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  1. Hackers in pvp...

    To be honest, wintraders is just a small matter compared with the massive hackers we have right now because wintraders happen only in 3vs3. Hackers are in both 1vs1 and 3vs3.
  2. Stealing Blackwyrm at the last second

    This kind of messages in faction chat happens almost every day in both side. If G.M. really ban them based on these messages, then more than half of the population in B&S will be banned.  It also happens in F9 chat as well every single day. There are some jerks who just like to trash-talk to their recent opponents right after the match. The best solution is just to treat them as handicap people with mental illness. Same as in real life, just try to avoid and don't talk to them because you can't use any of your common sense on them.   The rules are just for decoration since I never ever saw anyone get banned based on their messages in chat. (By the ways, I never saw any hackers get banned as well. So, there you go.)
  3. Hackers in pvp...

    There are tons of hackers out there since the 64bit patch was implemented. Maybe it has something to do with the new gameguard patches. Also, I don't know why US/EU servers changed the season reward recently to the venture tokens (Maybe to bring up the HM coins: golds ratio in currency exchange market?). They should remove these rewards from season reward until they solve the hackers problem.   Also, if you search in youtube, there are tons of people posting video of players hacking in arena in NA/EU servers recently. It is funny that out of all B&S server, only NA/US server has this much of hackers present.   *Just saw a video on youtube warlock vs summoner this morning. The summoner can spam heal and stealth un-stopped for the whole match. It is quite funny to watch. :P
  4. HI, im a player of bns!

    Those are your real-life friends? Rather they are real-life friends or not, you should stay away from them ASAP. Real friends wouldn't care about your class much. As long as you did all the mechanics correctly and be supportive to your friends, then it is fine. Also, you listed out all those end game gears and you can pretty much do all the dungeons without any problems. Destroyers are good PVP-class. So, I don't know why your friends say you are useless.    If you are just making random excuses so to make G.M. to move your stuff to your BM, it is alot more pathetic than having those friends.
  5. Timing of Disconnects

    Where did you state that you work in technical department in this post? At least I don't see it in your opening post. Also, there is no way to check the history of all your old posts before I make my comment anyways.   For the disconnection issue, if it is on the company's server side, then everyone will have the same problems as you. However, at least I never have disconnects problem from my end. So, whose problem is it?   My comment is just a suggestion. If you don't take it, it is fine. I don't care, but if you feel that my little suggestion is an insult, then I have nothing to say. Finally, good luck and keep complains about your disconnection. 
  6. Silverfrost Premium Transformation Stone

    The upgrade in this game is easy enough. If you are not whale, you just need to take some time to farm up the mats and golds for the gears upgrade.   For the other mmorpg games I played, most of them has a failure rate when upgrading your gears. Some of them even got destroyed if the upgrade is failed (although there is a protection seal/charm to prevent destroying your gear, of course it requires you to pay real money to get them) and then you have to upgrade from the very beginning. To be honest, I found this game is quite easy to play with already.   I started playing this game from June last year and I have close to 800 AP already without spending any real money in this game.   Also, I think they put the failure rate on making PSTS is for gold-sink purposes. Without any gold-sink in the game, everything will be super expensive. Imagine golds to HM coins ratio as 6:1 instead of 1:6. 
  7. Pls put gameguard back on

    Today I did 3v3 match and there was a KFM who did ice tab TWICE within 5 seconds to escape 2 grabs from my team in a row. We were like "WTF?"
  8. Timing of Disconnects

    It looks like you have an unstable internet. Sometimes, if your internet lost signal for like 1-2 seconds, you get disconnected from server in game. However, with internet lost signal for like 1-2 seconds, you wouldn't feel it if you are just using internet for other purposes like browsing around or watching youtube.   It happened to my internet source few years back when it constantly lost signal for like 1-2 seconds and then re-connected back. It only affects online player the most.
  9. Drop the scale req from HM...

    Since many people have been suggesting to put zaiwai ruins, Grimhorn Wilds, and some blue dungeons (like talus) back into daily challenge, why not just expand the daily challenge quests from 6 to 8? Then, you are required to finish 6 out of 8 quests per day to get the rewards, instead of finish 4 quests?
  10. We need a bigger block list!

    It will be easier for them to expand the block list. It is just a simple request/wish-list.   Also, I doubt that people will wait for that long for party leader to check everyone name in their own doc assuming the leader doesn't have potato computer. At least for me, if the leader doesn't start the party (after every member clicked ready) within 1 minute, then I usually leave because I assume the party leader is afk already.
  11. We need a bigger block list!

    If they are in your block list, you can actually see them having a blocked icon when you clicked on their names in your party in F8. Also, there is no way to memorize all 50 people names that you have been blocked before. Also, there are many people with similar names as well. If you just kick people based on your memory, you will end up kicking alot of innocent people.
  12. Drop the scale req from HM...

    They should at least put the scales as RNG drops in the dynamic quest box in HM. 
  13. Avalanche Den is stupid

    Sundered Nexus no need CC? Are you joking? Have you ever run it before? Even the 1st boss require you to do all 3 CCs. 
  14. An idea for 6v6 arena...

    6v6 battleground is about team-work. If your class is bad at solo or 1vs1, team up with your teammates. Also, FMs are one of the strong troll classes that can stay alive for a long time if you know the timing for ice shield and escape with good rotation of skills. Maybe you can't kill people easily, but you can hold or defend a spot pretty much yourself.   I agree that BM RMB spam is retarded. The most retarded thing is their HM Z skill. Once after you used up your escape tab and they used HM Z skill on you, it is almost = GG to you unless your teammates used party iframe or came to save you.   People said that BM and Destroyer spin is cancer, but I think BM Block skill is more cancerous. Why? It is because they can spam block skill without using any Chi. They can spam block for a whole day. Plus, it is ridiculous that the block skill is 360 degree, which means your attack will be blocked when you attack from behind. 
  15. AFK players

    Even if you report them in the support site, G.M won't do anything to them. I have been reporting AFKs in dungeons and 6v6 battlegrounds. All I got is "It takes some times to investigate each case." Also, they will never show the result of each investigation case to you. So, rather they actually did investigation or not, only God knows.   In the end, I still saw the same people doing the same things in dungeons and battlegrounds afterward and even now. So, what can I say? Reporting button or sending ticket to report is just a joke.