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"Today's Specials" - REQUESTS THREAD

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We’re looking at Today’s Specials and trying to make it more… special (!) by adding in more surprises. We want it to be more a thing where you log in and see a cool item or hear from a friend that there’s something crazy for sale. It won’t be every day, and just because we sell something once doesn’t mean it’s going to be there every week or maybe ever again. It’s more about having once-off “if you were there, you got something awesome” kind of things to make it feel more like Today’s Specials and less like there's always consistent rotations.

We’re glad you’re excited about the costumes, and we’d definitely like to hear from you about what you’d like to see; either costumes or some more extreme ideas of items we might be able to sell in ultra-limited quantities in one-off sales.

Ok, here some other ideas aside from only costume requests:



New items:


A daily daily-quest reset ticket.
(we have max. 40 daily. this ticket gives a reset once a day, and we can do 40 again)


A daily challenge switch ticket.
(use it, to change 1 of the 6 quests to a different quest. Similar like in your other game MxM)


A gold ticket.
(double gold from daily quests for a day)


A peach ticket.
(double peaches for a day)


A 100AP ticket.
(+100AP for 24h)


A Emotion-Ring (as adornment).
(This ring contains all dances from those special costumes. Equip it, and you can use them)


A special transmute item.
(Transmute a gem, costume, something else. With this, it's a 100% succsess)


Old items:


A HM-Capsule. For those, who don't play pvp or do clan crafting.


Weapon Skins


RNG Chest with very hard to get costumes
- mushin hat
- widow hair/masks
- zaiwei ruins outfit
- ...


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58 minutes ago, Kezzie said:

I would like Blue Sunglasses as well.

This. I see they added fan head clip in daily specials a day after they brought back the old blue porcelain outfit that goes with it. Would be nice to see some ft accessories come to the daily specials, especially stuff like blue sunglasses, spiffy shades, cooling off shades...and red glasses.

Speaking of which, when are they going to primarily add the red glasses into game? Hope its not put behind the trove bs -__- i wouldnt even be mad if its part of a set, so long as I dont have to gamble for it >_> Oh and also yura's hair, when?

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