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    Obviously you are playing gunner. Having insane burst in PVE doesn't necessary mean that you can clear dungeon faster. Having insane burst = taking aggro away even from tanks. I have seen a lot of non-tanks classes with max gear don't want to tank bosses in dungeon. Thus, they purposely switch out their max gear like weapon or soul so that they don't have to tank certain bosses at all. When they can do 1kk burst damage, what will happen in battleground?
  2. Hongmoon Skills -> The PvE way

    Oh, high ping players...then, basically you are asking to be carried in 6vs6? If you can't even 1vs1, then how can you be useful in 6vs6?

    Well...I was 1-shot killed by Gunner with ascendant + legendary bracelet (Can't remember if he has true ascendent/cosmic soul or not) while I was using BD spinning (400% defense boost) with 3k cdef. I had 185k HP. Yes, it was 1-shot before he gets his sb/bb buff. During that time, basically 5 of the 6 teammates were all killed by the gunner in the first 15 seconds of the fight in the middle of horn spawn site. Even his teammates said "WTF?" in the normal chat because before most of them got to the middle, majority of the enemies were either half-dead or laying on floor. Even for lower gear gunner, ~900AP baleful weapon with only legendary bracelet (no other legendary) can take my ~20% HP each time they use their "F". That's ridiculous. No other class can do that with similar gear. Beside gunner's damage, I have to admit that they are quite easy to kill. (Only when they don't have 5 hooks to run away like a lighting bolt.)
  4. That's the thing. Beside AP, I always check gears as well. Too many fake high AP players nowadays. If you guys haven't notice it, people start to use "Raven/void gears only" for recruitment requirement rather than AP nowadays.
  5. Clarification on Soguns Lament please.

    If no one blocks the orbs, then it will be the person who first attack asura boss after the orbs spawned. By the way, if the person or cat get marked, they have little fire arrow animation on them, they should just run around and place fire aoe away from boss. I see a lot of melee over-estimate themselves and just spam attack the boss while having 5 aoe stacking in the middle of the boss.
  6. Thanks @NCSoft West @Blade & Soul Ops

    It is because there are no major patches or fixes today. Simply they just restart the servers. That's it.
  7. Hongmoon Skills -> The PvE way

    It depends on your tier in arena. If you are in bronze rank, yes, you get 200 for winning. If you are in low silver rank, you get like 300 something. If you are high silver rank, you get like 400. If you are low golds rank, you get like 500-600. In 6vs6 happy hour, it depends on your team. If your team has 0 points throughout the match, you get 0 points even though you contribute it. If your team has less than 500 scores, you get like 100-200 BP. If your team win, you get anywhere from 400-700 depending on your contribution, team score difference, and your overall rank. Higher rank = more points. If you are lucky enough that if someone from your team DC before the match is over and it happens that your team won the match, your rest of the team will share his/her BP. You can get up to 1300 BP in this way. 1vs1 in arena is a lot faster and most importantly, it is gear equalized. So, your low gear won't affect anyone or any other low gear players won't affect you. It is purely based on your skills and 1vs1 has fast turn-around time. As I remember, it costs less to buy the HM skills item with zean beans than battleground points.
  8. Appeal

    You mean exchange ratio? If you are talking about exchange ratio, obviously it is set by players. Are you from Mars?
  9. It is only 10 AP title, why people so care about it? Your AP mostly come from gems and gears. If you have no intention to upgrade gears on your alt, then you will never be able to do higher tier dungeons. 300 DT runs give you 11 AP anyways.
  10. Appeal

    Easy, sweep your CC. Done.
  11. Make Open-World PvP Great Again

    Well...they have to fix and optimize their server first. There is no way to do OpenWorld PVP with more than 100 people in a small map like SSP. Majority of the players have either FPS drop to below 10 or PING increase to 300ms+ just to kill the bosses in SSP.
  12. They are talking about divine grace stone, not Black Stone. Irontech Forge is the only dungeon F8 that drop the divine grace stone.
  13. I need help in 1vs1

    First, you need a good ping (below 150ms in-game ping). Second, you need knowledge of the basic skills of each single class in this game (including their animations on the characters and what each skills do). Last, practice and practice. PVP is a mind-game. On top of having knowledge on every single classes, you need to predict what the enemy is going to do. BD rely on chain-combo attacks and doesn't have 100-0 combo like other classes. So, you need a good ping so that you can do the CC chain on-time.
  14. It is actually everywhere now. It was in merchant of wonder and is in current event. Also, you can get them in scion keeper raid as well. So, pretty sure it will be in the next trove as well.
  15. Appeal

    Are you complaining about the rate or the price range? The price range is fine, at least I don't see as much 2 golds sell as much on the first page. Most of the time, they are over 100 golds sell for each posts. Regarding the rate, this is what the players want. When it was locked at 1:3 ratio, people complain about it. Now, they unlock the ratio so that it is really set by players. Now, players complain it is too low? um...what do people really want?