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  1. I'm disturbed by the fact you can't ask NCKR the tool/client version with debugger and to log in with characters having the problem to get the error 😧 It would be faster this way no ?
  2. As usual items being replaced by new ones ... Characters are bricked with unknow item ... Doesn't bother the database ...
  3. Better complain on twitter or post a serious clip on Youtube or Gaming blog explaning the current state of NcWest's BNS 😂
  4. UE 4 might be a burden on the netcode/server load needed to run properly ... See the Koldrak peakhour : Servers are being ddosed 😂 Or maybe they thought they could use less ressource on the hosting with magic UE4 improvements xD And yes we needed overkill/decent single thread CPU to run UE3. So either NCKR pay the optimization or the customer upgrade their rigs themselves 😄 We'll never know how ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ up is the management/relationship between NCKR and NCWest. With so many failed maintenance and deployment, its becomming the worst in game industries
  5. Servers' capacity has been reduced over the years ... Or Amazon AWS sucks this bad ? Is New World this laggy at peak hours ? 😂
  6. Lol F5 is fixed this morning by magic 😮
  7. Asking them to put the heartbeat they forgot and fixing urls/integrated browser ? It's too much for them
  8. FPS remains as usual no problem at all ... You don't meet the requirements 👀 Fix the F5 please, or ask everyone to use the third party tool "fix" 😂
  9. Funny how GG can block URL or break more things. If it was F10, there would be urgent maintenance to fix this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ...
  10. Or abusing quitting and joining back to keeping the elo 😄
  11. F2 never been accurate, it just sum up the equipements ... Compound and Unity were never been accounted ... NCWest should start changing ISP/Provider or fix the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ and stop randomly blocking their firewall ...
  12. If they start blacklsiting all VPN adress/cloud gaming machines, people gonna complain 👀
  13. Just play 8 BM PVE Soul shield and voila ! V2F on macro or whatever pulling us with floor is lava 😂 , very EZ
  14. Des is not so easy against some class ... Dmg was been ajusted to the point there's no big buff or big nerfs ... Unlike some class like BM where you don't have a counter class or being ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ against some particular class ... On fury, you can get KD, you can run out of focus AND some class can burn easely your focus ... Even on ember smart people have their way, and if you don't reset properly your fury, redspin/other cds on wedging with grab, you have to stall but some class are better for stalling. On bg it's supposed to be op tier like weak
  15. Sure we can argue ... Even if technically the servers allow fast opening/spamming request. I don't think any sane dev would think it's normal ... I would consider this as ddosing my services ... You can see how EU's load balancing is inexistant on koldrak peak hour ? Just by switching alts/logging, it's making the authentification servers close to crashing, but also items' servers, what's next ? About the gcd, it's a cheat/abnormal thing when there's the calculator for adjusting it for ppl having high ms ... You gain so much DPS for CM ladders and solo dungeon or TOI timer ... So w
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