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  1. Blade and Soul Jarke Opens Our Eyes

    I think this video sums up the problem pretty well.
  2. I 100% agree. Its mass usage in the game removes legitimacy for its rarity.
  3. Force Master, Wallbang

    I second that. FM is board line unplayable in most situations. Most of the classes in the game have received some kind of buff where as FM has just been hit hard since its most important and powerful PVP centered tool is nerfed. But on the bright side a skill that will almost never be used defensively got a slight buff (talking about Fire Storm buff). But you know, that's only after Des got mobility buffs and BM got their Deflect block back, not like that's going to completely flip the MUs on its head. (oh wait...)
  4. Is BnS worth it?

    Pretty much. I only ever come here to rage about something extremely unfair.
  5. Is BnS worth it?

    Don't play this game run away from it!
  6. What do you think BnS stands for? I'll give you a hint: Bull and ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. That summarizes my entire experience doing PVP here. One class will dish out so much damage you might as well AFK, the other has too many iframes for you to even land a hit on them and when you do, it just gets countered or deflected (or they have their escape still up), someone else might use the fact that their class is stupid crazy fast to run away and avoid the fight until their more broken skills come off CD, the other guy is a smurf of this one really crazy good dude in plat, and the last guy just has lower amounts of lag than you or exploits bugs. I believe that summarizes all the "GOOD" players here.
  7. Honestly though, no form of PVP is legitiment. All the top players aren't there purely because of skill, but because of the immense learning curve, the reliance on ping, and because of class imbalances. Has anyone else noticed that only the same 5~3 classes are being played in our region's Esports? Literally every team has a WL, a Sin, and either a Des or BD. I think the pros would be lying if they told us that the state of the game's balancing isn't a joke at the very best. But of course, the server side lag and DCs will ensure that any player who actually devoted time to learning the ridiculous mechanics of the game will never be able to hold on to their ranking, forcing them down a spiral of being deranked by lesser players, that turns into a toxic Hellhole and convinces them to leave the game because the server was lagging too much for them to even perform their 100-0s without any hiccups. Players who could have ended up in our Esports tournaments had they not been discouraged by how ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ poor the servers are.
  8. Who the Hell does Arena PVP anymore? Intense server lag along with this joke of a balancing system on top of wintrading and smurfs has completely killed Arena. On top of that, there is a HUGE paywall to even have a fighting chance in 6v6. Like, HUGE! New players won't be able to get the gear unless they clock in weeks upon weeks of doing nothing but 6v6 and PVE, putting in at least 8 or something hours just to get through 3 stages. May I please remind you what we're doing here: WE ARE PLAYING A VIDEO GAME. Why does a VIDEO GAME require more commitment than my college?
  9. Here's the thing: "How do I get PVP weapon?" ==> PVP for it. "How do I upgrade it?" ==> PVE for it. "How do I get PVP Acc?" ==> PVE for it. "How do I upgrade it?" ==> PVE for it. "How do I get PVP soul shields?" ==> PVP for it. Okay, so how about the PVE content? How does that work? Oh wait, you need raid tier gear in order to get those accessories, don't you? Oh, what a shame. Draken? No one uses Draken anymore, because Skyshatter is so much better.
  10. Question about character underware?

    Those underwear cover more than the current.
  11. Skybreak Spire Acessories

    I have a permafrost earring at stage 5 and a Frostfall ring as well. I wanted to go fire FM but got stuck in Ice for a while before I got lucky with the Igneous earring drop and then an Ignitor ring. My SF, on the other hand, doesn't have either of those. She has a full BT soul shield, but no ice accessories. So I'm sitting on these two items that would tremendously help my lesser geared alt, with absolutely no way of transferring them to her. Not only did I spend valuable resources on those two items, but now that they're phased out, I want them on the character I need them on, but I can't! They just sit in my inventory, taking space...being useless.
  12. One of the most broken updates ever ?

    It's called finish developing your brain and learn to press one extra button. You also do know this is to fix the annoying piece of garbage we call GS from being able to wipe the entire enemy team in 1 shot. GS has been the most broken pile of garbage in 6v6 for too long and now its nerfed. You guys sound like the FMs who QQed about Phantom grip being 36 seconds, and like the BDs who QQed about Flashstep not being instantly cast after using Lightning Draw (which, btw, took out half the opponent's HP in the arena. Literally 50% gone). I have no sympathy for you guys. Learn to stop cheesing because soon you won't even be able to penetrate Defense with Unload during Tombstone effect.
  13. Horrible drop ratios

    I would make them around 50% drop rate.
  14. A new Gon exclusive class.

    That would be pretty weird, in my opinion.
  15. A new Gon exclusive class.

    Admittedly, Gon have an intense physical advantage over the other classes. Their greater size equates to a lot of benefits: reach, durability, and raw strength. So a ranged class for Gon would be putting their strength to waste, but a melee class with massive reach would be putting these factors into the best possible use. Hence the idea of a Gon lancer, (which exists in game) isn't as ridiculous as one would think. They have to be able to pounce toward something, or have fast enough hand motion to get a good jab in, which very clearly looks to be the case. So ya, I think they should get a lancer class.