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  1. Hi this is my entry i did post it on twitter too its just a prot twist of one of my favorites part of the story quest
  2. Talisman Cost Adjustment and Crafting Changes Coming

    Im sorry but, thats the price of how many? can we see the full table? like old sistem you got like 35 transformation stone [old max] for 14 moonstone 14 elysian orb [[i forgot the other two, sorry] now you got 24 [new max] but you use 16 moonstone and 16 elysians [[again, i only paid attention in this two items sorry]]
  3. How to 3D Print my toon?

    i dont know if you can get the real model of the game [if you found a way plz tell me i would love to get my lyns too] but other way that you can try if there is no other way is to commission some 3d artist to do your model [[at this point i think i will learn to do mine at some point because i didnt found much]
  4. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    Easy Mode was more of a balance change that hoped to prepare everyone for the more difficult Hard Mode -------------- about this i think that the better idea to get this would be left normal as was it was make a "training mode" that have the hardmodes mechs but without a wipe and actually if you want dont get gold about it because the idea is not to get it as a quest but to get prepare to learn the mechanics of the hard mode and that way actually you will not get problems with the "name misunderstanding" and tsm dont have hard mode so why to change it too?
  5. Why did u scam contest winners?

    I want to ask, did they send you the HMcoins? because they said that they will send the hmcoins by the end of a week but they never said anything about when they will send the outfit maybe they are still sending them, or something i dont think its a scam as a runner too, they never contact me after i send them the one i want and i just got it the other day, maybe they need time or something, not to be just called scam that fast
  6. Elder Dragon Jewel use?

    I was wondering about this Item Elder Dragon Jewel ---[Offering for Accesory That require level 1-60] [Available at any accesories level] [Grains an Equal Amount of XP at All Levels] I think this looks like a very cool item but for example accesories of BT [that are lvl 50 and 55 i think] you cant use this item on them [i maybe i dont know how to use it] maybe the last description is to much powerful but it could be cool if at least if we cant use it, then get an option of salvage it
  7. Lyn Female Heels Missing

    Lyns normally dont use heels, thats how her foots are. if you want to report a missing heel you need to post how it displayed before and after to see if is actually a error or not
  8. COMMISSIONS OPEN (Main NA server)

    im so sorry >< i'm still doing commissions :D if you want we can talk on my FB for references and details about the commission
  9. COMMISSIONS OPEN (Main NA server)

    commission finished :D! And again, thanks <3
  10. Hi, i just come back now than i have time again :D I would like to work with all of you with this commission shop. (the commissions can be about whatever you want not only B&S... some of my examples are from other games) I would like to sell Cartoon (200G) Chibi (250) a little more detailed than cartoon for something more detailed send MP and i will be happy to work with :D You can found me in game some time at the name of "Mehiel Night" Blade dancer in Zulia server (if i dont reply you here in less than 1 day, send me a message on FB and i will go as fast as i can) if you like to see more of my work in digital and new medias
  11. 4 cat dance in game (idea from CBT)

    I just saw this yesterday and it saids was a closed beta test trailer from the game. i was thinking with a friends it would be so cool and fun that if 4 summoners start to dance the cats dance this coreo in a group. like a easter egg or something like that, (i think cats dont dance in game... dont know really...) but it could be fun
  12. Art Request for Gold

    Hi, we can talk about this :D here is my Fanpage of art
  13. Hi, Some art i did

    Just try to come back to life this topic, with a little artwork of my warlock :D and some extra arts that i did time ago for real size of the images go to my DA I hope you like them
  14. Hi, Some art i did

    Thanks all, i'm happy that you like my art
  15. Hi, Some art i did