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  1. Am I the only one who noticed an increase of crashes and lag after the patch went live?
  2. Lyn Warden... '-'

    So from the first paragraph alone, I'm already smelling strawman, since you don't have to play Gon, that's why Warden is available for Jin. It's so those who don't like playing as a sexy and thus superior warrior (that's just a joke btw) don't have to. And yes, we will be outraged because we don't want it, on top of this being the most blatant attempt to seep into our pocket's imaginable because that means people who want to play this class on Lyn now have to buy race change vouchers. Let's not get into the very obvious fact that no Lyn will be able to ever hold such a weapon, let alone use it to the same effect as a sexy and superior Gon (Yes, that's going to be a running joke in this post), it's very obvious that this is meant to get young women like you, who love cute things, to buy a race change voucher. In other words, the mere existence of Lyn Warden is to be a cash grab, just like Lyn Gunslinger. On top of that, have you seen the animation for Lyn Female Gunslinger when you're on the character selection screen? That is a bit sexualized for something that looks like a child. Now let's move on to the next issue at hand and that's the game's overall tone, which is dark AF. It's trying so hard to make you take it serious, killing off (spoilers) children literally left and right to get you to feel bad. It's honestly Grim dark enough to make 40k feel like a sunny day in the park (exaggeration). But on top of that, you expect me to soak in all this darkness while playing as a race with a small CHILDLIKE body, with an animal's ears and tail? And yes, they're childlike, just listen to their default voice acting and tell me you can't hear a kid in there, or at least an adult trying to sound like one. Now we have that, along with this character holding a comically over sized weapon and wielding it to the same effect as someone more athletic than themselves? The bottom line in that paragraph is that I no longer can take the game seriously if this is going to be the case. Because, let's be honest, this isn't about making a good game anymore, it's about making as much money as quickly as possible, even if it means shortening the lifespan of the game. Which is a massive problem for many game developers in the US, they go for the quick path to quick money that leads to dead ends, instead of taking the longer and harder paths that leads to untold riches and eternal bliss. Furthermore, judging from the launch trailer for Warden, we see what is very obviously a Gon male as the class, and for GS we see a Jin Male. So very clearly these two classes were intended to be for fully developed looking humans, rather than animistic and small creatures such as Lyn. In other words, it's implied and pretty well established a long time ago that the game follows a logic of physiology when creating their classes, but as we can see now, they've decided to abandon said logic...which is most disappointing.
  3. Lyn Warden... '-'

    This post has filled me with so much rage. Warden is already a class with an over sized weapon that a normal human can barely wield and we're giving it to five year olds? This is as stupid as Lyn GS, please don't you ever dare put this garbage in the game. No one wants this.
  4. Lyn Warden... '-'

    Up vote if you don't want to see rats get another class ever again.
  5. seriously?? (outfit challenge)

    Honestly, I'm around as shocked as you are. The first one is as mundane as it gets and looks like recolor of several prexisting outfits.
  6. Where are the rest of the swimsuits???

    They better just put the two new ones in the HM store! Anything else will just be suicide!
  7. Current event feedback Aura/Plog

    This event is the only worth while thing that has been done to this game. But this game is still far from perfect. A step in the right direction NCsoft, but you've still got some work to do.
  8. Oh I wasted all my CDs, better start using my hooks to run away. Oh wait, they're back up now, time to pop them all again.
  9. Punished for playing

    So the penalties for being Disconnected or crashing during a PVP match are still there as it appears. Well that's nice. On top of losing 20 points per crash, I have to wait either 5 or 30 minutes because the game wasn't properly optimized. Thanks NCsoft.
  10. Chat Broken

    Speaking of broken chats...why does my party, region, clan and faction chat stop working at random?
  11. It's no secret that the top spots more often than not are almost always hogged by the same person in every ladder. Right now, 8 out of the top 10 spots in the FM ladder is occupied by 3 players, with the top 5 KFM more often than not being one person. I don't need to tell you why this is a bad thing. Those spots are meant for individual players, not individual alts. It shouldn't be possible that the top player is also rank 2, 5, 6 and 7, they should just be the top player. I would like very much for players who practice this outright unfair behavior to only get rewards and ranking on their highest ranked character, not have all the spots be taken by this particular player.
  12. What?

    So I just used one of the four free Character Alteration Vouchers I got from my 365 day Premium, and I used all four of them are gone. They were all stacked together, sure but, how is it that I can alter the appearance of just one of my characters and suddenly they're all gone? NCsoft, explain.
  13. Let's bring this back up again.

    Also, is your assumption that everyone who's criticizing a blatant P2W model some angry communist? Because angry is the last word I'd use to describe the tone I'm thinking while writing this.
  14. Let's bring this back up again.

    I'm pretty sure the amount of people spending money for cosmetics will more than make up for the money lost from making a functional and enjoyable game. One that will now have room to grow since it can be more easily accessed by new comers. As it stands right now, new comers will have a hard time making it to mid level content, things such as Hive Queen and such.
  15. It's no secret at this point that there's a serious choke point in the game's progression system: The Premium Transformation Stones. The fact that you need to spend 8 moonstones and Elysian Orbs to get it, along with ten Transformation Stones, should already imply a guarantee reward as getting the materials in the first place is an achievement all of its own. However! That's not the case. Instead, you lose ALL of the moonstones and Elysian orbs (both of which are hard to come by as it is, and are required to get the crystal versions of both of those materials which you need literally hundreds of just to upgrade the weapon alone. Don't get me started on the other pieces of gear that will become absolutely vital later on). As of right now, this problem has resulted in the cost of this precious resource to sky rocket, as the best way of getting them is through grinding out 6v6 (good luck with that by the way) and getting lucky with a key from a daily dungeon you just ran, or through weeklies. In order to have a chance at it through weeklies though, you would need to do them twice (and by the way, this is just looking at two pieces of materials you need to try it in the first place). Long story short, the amount of time and effort required to just get a shot at it is not worth it. You will need MULTIPLE PTSs to upgrade any piece of gear to it's maximum level, and by then the next patch may have rolled around. I don't get what kind of people you think play this game. Most of us have lives to worry about, or college to think about. I came to play a game that's fun and not Pay to win, not come to have a second job on top of the one I already have.