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  1. Before we get started, I just want to say that I know there is counterplay to these classes. There is counterplay to everything regardless of how powerful or weak they are. However, the point of this post is to simply point out how hilariously difficult the counterplay can be. So let's get started. BM: From the beginning of the game, BM has had the most solid defense in the game, only rivaled by KFM. It's fine, to say the least as it helps it stand out. While the defense is very useful in most situations, in the context of the arena, a quirk of the defense begins to stick out as too useful. That would be the dreaded deflect. You see, it's fine to have something happen whenever you time a block just right, but that thing that happens should not be a stun. In fact, I'd think it's best that we don't have anything happen at all whenever a BM blocks at just the right time except maybe shortening the CD on something or some other buff. But given that a BM can stun you whenever you use your standard "get up" skill, it can easily swing the fight in the BM's favor and when they're able to do it consistently, you might as well just stay on the floor and let the BM have his/her way. Sticking to the defensive profile of the BM, the new Awakened build for BM having a passive frontal block is absolutely ridiculous. Sure it's unfair that Des get to be immune to CCs when using Emberstomp (which is a placed down AoE buff on a 45sec CD time with short reach), but for BM to be immune to punishment of any kind for like 12 seconds or so, that's just stupid. Sure you can just go around, but there's no guarantee you'll actually be behind the BM as they can Q/E behind you while you're behind them. Don't believe me? I've seen it happen plenty of times in the arena, suggesting it must be some kind of bug. On top of that, they might even stack it with some other iframe ability to make them completely invincible. Furthermore, their basic bubble that we all know and "love" can heal them about 20% or so HP. I won't complain about that as it's completely fair. But to add insult to injury, they also have two, two escape skills: their backstep, and their tab. Given what I've described their defenses so far and what's still yet to come, you might say this is overkill. Well it is, as their Q/E makes them untargetable on top of their iframes. Then we have five-point dash which is also an iframe and if they resist something while using it (which is all the time), you proc up cyclone, giving them a decent amount of damage dealt, while also being immune to damage in return for quite some time. So it's very clear that in the hands of a skilled player, you're never killing a BM unless you're lucky or really good at the game. Now we move on to offensive abilities which won't take long for me to describe as BM has to only press the same button three times in a row with their Lightning Build in order to win any match. Flashstep is stupid. It makes them untargetable, again, and with just three hits you can bring a fully healthy SF to only inches from death. And this is just the beginning because now we get to their dreaded Awakened Build which I shall call their "Shadow Build". With this build they get just about all the benefits of their defensive profile while trading out Flashstep for a WL style 100-0 air combo that somehow makes the original WL air combo look fair. You stay up in the air for an unholy amount of time as you watch your HP bar slowly disappear as they keep launching you back in the air and all because you refused to tab on the first stun they got on you. The class is no longer a melee class, it's a ranged class that just so happens to be good at melee. Now for two universal skills on BM that have been the bane of almost every player's existence: boot and soaring falcon. Never before have I seen a class more dependant on one button in order to win a match. The second I use Second Wind I know immediately that the BM is going to try his Z pull. It has become such a predictable pattern that I refuse to use my tab until he/she uses it, or until I see that they miss with it. Now for their other skill, boot, it too can dominate and dictate the way a match goes, As stated earlier, a BM's block can stun a player if they try to get up from KD. But what about counter? Well boot or X, can easily let the BM completely dominate the ground game. Instead of being an inconvenience like SF's Howling Blast (which KDs a target while piercing Block and Parry), Boot allows a BM to stun anything that's blocking or using a counter, including if that target is on the ground. This is usually followed up with Flashstep, ending the match before you had a chance to do anything. Then we have their opening moves, which is the most dominating thing about BM. They can dictate when and how the game begins at any time, and it usually begins with them getting a cheeky stun off you. If you have any problems with loading in first, you'll know the pain of losing to Shadow BM because the arena didn't load in fast enough. This wind riding attack is also present on BDs as well but is a follow up to them using their version of Soaring Falcon. Now what tweaks would I suggest being made to BM to make it more balanced? Well for a start, their stun parry has to go, in fact, I'd remove parry as a mechanic from the game as a whole and just keep the block