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  1. Indeed. Most of my old clan members left the clan already and the remaining players in the clan were the new recruits with 600AP or lower. Even the clan leader passed lead to his/her alt and joined other bigger clan to do BT raid. The clan is dead now that I haven't seen a message in clan chat for a week now. It is time for me to find a new clan too. It is sad, but it is the truth.   Yes, people can join static BT raid group without leaving their own clan. However, remember that each raid leader always give priority to his/her own clan members first. If you are an outsider (no matter how good you are with mechanics and dps), you are still an replacement/substitute only. You can only join the raid if there are any open free spots in the raid party.   Like I said in many other posts. You have to get into bigger clan for efficient BT raid party or to beg GMs for alternative ways to get raven gears or to nerf BT dungeon.    Also, it takes a large amount of personal time to set up the raid party as well like recruiting all 23 players to get on the same time, assigning tasks to each players, balancing each sub parties in the alliance, etc. 
  2. At least this is the first time happening in this game. I understand the entry fee concept because all the mats and legendary accessories are non-tradable. It is just like when foundry dungeon came out, the sealed forging orb was very expensive too that kept people farming in there.    To be honest, they pushed the content too fast that only top 10% of the players (whales) are ready for this dungeon. Also, the raven weapon makes a big imbalance in the game that everyone wants to rush for them so that they don't get behind with DPS or in battleground. They should put the raven weapon patch along with the emperor weapon patch out at the same time so that people can go either way.    This is the toughest time for players who has maximum gears (without BT gears), but don't have time for BT raids. It is like an upgrade wall for them. Yes, there will be other legendary path later on, but eventually we all need to go through BT to get raven stuff for max gears. 
  3. Skybreak question, second stage

    It doesn't matter if your dps is low or not. You only enter SS by accident and you will just stay there for 2 rounds only. No big deal unless you keep getting into SS after you exited it. Then, it will cause DPS problem. I think raid leader freak out because he/she is scared that you don't have double stun or double kd to do enough 4X CC correctly inside SS. It is a wipe if the CCs are not done properly inside SS.    To get marked, the SS player needs to hit the boss (stun or not doesn't matter) first with high dps and have to stay close to the boss. He/she should be at a position where no one beside or behind him/her. There is one possibility that you got sucked in without doing any attacks is that people at your location did more than 4 stuns on the boss. More than 4 stuns will take aggro away from SS player and put 1 of the players into SS (random players or players who did stuns? I am not sure..I think it is because the player who did extra stun also stand beside the dps group aka and just put whoever stand closest to the boss in the dps group into SS). Only the players who assigned CC need to do the stuns and not other people (unless the CC players died by accident, then you back up the stun).

    Probably, they will show you a 30-40 minutes video from the beginning to the end after you make an instant lv50 player so that you know the story for this game.
  5., people start to sell BT raids with an entrance fee!!!!!!   WTF is wrong with this game? We have to pay the entrance fee for up to 500-1000g just to clear all 4 stages of bosses in BT? (that excluded the bidding on the items/loots).   Who the hell can have this much golds to spend just for like 50g and few feathers from weekly BT quests without swiping their credit card? This game is literally P2W game now?   Now, I see why this game population is declining. It is not because of company's management, it is because of player's greediness.
  6. 3 vs 6 - New Battle For Us!

    I guess they were disconnected? There are two players on that 3 player team with over 1 million damage. I don't see why the other people would afk at the base though. It would be an easy match for them if it is 6v6.   Sometimes shit happens.
  7. Battleground is so dead now even on weekend. I tried to quene for a match on weekend outside of frenzy time. It took over 15 minutes and not even a match. I gave up. :(
  8. Story behind DT mechs?

