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  1. In terms of plan there is no plan they never had any planning for years just quick cash grabs and mobile money grabbing's in a PC game this company has no planning for long term investments only short terms like get people in get heir money and if they leave it does not matter they already got their money and there are the regular whales that come at every trove pour tons of cash then quite and comes back at the next one, it is called gambling addiction and it is super effective.
  2. I never said to be purchasable with HM Coins, you have to spend NC Coins to get the premium and put it on the market how is that a bad idea?
  3. Instead of adding new layer of problems by adding the "fixed" gems why not FIX THE GEMS IN THE FIRST PLACE? You sound like a NC Developer... And yes we are still Stress Testing on the Live server every time Koldrak is on.
  4. @Himejust tell them to make Premium from HM Store marketable already I don't know why in this game it is not since other games you can do, it helps F2P people as well those who buy NC Coins to make in game gold, it's a win win situation.
  5. It's good to see that they decided to stress test the server today, Oh wait it's on the live server and people are having a hard time connecting back in to the game after you get disconnected every time you try to change character and you get stuck with the "Connecting" message when you want to log back in...
  6. The point of easy mode is to just do the daily quest not farm it though... If you want good things you work for them and not have all the things already on your plate, people like you is why the game was going downhill since 2017 with all the dungeon nerfs and make it everything to easy but also the NC's fault for implementing easy upgrading by spending cash money Also you get enough elder scales by just doing daily and get the selection chest and you will get there eventually so why the rush? to quite the game faster?
  7. This really needs to be and option to be disabled since you do the dungeons multiple times having the cinematics popping up it gets really annoying, it is fine if you get in for the first time but if you already saw it there should be the option to auto skip it
  8. First time when they implemented the weekly vials/pet packs limitation was at 5 per week and patch after patch they dropped down to 2 which is a scummy move and shows how they operate, if this stupid mechanics comes in UE4 game will go down quick...
  9. Most people get premium not for the bonuses but for the convenience for having remote stash and can sell stuff in dragon express and having the "free" or cheap stuff from HM Store from time to time but other than that it's not that great, but compared to the other RNG BS loot boxes that NC has in the store premium is the most convenient from all, my subscription ended a few days ago and not gonna spend another penny until the game is actually fixed and no upgrading to UE4 and make the game looks pretty is not the real fix but actual company mentality to change and ditch the greedy cash grab st
  10. Game was designed with a lot of problems so that can sell you the solution aka RNG Loot Boxes and Trove, simple as that
  11. I am playing Main BM since game launched here in 2016 this class was always had ups and downs, I remember before awakened patch BM was the weakest class in the game when warden came out I made one and had not even half of the gear as my BM and still performed same or better, I was so close of switching to warden back then but then the awakened patch came and made BM relevant again and shortly after they threw 3rd speck which made it so to be on the top back then and now it starts to drop down again, history repeats itself I guess. As for the badge yes the Exhilaration badge it is good for
  12. Done it and the FPS really do go up and more stable but there are downsides, if you are new to the game it is hard to see what item you got and most of the veterans can just go by looking at the icons and also in F8 you don't see the links for dungeon recruitments when people are recruiting. P S. I like the original dungeon naming in F8 rather than the boring current ones that where slapped over for example Dungeon_Punishment that is Stonescale Passage seems more accurate and don't know why it wasn't kept like that xD
  13. So i was letting my character AFK in Ebon Realm for theses past few days and i would like to say that it is a disgrace of how much time it takes to get you an accessories box or even the weapon chest but lets not say about the gem chests, for one gem chest it takes a minimum of 12 hours if you get lucky on Ebon Blooms drops and why is there a limit on the Crystals chest where it takes around 3 hours to grind for one chest and they put a limit of 3 per day... WHY? are everyone at this company that bad at math? or you guys are intentionally increased the amount of time to invest where you can si
  14. Their idea of "fixing" Den is by shovelling more gear upgrades and tier so you can then do that dungeon but not until you throw them tons of cash $$$ in their predatory and manipulated RNG Boxes and Trove because let's be real they are out of ideas 2 years ago
  15. There are high HM Level players including whales in moon refuge that are using the auto-combat there to grind petals for XP charms, a member from my clan walks around there applying for a party on them they get instant accepted and he just stays AFK there and nobody says anything so yeah auto-combat was a good idea to be implemented in the first place... great job NC
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