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  1. What we have with Premium Transformation Stones is a form of gambling, one where instead of putting in your money, you're putting in your time, a currency that you never get more of. If you grind for the materials, and attempt to transmute the PTS, there's a chance for your valuable time to have been wasted on something you need to progress in the game. If you put in money into the game to gather the resources required, you're now gambling your money which you put hours in to get. There is no winning in this scenario. This is an obnoxious system that encourages the player to spend money for an easy way out instead of trying to make a cleaner system where you can just EARN it WITHOUT RNG.
  2. Let me put it this way: Imagine a system where if you upgrade a weapon and fail, you lose an upgrade level on that same weapon and the one easily purchased item used to upgrade it. We don't lose an upgrade level, but we lose the materials that are required to even attempt the upgrade in the first place, and that's due to them all being used in Premium Transformation Stones (which are around 300+ gold now). There honestly isn't even much more that needs to be said about this. You're gambling hours of your farming to get a chance to upgrade your weapon. And it is gambling because you are putting in ingame currency (or real life if you're a whale) for a chance at either something or nothing. Then there's the fact that this is required to even progress in the first place. Now let's look at the elephant in the room: the P2W aspect of it all. They put this item in F10 and in event troves, but rarely and in small quantities. Then there's the fact that you have to spend an inordinate amount of money on these, and you need a lot of them (20 to get from Stage 9 Baleful/Seraph to Raven 9 in the cheapest possible route). Given their current price. that will be well over 6,000 gold spent for just one resource that you can't even farm for. That's 6,000 gold for an item that requires resources in itself in order to make in the first place. So let's assume that you have perfect RNG luck on your side and you can craft all 20 of these things, what are the costs? You will need: 160 Moonstones 600 Soulstones 600 Sacred Orbs 160 Elysian Orbs 80 Transformation Stones 300 gold Want to craft the Transformation Stones? That'll be: 2 orders of the 35 Transformation Stones 1 order of the 15 Transformation Stones Which costs you: 35 Elysian Orbs 140 Sacred Orbs 35 Moonstones 140 Soulstones 150 gold So basically, if you want to craft every Premium Transformation Stone you will need while taking the cheapest route possible, you will need: 195 Moonstones (market price in total: 815 gold and 10 silver) 740 Soulstones (market price in total: 229 gold and 40 silver) 740 Sacred Orbs (market price in total: 999 gold) 195 Elysian Orbs (1,388 gold and 40 silver) 450 gold If you buy all of those you will have spent: 3,881 gold and 90 silver....for just one upgrade material. You still have all the other raw materials, the actual gold, the weapons, and of course the Legendary Elements which will either cost you 4,900 gold or 2,450 gold, 2,450 Soulstone Crystals, and 2,450 Sacred Crystals. Anyway, have fun defending the idea of putting one of the most costly upgrade item in the game having an RNG behind it. Meanwhile , everyone else who still lives in reality and understands the fact that even if this thing has a 50/50 split it'll cost us big time considering you lose all the raw materials upon each failure. As for all of you who think it's fair to have the possibility of failing to acquire this oh so expensive item and losing the materials to attempt it in the first place: Go to Hell. Some of us have lives here that we want to live, and we don't want to spend our job money on what has became a second job. It's bad enough that we have fundamentally broken classes in this game, but to also have what basically boils down to a paywall for every upgrade past Baleful Stage 9, that couldn't scream disastrous game design louder.
  3. New Outfit Dye System

    Will we be able to equip Grand Phoenix Wings if we customize the Grand Phoenix outfit?
  4. Move the moonstones somewhere else. Place them in dungeons, in Raids. Give us an RNG box at the end of every 6v6 with a chance to get the Beluga Soul Shields. Make it so you get more gear for 6v6 BY PLAYING 6V6! Not by farming and getting 500 points out of 60,000 we need to get just one of these Soul Shields (maybe more). I'm honestly infuriated by not only the horribly unbalanced nature of this mode, but also the underwhelming rewards you get from it. I'm not going to spend over an hour of my life in ELO Hell and get nothing out of it! I'm not going to pour thousands of dollars for an Aransu weapon so I can just cheese my way through, or for my Sky accessories to become a walking tank. GIVE US INCENTIVE TO CONTINUE PLAYING! LET US GET STRONGER FOR 6V6 AND KEEP THE PVE STUFF OUTSIDE OF IT!
  5. Okay, as a higher tier FM player: you're an idiot. FM is one of the most broken things I've ever played. The only things more broken than it are: Blade Cancer, W*or*lock, and Ass Ass in. I've literally beaten guys who are way better than me, just because FM is so good. Also, SF is class carried as well. Hell, nothing here is balanced at all. The balancing is a joke.
  6. Most Toxic PVP i've ever seen.

