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  1. Please help me set up my talents right now I have. Stunning strike, Cut and run, Lotus of escape, Mine toss and Virulence. I am PVE geared. Any help would be appreciated including disabling skills and combos. Do not worry I will never pass any of you in ranking. Thanks for helping..... MandiCandi
  2. Beware the 1st 1 N coin pouch will give you like 7 different items then if you buy the 139 N coin pouches the give jack s..... like the same 3 things every time. Really I am so done with you all's cons. I am glad I am close to where I want to be so I don't feel tempted to let you all keep scamming me on these. So so so disappointed.
  3. It makes no sense. You can buy hellion gear in MSP or Moon Refuge without the achievements but on Dragon Trader you still must have them. Why I just don't get you all sometimes.
  4. There is a pic of a Sin doing 96 million on the general from Death From Below. I fight using the recommended rotation and do not see this skill what am I missing here. I just recently came back. https://imgur.com/a/FWZYuQf. I figured it out this is a shadow skill. Sorry have not looked at that build.
  5. Hello me also. 4x today. Wonder if you have a widescreen monitor and what card you are using. I going to change some settings on the UI to compact it. Please let me know if you find a solution.
  6. So I finally figured out that every time the UI notification time to prepare to use a defense skill pops up it is crashing me. Its done it 4x today. Thanks, MandiCandi
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