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  1. Fix the Dead Arena pvp

    But anyway: wall banging is the worst thing that happened to FM. I wish they would remove it already.
  2. Fix the Dead Arena pvp

    It's a stupid technique used by shitters to tilt people. Ya its unfair as all Hell. But there's plenty of other things in the game that are vastly more OP than that. 1 second resist after use with Q and E. The amount of iframes a BD gets. The damage Unload does. All it takes to fix wall banging is to remove knockback from impact and boom, FM nerfed. Other classes like KFM and BD are fundementally broken and in dire need of a nerf considering how borderline easy it is for them to win.
  3. Fix the Dead Arena pvp

    I just love this ridiculous, board-line retarded attitude whenever someone wants to make reasonable nerfs to classes that are currently dominate or trying to make certain match ups less about class carry and more about personal skill, some guy is all like "Oh nerf all the classes" or "git gud". But it also seems that these players are always the ones who use cheese tactics, play dirty (bug exploiting), or they play these broken classes themselves.
  4. Des or BD or Sin Pros and Cons?

    BD: Very strong in PVP and does the best against FM out of all the other classes (since everyone is saying that class is broken as of right now), does not hold up well against things like: SF, Des, and KFM (all of which have skills that are very good with going through parry). Has Maelstorm block ( a 1~3 second party iframe that can also be used in PVP), is built with the defensive skills of a Destroyer and the offensive skills of a lightning Blade Master but better damage. Sin: A harder class to play with a higher skill cap as well, which plays into the difficulty of said class as FM are considered a hard counter along with BDs and possibly even Des since they both have spins. It does, however, have the highest burst damage in the game although not built for tanking. The stealth, however, is a very powerful defensive skill it has and can keep you out of trouble and save you from it. It also requires learning an animation cancel unless you feel like using Bombard in the arena (please don't). Des: A very hard class to master, countered by a long list of classes, but can still manage to do enough burst to kill everything. PVE it can stack bleeds really easily has a nice burst in the form of Fury, and its shield is pretty good for recovery and blocking. It isn't exactly very good tank as its difficult to hold agro on it (mostly because its DPS is more steady than any other class) and requires an animation cancel in Earth build (which is why I chose Shadow).
  5. Fix the Dead Arena pvp

    Honestly, if they did, I'd finally get Diamond ranking. So I say go right ahead even though its not exactly good for the game.
  6. Fix the Dead Arena pvp

    they already removed the skill reset on WL's SB.
  7. Fix the Dead Arena pvp

    It'll be fixed when they: 1. Nerf BD 2. Nerf WL 3. Remove Wallbanging 4. Make it less punishing when you lose and more rewarding when you win. 5. Give Gunslinger more block breakers and nerf its damage. 6. Make it so you can't use BB in 1v1. 7. Remove sin's bombard.
  8. 1. Remove knockback effect from impact. Extend stun time by 1.5 seconds. 2. Remove the 5 meter pushback when successfully countering with impact. Replace with 1 second resist. 3. Remove Knockback from Dragonwhorl. 4. Give 1 second resist upon using Frost Burst 5. Increase CD of Glacial beam to 30 seconds.
  9. As a FM main I will say the following: I hate stalling because I'm more of an aggressive player (but I still do it because its a convenient and plays to my advantage). I also hate wall banging since its a broken mechanic that can be abused by almost all classes in the game. However, its worst with FM because in some cases, this broken spam can result in 60% of your HP gone without ever using the standard air combo. However, its rare that you ever get caught in a meteor + fire wall combo while in grip (and honestly if you end up in that spot you kinda earned it considering how impossible it is for a FM to utilize it). Also, I hate the gap creating thing impact does on a successful counter. I think it should be a .5 second resist instead. As for BM: they're carried by their Z skill and their blocking. WL: They're nothing without their air combo.
  10. Rosethorn drop rate is way too low

    Honestly, when I saw that I opened over 30 boxes, got none, and saw that you can buy it for 1500 gold in the market, I went for the F9/F5 option. Instead of wasting money on a random chance box, I spent it on guaranteed Rosethorn. NCsoft, rework this event before the October 18 patch.
  11. Tickets aren't working

    Thank you.
  12. Tickets aren't working

    The Submit a ticket selection under "Support" isn't working. It keeps redirecting me to my account management.
  13. Esports?

    Let's not forget the elephant in the room: the game is poorly balanced.
  14. BD and WL, should it be nerfed?

    Okay, there's a lot here to go through. Since you bring up good and accurate points in this, those won't be the parts I address as you're right and nothing more needs to be said on the matter. So I'll address where you're wrong. And funny enough, its every time you're referring to FM. No good FM in their right mind is stupid enough to spam into a BD. One spin is all it takes to turn their hardest match up into an impossible match up. So that 5 hit 5 sec resist is a 5 sec resist because the second we start spamming into it, spin and dead. And if you're hit by Frost Tornado, your response is simple: hit F. Many times I've hit a BD with Frost Tornado and they were still spinning, the next second the spin disable effect is removed because maelstorm was still procced. Which honestly is simply BS. You also seem to underestimate your ability to escape grip. Let me put it lightly, it's broken. I'd honestly rather deal with KFM's self freeze from grip than a BD's flock of blades. Mostly because, flock of blades is a CC effect of the worst kind: a knockback. That gives the BD plenty of room to back step and run away to the other side of the arena and wait for CDs to come off. Also, using your tab in response to Lighting Draw isn't always the best idea. As more often than not, a BD will just iframe it or back away at the last second. Also Lightning Draw hits before you have time to react and hit tab. Meaning that you HAVE TO EAT THE DAMAGE. Even if you're below 7k HP and your tab is up, it means nothing if the BD hits that dreaded 4 button.