    Marker = boss's target. If you hate the marker, just let him/her suck all the orbs and die. :D
  9. Skybreak question, second stage

    That video was recorded by summoner and you are the destroyer. It is hard to see what you did from this video.    Also, even though if you get pulled into SS by accident, you should know how to replace the position immediately. Just wait for 1 round of stun > KD CC in SS (the previous group ahead of you). Then, 2nd round of stun > KD CC is your turn and get out from SS and go back to your DPS position. It is easy to figure it out. Just read the guide online how to do SS.    The wipe is usually caused by people who don't know every role for this boss. They freak out when they got into a position where they don't know what to do and make a big mess. It is just like in Foundry, when the marker accidentally lost the marking buff, the other players who got marked should be able to continue driving. Everyone should know the each roles. It is not like if you are DPS, you will just DPS forever for this boss. Sometimes I found that it is ridiculous that the marker was blamed by DPS players because of this issue. It is like "um..I am DPS, I don't fking need to know how to drive."
  10. Skybreak question, second stage

    The person who needs to go back into SS has to hit first on the boss that jumped onto your location (even before he grabs the tank from other location) and also that person has to stay close to the boss and hit high DPS as well. If the SS player want to be 100% sure to get into SS, he/she needs to do the stun first to ensure he/she gets the first hit. If he/she has long stun CD skill and has to let other players to do so, make sure he/she hit the boss first before any stuns applied to the boss.     Sometimes, if some random players got pulled into SS, it meant that they either stun the bosses too early or the SS player attacks the boss a bit late. Also, the person who do CC stun need to do the stun and back off as much as possible immediately (not wandering around the boss).
  11. Even 810+ AP BD can't find BT raid party, what do you expect for destroyers. :D
  12. So, what's the point if we still need to get the mats from BT raid in the end? Easier to do BT dungeon with higher AP from alternative weapon? The problem in my case is time schedule and forming static raid party. It is never been the DPS issue.   Joined discord to find recruitment in my server there, but guess is been 3-4 days now, not even a single reply or PM to me after I post my class and stats and available dates/times for BT raid there. I can see people are actively looking for buff and healer classes in most of the servers. They even take these 700AP+ classes and I have 810+ AP. Suck to be my class.
  13. Sorry to say this, but when I saw the words "attendance book", I laughed out loud because it sounds like going to school/work.   As I have posted my suggestions before, even they put the alternative ways (like I suggested) to obtain the raven weapon mats and soul shields. It would take months or up to a year to reach even stage 3 or 4 if players don't ever run or complete the BT dungeon once and yet some no-life or serious professional players are bashing on the ideas/suggestions and saying people are lazy. lmao...   Just look at the MSP, people had been complaining how hard to collect all 8 pieces of legendary soul shields from MSP, but in fact, it just takes time to collects all the plants and flowers. Bosses are easy from stage 1-3 (almost no AP requirements) and the dungeon can be done within 30 minutes with random PUG party. Yet B&S has to give out double loots on weekends just to satisfy these truly "lazy" people.    It is the same for legendary accessories from DT, EC, and foundry. People complained that they never got any legendary drop after 100 or 200 runs (with like 10-20 minutes per run?). In fact, nowadays, no one even bother to bid on these legendary now because you can trade with 200 of respective items. Once again, B&S has to give out alternative ways just to satisfy these truly "lazy" people.   In the above cases, people can do the dungeons without any problems and the dungeons themselves are fast and easy with PUG parties. So, now with BT dungeon, just with suggesting some ideas to make the BT runs easier or giving alternative ways to obtain the raven mats, people have been shouting out and saying the players are lazy? fact, these players are not lazy, but it is just not do-able for players with a real life.
  14. blade dancer hongmoon skill plz help

    The HM lighting draw will be the 1st tier column. If it still looks different, it will be your graphic setting. I forgot which one, but check each selection in the graphic setting in the game.
  15. Okay, the main point of your post is to have static/same group of people/friends to do BT raid each week.   May I ask you that if you join a random PUG raid party with more than 80% of the players you don't know? Do you still think you can finish stage 1-3 in 2 hours? 2 hours would be just the recruiting time for all 23 members to start on 1st boss in BT in PUG party.