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  1. Horrible drop ratios

    I would make them around 50% drop rate.
  2. A new Gon exclusive class.

    That would be pretty weird, in my opinion.
  3. A new Gon exclusive class.

    Admittedly, Gon have an intense physical advantage over the other classes. Their greater size equates to a lot of benefits: reach, durability, and raw strength. So a ranged class for Gon would be putting their strength to waste, but a melee class with massive reach would be putting these factors into the best possible use. Hence the idea of a Gon lancer, (which exists in game) isn't as ridiculous as one would think. They have to be able to pounce toward something, or have fast enough hand motion to get a good jab in, which very clearly looks to be the case. So ya, I think they should get a lancer class.
  4. A new Gon exclusive class.

    I noticed. They took some of the skill sets of the Des and changed them out with some custom made skills. The thing is, with that kind of logic, I could argue that Naksun is a SF (which he very clearly isn't). It would be harder to prove, yes, but it would still be possible. However, enough of his skills and animation effects are different enough for him to become the basis of a new class. Think about it, before we had SF (combination of FM and KFM), we had the Widows. One started as a FM, and the other a KFM, but would swap to the other class mid fight. Who's there to say that Yunsang's move set couldn't become the foundation of a new lancer class, one that could become available to both Jin and Gon?
  5. A new Gon exclusive class.

    Well ya, someone has thrown out the idea of a fan using class for Yuns (which I think would be awesome). But the thing about a Yun exclusive class is that the class will be gendered. And pretty much no I know of wants a gender locked class. Also, Lyn has two race locked classes: BD and Sum. From what I can tell, Jin has only one race locked class but they have every other class in the game with the exception of Des, Sum, BD, and FM.
  6. Here's a good idea: remove Legendary Elements from upgrade requirements. No reason why I have to pay over 500 gold for just one upgrade.
  7. I'm fairly certain that plenty of people who primarily play as a Gon feel extremely left out. Not only did Gon not get the new GS class, in spite of having in game characters and NPCs who are both Gon and uses a gun, but now Lyns are getting it (and given that people thought that Lyns would never get GS due to their physic, I feel this is just rubbing in the salt). But as we all know, there are about 7 elements in the game making 14 different possible combinations taking into account that each class has 2 elements. So, without further a due, let's get to brainstorming ideas for the next Gon exclusive class. What I was thinking of was giving them another pole arms class, like Destroyer, only this will be modeled after Yunsang. Obviously it'll have his little spinning thing, his airborne approach skill, his KB, and his heart grab. As for which element it could use is pretty straight forward: the most obvious would be wind. As for the secondary element, as long as its not Lightning (BD), Fire (KFM), or Earth(Sum), it'll work. This is mostly to keep the class fresh and exciting, of course. The best name I can think of for such a class would be Lancer. However, there are Jin character models in game seen using a spear like weapon, much like Yunsang. Thus it'll most likely be that this class will be for both Gon and Jin (which I'm fine with). The next idea would be to make it a duel wield axe class, but before you say that seems redundant, remember that BD exists and it plays nothing like a BM. It will have an axe throw ability, a leap ability, a counter system, I'd imagine, and able to chain attacks pretty quickly. As there has only been Gons wield such weapons in game, this option will be much less controversial, as people may want to play lancer without being a Gon. I'd think this class would be rather exciting in the sense that it'll provide for fast gameplay with the way it's built. It would also have a guard break ability where it uses the hooks of the axes to pry enemy's arms out of the way, and probably apply a knockback/Knockdown, maybe even a daze. It'll probably be able to use the pommel of its axes to stun, while spinning the axes in its hands for DPS, allowing it to rip and tear through its opponents. If the class was to have a name, it would be Mauler. Might use both Fire and Earth damage. Its primary strengths will be in speed, and its second will either be power or durability (most like durability given the physic of Gons). The idea is that it'll be quick and more than capable of dealing with BDs. The last one I had in mind would be a whip blade class but...that's just because that's what my character used to use when I played my last MMORPG. But anyway, if anyone here has any ideas, feel free to post them down below.
  8. Will we ever get a Gatling Gun class?

    I would like to see a new gon exclusive class. Cause, let's be honest, Jin has too many as it is. Yuns got GS, which is kinda counter to the Yun's character as a race (speaking of which, why does the game feature a WL Yun and a Sin Yun? That seems really out of place). And Lyns...they're child sized and are using duel wield pistols that looks like it could break their hands at any minute. So, long story short, I feel like the Gon race is overdue for a new class, given that the GS (which should've been Jin and Gon exclusive looking at how the game has portrayed both races so far) was released to every race that wasn't them. Perhaps something like Yunsang, or those NPCs who duel wield axes. If not, something that encapsulates their honorable, loyal, and warrior like nature. Something that'll both, make sense for the race, while also being awesome to play. Because as fun as Des is, there's diffidently an itch that needs to be scratched when it comes to that race. I imagine this new class will use fire in there somewhere, and if not, then we can give it ice and something else. From what I can tell, there's about 7 elements in the game, and each class has 2. Meaning that in total, there's about 14 combinations that can be done.
  9. Request to remove RNG evade in Arena

    How about we focus on the braindead sin for now, we'll get to FM next.
  10. The arena is designed to test one's skill and ability, and what better way to express how "GUD" you are than being completely carried by your evade RNG. Sure, maybe keep KFM's full agility (eh...maybe not so much), but for certain there is only one class in this game that punishes you for being smart enough to not hit into their counters and that is Sin. The only class in the game more forgiving than anything I have ever before seen is the BnS assassin. The amount of ways for it to get into stealth, stay in stealth, and evade just about anything and everything is, least to say, ridiculous. You could perfectly time your tech chases, but as long as their evade stat is up, you're not going to hit them. I have seen, time and time again, sins out right evading CC abilities in the arena, CC abilities that could and would have instantly turned the tide of the match. However, because of a literal gambling mechanic built into the sin's defense system, you're very likely to miss and screw yourself over by wasting a CC ability that would have landed otherwise. Thus, my thoughts on it are clear: remove this BS defense from assassin. It's simply completely unfair that entire CCs and perfectly timed tech chases don't land because of a literal RNG system.
  11. Warlock and Gunner balance

    It's okay, at least you can 100-0 most all classes in one combo.
  12. Whoever thought of this is brilliant

    Step in right direction: Yes Too little too late: also yes.
  13. Pinnacle of BnS

    This event perfectly illustrates all the problems with BnS. The poor optimization allowing for massive spawn camps, the terrible PVP balancing making some players invincible to everything, the gap in gear making it impossible for some people to enjoy the event. You have truly out done yourself this time NCsoft, way to show just how much this game has "improved".
  14. WPvP, new player

    Quit while you can, the PVP here is a toxic pile of crap with wintraders and smurfs on top of having class balancing so bad it makes For Honor look amazingly well designed.
  15. Des vs BD

    BD should have been designed to be inferior to Des in every way: slow, clumsy, and weaker damage. Des is more physically imposing and has longer strides, plus the axe shouldn't = clumsy and weak, in fact the axe isn't less mobile than a sword. However, an axe deals both blunt and cutting damage like a sword does, and apparently can be used to stab in this game. To put shortly, the physical inferiority of the lyn race should make them slower, less damaging, and less agile than a Des, which has longer legs for more motion, a stronger weapon, and a stronger body. In any normal fight, giving basically a kid a sword, and having them fight a body builder with a pole axe will never end well for the kid. One hit is all it takes, that and it's not hard to simply swing the axe at waiste height to decapitate such an opponent. Which is part of the reason why I feel the Lyn classes should be a lot weaker than they are now.