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  1. Sweet treat outfit

    Yeah, that could be a reason to not get it before it goes away. A fix would be nice.
  2. NCW Just sneaked "Weekender hat" into Hongmoon Store.

    Any chance of a discount on outfits that have been in the store for over a year? Also, is there ever consideration given to taking a popular outfit and just changing the colour? How hard could that be? I'm seriously asking that as I see outfits that I think are nice but would really like in a different colour.
  3. Returning player: Obsolete Weapon/Skills Assignment Issues

    Thank you for the response. I knew I forgot something: My Level 50 character has an Awakened Breeze Bangle, Stage 10. My Level 46 character has a True Blight Bangle, Stage 10. Also, I have 38 available Training Sessions for both characters. I just click on that and I go somewhere to train and add each skill that I have the points available for? Thank you, Michelle
  4. Coming back to BnS.

    Good luck, Dexyn. I also am just coming back after about a year. I had an FM at L50. I'm just going to try with her, regardless of any weakness she may have. Starting over just feels too daunting. Anyway, I saw the title of your post and wanted to wish you luck and that you enjoy yourself.
  5. Hello all, I have been away from the game for some time, Close to a year, I believe. My guild died, players moved to other servers and all that. Upon logging in again this week, I see that my weapon and indeed the "weapon track" itself is no longer valid. I only have the one weapon. Players in game said to simply "salvage" it. But typically, salvaging converts items from what they were to some other hopefully useful thing but I do not want other useful things. I need a weapon. Will salvaging the obsolete weapon convert that weapon into a working up-to-date one? Or, how do I get another weapon ingame? Also, as others have dealt with during previous updates, I have no "skill points" assigned and no skills. Previously, you basically just selected the skills but it appeared, in the brief time that I was online, that skills acquisition may be more complicated than just clicking on a selected skill and it being added if there is an unassigned skill point available. Am I sent to some area to "train" on these skills prior to adding them? (If this second subject is too complicated, is there a topic in forums that deals with assigning skills?) I am at the level cap limit-at least the limit as it was last year of L50. I do have one alt. at L43 with similar weapon and skills issues. Thank you for your time and any answers. Michelle
  6. Question about pets

    Sorry, no real help here, I have 1 pet which is lowest class, unenhancable, 2500 HP. Just a cute. little flying penguin. I would say to try to be patient and wait for someone who has knowledge here to answer before you do something drastic and lose your pet. 80 Bronze sounds like a typically terrible sell price. I seem to recall that some pets could be used to enhance other pets, if they are of the highest class, Heroic? Just posting to say don't be hasty and hopefully, to keep this on the front page of Forums. (A lot of rage about the Server/DDoS Issues at the moment.)
  7. Gratz perfect and fair matchmaking.

    Still can't believe that the "system" couldn't have been made to either find him a more comparable opponent or tell him that if after a certain wait-time that IF he still wants to fight, he will face higher level players. Put him in a queue with a timer. It could say, "wait time for opponent within 10 levels of you. 2 minutes." Or 5 or 30, whatever. And also have an option to take the next available opponent regardless of rank. Basically, it sounds like players are telling him, don't bother. "You can make level 45 in a day." Aaaaand, still be crushed by the Level 50, HM 10 awaiting you in the Arena! OWPvP is already subject to a certain amount of unbalanced fights. You'd think that an Arena Match would be less so.
  8. Server Freeze and DC

