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  1. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    The daily gold nerf this time is definitely uncalled for. If you guys, the moderators, actually play the game, I think you too would not be happy with this nerf considering how expensive things are in the game and how shitty is the RNG. Game is supposed to be fun, not another job to do.
  2. Do the M'ao gloves even exist any more?

    M'ao Gloves does exist. Its drop rate is just very low. I got my first glove on my 109th run on my main.
  3. Weapon "reductions"

    Since when -100g and adding 1 Premium Trans Stone is a reduction? Not even counting the additional materials that were added. Someone better tell the analyst to check the market before proposing the changes.
  4. Help with prestige points.

    The amount of prestige point you get based on your level vs the NPC that you kill. Basically, if you are 10+ level ahead of them, you get literally 0 point from killing them. So as an HM9, I think you should either try Misty Wood or gear up and go to SSP.
  5. How about new players...

    The AP recommendation on the Play Infographic is the minimum requirement for a group of 6 who will do *ehem* MECHANIC Yes, we cleared NS normal before with 800 AP. EC can be cleared with 650+, DT is 700+, You don't need 1.1k AP for NS (back way when MSP was our hardest raid) The problem is, there are new people who have 0 clue what to do in dungeon hence most people put 1k+ for NS just so if you fail the mechanic (like lining up the add @ 1st boss), you still have time to kill that thing. I do not mind low AP group doing EC DT NF NS because, heck, everyone have to start at the bottom somewhere. I even post recruitment for NS asking for just 850+. I don't mind give new people some leads and info on how to clear -- the basic. However, I would be annoyed if they have low AP and also have the attitude of braindead face tank the boss. Usually, I just let them die.

    Let's see: - Hollow heart last boss: he is fine as is. Please don't encourage braindead people and make it trap even more. - Awaken pet aura-loyal, furious , gusty: it doesn't matter which one you choose, the next level up is ultimate. So my advice is save up enough to go from these awaeken straight to unleash ultimate. Most people really overestimate pet stats. To be honest, ignore the Alpha stages for now, the only one worth getting up to, if you want to have a decent pet, is unleashed ultimate. Back when pet was just introduced, we were already happy enough to get a pet that give defense and HP. You guys new players are spoiled sometimes. (Don't start with me on the cost because the cost has already been cut down + they have taken away pet nip which the old players had to have to extend pet life. Yes, there was pet duration) - SSP bosses needs more hp : No comment since I stopped participate in SSP after the 1st server merge. - Arena 1v1 loading screen: Agree. They should make it fair and only start the count down when both players are loaded on the screen. - Tag Match: I only did this one a couple time to get my 5k beans for training certificate (that was like 2 years ago). Since then, I never go back. It's a salt mine so I have no comment here. - Legendary accessories: Celestial Basin. - Like @HateMe said, these 2 paths were there when Raven path was super expensive and hard to get; however, now that you can get Raven run pretty easy + the cost reduction, I see more people going through Raven route. - Naryu sanctum, nerf the boss rotation: this must be a joke right? NS boss isn't that hard to tank. I have tanked it myself on my FM in melee range so I do not understand why it's hard especially when melee class have many dodge moves. You can literally side step his 2 linear hits, block or q/e his frontal swipe, eat the first small ring, ss on 2nd ring, q/e on 3rd ring. Actually, you don't even have to do that, the 1st ring is 8m so just get ready and move back to 9m then walk forward and backward as the ring expand/retreat. NS boss rotation is easy. - Starstone mines: I agree they should make the fire and ice buff icon on player's head visible even under CTRL+F - Crafting system: it's so much easier now. It's not a mess. Back then, you have another 6 to choose lol. Those were the "Gathering guilds". Be glad they already simplified it and remove your other daily tasks of running around maps to look for materials (wells for water, ore nodes for rocks, killing Grass Squash for meat, or the birds for feathers) - Hive Queen account bound: it will just be like Raven king materials. They will eventually making it account bounds. In the meantime, learn and enjoy VT on your chars. I love running VT - No comment on the battle ground boxes because I never do it - No comment on the charm, again, I don't PvP - Not agree with how you want the Known Thine Enemies Pt1. Let them at least fight the easy boss. No more braindead run through please. EC, DT, NF, and NS are already extremely easy to do. They already taken out the wiping mechanic. If you can't even do those, I don't think you should keep playing. - Shorten the yellow quest : LOL. The quest line is already made easy. Quests were even pre open the next dragon pulse for you. Before these changes, we had to walk to the next area to open it before we even able to use it. So no, please don't promote laziness.
  7. Is Gloomdross Incursion easy dungeon?

    LOL my bad ;)
  8. Achievements : The Price of Progress

    Then I would like to know how. I have that achievement unlock on my main but that's because I got it in 2016.
  9. Why are cats so squishy?

    Cat aren't squishy...especially in PvE. My cat has 206.5k HP and 11.5k Def. He stay alive longer than I do. Person who plays summoner just need to know when to curl the cat and get it out of bad situation. Btw, you do notice that cat HP and Def is depended on your HP and Def right? It's proportional to the owner. I can't say for PvP since I never really do it.
  10. How to bug bomb as Summoner?

    To see who has the bug bomb: look at the party member list, if a person has a bug bomb, his/her name will light up (like when you draw agro) If you got bug bomb: get out of the middle and go far away. Go back in the middle after the bomb exploded However: there are times bug bomb would stick on the ground (meaning it didnt land on anyone since no one's name is light up), all 3 people in the middle need to get out otherwise you all will get killed Bug bomb explosion radius is 10m IF there is an FM with you in the middle because bug bomb 99% of the time would go to FM who has their fire orbs up. Therefore, all you need to is pew pew and watch the party member list to see who has it and react accordingly. I wouldn't recommend summoner to stay mid if you are the only summoner (like me in my raid) since you will be needed to revive people. If there are FM and Gunner with good gear in your group, it's best to let them gets the priority to stay mid due to their high DPS/burst. Just my thoughts.
  11. Summoner Party Stealth Radius

    50m radius from center of the caster.
  12. Unfortunately, if you bought 10 DKV reset for yourself, you won't be able to gift someone else another 10 :) The reset token count get resets every week, FYI.
  13. 64 bit client issue

    Since I don't know your computer spec (CPU, RAM, GPU, and Internet Speed), I would recommend to try the below: 1. CTRL+F before a fight -- I do this just because in 12 men run, your computer has to process all of the visual effects that are going on on your screen. Hiding other players (CTRL+F) will also hide their skill visual effects = take less load for your computer to process 2. Check "Optimize for combat" under graphic 3. Play around with the graphic setting bars 4. Check "Optimize for low-end computer": this is last ditch effort :) From what you are describing, I think 1 & 2 should help :)
  14. in-game....custom titles?

    Faction title: only the highest ranking that you achieved is showing so it's pretty much automatic. Faction titles only show up when you equip your faction uniform. Once you take it off, the title is turned off. Achievement title: only certain achievements offer title once you reach the criteria. Not all achievement offers title. When a title is unlocked, it's available under title tab in your Achievement windows. If you want to equip it, click on the star icon in front of that title to turn it on/equip it
  15. Achievements : The Price of Progress

    I don't think you can unlock that achievement anymore just because BnS has already eliminated the old upgrade methods It's an obsoleted achievement.