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  1. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    Ladies and gentleman they got him! [Press F to Pay Respects]
  2. Crashing and Disconnecting in 6v6

    This is a ****ing joke right? This problem has been going on for FAAAAAR to long! Here's the kicker, the icing on the **** -you cake, the last twist of the knife as you stick in to us as your gaming community! The fact that you put up a penalty for people who leave a game/match. FINE! That's good and all, it helps keep people who don't like the match ups where it's all one-sided or from whales who want those want those kinds of one-sided match ups. BUT! Why the hell did you guys implemented the punishment penalty BEFORE FIXING THE CRASHING ISSUES for people who chose to stay in a match?!?!?!?! On top of the crashes, if you die in a 6v6 match and log back on to the game quick enough, GUESS WHAT?! Johnny Boi says NOPE! U DED! PRESS 4!!! and the re-queue msg is GONE! Your community shouldn't have this much trouble playing your game, because someone doesn't pay your programmers enough to do their jobs correctly! Also your gaming community shouldn't have to use their work around or tips/tricks to much your game playable! Hint/Tip: If you plan on doing 6v6 go to Heavens Reach and queue in to a 6v6 lobby in there. If you crash/disconnect and die in the match before hand,once you get back on the game, you can use rez charms there to get back into your match that you crash/disconnect from! GL out there! just came back from another crash, now i'm locked out for an hour! Not even a whole hour from when I first posted the first part of this comment! GJ~ NCSoft!
  3. Yes, another one of these...

    The rework for SF is a really big boost in dps if you run frost build, but i hate how they re-mapped the heal skill in only FM stance. I can't ani-cancel heal while dpsing anymore on my SF, but its not that big of an issue if your ping is decent just another button to hit to heal. They also nerfed the ult. heal the class has which i used in most raids if needed. But if your running dungeons/raids with ppl who know what there doing once its not that big of an issue. Both summoners and SF are pretty good to have here and there in parties, both heals, both rez fallen allies. I just depends on your play style, but idk if its just me, but the rework on SF feels like its does more dmg than a summoner with the same gear. Also SF are mainly a melee class with hints of range play style and Summoners are mainly ranged class with having their cat go in melee range... so ya, just depends on your play style.
  4. Regarding SF

    Long story short, SF are getting nerf'd kinda pretty hard, but hey... Fancy NEW VISUALS! (Enter: Sarcasm Here) I main a SF with VT gear in PvE and play PvP if I feel like getting 1shot a couple of times to get a hand full of moonstonesb4 going to bed... *cough* *cough* only place to farm them... *COUGH!!!* They said this on regarding SF in Korea, Quote: "Firstly, thank you for your feedback regarding Soul Fighters." "We did not include changes to the equipment / skill damage values in the changes introduced last week because we wanted to show what direction Soul Fighters are headed first." "Results of internal validation tests after last week's update showed that overall DPS could be too high relative to other classes with current items and damage values, which we will be adjusting this week." "Our goal here is to have Soul Fighter's DPS similar if not slightly higher than what we have in the current live servers. Note that even after we update the live servers, there could be additional changes as well." Their DPS "could be to high relative to other classes with current items and damage values" *Looks off in the distance and sees gunslingers overall DPS* (Enter: Sarcastic Look Here...) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Des or BD or Sin Pros and Cons?

    Des is the easiest class to play out of the 3. While sin is the hardest to play, and bds is in middle. But if you master their rotations in PvE and/or Pvp, all the 3 classes are fun to play. I main a destroyer so I can give some info. About the class. I'm pretty sure other ppl who play the other classes/main them can give you more info. But for destros... Des pros: -High burst dmg -Good defense (face tanks mostly everything) -Somewhat good mobility (With TAB spin) -Has 2 party skills (green emberstomp, iron plating) -A LOT of cc's -Easy rotation -pretty good in pvp -has 5-6 different iframes -deflect tab spin -has grab -a lot of AoEs Des cons: -Needs to ani-cancel lmb&rmb 90% of the time to dps if your a earth build. -accdental knockups or grab when a boss is cc'd. *This a big one when bosses shouldn't be grabbed or knocked up.* - face tanks a lot of things... Well that's all the down sides I can think of at the moment. If there's any other destros that can help with the cons feel free to do so. Goodluck choosing the right class for you!
  6. Rosethorn drop rate is way too low

    You guys do realize there wasn't much advertisement about this event prior to this so called "event" release date... isn't kinda weird that Ncsoft west would forget something like that? NO! I believe Ncsoft did this so that way players wouldn't have the time to think for a minute on how much of a SCAM THIS "EVENT" is! If you give your player-base has enough time to think about a bad purchase of an RNG box with just some nice outfits, they would weight their opinions and say "no! this is a scam". Making the player-base more likely not to buy in to this RNG outfit scam! That's why Ncsoft didn't let us know more about this "event" before hand... it wouldn't really matter to Ncsoft being the greedy company that they are, because they know the Whales and the sheep will buy these RNG boxes... Do you guys really think that a company that has a WHOLE GAME BASED ON RNG ITSELF, wouldn't do something like this?! Come on guys! The only way for this company to stop doing stupid sh*t like this, not complain about it after purchasing their product, but to stop giving in to their demands, but some of us want see that, which this the saddest part. I hope you guys get your full rosethorn outfit somehow... In my opinion, the rosethorn outfit looks awesome! But it's not worth the RNG $$$ so I'll keep my money for something better...
  7. Show Off your Gunner Preset

    To be honest, I never really make Yun presets. IDK what it is, but I have a hard time making them. Maybe something with the figure or the character settings for the Yun race makes it hard, idk. With that being said I don't really make/play Yun race classes, seeing I mean a Destroyer or play around on my Assassin. But I may make my Gunner class a Yun race this time around. But anyways, I tried going for a simple look. Still don't know if I should go with dark colored hair or light colored hair, like the blond color. But anyways, I hope you guys like it!