mechanic. Sure it keeps you on your toes, but it's over punishing for such a chance encounter, but when it can be consistently abused it gets even worse. Next, I'd suggest shortening down the Shadow BM's air combo and nerfing the damage a little. Make the combo easier to perform, but at the cost of it not being a guaranteed kill. Then I'd suggest removing the untargetable effect from BM altogether, the class never needed such a thing and it's honestly overkill given how many defensive options the class has. Just keep the Q/E iframes as they were. Furthermore, I'd have the damage from flashstep be heavily nerfed. Only needing to press one button to win is absurd and frankly unfair. By proxy, this will also nerf the dreaded Z pull and Boot as the follow up might not be an instant loss. Finally, I'd remove the backstep as an escape skill. Trying to force Tab on BM is difficult enough as it is, but having to force two of them is just too much. BMs were more than capable of reaching high long before they had two escape skills, they don't need another. Destroyers: Where to begin? Let's start with their new build as that's the only thing worth complaining about. Everything else on Des seems to be perfectly fine, possibly even warranting a buff. But let's stay focused on their new "Iron Will"build, shall we? When I first returned to the game, I was dumbfounded by the sheer, unbridled stupidity of this build. So let's start with its defenses which should be fairly brief. It gets the classic spin parry, which again I despise as a mechanic, especially since you don't get stunned in real life when you are parried but left vulnerable (hint hint, perhaps consider a damage boost when you successfully parry). But that's not the problem with them, no that's their immunity to just about everything. They have a new skill which lets them unleash this Titan form. During the casting of the skill, they turn gigantic and unleash a multi-hitting daze ring around them that goes through defenses. Not much of a problem, although it deals too much damage. But what comes after is even worse. For twelve seconds they're invincible and get a damage boost. To put that into context, FM's Frost Armor lasts for 10 seconds and is purely a defensive move as they can't attack or move for that matter, and get back 30% HP. This buff, however, does CC, a lot of damage upon casting and gives them immunity to damage for 12 seconds after, along with a damage boost. You might as well call it "Temporary God-mode" because that accurately describes it. Hey, remember Fury by any chance? That damage boost that makes Des immune to CC at the cost of taking slightly more damage, and you can still knock them down? Or Persistence, which is an escape skill on a minute CD that makes them immune to CC and damage for 5 hits. Then we have their basic form, by which I refer to their "Double Axe" stance. I couldn't think of any better way to make this class a more obvious counter to FM, as not only can their dish out an absurd amount of damage for no work, but they're also immune to KB, you know, the core mechanic behind FM's wallbang? Oh and if you other classes think you're fine, you're not, as they're also immune to being knocked in the air. On top of that, they have access to an AoE of damage around them, and causing your framerates to drop so badly you'd be forgiven for thinking you were playing a consul game, all while out-competing Warden's 4 spam in the damage department. Now for their special bubble of invincibility that lasts well over five seconds and doesn't seem to be breakable by any means. This combined with their insane damage output, their ability to laugh through block, makes Des one of the most brainless classes I've seen since coming back to the game and I'm not even sure if I've covered everything about it that makes it so powerful. Now there are ways around the new Des build, for sure. But the amount of effort it takes, stacked on top of Destroyer's already decent defense with their spins, shields, and their C ability, makes the class near impossible to hurt. So my solution would be to have Des worry about KD even with this Titanic form, and have their floating shields be breakable, or shorten the duration of it. From there, I'd also have the damage output on it slightly nerfed. Conclusions: Now I know there are other classes out there that are also equally powerful, if not even more so (Archer), but I'll get to those one day. I'll probably even advocate for FM to have an overhaul with its PVP style as I hate its wonky and unreliable wallbang 100-0, as it's been the source of a lot of toxicity and its generally unreliable as having ping above 100ms will usually cause it to fail. Notice however, that the changes I suggested are minor for the most part (barring the suggested changes to parry), and are more of a return to form for these classes. Although, given that none of the classes I play arena with have yet to receive their awakened builds, the solution to this imbalance might just come when they finally decide to give every class their awakened builds. Ultimately, I know the Moderators, Developers, or Community Managers will never see this post or possibly even care much, as ultimately they're powerless to actually act on it and we're all doomed to just take in whatever new patch is released for the Korean server. I could be wrong, and I hope I am.
  2. PvP Summi, FM or SF?