    Sins are built around perma stealths and BD is built around perma iframes, and KFM and FM are built around perma stun. Don't dance around the bush, this game is poorly designed and the class balancing is a joke. Skill will get you pretty far. But ultimately, once you encounter someone of similar skill level playing your class's counter, it's over.
  7. Reason why your game failed in the West

    That's the "Drop the mic" moment right there. Certain classes here might not be top tier, but they are such a pain to deal with in mid to low tier because the average player can't perform these crazy exploits to get past the cancerous mechanics. Furthermore: your idea of how PVP should work here is actually perfect, heck I didn't even realize that this was the core problem of the game's PVP system. The way PVP works is by baiting out someone else's escape, or by rendering them in a place where they can't use their escapes (IE FM wallbang, BD air combo, and worst of all WL air combo). I mean, imagine if we can break out of air combos and wallbangs. How much less cancerous would fights be? Then you mention the excessively punishing mechanics in the game, things like KFM's CC resist after successful counters, FM frost orbits (yes I'm counting that as well), BD and Des stun parry, BMs being able to block infinite attacks, Sins getting to evade while in stealth, and the blindness effect for sins escape skill. These are FUNDAMENTAL issues of the game's design, issues that have tilted not only myself, but countless other players. And if you think I just want these classes nerfed because I want easy rank points: I'm a FM main, and a Des main, both of which I have mentioned here. In fact, I'm a high ranking FM main, so it's not just a matter of wanting easy rank points, it's a matter of wanting fair rank points.
  8. 13 weeks > No Ice Earing from BT

    Like I was suggesting prior. There needs to be a token system, some sort of guarantee for our Elemental Accessories.
  9. Leaving a PVP match... NO punishment now.

    Ya, I was thinking of something like that. One day I got matched up against someone who took a great deal of effort in order to kill. However, the rewards for beating him/her were less than satisfying. I only gained around 9 points for beating someone who fought like they were above my ELO. Yet I know if I gained 9 points out of the player, it means had I lost, it would cost me 20 points! The ELO system of this game is still in a bad spot. I still lose 20 points in matches I stood no chance in. I still lose a lot of points against my class's hard counter. The point system should be reworked to take into account things such as: the duration of the match, the ping of the two players, and the classes they were playing. That way if a Destroyer gets queued into a FM, they won't be losing 20 points every time, and a FM won't gain 20 points of Freelo.
  10. Leaving a PVP match... NO punishment now.

    How about we use the more accurate and more common scenario? You enter into a match you've got a good chance of winning when your internet suddenly goes down. Let's also not forget the fact that perhaps you would lose even less points if you stayed. Making it a 100 point penalty would cause the arena to die instantly. The 60 point loss penalty almost killed the arena, and 30 point seemed fair. But the 20 point loss is actually seems ideal. Can I also just state how anti player this sentiment is. While we're at it, we might as well add in an RNG to weapon upgrades that makes it possible for your weapon to not only fail the upgrade, but to be downgraded when you do. This is the line of reasoning your request sounds like (it's not a 1 to 1 match though). I also understand your whole "incentivizing players to stay" thing, however, by increasing the penalty to the point where it removes hours of your time like that, creates even less incentive to continue on. All simply because we know that the servers aren't known for their stability, and random DCs do happen.
  11. Can we get up votes on the original post if the community is in agreement in whether or not we should be able to buy Raid gear after completing a specified Raid 10 times and having 100 pieces of the token that drops from there (IE Raven Feathers or Hive Queen Wings), or add in a token that you acquire at the end of the Raid that, if you collect enough of them, you can exchange for any drop from the Raid. Like for example: Scoria necklace would be 15 tokens, Igneous Earrings would be 10 tokens, Ignitor Ring being 10, and a Hive Queen Heart being 1. Some sort of system like that so we can get compensation for the fact that we have to depend on an RNG system in order to get a vital piece of equipment for our progression throughout the game.
  12. Show off your Lyn Gunner Preset!!

    They could at the very least listen to us and not give it to us. Sure give it to the other regions, but if we don't want it, we don't want it. End of story. Also, yes, lyns are the child race, just take a look at their default voice acting. It is very clear what they were going for with Lyns. Note: this is intended to be my last post in this thread.
  13. Show off your Lyn Gunner Preset!!

    I'm fairly certain that MOST NA players dislike lyns, to a degree. It seems almost universal actually, unless the individual likes lyn. If you go into the arena, for example, you will see oh so many insults being thrown at the race due to the absolutely broken nature of some of its race locked classes (BD anyone?). Then there's its obnoxious voice acting, and animations. Also, can I just say right now how bad it is to have a child like race in a video game that's meant to have a martial art aesthetic to it? Honestly, I find it hard for anyone to object to the fact that a mere child (sword or no sword) should not be able to last more than 5 seconds against a fully grown, trained martial artist. And yes, I'll concede that maybe the hatred for Lyns isn't the majority, but we can all agree that it makes 0 sense for lil kids to be using what are basically grenade firing revolvers. Especially since these guys barely even reach 1 meter in height.
  14. Show off your Lyn Gunner Preset!!

    No but their existence is a joke. Most players in NA want them removed here. And honestly, I really wish our GM team can inform the developers how much we don't like lyn.
  15. Reasons to leave BNS

    You mean besides the fact that this game is an absolute dumpster fire of everything wrong with gaming in 2017? Ya I agree.