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  1. About what point into the game where one would meet the 'wall'. As in, in order to progress further you need to join a guild/play with a group of friends?
  2. Ah, too many problems? ie: paywalls and unbalanced pvp? I was hoping that maybe the game in general has enough redeeming qualities to numb out ncsoft and their business models ;-;
  3. I have played bns for a bit when it was released in NA 2 years ago and only went up to lvl 50 hm(3-5). I am aware of the current updates, but I am wondering if the game is worth investing time in. My plan is to get end-game gear by joining a competitive clan, but after hearing about the server merge(s) and the drop in the playerbase, I am not sure if it is worth the effort. Although I might have fun at first, I don't want to grind and grind to get the gear I want only to hear bns is going to shutdown in a few months. So is it worth the time?
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