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  1. [EU] Gold commisions!

    Hej, I am sick home so I finally have something called "free time". So I was thinking of doing some gold commissions. I desperately need some xD I ask 200 gold for a headshot (cleaned up sketch, coloured). As long I am sick, my turn around time for these are a couple of hours to a day or two. When I return to college, probably a week or so. Want something more complex? (Fullbody, backgrounds, multiple characters, etc), that's cool too. We can negotiate a price (I usually spend 10+ hours on complex drawings), turn around time there will be a few weeks to two months. As college takes priority. Here are my art examples -> Thanks a lot <3
  2. Marriage System

    What is a marriage system exactly? If it means having a shared vault and inventory, that it can cause a lot of problems. Imagine you marry your irl boyfriend, and one day you break up and one of the throws away all the items from the other one... not vert funny.
  3. - I already saw people share discord servers on this board so I suppose it is allowed - Hey, I made a new discord server that focuses on Player to Player support. When I was a newbie, I often died or couldn't handle quests on my own and I barely found people who wanted to help me. As side from my sister and a few irl friends. After a while I noticed a lot of players had the same problem. So I waited until I was max level to set up this discord. It consist out both Senior Players who are willing to help the newbies, and our very own Crickets who need to learn a lot. If you need help as senior for hard dungeons, you can also ask for help. Everybody who joins this discord is basically willing to help any time. Of course there are other channels like art channel, meme channel, general,... Seniors and Newbies have their private channel. If you want a channel for your Clan or Language, you can ask for it. Have fun <3
  4. Guides for New Players?

    Hey, I made a discord that focuses on helping others, especially new players. Feel free to join!
  5. Does someone have a clear screenshot/Drawing of the outfit Steal Heart? I would like to see all the female versions. My character is actually a gon, but I want to see what fits my bodytype the best. Thanks a lot <3
  6. WHy not a general BNS artist discord? So we can make friends and stuff xD
  7. Just like the titel says. Because everybody likes to get art but you have to do smth back haha. No matter what your level is you can join, just no trolls please. Both digital and traditional is allowed. Be polite to others and be thankful if someone draws your character even tho they are an beginning artist. Okay? Only BNS characters, no fanart of other franchises or other OCs. Since I am OP and there is nobody above me... the person below me can draw Jinsoyun. I will post my character as soon this topic is on a roll. Have fun!
  8. Can anyone draw my character? °-°

    ayy, it's prolly traditional since my tablet is with someone else now. I shall do my best ;;3;;
  9. SRLY?

    It's not a matter of white knighting but of logic thinking and basic knowledge about economics. All the people think their opinion matter regarding the longer maintenances and bad working servers. Believe me NCsoft West knows about this and probably wants to change it as well. But it is not their decision. Logically they must ask permission of the headquarters in Korea, and if they say it is not worth, it is not. Horrible and unfair, but they are the boss. We pay for this game, we support this game, we have actually the right to have smooth servers, but that is not how capitalism works, or even the world in general. The EU and NA population is only a tiny fraction of the population of Blade & Soul, so we don't make enough profit. We are not the Korean server or Chinese server. For NCsoft Korea we are only numbers who don't give them enough profit, therefore we don't get a server update. Unfair and I am angry too sometimes. I understand all the critique you guys give to NCsoft, but try to do it polite. Nobody from NCsoft West can make a miracle happen. They can only suggest majoy changes to Korea. Maybe they can take care of the servers more or less. But sometimes I see people rage about in game matters, like glitches or boring quests, but that's something the programmers have to take care of and not random employees in EU/NA. Also I do quote you now, but it is more to give context to my opinion/comment. Nothing personal. Like I said. I understand it. I just gave up already and try to explain why stuff isn't happening;
  10. Me: .... Can we fuse soul shield?... ((I am the living proof of this statement))
  11. Best skills for PvP

    Hellow, I've never done PvP because I am not really a hero with MMO's. In fact BNS was my first game, so please bare with me. Anyhow now I am HM4, I want to prepare for PvP. I mean. I will have to do it one day right? But which skills are the best? Maybe first of all Frost Built or Flame build? I played until lvl 48 with flame build (somehow without ever opening my skillbook like ever. Very profession I know), but my sister recommended me frost build. I like it a lot, but want to hear some other FM's opinion. Thanks a lot for the advance!
  12. Can anyone draw my character? °-°

    if a sketch is ok for you I can try
  13. Blade & Soul Soundtrack

    Hej, I hope someone can help me out here. I am looking for the Korean release of the BNS OST, but it seems to be sold out at my usual places. I could find the Japanese release on CD-Japan, but that's last option. If someone could give me a clue -even secondhand shops- than I would love you forever. This soundtrack is dear to me and I would like to add it to my collection. Thanks a lot!