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  1. Quelle première journée incroyable dans cette Baston du siècle ! L'effervescence du tournoi toutes rondes retombe. Nous avons eu un aperçu de ce dont ces équipes étaient capables et à présent, nous connaissons leur placement pour les matchs de demain. Tous les résultats finaux se trouvent dans la rubrique Actualités sur BladeandSoul.com : http://www.bladeandsoul.com/fr/news/battle-brawl-day-1-results/
  2. [News] Battle Brawl Tag 1: Die Ergebnisse

    Der erste Tag des Battle Brawls war einfach unglaublich! Langsam legt sich der Staub, den die Matches aufgewirbelt haben, und es zeigt sich, wie die Teams sich schlagen. Auch die Setzliste für morgen steht nun fest. In den News auf BladeandSoul.com findet ihr die Ergebnisse: http://www.bladeandsoul.com/de/news/battle-brawl-day-1-results/
  3. [NEWS] Battle Brawl Day 1 Results

    It’s been an incredible first day of the 2018 Battle Brawl! As the dust settles from the round robin matches, we’re seeing a much clearer picture of how the teams are shaking out, as well as the seed placement for tomorrow. Check out the final Day 1 results over in the BladeandSoul.com news: http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/battle-brawl-day-1-results/
  4. Découvrez Gummy et BarneyD2, les deux commentateurs de la finale de la Baston du siècle ! Ce sont eux qui vous accompagneront au fil des matchs ce week-end ! Les quatre meilleurs équipes occidentales s'affronteront pour obtenir la plus grosse part des 50 000 $ mis en jeu ! Regardez la vidéo ci-dessous pour découvrir les commentateurs qui vous accompagneront lors des matchs de ce week-end ! (La vidéo est disponible en anglais uniquement)
  5. [NEWS] Battle Brawl: Die Caster

    Lernt Gummy und BarneyD2 kennen, eure beiden Caster für das allererste Battle-Brawl-Finale! Diese beiden begleiten euch und kommentieren wortgewandt das Match, während die vier Finalteams um ihren Anteil am Preisgeldpool von 50.000 $ und das Anrecht auf den Titel „Die Besten im Westen“ kämpfen! Seht euch das folgende Video an und erfahrt, wer euch dieses Wochenende durch das epische Kräftemessen führen wird!
  6. [NEWS] Battle Brawl Caster Profiles

    Meet Gummy and BarneyD2, your two casters for this inaugural Battle Brawl Finals! These two will be giving you the play-by-play and blow-by-blow as these four teams battle for their share of the $50,000 prize pool and right to be called “Best in the West”. Watch the video below to see who will be guiding you through this weekend’s epic showdown!
  7. La première Baston du siècle annuelle se tiendra les 23 et 24 mars ! Des équipes d'Amérique du Nord et d'Europe s'envoleront pour le comté d'Orange, en Californie, pour s'affronter et tenter de remporter une partie de la dotation de 50 000 $ et devenir le « grand gagnant de l'Occident ». Pour tout savoir, consultez notre guide du spectateur : http://www.bladeandsoul.com/fr/news/battle-brawl-viewer-guide/
  8. [NEWS] Zuschauerguide für den Battle Brawl

    Der erste jährlich wiederkehrende Battle Brawl wird am 23. und 24. März ausgetragen! Teams aus Europa und Nordamerika fliegen extra nach Orange County in Kalifornien, um ihre Kräfte zu messen. In den Matches geht es aber nicht nur darum, wer den Löwenanteil des 50.000 $ schweren Preisgeldpools mit nach Hause nimmt, sondern auch um den begehrten Titel „Die Besten im Westen“. Das komplette Programm findet ihr in unserem Zuschauerguide: http://www.bladeandsoul.com/de/news/battle-brawl-viewer-guide/
  9. [NEWS] Battle Brawl Viewer Guide

    The first annual Battle Brawl is going down March 23 and 24! Teams from across North America and Europe are flying into Orange County, California and going head-to-head to determine which region takes the biggest piece of the $50,000 prize pool, and who is crowned with the title “Best in the West.” Visit our Viewer Guide for a full breakdown: http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/battle-brawl-viewer-guide/
  10. Livestream Update

    We've been continuing to work on our livestream issues, and we appreciate everyone's patience and understanding (and memes). I can guarantee it's been as (if not more) frustrating for us to have to move and cancel streams. Ultimately it came down to an ISP routing issue, and both the network engineers on our side and the guys at Twitch were immensely helpful in getting that resolved for us. During our troubleshooting we found a couple other things which weren't related to this issue, but should lead to an overall better quality stream. So, the good news is we're ready to rock. We've already done a number of non-public streams to test, but we're still going to schedule another test stream with Liinxy just to be extra sure. Our first full stream is planned to be next week with a Fire and Blood preview. Even MORE exciting is that our brand new livestream room is almost complete. We've teased this a couple times, but the new room is going to offer us new ways and a lot more space to have bigger and better streams, as well as host in-house tournaments, which is exactly what we're doing for the Battle Brawl tournament (March 23 & 24 on Twitch.tv/bladeandsoul !). It's been a very big project, Margaret has been working overtime with our IT and facilities folks to get this thing done. It's amazing to see it come together. There are actual walls and doors and carpeting now. It's a real place. I've been in there. It has that new livestream room smell. It's going to be awesome. So, again, just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your patience while we've worked toward not only fixing the issues, but an overall better experience. We know the livestreams have become an important part of the Blade & Soul experience, and we're continually appreciative of your viewership and dedication to the game. Thank you!
  11. Promoting B&S esports

    Awesome, thanks for the tip. I had never seen that site myself before, but certainly can see if we can provide them more of our info.
  12. new premium worse then the old one.

    I recently posted over on Reddit about the Chi Recovery change specifically since it's still coming up a fair amount. Pasting over here too since it's a bit buried.
  13. Missed costume

    You can obtain story costumes you might have missed using the level 50 voucher by visiting merchants in locations relevant for the individual story pieces. Jadestone Village for Viridian, Yehara's Mirage for Cinderlands, Hogshead Hamlet for Moonwater, and Grand Harvest Square for Silverfrost. Look for the "Naryu Coin Exchanger" in each; they'll accept 1 Fabric and 5 Naryu Coin in exchange for each story costume they offer.
  14. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    No, the person you quoted is mistaken. DDoS attacks can and usually are precisely timed, and can be carried out in variable intervals. Appreciate the intent to help and identify the issue, though. We do have ongoing mitigation in place and are working to minimize impact as much as possible, you may be seeing some improvements, but as we continue to monitor we would appreciate updates on how it's impacting you and your play time.