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  1. is just like when you go to a store. You see an item on a super-sale with unlimited amount, but you need to exchange your cash with their coupons first. After you spent your cash and bought the items with coupons, the store manager said the sale was a mistake and took all the items back and they only gave you the coupons (not cash) back to you. Now, what can you do? Hold on to the coupons and buy other items in the same store? I think this is a scam.
  2. I recommend that you should go check out what classes were 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in world tournament last year. Classes are just a small factors. It depends on the users. Just check out the champion in the world tournament. He was using SF and had god-like reaction. It is pointless to discuss top class/bottom class. We should talk about top player/bottom player instead.
  3. 100 hours only 200 runs of F16 to F19? I assume your AP is pretty low right? (around 750-800?) I think you should work on your other gears first before getting the bracelet.
  4. In my opinion, it is okay to make these items account bound. However, they should also add the achievements so that they can use/equip the items. For example, the bracelet chests. They should add an achievements that you need to run NS for 20 times before you can wear the bracelet. This is to prevent a level 50 HM 1 or below characters to wear these legendary stuff. It also makes sense that you first need to unlock the dungeon and run the dungeon for several times and then wear the bracelet. Wouldn't it weird that you can wear the bracelet without ever running the dungeons using that character?
  5. This is not a new bug. It was there ever since beluga battleground was implemented in this game. To do this, you need a quick player who has fast computer with minimal lags and can run to the middle to get the horn before the enemies. Also, it doesn't necessary have to be a blade dancer. Any class with iframe can do that. Also, that's why it is necessary to have a rooter to go to the middle in the beginning to prevent this. It can delay the transport of the horn even when the horn holder used horn ability "2". If they fail this cheesy method, it gives an disadvantage to the other team as it will be 6vs5 situation (sin has to go around and jump to the middle, which takes few seconds), assuming none of your teammates are afking or slow loaders. If you want to talk about bugs, there are tons in battleground. For some classes, their iframe can last so long that they can capture the horn in beluga or do the capturing in wwv, while as other classes can't. So, what can we say?
  6. There should be an active period of time in EU. Try to join battleground during evening time with your time zone. (6pm-11pm at your time zone.)
  7. Only people who are rich and in a rush to upgrade their accessories would get the jewels and elements for 20g each in dragon express tab. Normally, people stock them up during trove event or whenever they are available in daily special section in the HM store (depend on the currency rate, usually they are a little bit cheaper). In trove event, they are only 5g each. If you get a crit list with a bundle of them, each of them costs less than 1g.
  8. You should join battlegrounds during frenzy time (6:00 pm pst to 10:00 pm pst). You can find a party in less than 2 minutes. Outside of frenzy time, people don't usually join battleground (it may takes up to 5-10 minutes per quene) Also, you join battleground right after server maintenance. This time has the least players online, plus even if they are online, they are busy doing DKV weekly raid dungeon and the dailies+event dungeons anyways.
  9. It is still a good idea to join a BT raid group now so that you have an idea of the mechanics and attack pattern of each boss. Also, the mechanics of each BT's bosses is not hard. The hardest thing is to have all 24 players in the raid group to do the mechanics correctly. Most of the time, when 1 or 2 people messed up the CCs, it is already a reset/wipe.
  10. I am not surprised with the quality of the customer service in this game. I remember last year when I asked to revert my legendary weapon (just upgraded 2-3 weeks before the upgrade cost reduction patch), they denied me 4 times in total. However, my clan-mate got his legendary weapon reverted (he upgraded 2-3 months before upgrade cost reduction) in his first ticket. To be honest, I feel that the people who respond the tickets are scattered all over the world in different places. It seems like they have no communication between each other.
  11. Actually I am quite surprised that they would do the rollback as it is way more complicated than it looks and it is so time-consuming. Also, this does not even affect in-game market or anything. It is just benefit some players for not spamming NS dungeon. That's it. With this little issue, they do roll-back. But with the bugs in last trove, they just hand out additional trove keys without doing any roll-back. It is just very funny how they handle the different issues/mistakes they made to this game.
  12. I just don't understand why they set a limit of the xano hands after they found the mistakes. They should have just kept the unlimited even though they found that it was an error. Even with the unlimited xano hands, you will need to buy 200 of them. 35 NC coins each = 7000 NC coins or HM coins. In term of HM coins with today's in game ratio of 1 gold: 3.5HM coins, it is about 2000-2200 golds in total. So, that's about the median bid price if you run the actual dungeon and the legendary bracelet chest drop. If you happen to run with a bunch of poor people, you could get it with less than 1k golds, which is cheaper than buying in HM store. So, I am just quite loss with the GMs logic behind this issue. Are they still day-dreaming that the in game currency ratio is 1 golds:9.0 HM coins? LOL....
  13. HM and CS are different. HM requires orb to get in to kill boss. So, of course the loots go to the orb user. No orb = no boss kill = no loot. This is how HM works. CS is different. Daily quest only requires killing first boss, which doesn't require orb. In addition, the first boss has a chance to drop an orb as well. The Kaari is just a bonus for additional experience points and loots. If players think they should keep all the loots (from the first boss to Kaari) when they use the orb for the Kaari, they should just solo the dungeon. If can't solo, just find friends or clan-mates to go with you so that you know they will follow your rule. Anyways, personally, I always bid on the loots from the first boss. For Kaari boss, I just quit immediately after I get my dynamic quest and leave the loot to the orb user/rest of the party. I never join the "my orb = my loot" in CS party because I found them too greedy (just my opinion). If I join CS and leader said "my orb = my loot), I would just afk at the entrance and let them kill the boss and they can take all the loots they want.
  14. Radiant energy is less of a problem compared to evolved stone. right now, it costs about 10-11g for a radiant energy. So, to transmute a gem, let's say you need 60 of them, so it will be only 600-660g. 1 gem is only 1.5-2 oils cost, which is nothing. Plus, they lower the mail cost that people only need to transmute 6 gems once in a life time, which is about 9-12 oils. These amount of oils can't even get you from stage 10 HM soul to awaken Soul (which needs 14 oils). Also, as time goes by, events usually give out good gems. So, you don't really need to hurry to get the gems (only 40-50 AP in total?) However, the new souls bonus stats are way more important than those little AP boost from gems. (That's how people can do over 400k dps with buffs.) Plus, to get top souls, you can go and look at the upgrade path and calculate how many oils you need in total. We are talking about more than a hundred oils here.
  15. When do you have 20-30 fps in game? When you are in a crowded place (like more than 20-30 players fighting/killing bosses at the same time?) Loading screen is dependent on your hard drive and ram. Your ram should be fine. Your hard drive is hdd or ssd? Also, do you have stable internet? Do you have your own wifi at home or are you stealing wifi at a coffee shop? What is the speed of your internet? I think someone mentioned that windows 10 may has some problem running this game. At least I am running with old window 7 and I never have any problem.