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  1. So spam salvaging and transmuting the same items over thousands times = a bit more game play? That's a NO. Now, it is not convenient to both whales and f2p players because all of us have to go through these repeated process for few hours just to get enough of legendary elements/jewelries. With these few hours, how many dungeons can you run and how much golds can you earn? Also, by the look of it, it seems to help f2p players; but in fact, it is not because f2p players have to either spend a lot more time into farming the mats (soulstone crystals and sacred crystals) than before. Remember these mats are required for gear upgrades and craftings as well. They drain up pretty fast. If people buy them from markets, they actually cost way more than 20g each from before. So now for f2p players, when they used their mats, they have to either farm for a long time or spend all their hard-earning golds to buy the mats. On the other hand, whales just have to spend more golds and time into salvaging and transmuting. So, in the end, it is a lose-lose situation for both whales and f2p players. It will only become win-win situation when they have the exact same exchange ratio as KR server, but unfortunately NCwest just likes to screw people up with every new update they make.
  2. The orange quests are "side story" that will eventually lead and open the 12m raid for you. The last quest is to kill the last boss in both 12m raid, which requires good gear. Just forget about these 2 last orange quests until you are strong enough to join the raid.
  3. GM or hacker ?

    I don't know if there is new hack in this game or not, but recently in arena, I have encountered a Destroyer player in a 1vs1 match where he was invisible for the entire match. (Yes, invisible while spam attacking me.) I used aoe pull or frontal knockdown. There was no effect at all. One weird thing was that there were a lot of spectators in that match (3-4 players coming into that match to watch). Did anyone encounter something like this? Also, I didn't touch my graphic setting at all and I did 2-3 pvp matches in arena per day on average.
  4. An honest question is hard to say for the time because it depends on if you are F2P or P2W type of player. Also, if you are F2P player, it depends on how much time you can spend on this game per day. Yes, what you say is true. However, remember that whenever the new end-game content comes out, you need the latest gears in order to participate in them. Right now, we are pretty close to KR server in term of content (I think only about 6-9 months apart) and I believe this length of differences will be kept the same for the future. In last 2 years, NCwest had a lot of new patches every couple months because we had to catch up to KR server. As the gab is closer, the new content update will be slower as well. You will definitely have time to catch up with old players. Sacred oils is farm-able. You farm evolved stone in SSP. Also, you can craft the transformation stone yourself very easily now. Pet pods can only be obtained from market or HM store (from pet pouches) or events. That's why it is P2W gear. It is the same for the gem. If you don't trove, there is no way to get legendary triangle gem. (to be honest, it is even hard to obtain octa gem if you are completely F2P player.)
  5. An honest question

    If you are completely F2P players like me, the hardest thing to obtain will be pet aura and gems. All other stuff is farm-able in the game. They just take time and effort. Especially pet aura, even some whales haven't maxed it out yet because the effect from max pet aura is not that outstanding, but it costs more than a maxed soul. Also, there is no way to farm the pet pod in game beside events or P2W method. Right now, just find a clan that can do in-clan raid first and is willing to take new members to raid. This is important because all end-game content is locked behind raid in this game. You don't want to waste time to look for new raid every week.
  6. 6vs6,Afk,Balance

    Well...that's why the BG is in the PVE tab, not PVP tab. It requires players to go through PVE contents to equip themselves for better advantages in BG. If you don't want the gear differences, there is PVP tab for you (arena).
  7. Overpowered Classes

    Which class has 3 escapes? From what I know, some classes have most 2 escapes only such as Sin, wl and fm. Majority of the classes only have 1 escape such as BD and BM.
  8. Elder dragon Jewel and Elements

    In KR server, these elder ones can be used to exchange for legendary jewelries and elements just like the normal elements with the exact same 1:1 ratio. In here, NCwest just wants to make a big gold and materials sink before the next trove starts so that they can boost the sales. (probably the last trove sales were not as good as the previous ones).
  9. 6vs6,Afk,Balance

    Yes, VT badge makes a big difference in term of damage in both PVE and PVP. That's why it goes for 8k+ if you buy the raid run. Even without VT badge, you can still play 6vs6 fairly good as long as you have other decent gears such as PVP ss, PVP weapon/accessory, and PVP gems. That's why I said 6vs6 is both PVE and PVP.
  10. Help with MS

    pingzapper is the only one free to use. It doesn't reduce your ping, but makes your ping alot more stable. If your ping spikes/jumps a lot, I would recommand pingzapper.
  11. 6vs6,Afk,Balance

