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  1. Arena is moribund.

    Yes. I'm sick of waiting in the arena for hours just for some guy in plat to hop onto his alt and farm me out of gold because he got bored, thus convincing me that this game isn't worth my time, and get me to stop trying, thus someone else who would've been matched against me, ends up in the same spot.
  2. Please rebalanc destro and KFM!

    I'd actually put FM thoroughly in the mid to trash tier. Unless you somehow manage a miracle and have enough ping for a full 100-0, you're going to have a rough time.
  3. Blade Master dead in PvP?

    Don't forget their iframes make them untargetable, just like flashstep.
  4. Please rebalanc destro and KFM!

    Remove the new stationary shield from Des. They literally heal fast when you get behind them and start doing damage to them, and they're immune to CCs throughout the whole duration of it. A des can literally sit in there and heal back to full, regardless of whether or not you're hitting them. It's stupid and completely unbalanced by all means.
  5. So I noticed that matches as Warden are surprisingly enough, difficult. Everyone seemed to got a buff, even FM and SF if you squint hard enough, but Warden appears to be the only class that can be said to have been nerfed. Classes like BM on the other hand, or so ridiculously OP that they probably could've beaten WR prepatch. But BM isn't the topic for today. I want to know, is Warden the new bottom/low tier, or is it still broken?
  6. Pvp is extremely dumb atm.

    So, apparently my constant harping about how broken BM is will now finally be taken seriously? Because giving a class like BM a second escape, and untargetables for their Q/E and backstep and the most insane and braindead damage ever (which they already had) while removing block disable as a mechanic in the game, meaning our only way to get past their defense is through carefully timed tech chases and sneaking behind them (perfectly behind them). GJ NCsoft, you somehow managed to make the most cancerous garbage invented in videogame history, and make it even worse.
  7. mature game?

    Here's a simple thing to summarize western culture and its attitude to mature content: Boobs are evil and must be cut off of every woman to "liberate" them. But literally splitting a man in two and showing the split halves fly past you in slow motion so you can see their insides: perfectly acceptable.
  8. You banned Force Master from PVP

    Ya but it's the only legit form of PVP there is in BnS. Everything else is garbage.
  9. You banned Force Master from PVP

    Nope, just 3. The top 10 slots are filled with the same 3 guys.
  10. You banned Force Master from PVP

    If they tell you FM is broken or not weak, they're not pros. No pro I have spoke with has told me that FM is just fine now.
  11. You banned Force Master from PVP

    From what I can tell from FM PVP in my time playing it, and as someone who's reached the 6-10 and even top 5 brackets (and not at beginning of season), I can say with full certainty that FM is absolute garbage now. Good luck actually getting that 100-0 wall combo off, let alone mastering it (unless your name is Forsynthia, Darken, Taylord, or Antrax). The counter intuitive nature of the new build is going to render it impossible for most players to ever get that full combo off, let alone survive long enough to get it with all the buffs that broken classes such as BM (yes, I will never drop my belief that BM is broken, especially now) have received this patch. Give us back our air combo, remove the cast time from Frost Tornado, and move Frost Burst, and Tornado from fire stance, to ice, and move Heatwave and the Ice Ring from Ice stance to Fire. This way, the abilities used in the 100-0 wallbang are all in one stance, and the skills that people are used to being in Frost and Fire stance, are returned to their proper slots.
  12. You banned Force Master from PVP

    Traitor. The new FM sucks. Pro players from across all regions have told it's bad now.
  13. ____ is Overpowered ​​​​​​​

    I wonder if people still think WL is OP, or if WR has just out done it. WR has many resists that keep it going for long amounts of time and even more damage than anything else in game.
  14. So it goes without saying that Warden is getting a nerf to its damage soon. I mean, the amount of damage it can output is ridiculous and I haven't found anyone who disagrees with that. That being said, there are two more classes that I would love to see receive a nerf, even though ironically, one of them is receiving a buff. Those two classes being Blade Master (you can start laughing now) and Summoner. The reason for putting Blade Master on the list is for the simple fact that anything with a parry placed in its block (looking at you WLs) is bound to play dirty and unfairly to get some cheap stuns in. Surely enough, that's exactly what happens with BMs constant spazzing their block, switching it on and off again, as though making themselves into a KFM now. Now we all know the obvious "Z pull to win" deal, and the fact that's still a major issue shows just how powerful the move it. Last I checked, it did around 4k+ damage, and puts BM straight into Draw Stance. If we were to ever nerf that move, it would be to reduce its damage. As for their ground game, it's honestly the best ground game there is, second only to SF and maybe BD. They catch you with a daze and you have no choice but to roll unless you want to die, and when you do, they almost always land their KDs. If you use the 1 get up, you're stunned, if you use ground counter, you're also getting stunned, as boot has a 9 second CD and does that. If they miss the ground counter, they still apply a KD to you. BM's kit is just so vast and versatile, with oh so many ways of ruining people's days that a proper nerf would seem very hard to pull off. However, an effective solution would be to nerf its Z pull damage (if it hasn't already been done), reduce the time of resistance from their backstep, and of course, REMOVE ITS PARRY. Summoners are also on the chopping block for the simple reason that they've become the new WL, instantly killing you whenever they land a single air combo. The amount of damage that Summoner now does can allow it to instantly kill SFs, or remove the shield from Warden and wipe out half its HP, all without trying either. Then there's the fact that they buffed their Knock up to land regardless of whether or not their target is CCed. On top of all of that, there's the cat pounce, which is available on a 24 second CD, instead of a 36 or 45, which is where it should be. The cat pounce is such an overpowered move that being so much as caught in it for even a second guarantees the loss. That and with the abilities that scummoners have to tech chase already, it's completely unfair that they're basically able to get you regardless of whether or not you have two escapes. On top of all of that, they get the most blatantly over powered block breaker in the form of creating an AoE field that continuously disables defenses, while also cancelling out any on going defensive skills. If you used your backstep to get out of a snare and they catch you with this, it doesn't matter how "good" you are, you're going to die. My fix would be to simply remove such a broken skill from the game, or replace it with something vastly less broken. Their aerial damage would be halved, and their cat pounce would be set on a reasonable CD time.
  15. Then there's the fact that PVP in BnS boils down to which class are you playing and which class you're fighting against.