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  1. I don't remember if it was mentioned in the stream but I saw it in the patch notes and I figured they would take away the tokens. I had hoped I was wrong and that they would increase the rewards but nope. I really love this game but they're just ruining it more and more.
  2. Free Presets

    Welcome! I really love the gon.
  3. Inappropriate loading screens

    I don't see my lyn as children. I see them as little adults. I would like to know what loading screen this is as well. I can't think of one I would find offensive.
  4. Free Presets

  5. Free Presets

    I'm sorry. I'm on NA.
  6. Free Presets

    Do you play on the NA servers?
  7. Free Presets

    Was playing around in the creator again. These are different from what I usually make and doubt anyone would really want them but I enjoyed making them :) Some have their eyes closed in the presets..ugh.
  8. Show off your characters!!

    She's so adorable!
  9. Free Presets

    @Puck844 My main is Spiderlily. :) @Narcoleptic Feel free to post your presets, it's afterall Free Presets. Yours btw are sexy, beautiful, and cute. I'm envious. :) Thank you!
  10. Free Presets

    This one is just more for laughs. One of my favorite shows is Supernatural and I decided to try to make Dean Winchester. The only bad thing is I really suck at making males lol. I was really tired when I made him it was like 3 am. I was like wow that looks a lot like him. Next day I go to look at him again and I'm like no, no it does not.
  11. Free Presets

    Lol no I play. I've been playing since launch and I have a lot of presets. Most of these are older ones.
  12. Free Presets

  13. Free Presets

    No. I have no artistic talent whatsoever. I wish I did. :(
  14. Free Presets

    Thought I'd post some more. These are more recent and the lyn I did today. I really like her. I designed her body but haven't tested it in the showroom, so it could be totally hideous. I don't design most of the presets bodies, unless I might use them. These are older.