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911th thread about 6v6 arenas


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And they will keep popping up if nothing gets done about it!


So I decided to do my weekly mission for 3 galaxy fragments and get some battle points. Only need 3 victories. Easy, right? NOPE. After nearly 7 hours of active 6v6 arena, with about 30 min break, I've managed 2 wins so far in whirlwind. 2 wins in almost 7 hours???!!!


The fact that matchmaker works based on ranking is so flawed.

I am new player, below 700 AP, only have 5 pieces of PvP legendary SS. It took me 15 wins only, to reach rank 1500(silver). Only 15 wins! And now the matchmaker treats me as I am some sort of pro. It tosses me in games (and many other unfortunate newbies like me) with people who have full PvP SS, 800+ AP and all the goodies you can imagine.


The fact that it is so simple and fast to reach the point where you only see the top geared people is where the matchmaker is broken.

So please, either make;

A) the rank progressing MUCH slower, so that people who reach higher rank are already guaranteed to be experienced in PvP and have the needed items to do PvP

B) Make it gear/stat based. This way people can actually have fun and contribute to the battle equally.


Right now the winning team is the one who has more "whales". Seriously what kind of genious came up with that kind of matchmaker? I am new player. I didn't asked to be thrown into matches with people who have played the game 1 year while I only have played barely 2 months. I simply get thrown in those games now because I happend to win 15 games and now the matchmaker thinks I am "pro" like what ....

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NC Soft dont care about pvp.

They want money and PVE give more money.


Look that stupid tournament.

Warlock, Assassin, Blade Dancer and Blade Master.


This game have 2 dead classes: Soul Fight and Force Master

and 2 semi dead classes: Summoner and Destroyer.

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2 hours ago, Shushi said:

6v6 is only for whales and this is  NOT PVP area  , it's area where whales can show each other who paid more to NCsoft . So if  you don't have big wallet don't even bother to go there .

That's semi-true. You should say "6v6 is only for whales and have lots of spare time." Why? It is because of their raven gears. For a single run in that 24m dungeons, how long does it take? On average 3-4 hours on experience groups? 8-9 hours on in-experience groups? lol....


Whales party is for the true awakened soul and the mats to upgrades to stage 6 raven. :D

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it is a concern that too few middle tier people play 6v6, so the rankings never properly separate out. If the 6v6 platinums of today were diamonds as they should, the golds would shuffle up too, making space for some proper learning curve in the silver rankings.


As it is now, the player base is so compressed everyone is playing with everyone, especially late at night when there is little activity. All the balancing happens by party composition then, meaning for the 2 golds your team gets it also has to take a bronze and a low silver to balance it etc. Which is most often not the ideal play experience. :/


As you played on a Saturday, same applies since it was not a day when 6v6 is on daily challenge. Try to play during the week for the 3 wins, that will go smoother, especially in early evenings when the player base is biggest.

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I did. The guy is spot on. The strongest classes are destroyer sin wl bm. but you said BM and BD didn't make it to the finals. 2 KFMs made it to the finals. Do you see what direction I'm going towards [content moderated by Amraith]?

1 hour ago, newbiez said:

how about you look at the comment above me before you trying to act smart...


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I thought you're exaggerating and just went and tried myself. Atm I'm at 6th lost round and 90% of the time my group is around 500-600AP and opponent's are a lot of them Raven geared. Anyway I think i'm staying out of BG until they make a better matchmaking system. Not worth the cancer it's giving me, as it almost made me cancel my sub and delete the game.

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