    Well, Summoner does have cat sit which is the bane of any class with a static least until BM got their buffs.
  3. PvP Summi, FM or SF?

    Ya, that's my ranking between those three classes. If you want to rub salt in the wound, Summoner can be nye unkillable.
  4. Broken classs, How long we must tolerate this?

    Okay, here's my long-form post breaking down why FM isn't broken. First, let's go over healing. Against just about every class, FM loses out against them in healing. Sure, FM is invincible for 10 seconds while they're healing 30% HP every minute. However, some classes heal 15% every 30 seconds and then some on top of that. FM does heal 10% HP over the course of 15 seconds while within Divine Viel, but almost every class will still be able to hurt the FM while it's active, in fact, most classes aren't even deterred by the veil, even the ranged classes. Most of them have abilities that damage and CC FMs while in a veil. On top of all of that, most class healing is in the form of an invincibility bubble, one that allows them to continue fighting, sometimes while even doing extra damage. Damage output on FM is all located in two skills, Frost Tornado and Duel Dragons. Frost Tornado requires the FM to press two separate buttons to get it off (and even then, sometimes you won't get the instant cast) or you need to wait one second to cast it. This also assumes you don't get CCed while casting it. However, you will always end up being stunned while using it, or you just get one tornado off. Meanwhile, other classes have a single attack that goes off instantly which does about 30% damage. Then we have Duel Dragons which, while it does a lot of damage, is incredibly hard to get in the first place as it requires a critical hit from a fire and ice attack to simply use it. Sure, it's no problem during the wallbang combo, but outside of that, it's borderline impossible. Now onto defenses. FM has about four defensive abilities, a basic "block", two self freezes, and +15% HP shield. The HP shield lasts for a short duration of time, but enough to matter, but if you do enough damage, you can break through the shield and start damaging the FM while the duration is still active, this will also be the best time for FMs to use the Frost Tornado and it has an obvious effect around the FM (a physical bubble). The self freezes are both good, but not nearly as scary as the bubbles other classes have access to, like Des or BM. Since Frost Armor was already covered in healing, I'm instead moving on to the keystone of FM's defenses: Impact. Impact pushes the FM back when blocking a melee attack, it doesn't prevent damage of any kind but just gives it some breathing space, and it only blocks one melee strike (meaning multi-hit attacks can break through the block). Meanwhile it's proven itself nearly useless against ranged attacks as plenty of them go clean through it, or are AoE and thus cannot be blocked by it to begin with. Offensively, FM has a few things to use to get past the enemy's defenses. Frost Tornado is a good one, but a BM can just spam block and deflect you regardless, and most other classes can just iframe for a little bit and are perfectly fine. Classes like BD or Des just don't care because they have multiple bubbles or can just spin through it and minimize damage. Frost Burst (the airborne one that constantly freezes) is extremely unreliable given its short-range and making you vulnerable to air combos (which some classes love doing), and dragonwhorl is required for starting the wallbang combo. So it's mostly just Glacial Blast (the stun) and Phantom grip, which is really freaking good even if it's likely to miss half the time. So overall, the FM is a glass cannon that relies entirely on baiting out its opponents and trying to find an opening using a combo that's complicated and difficult to pull off if you have ping above 100ms (which I assume is most people). Its great at making openings with Phantom Grip, but so many classes have such stubborn and strong defenses, you'll almost never get past them. KFM can just dodge infinitely and gets an iframe every time it counters while putting endless pressure on the FM. BM is straight-up invincible and immune to grip for 75% of the match, Des ignore KB with their new build and can resist status effects for 12 secs while dishing insane damage. Sin is much the same as Des, only not as good. BD has infinite bubbles. SF's hard to hit but not impossible, so FM's got a good time against them, Warden, and WL. GS, not as much. But Archers...Archers will demolish FMs every time, no questions asked. They literally teleport across the arena, ignore FM's defenses, and have solid defense themselves because of their dashes. FM in the context of general arena purposes, is a bad class, the only thing it has going for it is a complex 100-0 combo that requires patience and careful planning from the FM, along with being at just the right distance from the wall to do it.
  5. Broken classs, How long we must tolerate this?

    And KFM too, let's not forget them, or BM for that matter. All of them are just invincible, damage spewing, heal spamming, braindead, easy mode classes.
  6. Broken classs, How long we must tolerate this?

