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  1. We've finally gone full on p2w boyos!

    those whales enjoyed to bought all of that stuff for 2 days, mostly hmg master scroll x10 OwO...
  2. @ImoutoMaster 6k , 7k per week the only way to that its selling raids, new people cant earn that gold even doing all of stuff dailys, pvps, msp, and weeklys, maximum 2k per week. Do the math for new people not for whales or people with several years in game
  3. Cowards devs/staff

    Its all about this F2P = Must play 24/7 with Main and alternative characters, like literally other job. P2W = Getting all they need with real money to progression and other stuff they need forcing F2P trying to pay something to get their lvl (Mostly cant if they dont do "F2P" & "P2W") Thats how "F2P" games markets works Nothing to discuss it's the reallity. Regards.
  4. people don't understand this problem have been always the same, its because of whale people on this game, if whale people still using their credit cards to get gear fast with "Hongmoong Store and events for whales", materials and others wont be lowers, for example gems on hongmoonstore, i saw people whale with gilged gems with pentagonal gems in one day you know how much you has to spend to get just 1 pentagonal????, and that's one of the example. f2p people get punished by the costs either, whales don't care if materials cost more if they still paying, people f2p will farm for them and they just buy for the price on F5, they just need swipe to gear, that's why all its expensive, included new soul tier path. the problem with this it's when this industry look how many people will play this game later, will be only people who spend $$$$$$ like crazy, i mean everyone do what they want with their money, don't care, at last everyone in the game people will knows each other because will be that few people, and for the new ones who want to reach them have to pay or play 24/7 all days, like its literally impossible, and that's why people quit.
  5. merchant of wonders

    its a legend that merchant of wonders think they really put 0,000000000000001% to show.
  6. Make HR permanent

    some people don't even know what is HR.............
  7. Bound Raids Suggestion.

    Bounds wont be removed, since people will do the same raid a lot of time per day/week with others. Thats why (Reset Raids,Dungeons exists), You can use those resets to start over again, suggest to you, to take a look first in which party are you join in and check gears. Regards.
  8. Library for PVP vids for new players

    PVP its focused on 6v6 BG not this one
  9. 2020/02/08 Today's Specials, a solid "Don't Buy"

    who the hell buy those ** for 2k, 3k gold, people whale its getting crazy for having an end gear, nobody cares if people its end gear or not, only the same whales care, its like when people whale spending that gold before like idiots on VT and now its a what ever, its the same, when ncsoft nerf the raids you just lose your real money and gold time playing, you just guys are throwing gold like ***..
  10. He posted here this " Just the worst event ever!!! Too many people = lag = 0 loot = 0 quest = 0 event. + disconnects.. Thanks!" after that he post he have a 70ms +A9 shouldnt be a problem for him unless he have a bad pc, read all before post thanks..
  11. You came here to cry with that gear and that ms, just for creating trouble, doesnt make any sense, instead of trying to help the community, toxic people everywhere..
  12. Then you dont have to be here crying, you must be good there, if not then its your pc..
  13. 17/10/18 Blade and Ghoul Event

    There is another post about this..
  14. Lag = your ms + people there you can (Ctrl+f them), = 0 loot because maybe you dont have damage vs a whale damage, = 0 quest 0 event = dc = Yes thanks NC..
  15. Blade And Ghoul Event Problems

    its not that you can ctrl+f , or whatever, whales dmg are too much for you so you dont do anything to the mobs, so sad, like always nc doesnt look forward to this, poor new people trying to do dmg with a r3 vs a9 :(...