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  1. http://imgur.com/a/GKz9y 133 run of tomb still NO single draken necklace drop. I guess that I have to do 300 run to get it....
  2. NC why you just cannot sell them in Trove...
  3. Evolved stone's description says "Silverfrost Evolved Monsters" Which means Level 1 Evolved Monsters like that famous Raging Grassquatch which roams arround many part of Skypetal (including plog...) However, after killing 30 of them I found that they never actually drops it. So, ONLY Level 2 Evolved Monsters drops stone. WTF. Level 2 Evolved monsters? Its only BBBB Goooooolden Giganura How the *cricket* we supposed to farm Evolved stone as only B
  4. BD at 700 AP should have good dps. But, of course when you hit 800AP they gets impressively weak. This has been issue for long time but Korean Devs in NC Korea - aka Chinese Tencent Colony- is not very willing to fix it. (They buffed BD a lot but didnt fixed any critical issues)
  5. Anyone have seen it dropping at Kaari Lord in Cold Storage? Sigh, Mysterious Crystals are way to HARD to get, considering fact we need so many of them. NC should make it drop always in Kaari Lord or what soever. Its also fun that NC removed it from HM store. WOW!!! --- Moreover, those Dye related things, they also never drops in Kaari Lord of CS. Which is nonsense......
  6. To be honest, I am sure that at least 50% of my clan mates will fail to understand how that dungeon even works. That dungeon was already severely nerfed in Korea for people who never understood idea of that dungeon but still, almost every post about complaining about dungeon is about Dissolate Tomb. ~_~ End-game silvefrost dungeons are so hard and it requires more than just good effort...
  7. D.T. is infamous for its crazy difficulty in Korea. Everyday there is always at least a single post complaining about their terrible run with Ninja-Noobs (often called as EXP Cos-Players) in Korea. To be honest, Dissolate Tomb's first Boss, Jang GiBu is impossibe to clear in NA level since its mechanic already doomed many Korean player. Its 2nd boss is even worse since it has so complicated ranged attack mechanics. Its final boss, revived and mechanized Infernal Lord is even more impossible and I have no idea how I will even explain its mechanics without built-in in-game voice talks.
  8. I WANTED THIS. And it will not be released in this update. SO LAME.
  9. I am not complaining about accessories at this point. They are quite easy to upgrade since each takes about 1 week to farm. However, weapon, is different. It requires insane 7 tablets despite of fact that weapon is basic weapon of Silverfrost. Moreover, it requires 110 darts, which requires at least 55 run of 4 men dungeons. This is seriously overpriced since breeze weapon is 332 AP class, and it is same as old Yahwa Weapon of Korean sever which were weapon that barely can run Asura 4 man, with accessories that is much better than that of awaken oath-breaker series. So it is so obv
  10. Breeze weapon. Costs 600G. What else that I have to say? And, we cannot go to Asura that will be updated in next patch... (not sure when) without breeze weapon. Moreover, we need awakened Scorpio belt for Asura debuffs. and that belt itself costs 300G. so 1000G for asura? Are you serious? now 50% of my friend list is gone...... everybody is leaving game cuz of crazy price. I even saw my GF almost leaving game cuz of *Cricket* BSH hair being 200G.
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