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Crashing and Disconnecting in 6v6


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Hello all,


We’re continuing to work with the development team to identify the cause of crashes and disconnections in 6v6 battlegrounds. To help with our ongoing investigation, we’re now looking to collect additional files and information via our support department to further our analysis and hopefully resolve these issues.


In the event of a crash or disconnection during a battleground match, please follow the instructions below before contacting our support department. Attach the requested files in your support ticket, and submit the ticket with the title: Crashing and Disconnecting in 6v6.


We would like to get some basic information about your hardware and drivers so we can see how you are running the game. To do this, we use a Windows command called "DxDiag" To run Dxdiag:


  1. Type the Windows key + "R" and type in "dxdiag" (without the quotes) in the Run Window.
  2. When the window for "Dxdiag" appears, click the button labeled "Run 64-bit Dxdiag."
    Note: If you are running Windows 8, you will not see this button and so you can move to the next step.
  3. Once loaded, click the button "Save All Information." You will want to save the file to your Desktop.


Additionally, we would like to request your Windows Event logs after you experience a crash in 6v6. Please be aware that programs can place personal information in Event Logs, and for that reason you should not post or share your Event Log publicly.


To obtain the Event Logs please do the following:


  1. Open Start Menu
  2. Type in Event Viewer and run the program
  3. Choose Windows Logs > Application > Save All Events As…
  4. Choose Windows Logs > System > Save All Events As…
  5. Provide the saved files


Also, please send us the XEM files by doing the following:


  1. Go to the BnS Folder. (C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS)
  2. Then, go to bin(64) > XignCode folder.
  3. Create a zip file containing all the files inside the Xigncode folder.
  4. Provide the saved files.



We understand disconnections and crashes are frustrating, and we really appreciate your help and assistance going through these steps to provide us more information and context for the causes.


Thank you!


The Blade & Soul Team

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After that my daily rewards got bugged, So another bug to fix or change rewards system :giggle:, I have to laugh so I do not cry.

What do you have to say about these bugs? And do not even try to tell me it's my CPU(i78700k).I paid too much to get this configuration!

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This is a ****ing joke right? This problem has been going on for FAAAAAR to long! Here's the kicker, the icing on the **** -you cake, the last twist of the knife as you stick in to us as your gaming community! The fact that you put up a penalty for people who leave a game/match. FINE! That's good and all, it helps keep people who don't like the match ups where it's all one-sided or from whales who want those want those kinds of one-sided match ups. BUT! Why the hell did you guys implemented the punishment penalty BEFORE FIXING THE CRASHING ISSUES for people who chose to stay in a match?!?!?!?! On top of the crashes, if you die in a 6v6 match and log back on to the game quick enough, GUESS WHAT?! Johnny Boi says NOPE! U DED! PRESS 4!!! and the re-queue msg is GONE! Your community shouldn't have this much trouble playing your game, because someone doesn't pay your programmers enough to do their jobs correctly! Also your gaming community shouldn't have to use their work around or tips/tricks to much your game playable!


Hint/Tip: If you plan on doing 6v6 go to Heavens Reach and queue in to a 6v6 lobby in there. If you crash/disconnect and die in the match before hand,once you get back on the game, you can use rez charms there to get back into your match that you crash/disconnect from! GL out there!


just came back from another crash, now i'm locked out for an hour! Not even a whole hour from when I first posted the first part of this comment! GJ~ NCSoft!

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Cuz crashed again in your broken 6v6 matches!
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And again a crash..right at the start of the match. I relog and i'm dead on the ground, cant rejoin. Cant start a new BG bc of CD...but worse I lost ranking points, and missed BP due to not completing the match.


This has been going on for over a year, are your programmers high or drunk all the time? I spend money on this game, so go and get some good coders and pay them.

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Pls fix by spawning in alive in real world so i can except previous party!!!! get rid of caps lock for toggle mode its right by the shift which some of us use as run. 7 min punishment for your games dc problems is crap. Easy fixes with the thousands this game makes.

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 Please can you fix this 6v6 BG game, i got crashed 2 times during freenzy time, and cannot play anymore on 60 minutes, during this time i saw many players crashed on both teams, now i got This message: "If you leave During the matching process you cannot enter the battleground lobby. If you leave again after certain time you wont be able to enter for 60 minutes you will be able to enter again after", i'am not quit but can't do anything:


1.- Because launcher take time to log in the game, plus loading page...

2.- You Respawn dead after this, and have to ress, plus loading page again, 

3.- You try to comeback to the BG match with the message Y/N, Loading again to the F8 map,

4.- Loading again to enter to BG and finally the BG finish if you comeback or its nearly to end.


 This was posted "By Bronn, on March 7 in Arena and Battlegrounds" 


Not possible on 7 months you literally doing anything to fix this, just making more hard to play with those alerts.


Try to even answer people, Thank you...

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So more than a year of this, what the .....


Seriously how can you as a developer stand for this....


its every game, that either dc on own team or opponents team, will you please fix your game....We pay you big cash, fix it already.

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They cant fix the game they make it worse lol. Every fix brings a whole new set of problems because they don't think it through. They need to take play the game to figure it out. They dont though so when you point out a problem they just say its a known issue and it never gets resolved. they get paid on troves and ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ thats all they care about :/

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