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  1. You can turn on the in-game ping under setting in the game. Then, you can see if your freezes are ping-related. I have similar issue after maintenance too. My ping kept on spiking between 120ms to 600 ms (going up and down a lot) and it only happened in cross-server (dungeons, battleground or arena). When I get back to original server like (SSP or GHS), my ping was back to normal and stable even though there were tons of players in the same map.
  2. Spent 3 hours to win still trying to win WWV

    Please don't make daily as participation or else there will be tons of non-gear afkers (or alts) ruining the games 24/7. Also, if you are talking about weekly rewards, you shouldn't be worried about them if you don't even have proper gears to play in 6v6. As I stated in many posts, those rewards are for players who are ready for BT or ready transcendent weapons. If you have 900+ AP with baleful or seraph weapon and some legendary accessories, you should do fine in bronze or low silver rank matches. Whether you can win the match or not is another story because it will depend on the match up and the match up is mostly pure by luck. Sometimes, you get couple raven players on your team, sometimes they are on the enemies team.
  3. pistols issues

    Pistol weapons are trad-able? From what I have seen, all the drops so far stated un-tradable for the Pistol in the weapon image. If they are actually tradable, then shouldn't it be a bug? If it is a bug, then people who are selling it are actually abusing or exploiting? Still need a word from GM.
  4. Suggestion for 6vs6

    It is not about HM level, it is about gears. I have seen HM7 player with True transcedent soul with all max raven gears. On the other hand, I have also seen HM14 player (summoner) with basic Hongmoong weapon and accessories (not even legendary stuff). Equalized bg is fine as long as they don't give ranks and also they should be rewarded way less Battle points (maybe 100 BP if you win and 0 BP if you lose) than normal 6v6.
  5. So here's a first...

    Like I said in my post, the highest probability was that your group went back to lobby all together while you were still in loading screen or in the dungeon. To be honest, we all want the active vote kick button implemented in this game so that all the afkers can go afk together in the same party.
  6. Unhelpful Support Team

    If they allow transferring the raven SS chests, they would have made raven feathers to be account bound already. (sooner or later they will do it - my prediction is within 6 months.) Wait until they make raven feathers account bound first before you go and ask them to transfer these chests. I do believe they make exceptions for some players. So, if you are a whale player who have spent over $10,000 USD per week in this game, I believe they will do any service for you because they have all the history and records for your account.
  7. High ping after maintenance

    For me, it is spiking a lot. My normal ping is around 120-160ms. After maintenance, my ping spiked up to 300ms and it kept on going up and down between 120ms to 300ms.
  8. So here's a first... said you loaded into the gate room (not lobby). How can they kick you out from party? There is no vote kick option in this game yet (or else there wouldn't be afker issue at all). So, I don't know what you meant by kicked out from party. If you went into the Tome of memory dungeon and then was back out to the gate room again, it can be only 2 things. #1) The party had already finished the last boss in the event dungeon and people were leaving. #2) All party members (still in the gate room) went back to lobby together (while you were still in the dungeon). Then, you would be teleporting back out to the gate room by default.
  9. People want to become a gunner PVP master within a week. Sorry, I can't stop laughing....
  10. Can we talk about my horrible rng ? XD

    I would say just delete your character and make a new one. Your current character is cursed with bad RNG. cheers~~~~LOL

    Getting basic raven gear is whale? Now with new VT raid, BT raid is an old content with more than 60% of population (maybe more now due to trove) have raven gears. Of course, I don't mean to get all raven gears to max stages. Stage 3 or 6 is more than enough to solo the dungeons because there is big gap of dps between stage 1 raven gear and stage 12 seraph/baleful weapon. If you can't go raven, just go void weapon path. It is just a way to deal with afkers. When people only solo or run dungeons with clanmates or friends, these afkers won't be in a fast carry party for the dungeons. Probably afkers sitting along with another afkers in the dungeon.
  12. You mean parry stun spin? That's not 400% defense in the block. If people choose 400% defense boost for their spin, they can't parry stun you.
  13. Please Nerf Blade Dancers in Arena

    Then, they need to nerf destroyer first. Destroyer has 2 spins.
  14. Bugs after maintenance

    There are 2 bugs I found so far after maintenance. 1) BD malestorm is bugged. Single malestorm suppose to remove debuff and gives 2 seconds iframe, but now it does exactly the same thing as party malestorm (3 seconds iframe without removing debuff) 2) Graphic is so laggy after I tabbed out to use internet explorer or goggle chrome. Does anyone have same issue?
  15. LOL...these people want to make gunner as WL-Version 2 with all parry penetration skills while DPS is a lot higher than WL? Without parry stun, how can BD and destroyer defend themselves? Basically, gunner can RMB them to death. All classes have only 1 tab escape. Well...sin has 2. If gunner gets knockdown, he can press 1 to counter. So, I don't really anything wrong with it?