    Are you guys seriously complaining about FM when Des and Archer are so busted right now?
  7. Another art theft.... please pay attention

    Ummm...that piece of artwork looks radically different from the original. The only thing I can agree with you on is the pose, Everything else is seriously transformed from the original picture, from the overall mood to the character put on the there. You can't exactly steal a pose or a concept like "gunslinger". If you want to see what stolen art looks like might I recommend you check out all the art theft going on in Disney Star Wars as there's plenty of great examples.
  8. Jinsoyun is really beautiful!

    She looks better in the artwork than she does in game. But she's pretty flat...which according to anime logic means she's overpowered plz nerf.

    Mine looks better.
  10. Losing interest. Considerations about it

    Fun might be a subjective trait, but what happens when most people's subjective view of something points to the negative? That subjectivity becomes what we call statistical data, and statistical data is objective. If most players think the game isn't fun anymore, and to the point where they'd quit (and that is exactly what happened here), then we can say that objectively, there must be something wrong with the game design that is leaving players unsatisfied. Some players don't mind spending boat loads on the game, but most players (past and present) do. Some players were professional PVP players, and now the arena is more empty than it's ever been, with people unable to get past the 1800 mark because of the lack of people queuing. My clan's had to cancel raids because so many people have quit the game.
  11. GS 2.0

    Easy, just run away whenever FM is in sheath, wait for CDs and try again. FM's sheaths are literally inconsequential to Archer. It's also crazy hard to even catch Archer in the first place as the only time you're ever able to hit it is when they won't be target-able (as in if they're not spamming iframes, they're too far away to hit). Worse yet is that the FM is no longer a threat to the Archer in that case, but the Archer is still a threat to the FM, as it has skills that can reach you from all the way on the other side of the arena. Archers also have crazy AoEs of their own that FM has to get through and work around, one of them being an iframe. Let's also not forget that airborne btw, where you can literally knock half off your opponent's HP out instantly and they're helpless to do anything about it. But perhaps Archer is just situational and the only Archers I've played against were actually good or something (doubtful but possible). Regardless of semantics both our opinions are rooted at a core issue: NCsoft doesn't know how to balance $h!T
  12. How do Lyn feed their young when...

    The real irony here is that in real life people go on about how it's a miracle that human females even have breasts in the first place, while also stating that the disadvantages of having breasts would make it so that human females wouldn't be able to survive out in the wilderness, especially if they're large chested. Often they say that it'll slow them down too much and that they'd hardly be able to outrun any predators because of it, not to mention that it would impede their acrobatics and motion of their arms. All of which is utter BS as ancient women would probably be a lot more physically fit than our average woman today, just like how ancient men would be more fit than most men today. The argument over large and small chests is completely null and void for the simple fact that the problem with the average woman today isn't as physically fit as in the past, thus most all predictions are basically mute. But yes, Lyn are just an excuse for lolita crap, and for religiously chanting the demonstrably false phrase: "small superior" or the divisive phrase "flat is justice" (which is also kinda false).
  13. GS 2.0

    Archer is just an upgraded GS. Their play style revolves around running away and not fighting while waiting for their CDs to reset, then charging in to do some damage which most classes can't avoid, and repeat. Worse yet, they have a skill that can basically half your health from anywhere as long as they're looking at you in one build, and have two skills that can insta gib you in another. Oh and did I mention their base damage is insane, and it's not counted as projectile when going through Divine Veil? Congratz, another FM hard counter, just what we needed. Agree with it or not, you have to admit that a class that heals and stealths that can dish out so much damage and avoid the fight altogether is something has to be dealt with. The real shame is that it'll have to be a hot fix, rather than them getting it right from the first time.....AGAIN!
  14. Arena is moribund.

    Yes. I'm sick of waiting in the arena for hours just for some guy in plat to hop onto his alt and farm me out of gold because he got bored, thus convincing me that this game isn't worth my time, and get me to stop trying, thus someone else who would've been matched against me, ends up in the same spot.
  15. Please rebalanc destro and KFM!

    I'd actually put FM thoroughly in the mid to trash tier. Unless you somehow manage a miracle and have enough ping for a full 100-0, you're going to have a rough time.