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  1. Battlegrounds Nerfs killing the pvp community

    Well with the old pvp ratio, you have one chance to kill geared people if played correctly, now you can't ( except some buffed class lolz ), but i understand sometimes you can get killed without having a chance to defend yourself
  2. This bug exists for years, and NCSOFT KR can't fix it : WHY ?! Wrote severals tickets and nothing ?
  3. My honest opinion on the pvp mod nerfs

    Can't one shot anymore : Trust me, yesterday night, some BM could one shot me with the usual grab, one spell death ... My pet is decent and almost 7k crit def ... But everyone switched all their pvp soul shield to PVE : PVP gear became useless trololol
  4. +1 on Tufa, not even need to bring the FM absurb survivability without AND with weap proc *roflmao* But Warden is melee and they don't really chase ... As third spec Des I can tell you with 80-100% dmg reduc you can perfectly die in a few seconds ... Even if you try running away after the first FM tornado hit, it follows you until death sometimes ... Even gunner with their jumps they still die ... A lot of balance could be achieved, but NcSoft decide to do nothing ...
  5. Enough is Enough

    Ofc 90% of the ms issues is from our ISP routing ... Yeah explain this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ to Amazon AWS team ... Netflix, Youtube, Steam, Microsoft, Google and other big cie don't have such level packet drops or problems at night or peak hours ... Only seems German are favored or ppl using VPN services or Cloud Gaming services (exitLag, etc ...) MUST pick Germany regions servers
  6. How far behind is my dps ?

    And when you have decent gear, you need xml and macro ... which making everyone fps down to 5 (even with removing anim and effects)... Sure it's not considered as ddosing client or the servers. At night match server are downs (queuing arena or bg lead to no response sometimes)
  7. You'are wrong about Des shield : We can break it ;) Just know the glitched spells :D
  8. Charcter movement locked

    This bug is still around ( Playing Destro ) This bug trigger only in whirldwind valley, coz the map is not flat ... Any fix or workaround ? It's annoying really ...
  9. FM and archer in bg

    Just give us back the orignal hm shield and we will stop complaning :P joke asides, NcSoft don't give a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about balancing years ago ... Or they are very bad at it ...
  10. It just need some balancing : max rebound 3 targets, max tick : 5hit or 5sec Same for BM grab, it grab the first dude, and can stun the other 5 ppl O_o 3 ppl max would be fair and I have some doubts, lot of class can OS pack of players ...
  11. Crashing and Disconnecting in 6v6

    True, it doesnt work at 100%, but it allowed some ppl to reduce it
  12. Ppl complaining about KFM, meanwhile SIN and BM.

    Even the sin in tower of infinity is cancer as ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤, try to glitch his script ( they read your input great ... ), not even need to proc his light weapon proc to reset his CD ...
  13. Not only on arena, on BattleGrounds as well, they go ungeared and trash everyone. We can't unstealth properly Sin with lag/low aoe spells against their rng evade + stat evades ... We must be lucky to connect the os ... It's stupid, at least Des 2nd tab is 1 min CD, some cd should remain unresettable
  14. New Terms of use Contract

    If only their terms were legals from the start :D
  15. Mushin tower : Crownded place => Out of memory Can you deploy UE4 FAST NCSOFT ? :) We are all using x64bits client ... And I have 16Gb of RAM ... Chrome closed