    If you think the gap is too big now, then it is time for you to leave this game. I can tell you that the gap will get even bigger when the new soul and awakened vt badge comes in the next couple months. To play in 6vs6, you need to gear up your character. It is not meant to be played by a fresh character who haven't even finished story line. (If these players without gears want to PVP, they should go PVP in arena.) I have no idea why these players want to join 6vs6 with storyline quest gears. Right now, you don't need 6v6 quests to finish weeklies. Also, you don't need 6vs6 quest to finish daily challenge quests as there are 8 other quests to choose from the list. These players just come to screw up other people's match? That's why I always stated that "NCwest should lock 6vs6 for the people who haven't cleared BT raid 10 time and 1vs1/3vs3 match in arena with 100 times win" 6vs6 is both PVE and PVP. You need PVP gears from PVE content and PVP knowledge from practicing PVP skills in arena.
  12. Offer to Development team

    200x RNG boxes and you can't afford to buy the outfits from market? It sounds strange and fishy to me.
  13. Hongmoon skills in dungeons

    Shatter Mast - offal of silence - Can be easily solo'ed, but still take about 8-10 minutes for a clear. 410g Gloomdross - Offal of darkness - Can be easily solo'ed, but still take about 11-15 minutes for a clear. 650g Naryu Foundry - HM volume 4 - Can only be obtained in NF easy mode. Can be solo'ed with high gear player. 900g is the earlier version you get from BSH (which is tradable). Now, in NF, they are not tradable (but account bound). I hardly saw they went over 300g. Usually just under 100g. Also, I found that the drop rate is better if you have low gear players with less than 10 clears running with you in the easy mode. Avalence Den - HM volume 2 - Can be easily solo'ed and only takes about 2-3 minutes for a clear. 49g Awakened Necropolis - Can not be solo'ed, it needs at least 3 players to hold each of the cores (takes about 11-15 minutes) for a clear. 1500g. Asura ember - Can be solo'ed, but takes a lot of time for the corridors before boss1. 524g Nexus - Can be easily solo'ed, it takes about 8-15 minutes depending on your luck with the gates. 450g You see why awakened necropolis dungeon HM skill book is the most expensive? It is because that dungeon is not solo-able, plus it is no longer in the daily challenge quest list. After the golds nerf for all the dungeons, all the geared player (including myself) won't even run this dungeon anymore. First, I need at least 3 people to run this dungeon to hold all 3 cores at the same times. Second, I have to pray that the other 2 players are not leechers/afkers. Third, I have to pray that none of the 3 players dc during the run. Finally, in the end of the run, you only get like 2 golds for reward for all the effort. As you can see by the amount of golds, you can tell which dungeon is easier to solo than the others. Therefore, more people run those dungeons every day = more orbs or skill books available to the market, which drive the gold amount down.
  14. 6vs6 is a team match. If you are a max gear gunner, but matched with 5 baleful players in your team against full ascendant/max gear enemies, no matter what you do, you will still lose the match. However, as a max gear gunner, you can still do a lot of damage and kill a lot in the match. Gunner indeed lack utility, but they have mobility, especially in a big map like 6vs6. With 5 hooks stocked up, they can get into the group fight from far place within second. C + Tab + pew pew = few deaths. If can't kill, just press e and run away from group fight to restock the hooks and wait for skills cool down. When a gunner used 2 or 3 more hooks, there is no way for any class to chase them. To be able to use gunner effectively, you have to really master all other classes' skills because you will have to use your hook (e) to iframe majority of the approach skills or CC. You want to save your skill C (5 resists) to be used with your tab for continuous firing. There was a time I went to a 6vs6 match with my alt gunner with no crit def (just baleful 9 weapon) just for fun and obviously all my teammates (raven+) complained and said they would report me. In the end of the match, I did like 30-40k more damage than these so-called raven gear players. It was so damn fun to just press tab + C and then I can kill some enemies with way better gear than I do in 6vs6. To be honest, no other class in this game can do something like this.
  15. They won't touch 6v6 for sure because the whales need a reason to put money into this game to get top gear. For PVE, raven gears are more than enough for all the PVE content. Aransu gears are just for show now and in the future, it will be the requirement for new 12m raid.