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  1. What tilts me the most is that NCWest, despite not having control over the game code, as a publisher they HAVE TO have a control panel with stats, and a way to check players activity and other KPIs. They MUST have seen that the activity (and their cashgrab income) has plummeted down since the gold reduction, yet they did absolutely nothing. If a company does something wrong, and that reflects negatively in their business, they try to fix it ASAP. NCWest should have told the stupid (stupid: someone who does stupid things) korean overlords that they lost 30% of the playerbase (my estimate)
  2. The dude of the video didn't get any Wonder Ascension stone and I got one in the second box (out of 12). RNG is RNG.
  3. Those pouches are worth 55200 NCoin. Ty for funding the servers for 1 month. Now don't do it again and let the game die.
  4. There is one more thing. There are some items in merchant that are limited to gold rank. For the best (and the only decent) material pouch you need gold rank, either in bg or arena, and it's getting harder and harder everyday to reach it. That means less material income for people who do pvp regularly but lack the skill (or gear) to reach gold these days. But more important for me is those Honor Medals you can buy. You need gold rank for those, and you need them to craft Hongmoon Scrolls. I had to contact a skilled gold player in arena and propose him if he can bring his character to
  5. 0 (zero) merchants since last patch, maybe less. And I do the daily challenge one on two characters every day.
  6. Dude, are your period and comma keys broken? It's so hard to read you, I stopped after first line because I couldnt breath or understand anything.
  7. Necklace is still BiS for most of the classes and the latest PvE tier. Don't expect a reduction soon.
  8. Back when we had over 2 million created lobbies in f8 in a week that would make sense to prevent dungeon announcement spam, but now we barely have 300k, even at peak hours I can announce a dungeon twice with 1 min between announcements and no one posted anything meeanwhile. F8 is dead, and if you split it into channels, then even more. Waiting in f8 lobby for a full party is the most annoying part of my usual playtime. Sometimes after 10 min wait I just close the game for the rest of the day.
  9. 9 evolved stones out of 10k chests is a 0.09%, like the chances of getting a vial/petpack/pts from an event box. Amazing.
  10. Back then we only had one soul slot and one pet slot, and we got a reasonable amount of pet pods and oils. Now we have TWO items that require oils (souls and heart, besides mystic and soul badge stages) and TWO items that require pet pods (pet and talisman). We should get DOUBLE the amount of oils/petpods from events, but we get way less than before. That makes no sense at all.
  11. Note that another reason of tradeable moonstones being 100% more expensive is that the only way to get them is 6v6, and they decided to release a new PvP soulshield and new PvP weapon tier in the last patch. People with decent pvp gear and a decent income of battleground points are using them to upgrade their gear instead of buying material boxes and selling MS in market. Every time a new pvp tier came up, MS prices skyrocketed. Time it together with the TS crafting change and the upgrade costs changes and it has become the biggest FU in NC history. Edit: Also they deci
  12. This is completely true. In other troves I almost always had something to pick from the 2 slots free daily open on my alts. In this one 90% of the times I end up not picking anything, occasionally 2 or 3 soulstone or sacred crystals, and very very rarely a jewel/element. Moonstones and elysians, tradeable or not, are almost non-existant. This trove is filled with crap like silver cauldron potions, earthseers charms and ton of moonlight buds (seriously who wants those?). It's the first trove in 2 years I didn't buy a single key.
  13. Please, bring back battlegrounds to daily challenge as an extra option.
  14. Man, you are asking way too much of a change to NCW. They barely have a voice to ask for changes that big. They probably only ask to NCsoft to change a material for another, change amounts, rng chances... small changes that only imply to tweak numbers. To rework the whole DC system it first have to be approved in KR, and they never take feedback from other regions. Only CN revamps core systems because they have a dev team or something like that. Just add more options, maybe from 8 to 12, and bring back 1v1, 6v6, solo dungeon and ToI. And switch the moon refuge quest for litera
  15. They don't play their own game, that's the biggest issue. They understand nothing. They only know of issues and bad design changes when people start ranting in forums or reddit.
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