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  1. H0 2nd boss

    Cookies is right on that, you have time, and if you need more, you can ask to be the done delaying [the best is to let 1 spider alive until the boss buff-time get on 6 then CC tht spider] that way you do the more damage in that phase. maybe it look crazy if you dont have a lot of practice but once you see how it is you will notice you have a lot of time to do stuff, i have been in situations like to go and cc spider of another player because they miss that someone stole my spider so i need to run around the boss looking the missing spider with my misile
  2. H0 2nd boss

    i dont know if gunner have more than 1 stun. but any CC work, Stun or KD
  3. Security holes in the game and stealing accounts

    well i dont know about ncoins. if you buy cards with code you can give that to your friend, ((if you have this option)) and about the premium... you can gift the 3month... only i think... is an option
  4. Beginners box?

    he asked why he dint got warlock items and got assasins ones, those are the ones im talking with him about
  5. Clan PvP, Rating is too high.

    I remember the first time i went to clan pvp literally the first game and got match agains the top 2 on the ranking you can imagine how it ends
  6. mechanizer box

    If you dont found a npc to buy it whisper me on game ((if you are NA.... )) Mehiel Night and i can take you to irontech forge until you get the weapon
  7. Beginners box?

    To be honest the only i can think now is to use them to get a crux for your other accesories ((but for this you need to made it stage 10 then salvage)) But im not sure is the best idea, i would tell you to save them and if you think you dont have an use for them destroy ((because to send them to another char like if you want to have an assassin it will cost and you need them to be at stage 10)) Im not sure if someone more have a better idea
  8. Beginners box?

    Hi, this box im assume is the free one you could claim on F10 this was for the released of Assassin 3rd spec, and give items that are exclusive for the class as you can see in some of them this is normal ((they did the same with Destro 3rd spec)) Its one box per acount so now that you did open it with your warlock you will not be able to get another one,
  9. Salvage Outfit

    if what you want at the end is fabric, its a lot better to just buy them on the marketplace, its not worth to buy outfit to salvage them only for the fabrics sometimes you can get fabrics in some events or daily dash, trove and others
  10. Salvage Outfit

    depend of wich outfit do you want they are a lot that are from quest, dungeons, merchants wich dungeon-currency others that you get on free events others that you can buy with fabrics on some merchants it depends wich outfit do you want, they are players that sell gold on F9 to get hmcoins to buy from the "store" too
  11. Thanks Rin, it was an honor to do something for the clan, i hope we can play a lot more and get more and more stronger
  12. Hunter's Refuge event need a change!

    oh well... i agree that skypetal plains is a open pvp map but i dont know if people kill eachother there at least the few times i have been there in all this years, i dont saw people fighting eachother lol ((and at some point i found this a little boring at the start because... well its a pvp area, but then now its like one channel for each faction they dont bother eachother everything is so calm. and tbh Soulstoones are so common i think i hace more than 1k just for all this time playing. so i dont thing of them as a pvp lock material ((even the description of them are pretty general to get them)) ((i would think the % of limited would be even less than that as how things look))
  13. Hunter's Refuge event need a change!

    just to ask out of moonstone wich one is the other pvp mat? because tbh i got all other 3 in pve when i need soulstones only i go to skypetal plain there you can just kill mobs and get ton of those ely and sacred mostly MSP and normal dungeons uhm i didnt got bracelet or gloves for "solo" i got firstone from CC and the gloves for bc. and you know heart, soul, pet and talisman ask pve stuff and for higher tiers ask scales from or hangar or CC its not lke you can get all of those from pvp. i aree with TSM ((for DST is assuming you get a full multi party with a good burst or to know how to do mech for first one) I mean i agree the event is not the best, but blame a thing like oh pvp players are killing randoms well its just a open pvp map, like panda thing, there is a lot of other games with open pvp maps, you decide to go or not there
  14. Character Name Mehiel Night Server Yura (NA) Short description of the loading screen Clans as Family groups that always need a time to relax, even play or just have time with the loved ones.
  15. Hunter's Refuge event need a change!

    Yes pvp players have 1 of 3 materials as dominant i dont know wich classes are your friends but most pvp players CANT survive only on pvp they need gears that you need the 100run achivement and that my friend, is pve like belt or gloves, some classes need the necklease that you farm with Mao's currency other classes use CC bracellet because of set effect is better (this is pve too btw) mystic badge? soul badge? what about those that need scales for the high levels of pet, talisman, soul and heart? those you cant get them from pvp and buy sealed is very expensive my point is that you said that moonstones is the most expensive that right now could be around 9gold each elysians are between 6 and 7 soulstones like 70silver? sacreds are like 2-3 gold each you said that you need 50 moonstones for your empryrean stones but how many of the other 3 materials you need for those? you are nor thinking that a full pvp player that want to craft that empyrean stones need the same stuff that you but he only get moonstones? some pvp players ((i cant say all in general)) but most of them ended up doing a pvp gear and pve gear to be able to farm both sides but pve players dont have the same need moonstones are locked on pvp yes ((ignoring that you can get a couple in daily and weeklie reward)) but isnt the other 3 locked on pve?