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  1. I got DCed twice today, and now im banned for 1 hour on battleground
  2. Just let me CC them... I would be happy already... No other nerfs needed
  3. its ok Vyd, we all know you main a Worden, you may retire from this thread now
  4. Catch up? Im Incinerator Stage 5... and i cant do s*** because of these boosted classes in Battleground... WHERE IS THE ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ NERF ???
  5. /\ This guy has absolutely no idea what he is talking about... Have you tried a Whirlwind Valley against three Incinerator gear Wardens? You just put one on each basin, and its GG... Have you tried a Nova Core against three Incinerator gear Wardens? You just put two to deffend your switch, and everyone else attacking, and its GG... Have you tried a Beluga Lagoon against three Incinerator gear Wardens? You just make all jump in the middle and make a mayhem that absolutely no one can survive... I'm playing matches where all 12 players are Incinerator Stage 3 at
  6. This is really getting out of hand... People are just blatantly exploiting the fact the class is super over-powered, and it's ruining the experience of clan 6v6 for the other players...
  7. Guys, just a reminder... all this discussion here is worthless, ok? NCSOFT is never adressing this issues, they only follow KR patches, and nothing more than that You may resume the thread now, thanks.
  8. Doesnt matter on who they are doing all those kills... they are the ones holding the switches in Nova Core, and the Basins in wwv... they are the ones winning the game because no one can kill them to get the game objectives... Gunners are the ones killing everybody (strong and weak players), and winning tons of points... How can you not see this as overpowered Edit: that comment about 7million damage and 15 kills was just to state how this class is overpowered... BTW it our team was full DF9 people.. that Warden was super-low-geared compared to us... OP class
  9. IDK if this will help you, but i had a problem with crashes (not DC, crashes)... I used to crash in 1 out of 2 games i played on BG, mostly when trying to press 4 to ress... Someday i had to reinstall my windows 10, wipe it clean... and when i reinstalled the game, it suddenly stopped with it... Now i have one crash every 10~15 games or so...
  10. Shout out for this guy... This is actually a real problem!!
  11. I have 1000 wins and 5000 kills achiev on the 3 Battlegrounds, and I a'm almost maxed all the PVP gear... But everygame I play, with every kind of players I play, it's just a matter of how many Gunners/Wardens the team have for it to win... I see Gunners and Wardens with DF3, and Stage 3 accesories, doing 7 million damage, 15+ kills... This is balanced for you? Wich other class could do that with that ease? Do you even play BG at 1700+ tier? With these last buffs on Soulshields (more HP), players easily have 350k+ HP (I have almost 400k)... So being hit killed, or hit k
  12. Mostly because of Wardens and Gunners... They need to get nerfed ASAP
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