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  1. COMMISSIONS OPEN (Main NA server)

    im so sorry >< i'm still doing commissions :D if you want we can talk on my FB for references and details about the commission
  2. COMMISSIONS OPEN (Main NA server)

    commission finished :D! And again, thanks <3
  3. Hi, i just come back now than i have time again :D I would like to work with all of you with this commission shop. (the commissions can be about whatever you want not only B&S... some of my examples are from other games) I would like to sell Cartoon (200G) Chibi (250) a little more detailed than cartoon for something more detailed send MP and i will be happy to work with :D You can found me in game some time at the name of "Mehiel Night" Blade dancer in Zulia server (if i dont reply you here in less than 1 day, send me a message on FB and i will go as fast as i can) if you like to see more of my work in digital and new medias
  4. 4 cat dance in game (idea from CBT)

    I just saw this yesterday and it saids was a closed beta test trailer from the game. i was thinking with a friends it would be so cool and fun that if 4 summoners start to dance the cats dance this coreo in a group. like a easter egg or something like that, (i think cats dont dance in game... dont know really...) but it could be fun
  5. Art Request for Gold

    Hi, we can talk about this :D here is my Fanpage of art
  6. Hi, Some art i did

    Just try to come back to life this topic, with a little artwork of my warlock :D and some extra arts that i did time ago for real size of the images go to my DA I hope you like them
  7. Hi, Some art i did

    Thanks all, i'm happy that you like my art
  8. Hi, Some art i did

  9. Hi, Some art i did

    Hi, i did some pics this days and i hope you like them and could tell me suggestions or whatever you like to ger better. if you like to see me on FB @blackmintbonny
  10. Crimson and Cerulean Guild

    Hi, sorry for so late reply, if you want it i will send you a invite. actually we have at least 1 player on each guilds (craft and gathering) so if you need some material you can tell us :D we like to help all players
  11. Crimson and Cerulean Guild

    Hi, I'm leader of 2 guild, one on each faction. and we open to new players that want to join us and help all the guild I have 2 characters leading the guilds Eyael Night ( Cerulean ) Mehiel Night (Crimson) -Our mision is help all the members with items, clans, misions, dailys, if you are new we could help you with all your questions about the game. Help to get the items to lvl up the weapons and accesories and all you need. -Every month we will give to some members a reward of a artwork (could be cartoon, avatar, a very detail or someting) -If we get a lot of members we have the plan of doing a tournament every month (or week if all like the idea) to fun. The leaders of the guilds are actually 4 players, we talk spanish but we dont have problem if you dont know it and speak other lenguage. I holpe you want to join us
  12. My lil Summoner "Cant Draw him :/"

    hi, would you like i draw your summoner?? :D i'm free right now ^^
  13. kibu's Draw Shop

    Hi all ^^ i'm new in the foro. i hope you like my work and buy some o comment something to me :D Steps to buy 1.-post here / MP a reference 2.-Send 50% of the price to my character in game 3.-pay the other 50% after i send you the draw For more of my art Type of Commission Avatar Type = 50Silver Cartoon Type = 1 Gold Detail Type = 10Gold