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  1. 64 max per channel would be neat ... Let's be honest the game engine is poorly optimized and worse than source engine or old quake ones ... And I'm pretty sure server side soft is barely spamming to the client the info at time ... ( why lobby or arena tagging is missing/timeout sometimes ? Or everyone having big freezes at the same time on raids for 12 only ?! )
  2. Vertical Sync will synchronise your FPS to your monitor refresh rate, it was made this way to avoid screen tearing effects. Other possibility is to limit your FPS and keep your power settings to auto on Nvidia panel. But this game is poorly coded, it proves the engine can use your GPU up to 100% ... You'll see how the game runs poorly in raids :)
  3. Yes and no, you can also form a raid party by inviting another leader of a 6 ppl party, so basicaly you need to be 4 ppl to form an alliance
  4. Security is complete garbage with NcWest, according to some people. BnSTool or malicious tools allow cracking editing XMLs, cheating, etcc ... And bypassing their webservice to auth without leaving traces (ie no ip secure code needed and disabling 2steps auth ?!) or worse hacking the whole F5 OR F10 ?! And why bonus clan is away ?!
  5. Well it's fair since their rng rate is trap Missed so much outfit from troves or rng box events ... We don't even need to talk about the money people spent for their ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ... And the condition for guaranted item is far from fair if you compare with other Korean mmo games ... Technically each troves, you need to spent more than 2 annual subscription for some mmo to obtain something ...
  6. Well you need a popular Youtuber in gaming to do that ... Good luck to convince him/her to do that XD
  7. Ah empty channel, 30-60fps rockstable ... See ? It's simple NcWest when you want ... NOW DO THE SAME FOR BG, RAID INSTANCES ( IA, TT, whatever ) ! Don't tell me Amazon AWS is so weak ...
  8. Wow finally a second channel is open !
  9. Maybe it's causing memory leaks on Amazon AWS /giggle
  10. Eating 7 Gb of ram for what ?! For caching the packets AND animations awaiting to be read/executed by the client ? Like Mushin Tower at some trove event, there was too many people OR the server channel was full and sending stupid informations to DDOS/freeze us ... We crashed every 2 mins if you don't reload the map/clean memory with some tools Since I'm not online game dev ( in mmo genre ), NcKr can't do the job to figure what the exact problem is ... And ofc, NCWest can't even provide a solution like Bns China
  11. Or fix the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ tickrate on server and client side, less server crashing maybe ... Some night we are stuck on the lobby ... And the bad mouth talking about your ISP : blablabla ok ? Because at this rate, we all should live in Germany ...
  12. Well you are not only one playing against whales ... You should stay ice, you can almost ice yourself every 10 sec sometimes ... As arena player you should know when to attack ... Des ice/iron form/fury can't be reset, you can easely break the shield before icing, just saying ... With the passive, everyone can die from air combo against archer/whatever class who can do that ... As lot of ppl said : the ratio nerf is applied without brain ...
  13. Tried everything, reinstalling the OS, Dx9c, FTH things ... Nothing works for me ( and yes, I've checked FTH logs, no new entries at all so it's off, at REGEDIT at ...\FTH\State its empty ) Maybe using VPN/moving to Germany will help a little since a big part AWS Cloud is there XD The game engine comes from a FPS, is not made for MMO with intensive spells and interactions, we are talking about projectiles moving to point A to B ( not excluding the time and space ) + characters movings, MAYBE they could fix AND increase the tickrates LOL ... Every wednesday after maint
  14. Well with the old pvp ratio, you have one chance to kill geared people if played correctly, now you can't ( except some buffed class lolz ), but i understand sometimes you can get killed without having a chance to defend yourself
  15. This bug exists for years, and NCSOFT KR can't fix it : WHY ?! Wrote severals tickets and nothing ?
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