmm fragments, which are in F10 only for NCoins, isn't that NCW econ
  2. The current system is totally unfair, considering that with a weapon of other equipment, it will eat you 5000G and a lot of material, and you will not get to stage 6, because +5> +4> +3 etc ... Gold intake is ridiculous when we take how much the improvement costs even at +6 ...
  3. I haven't invested in Trovo for a long time, last time sometime in 2020, I bought 250 keys, but I'm really disappointed and I feel cheated, I'll never invest in trove again! It's wasted money. I didn't expect it to drop to three stars, but I was comforted to know that I would have loot for at least 6 times for two stars. There used to be clothes and solid things, but today? Two-star drops are usually worse than one! Most things are a complete waste, even in two stars trove and there is no value in buying them, it is better to let loot fail. Absolute mockery of paying players. Of the
  4. If it was up to me, I would do the rank system according to the style of Tower of Infinity, BG, 1 in 1, etc. As for rewards, I would significantly raise the rewards in gold. Weekly I would give the highest placement instead of synthesis stone tradable materials Premium transformation stone and pet pod. I think those who reach rank 10 and less certainly run FoE on Hard, where they have a certain drop synthesis stone and therefore don't need it in rewards. Those who reach the top 3 usually have the equipment at +20 and synthesis stone is a waste for them because they can't even
  5. And why could players "abuse" it? Because the game is played by a few hundred players ... and who is to blame for the horrors? NCWest! - when no one is doing anything with hackers, I'm slowly still seeing fly / speed hack, etc ... - when the gold gain is completely unbalanced compared to the price of all equipment - when the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ RNG decides everything - when they let the PvP die - When you pay more than premium acc, it's like playing slot machines I believe that if my main was a summoner, I would get into the top 100 but I don't have a chance with my FM. Advice t
  6. First sorry for google translator, no speak EN. With this patch, NCWest has officially admitted to us that there are no longer tens of thousands of players in the game, as he claimed until recently, and the old ranking system was set for that. Therefore, even the average player could indulge in premium content once a month. The minimum number of players confirms the dead PvP and the new demonsbane rewards are set at 800-1200 active players (not characters). The old season reward was a fresh wind, which gave new players a chance for some reward, but it's killed... I admit th
  7. Personally, when he determines a clear price for something, he doesn't pay anything at all, even though the price is exorbitant - the overall price for NCoins is brutally exaggerated when you buy, for example, 3 pentagonal gems for 100 €. This voucher will probably only be used by endgame whales and credit card warriors, but I welcome that there is this possibility. What I would forbid are their loot boxes, costs, etc. You will pay € 500 there and you will not get anything valuable ... Overall, this RNG is the biggest cancer of the game.
  8. Nice, but neither of them gave me a relevant answer. 1- If the tower of infinity is old, then why not increase the difficulty. It's not really for LV45 ... At least story gear is needed and even so it's not the answer to why the tower of infinity is regularly reset, but the trial arena isn't. 2- Why are they doing this only now, when this problem has occurred since the introduction of the summoner class? Such a problem to fix it sooner? 3- Ranged class mematize refueling, they don't have enough resists and the boss then jumps all over the field like a grasshopper ... The fact that he sho
  9. The point is that gambling has also gotten into equipment upgrades and there is no alternative upgrade option. Loot boxes, Trove, etc. keep us busy, but to do something with dead PvP it's not ...
  10. Fifa I thought it was just an ordinary football simulator, I remember playing 08 and 09 like NHL09, but nothing could be bought there. I bought the game for € 69 and that's the end of it.
  11. I have a few questions for a GM representative. I used to play actively and then for about two years with significant breaks. I've been playing active for the last two months. 1. Why is only the Tower of Infinity reset and the Trial Arena has not been reset for a year, while the rewards from the Trial Arena are changed but reset nowhere ... 2. Why hasn't the Summoner class combat jam fixed in a few years, due to a jammed cat? 3. Why was the cat taunt removed from the earth summoner?
  12. I am an active player and I do dungeon train solo dungeons every day and I also do weekly and raids up to ET or IA charm run. I want to use honestly earned gold for pink weapon upgrades and other equipment. I want to improve to +11, for example, but I don't have a chance, because I get to 9 and then it knocks me back to +6 and 3000G in the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ... This RNG system is defective and extremely unfair. For some, it will go up to +20 without fail for the raw materials he has gained in two weeks, for example, and others will not get more than +7. This system
  13. Maybe I'm just unlucky, but I still have a ring, earrings and a bracelet. I only raised to +6. My ring from stage 5 to stage 6 failed 28x so it's 5600G if I add stage 1 to 5, then together it's 6000G The earrings failed me from stage 4 and stage 5 and before I got it on stage 6 I lost 8600G. The bracelet was the cheapest, so it folded together only 10 times and the improvement on stage 6 cost about 2500G. 6000 + 9500 + 2500/3 = 6000 From this I came to the conclusion that reaching stage 6 costs a player who is unlucky on RNG on average 6000G and I do not count the raw materials.
  14. The fact that PvP is dead can be ridiculously low rewards that do not motivate players. Forcing them to play PvP for such ridiculous rewards is priceless. For me, I need to take a few steps that could revive PvP. My proposal for reincarnation of PvP in BnS in three points. Step one - reduce the waiting time for the match: At present, there is no opponent after 30 minutes, so it is necessary to add computer opponents to 1 in 1, until rank 1750. In the case of 3 in 3 and 6 in 6, evenly distribute computer players to both teams until rank 1750. Step two - motivation for PvP: At present
  15. For me: - The game is full of hackers, speed, stamina, fly hacks and much more. - The game has become a slot machine. - Exaggerated RNG even in common matters. - Ridiculous gold intake, the only way to get gold are dayly / weekly quests that you do in an hour, then you can turn off the game… - The income ratio issuing gold, in order to get a solid gear you would have to farm for several years. - PVP is dead and the rewards for PvP are ridiculous that even hackers don't protect it anymore. - PvP matchmaking is a flawed rookie is built against endgame whales. + Super combat sy
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