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  1. No, seriously, just ban it from Arena. Third specs are ridiculously broken and horribly balanced. Des reduces damage to self by a metric boatload, gets a bunch of iframes, huge damage output and they destroy everyone's FPS. BM has a literally two "I'm invincible" buttons (one literally is invincibility and the other is block everything that isn't behind you, passively), and easy to get 100-0 air combo (meaning you can't just tab out of it). Assassins also have an invincibility button, two actually. There's immortal flicker (which just stops them from dying and gives them back 50% H
  2. It technically does, as you can use it for a limited time before you have to recharge. But I see where you're coming from since it's just cancer to deal with. At this point, I'm convinced the real problem comes from the amount of damage everything does now. You just won't survive anything anymore. BMs eat chunks of your health without even stunning you, KFMs kill you just be existing, Des press the big shiny button and your FPS dies, GS have always been over damaging, Archers can one-shot you, and now Astromancer does stupid amounts of damage with just 2 buttons. This isn't
  3. Okay, let's address some of these points. Thus far I haven't seen a single BD, SUM, GS, WR, or even a WL for Lyn in the story. The only class I keep seeing for Lyn in the story is FM, so the lore can't exactly back this, and if we went off of the lore, there should be Jin FMs, which there aren't any. Your second point describes what's called the "self-fulfilling prophecy" whereby the popularity of a race is being driven by the creation of new classes for it. There will be a perception that this is the most common and popular race, even if it's not, thus more support for it. Now th
  4. I didn't flame Lyn. I stated that I held some slight disdain for them. Yes, that is a typo that went under the radar. You also failed to rebut some of my points and actually agreed with some of them (although limited). I'm also going to state this once. If you provide support for one race or one faction, people will want to play it more because it's getting support. If you leave the others out to dry, no one will play it because of a lack of content, or they will play it if they're feeling extremely bored (which given how many classes Lyn and Jin has, why would you play as a
  5. So, let's talk about the new class. Does anyone else remember when the teaser for the new class was dropped? The CGI animation? Does anyone remember which race it was? If you didn't see it, the teaser featured a Yun using the new class. Meaning at the very least Yun would be receiving it. Well, instead we got Lyn receiving the new class, rather than Yun. So let's count them: Jin: 8 classes (BM, KFM, Sin, WL, SF, GS, WR, Archer) Gon: 5 classes (Des, KFM, FM, SF, WR) Lyn: 8 classes (Sum, BD, FM, WL, GS, WR, Sin, Astro) Yun: 6 classes (BM, KFM, FM, SF, GS, Archer)
  6. So undo the Awakening patch. That seems to be where all the problems sprouted out from.
  7. My ping is getting to be borderline unplayable, but that's just because of Spectrum being a smelly ***.
  8. I'm telling you right now, that I not only regret spending a penny on this game but that I ever bought the founder's pack for it. The story's good up until you Divine Mandate Ritual, but from there, the story's quality deteriorates rapidly. Anything involving the old characters will feel good though. As far as PVP is, I reference to you my post: The TL;DR is that it's a joke now. 6v6 was always a joke though, but the original 1v1 is on life support, and 3v3 is dead. The Devs themselves gave up on Open World at around the level 45 patch. PVE is grindy,
  9. Not just that. The points system now is completely busted. It doesn't take into account performance in the slightest. You can get matched against some smurf at lower-ranking, spend forever trying to kill the thing and lose because of time out, then lose 33 points JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE AT A LOWER RATING! On top of that, if you come back after a week or two, queue, and lose to someone of lower-ranking, the game doesn't take that into account and you end up in ELOHell. Someone can easily argue that you just simply spar for a bit, but no one is interested in sparring. Everyone's compe
  10. Ya, I remember PVP, one of the main selling attractions for this game. Ever since the new patches though, the game has became hilariously unbalanced. Archer absolutely dominates, Summoner is now just a poor man's Archer, Des is invincible, Sin is invincible, and BD has so many iframes it might as well be invincible. BMs kill you in two hits, FMs endlessly smash your face against a wall, and Warden's just a joke. I'm honestly worried about my own mental health just constantly queuing and seeing the same three guys over and over again, with only mild reprieve when I fight someone who
  11. I don't need practice because that's not the problem, let alone the reason for me saying the class is broken. No BD worth his salt uses that move in the arena. The problem with BD is its raw offensive power with instant casting daze/air, its ability to stun you while blocking, the bugs around Phantom Grip that prevent you from escaping without using Tab, and the amount of times it can use its most damaging PVE move without worry. Good luck stunning it, as its constant spinning will prevent that from happening, and good luck landing a KD on it because its iframes and the desyncs will be sure to
  12. Knowing how to beat them means nothing if the only way to beat them is to play perfectly. The gaps between their iframes, if it exists at all, is too short to be taken advantage of. While assassin is a fast class, I doubt it can be consistently impossible to reach like Archer. The class as it stands is constantly running away, engaging when its iframes are up, and doing insane amounts of damage and quickly, forcing anyone who's playing to go on the defensive before they run off again and wait for their cooldowns. Because of their mobility, this strategy is not only viable but is guaranteed to
  13. It doesn't get any better at gold. Once I broke through 1650, I've exclusively got matched against three classes and in some cases, against the same guy over 6 times in one day, while he was playing an extremely unbalanced class that mine can never hope to beat. It took hours to regain my old ranking and by then I knew that if I queued again I'll have to go through the same cycle.
  14. For the past two days, I've fought almost exclusively three classes: BD, KFM, and Archer. I've also almost exclusively fought them using three classes: Warden, FM, and SF. In almost every case, Archer was the most broken and overpowered out of the three. They are genuinely the most irritating and frustrating thing I've ever had to play against, and I've been playing a lot of video games lately. Archers stun go off almost instantly, and they can be anywhere on the map at any time. You might as well name them "Teleporting Archer," considering how they just disappear and reappear on t
  15. If your dying to that, you're not doing something right. Fire FM is a joke and really easy to kill as they have no defense and no combos. Meaning you can just use escape at any time you want. All you have to do is play a little defensively and apply heavy pressure when you can. Trust me, if I can kill them using Warden of all things, you can do it whatever class your playing.
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