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  1. How are XML editers not banned yet?

    How about just ban all of these macros, editors, or watever programs they use along with this game? It can seriously reduce their time to investigate each case reported as hacking or cheating in game. They can use the time to make the game better by fixing errors, bugs, etc. Lately, there are more and more bugs coming out with each new event/patch.   If you have very high ping without using them, it means you live too far away or have a bad route. Living too far means that this game is not for you. It is ideal for you to join a server closer to your location. If you have bad route, you can change your internet provider. There is no way for a game to make every single player happy.   For the people with low FPS, it just means you have potato computer. If you have high end computer and still have low FPS, there must be something wrong with your computer as many people such as myself can play this game without problem and without high end computer.      
  2. How are XML editers not banned yet?

    It is hard to say. People can use potato computer and post their "so called" low fps, but claim that they have "super" computer. In reality, whether they are using "super" computer as they claimed to be, no one will ever know.
  3. How are XML editers not banned yet?

      That's NCsoft problem. These marcos shouldn't be even allowed in the first place. If people are that lazy to press the buttons to play game, they should just lie on bed and be handicap and let people feed them food and change their diaper everyday.
  4. How are XML editers not banned yet?

    Even after they fix their server, people will find another excuses to use these tools to further enhance their gaming performance. There's no end to it. Some people claim that it is unplayable with 160ms, but that's my usual ping in the game since I start to play this game. They will never stop using these tools until they reach 0 ms.

    Just curious, you use wifi? That's why I never use wifi when I play games. Even the wifi got interrupted for less than 10 seconds, we will get disconnected from online games. If you are using wifi for browsing or youtubing, you wouldn't notice if it was interrupted for 10 seconds or less.
  6. How are XML editers not banned yet?

    There was a time that a Warlock in 6m Foundry was using macro script. How do I know it? It is because he pressed "enter" by mistake so that it goes into message mode and he posted a macro attacking script something like this "xf1232xf2123xf2123................" in the chat. Rest of the party members were laughing out loud when we saw it, but guess what...he is still running around free even we reported it.   I am not sure if something like this macro in PVE will get someone banned or not.
  7. Well...then, why during the previous trove, all the price in the market dropped down? It was not like there were no expansion or new weapon path coming out.
  8. How are XML editers not banned yet?

    NCsoft never ban anyone unless there are definite proof of hacking in game like video captured by numerous people. Even we can't post any photo of afkers or hackers with their names on the website. That's why there are a lot of afkers because we can't do anything about them. Name posting them on forum = we got ourself banned. Sending ticket to GM with proof = nothing happen = waste time. Quit the dungeon and run again = waste of our legit player time.
  9. Yes, if we don't have problem, why do we bother to vote?   Even if we vote, we will select and vote for the first option anyways, which have already dominated in the poll.   Also, the option in the poll is lame anyways. I am pretty sure it is made up by people who have had problem with this XIGNCODE3.  "I don't care about my privacy or my computer being hacked/rootkit/spyware virus." Just looking at this statement, I can feel so much salt from it.   By the way, I don't think people got hacked or got spyware virus because of XIGNCODE3. I think they were hacked or got spyware virus because people tried to download all the other softwares from the "not-safe" websites to bypass this anti-cheat program.
  10. This time, the trove event didn't drive the market price down. I am not sure why as I saw many people posts their crit photos/videos everywhere. In addition, due to the bug and compensation with double trove keys, people should have more mats than ever before (not about the gems since they are not tradable).    I think that it is because people are all holding their mats and don't want to sell them at a cheaper price. In last trove, BT patch was still new and people are rushing to upgrade their raven stuff. Now, as more and more people have raven stuff, they don't really need that much mats from the market anymore. That's what I think the reason why the market price didn't drop at all. In fact, some of the items like spirit charms actually went back up alot.
  11. Are you disappointed too

    Not sure about your xigncode, but for me, it is completely fine. The loading speed of the game is same as before. Maybe too many junks in your computer? Peaches farming is much lagger because of people are camping for bosses in basin for the event. It is just like constantly having ghs event all the time. After the event, you won't feel anymore lag because that map will be empty like before. Low crit rate in trove = unlucky? Probably you should crit and abuse it before their hotfix.    
  12. is so funny that you pull out the poll in your first post. Then, after someone posts a poll result from your link and you backfire at your own source. Isn't your statement contradict to your own statement in the beginning?   It is just like a politician asking for a vote on something. Then, after he finds out that the result of the poll is not what he wants, he just said "um...this poll is garbage and not trustworthy."
  13. So is this intended or what?

    Sometimes, it is 1g. Sometimes it is 5g.   Just like today, there is a bundle of 2 mysterious crystal in my trove and it costs 1g. It is just like legendary jewelry, if it is only 1, then it costs 5g each. If it is a stack of 10, then it costs like 25g. The more you get in a stack, the cheaper it is per one item. 
  14. solution to this f2p vs p2w fiasco

    Probably they are using their money from their parents each month. Even if they have to work, I doubt they have to pay rent/finance their living place. I know a lot of people that start to quit gamer's life once they step into the real world life and live by themselves.   haha....if we have to pay to play this game, then the game will have a big server merge within 1 month. Another 6 months, this game will be dead because people get bored with playing with same people over and over again. Plus, they can't test or bully the new poor players with their OP gears.
  15. So is this intended or what?

    It is because mysterious crystal doesn't drop in any of the dungeons/mobs/bosses in this game. So, you can only obtain them from HM store (daily special) and events. So, they are considered to be rare items. The price is about right.   Also, the items from trove are only very cheap when you hit crit.