    It's Anonymous. They're angry at Wikileaks for rigging the US Elections at the behest of the Yakuza and the Russian Mafia/Bratva before THEY could at the urging of the Illuminati and the Chinese Triad. Meanwhile, somewhere in Latin America, Drug Lords continue to plot-in conjunction with the Worldwide Jewish Conspiracy-to get certain "Outsider" Candidates and Lobbyists into positions of power. There will be many nights of the long knives in D.C. these next few days and weeks. There will indeed be blood. Elsewhere, in Lille, France, Michelle Zhivago wonders why Blade and Soul won't work on her 3 year old €500,00 potato computer and dial-up service provided by Minitel. Baffling! Nothing else to do, I ponder the excessive length of American Presidential Elections. "Fools! I told them this would happen." I pause to grab a handful of E, (I can't take the hard stuff after THIS assignment.), from a crystal dish tucked into the secretaire and choke them down with a warm swallow of Champagne from a bottle that had rolled under the end table, left over from last night's celebrations. One last satisfying glance at the post election news, provided 24-7, I flick off the TV. "Enjoy the Nantucket Sleigh ride to Crazy Town." I think as I go out for the day. My mission, to bring chaos to the erstwhile "Good Guys" a success, I must report to my Dark Master. Will I be rewarded with an ecstasy I have never felt? Pleasures the likes of which that no mere mortal has yet experienced? Or with pain the likes of which no Vampire-Witch can resist?
  9. Still popular?

    I always found it odd that people don't immediately identify what servers they are on when they ask questions related to server populations, server balance or ask if they can get some in-game help. It ought to be right below your Forum Name. That being said, I was on Poharan/Iksanun. If you have played before, those characters are on a server. That server might still be good or be the good one now. Since you want another alt., for SF, put that one in the server DannyInfect is on as he has invited you to his clan. No idea about the Server/DC Issues, I have not been on in awhile. There are always toxic zones. Quite frankly, if you are competent as a player, actually show that you are working on improving your gear, weapon/jewels, so forth you will probably be O.K. and not a target of toxicity. In that case, I would say at that point try to help those who are struggling. At least occasionally. Some-just some, not all-of the players seem to be under the impression that chasing away "newbs" "noobs" whatever and declining numbers of players willing to stick their necks out and help others are not at all related. "You don't have the AP! You can't join our group. Go over there." *goes over there* "You don't have experience doing this dungeon. Go away!" *goes away* That may be a generic gamer issue not exclusive to just BnS. I am not sure as I am not that experienced in gaming. If you enjoyed the game in the first place, you should take another look. Once said Server Issues are sorted, of course. Good luck.
  10. Minimum AP requirements to LFP

    "You can't join our group, you have no experience in this dungeon! Go over there." *goes over there* "You can't join our group, you don't have the AP! Go away!" *goes away* I get that for those who have the "appropriate" AP, gear, experience, etc., that you don't want to be burdened or be slowed but I am never getting the exp. or the AP as I can not ever get in to get the drops or the exp. My problem, yes indeed, which is why I only did a few dailies and the Grand Harvest Square each time on. (Been off awhile.) You are all getting dungeon runs with the somewhat exclusive groups that you belong to, getting exp. and drops that help improve gear and make OWPvP, arenas, etc. better for you but don't EVER ask why no one else ever seems to be playing or never comes when factions call for help.
  11. The character in need of gold, the poor character, puts some worthless-yet tradeable-item in the marketplace for the amount of gold you want to transfer. The "rich" character buys the worthless item, the poor character gets the Gold. Just remember to use an easily recalled, unique price UNLESS the little marker, the purplish check-mark, that signifies your item for sale in the market remains visible when you change characters? If so, then just look for your item for sale. Otherwise, want to transfer 30 Gold? Set some junk drop at 31Gold, 13 Silver, 31 Bronze. Something like that.
  12. Blade master pvp

    If you have not already done so, go here for Blade Master skills and tips: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/forum/632-blade-master/ Good luck. :)
  13. If this is the quest in the Cinderlands Region, just North of Sandstone Refuge, where you have to get on top of what looks like the tallest building in the area to get to Old Man Cho, if you look on the map of the Cinderlands, go to the right and down, SE, there is a hill that you can climb and use to glide down to him as you are "above" the level of the roof of the building on which Old Man Cho is standing when you are near the top of the hill.
  14. Proof that Summoner is a hard class to play! kappa

    Hmm. I missed that Summoners were for girls. I mean, I think they're cute but in a "I want one for a pet" kind of way not that I want to be one. I chose Gon Force Master so I could prance around in next to nothing and not have to worry about being called a slut or a *cricket* or whatever terms frustrated losers in real life are throwing around. Summoners are cute but I want one of the little mouseys for a pet. I like my little penguin but something like some of the characters in game would make good pets too. :)