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  1. The daily gold nerf this time is definitely uncalled for. If you guys, the moderators, actually play the game, I think you too would not be happy with this nerf considering how expensive things are in the game and how shitty is the RNG. Game is supposed to be fun, not another job to do.
  2. M'ao Gloves does exist. Its drop rate is just very low. I got my first glove on my 109th run on my main.
  3. Since when -100g and adding 1 Premium Trans Stone is a reduction? Not even counting the additional materials that were added. Someone better tell the analyst to check the market before proposing the changes.
  4. The amount of prestige point you get based on your level vs the NPC that you kill. Basically, if you are 10+ level ahead of them, you get literally 0 point from killing them. So as an HM9, I think you should either try Misty Wood or gear up and go to SSP.
  5. The AP recommendation on the Play Infographic is the minimum requirement for a group of 6 who will do *ehem* MECHANIC Yes, we cleared NS normal before with 800 AP. EC can be cleared with 650+, DT is 700+, You don't need 1.1k AP for NS (back way when MSP was our hardest raid) The problem is, there are new people who have 0 clue what to do in dungeon hence most people put 1k+ for NS just so if you fail the mechanic (like lining up the add @ 1st boss), you still have time to kill that thing. I do not mind low AP group doing EC DT NF NS because, heck, everyone have to start at the
  6. Let's see: - Hollow heart last boss: he is fine as is. Please don't encourage braindead people and make it trap even more. - Awaken pet aura-loyal, furious , gusty: it doesn't matter which one you choose, the next level up is ultimate. So my advice is save up enough to go from these awaeken straight to unleash ultimate. Most people really overestimate pet stats. To be honest, ignore the Alpha stages for now, the only one worth getting up to, if you want to have a decent pet, is unleashed ultimate. Back when pet was just introduced, we were already happy enough to get a pet that give
  7. Then I would like to know how. I have that achievement unlock on my main but that's because I got it in 2016.
  8. Cat aren't squishy...especially in PvE. My cat has 206.5k HP and 11.5k Def. He stay alive longer than I do. Person who plays summoner just need to know when to curl the cat and get it out of bad situation. Btw, you do notice that cat HP and Def is depended on your HP and Def right? It's proportional to the owner. I can't say for PvP since I never really do it.
  9. To see who has the bug bomb: look at the party member list, if a person has a bug bomb, his/her name will light up (like when you draw agro) If you got bug bomb: get out of the middle and go far away. Go back in the middle after the bomb exploded However: there are times bug bomb would stick on the ground (meaning it didnt land on anyone since no one's name is light up), all 3 people in the middle need to get out otherwise you all will get killed Bug bomb explosion radius is 10m IF there is an FM with you in the middle because bug bomb 99% of the time w
  10. 50m radius from center of the caster.
  11. Unfortunately, if you bought 10 DKV reset for yourself, you won't be able to gift someone else another 10 :) The reset token count get resets every week, FYI.
  12. Since I don't know your computer spec (CPU, RAM, GPU, and Internet Speed), I would recommend to try the below: 1. CTRL+F before a fight -- I do this just because in 12 men run, your computer has to process all of the visual effects that are going on on your screen. Hiding other players (CTRL+F) will also hide their skill visual effects = take less load for your computer to process 2. Check "Optimize for combat" under graphic 3. Play around with the graphic setting bars 4. Check "Optimize for low-end computer": this is last ditch effort :) From what you are descr
  13. Faction title: only the highest ranking that you achieved is showing so it's pretty much automatic. Faction titles only show up when you equip your faction uniform. Once you take it off, the title is turned off. Achievement title: only certain achievements offer title once you reach the criteria. Not all achievement offers title. When a title is unlocked, it's available under title tab in your Achievement windows. If you want to equip it, click on the star icon in front of that title to turn it on/equip it
  14. I don't think you can unlock that achievement anymore just because BnS has already eliminated the old upgrade methods It's an obsoleted achievement.
  15. I have the same issue. Tried that method too but didn't work. The game works well on my Windows 10 Home laptop but the Windows 8.1 desktop always runs into this issue every Wednesday... so it's now a ritual for me to do file repair every Wednesday after patching the game... LOL Oh well.
  16. I second this! Gotta make kitty cat pretty too!
  17. Yes it does. It's RNG though. You can either get a direct drop from the chest that boss drop or you get it in the Weapon Chest from boss as well. Both are RNG.
  18. As far as I can tell, in all of my BT raids, the Elysian Crystals are for rolling since it's untradable unless someone really really wants it then he can pay for it. Boss 3 Elysian Crystals are usually given to whoever use key for Corridor, if not, we roll it
  19. @YunoGasaiYandere I think that existed because previously, in KR, BnS is paid to play by the hour. BnS in KR only becomes Free to Play last Dec with the release of Gunner. You can read the below http://2p.com/46471551_1/Blade-amp-Soul-KR-Moves-to-a-Free-to-Play-Model-amp-Adds-Brings-Winter-to-the-Game-by-MMORPGmaster.htm With that said, I would understand why it take less EXP to level up compare to NA/EU since we are Free to Play.
  20. In Asura? I don't attack when that red phase is on. E the cat and stands pretty in the back of the group. Why would you want to attack during that anyways... your LMB will be resist so if you want to do damage to him, you have to RMB which will suck all of your focus..
  21. Cat will die due to Punishment stacks (da donuts!) and the pizza if he's on the wrong side of the moon... Yea... There is no real way to keep cat alive for the whole run... I have to at least cry for my cat 3 times a run lol
  22. HAHAHAHAH Cat health is too high.. Have you run BT and VT with your cat? Yea... cat eats the stack and it's a goodbye kitty quickly. Cat is supposed to be your pal, your meat shield because otherwise, you are a sitting duck for everything. Without the cat, you can't even give yourself any invincibility frame (true friend, and E) Cat does lot of damage? Let me go ask my cat... and his answer was "Meow, no" His damage is only high if you spec'ed him for Clawnado (execute it while having nettled active) or Kappow (which you can't even use if no one restrain the enemy) Summoner and cat d
  23. 1. You can't use the revival charm in Raid map like VT or SK. So having and able to use the cat for an emergency revival is nice to have (like to save your chance to clear the raid when boss at, let's say, 1% left) I also agree that the cat animation for reviving party is very long. When an SF wants to revive people, he can move himself to a safe spot to do so, while if the summoner down, and ask the cat to sacrifice itself, well, the cat is vulnerable to get killed while doing that long animation since it can't evade nor block while doing it. 2. If you spec'ed for Kappow there is
  24. 95 runs, no bracelet drop but I got enough of his hands to trade in haha (and that is before they did the changes) As for now, I haven't seen anything yet.
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