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  1. Thats where you re wrong kiddo :D They will push more p2w stuff to milk the players for sure
  2. My tt raid disbanded thanks to the archer update shitshow 7-8 people left the game from that group myself included. Im sure i wont touch any ncsoft game for sure.
  3. i had an issue with fps for 2 days i lloged in and i had 30 fps capped I tried a lot of thing but it didnt increase. Then i got enough i restarted my pc then i had 120. My clanmate has the same issue i think still. Today i didnt have that problem tho.
  4. it would be nice if the devs could antique this to make these exchangeable for legendary elements/jewels as now it has no useage and we can still get it from transmutation.
  5. I think you dont go to the manager in a casino and complain to him that you didnt win the amount you wanted. Trove is just gambling nothing else. You either get your item you want or not like in a casino you win or lose. Im not defending ncsoft as i dont spend on casino minigames. I bought 100 keys for hmcoins i got nothing from it i got what i anticipated.
  6. I hope you are aware of that FM and warlock animations casue the same fps drop to everyone like bm 3rd spec. Im sure people did submit tops of ticket about it yet ncsoft did nothing against it in the past 2 years.
  7. i can only give you this advice : get in a clan where you can do dailies raids, get gear at least 1.5k ap and you can farm evolved stone at msp now which has better drop now. Or you can still camp the faction change npc to join to the dominant faction and do ssp for rank then for the 500 prestige box. I myself have problem at ssp to land a hit as it dies in a sec... , i suggested it in other topics that a hp increase would be awsome but we know already know since the beginning that ncsoft doesnt care about players and about their suggestion...
  8. As far as i know 2 year before ror something there was an update which locked ssp in 2 channels becasue of chinese summoner bot swarm or something. In my opinion all they have to do is increase health of the battle bosses to 2-300 mill and problem solved everyone can hit it. I dont know if it hard or easy but all they have to do is jsut this.
  9. well my main is warden. I cant beat fm summ bm kfm sin above floor 90. The easiest is destro as you experienced as its just spin and waiting you to not to be cc immun. SF BD can be problem with low gear but with higher its managable, and you never encounter warlock above floor 50 or someting which is jsut a free fast kill.
  10. 2 month of farming if you re either lazy af and you dont even want it. As i said earlier if mao would drop 2 fragment instead of 1 that would make the farmingi easier not need more than that. The neck is BiS for most of classes so you need to work for it.
  11. Well you have to admint: its new stuff and what will happens when you get new stuff? You need to upgrade it from the begining. The exchange options for the other badges are there as they are old ones. Sux but thats how it works. You wont enable to exchange the old mystic badge for the new one neither you need to upgrade that also from the begining.
  12. In my opinion Mao should drop 2 fragment and no just 1 and it would be fine
  13. REv002


    So after awakening is there a difference in dps in light and ice warden pve wise? I'm ice warden at the moment but i'm thinking about changing to lightning but i dont know if its worth it. Any opinion?
  14. same happened for me. it removed the game completly and now reinstalling ... rip dailies
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