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  1. Never modded since I got my ryzen 5000, problem solved by meeting the real "requirement" 😂
  2. Don't know what changes has been applied with UE4 on Koldrak instances, but it's ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ laggy (ping/packets/netcode, not about the fps, the fps are rockstable). Only UE3 version (server version, coz I dont think client would have this much impact ...) of koldrak was smooth as ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ...
  3. You need more op sum or gcd shadow gunners 😄
  4. If I compare my gear from legit farming and a bit of normal ncoin for 2 years with troves and events. I'm less geared than some hmc hard farmers 🤡 So yeah very p2w then ...
  5. And KR devs testing the fix with KR database ids, not our buggy NCWest ids 🤡
  6. Sure less lag and by lag I mean the real ping not just the simple cmd "ping" to the servers ... When servers's performances are worse and your client can't even calculate the waiting/choking or packet loss, the displayed ping value is a fraud 😕 Try to raid with gcd players/cheaters/abusers, same ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ happens ... Maybe not the FPS but the gameplay/responsiveness is definately still affected by that ... At UE3 Koldrak peak hours, even if the fps is shitty sometimes, the responsiveness was rockstable/smooth and people were still changing characters with their bots, no problem ... S
  7. UE4 is only the client ... But dev never promised to optimize server+netcode 🤡 @Himewe still have no reply from servers load balancing issues ... NA seems to be less impacted from peak hours problems ... Are you going to fix or add more delay for people spamming changing characters ?!
  8. Indeed, it may switch from pay 2 fast to pay 2 win soon kek ... But as long as they allow smurf free farm hmc from NA and EU. It remains F2P 🙂
  9. You can get decent BG gear from farming Master Hong or Mao ... You just need to check what are the current avaiable Pvp Gear being bought from the NPC ... Maybe you won't be able to kill at sight, but you will be able to assist in fights ...
  10. Final Thoughts or Final troll ? The game becomes less and less grinding if we compare to 2014 ... The extra steps for optimization is not mandatory at all ...
  11. Will you fix sin's C-CAP or bring the latest skill balance changes *kappa* ? @Hime
  12. the ms calculation on UE3 was accurate : ping server + (inputlag from game choke/ms /ppl abusing gcd/game lagging itself) now on ue4 is just displaying your current ping to the server, and not if the servers lag, having packet loss or choke to your client from bugs/freezes/lags ...
  13. Yeah I know ... Sadly they don't put queue anymore 😕
  14. Fm arena : wall bang play ice ... Where's nerf ?
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