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  1. Bm pvp

    Zay made a couple of BM guide videos on youtube, maybe they are some help? see one of them below:
  2. SF has a similarly hard learning curve as KFM has, but is less popular (not sure why really, but it is). So currently the whole EU does not have any Top SF players (not sure about NA). Shizizu (sp?) was a pretty good one, but he is playing tournaments in the RU region now. And Korea has ShinKyum Kim, and since the latest patches he is again playing it once in a while instead of WL. So I think the class has some potential again after revamp but has been unpopular so long that it's now also devoid of good PvP player base. :( I actually enjoy watching Tenah playing SF but he says himself he is "only decent" at the class even though he ranked 1 last season. Concerning BG they do seem to have nerved the one shot melee as well as the high damage windstorm. After KFM tremor buff nerf I guess they might also go for mine toss and vinewhip soon, who knows? I still love to have SF in my party in 6v6 because of the HP buff. It's better than soulburn in my opinion. But then players constantly neglect their defensive stats so why should they appreciate SF as a defensive party buffer? *sigh*
  3. Actual game guid + antique question

    They overhauled the crafting system twice since you left, and the weapon system was strongly changed in this patch: The too-long-did-not-read is: Storyline hands you all the weapons/gear that you need up to level 55 HM8 or so now. After that evolution system begins again, but progress to next weapon tier is slower and power increase per stage within the same item tier is higher. Storyline weapons are stronger than before so all content up to there is also pretty easy compared to what it was before. You are fastest to level up and gear up if you just follow the storyline to the end. So just use your Siren weapon until storyline hands you the pre-weapon that evolves into Seraph/Baleful, the first evolvable weapons in the new system. Same for accessories really. When you exit the story you can go for Draken accessories straight away, which are very easy to get by now. First Soulshield after Storyline is probably MSP. after that BT etc. One thing I can say progress is a bit too dependent on 12man raids at the moment. The raids are usually 1x weekly per char, and though you can find free-bid groups for BT nowadays, it can be challenging to find someone to learn them with.
  4. As a KFM

    KFM is one of only two classes with +threat skills, so you will be expected to tank unless another KFM, a BM or an overgeared DPS class takes over. People will still let you join for blue buff and dps, but I am not sure how a KFM that refuses to tank would fare with random groups. In a clan, with friends, no problem. Nothing in the game that says you have to tank. ^_^
  5. just need advice

    Blade and Soul open world PvP system is such that putting on a PvP costume equals a mutal PvP agreement: You declare that you want to PvP and be able to attack people who wear the opposite faction costume, and in turn accept they can attack you at any time. Of course good etiquette would demand that hihg levels do not stomp all over low level faction fights (as you are near the Pyres I assume you are very low level), but then there's no mechanic in the game preventing this. Do not try to gear up or change classes to avoid this kind of random PvP because it will never work. There will always be vastly stronger open PVP people around. I see three options for you: - If you are having faction PvP fun with friends or doing faction quests, ask them to stop - If you just like the costume, try to find a similar looking one that is not faction-bound - If you like PVP, but want it fair, consider going to the arena in F8 instead. Last option will at least equalize your stats, though you will miss some skills until your level is high enough...
  6. I think one needs to decide on one single system, otherwise the ranking will work even less than it is now because the playing population is split even more. Right now, by mid season things have spread out enough so that at high silver, I mostly get teamed up with people of my own rank, i.e. badly geared good PvPers, decently geared decent PvPers (like me) and max geared shitty PvPers. If we were to split up into two modes, ranking would collapse so much that I would end up having to fight people like Melodia, Shiro etc all the time. Basically start of season situation, but all season long. So I would not mind if it became equalized, but please don't split the queues. I also like how, right now, badges and soul shields enable you to do different combos compared to 1v1/3v3, and all the temporary buffs too. Also probably 6v6 has become one of the main end game things that keep people hooked on the PvE content. There's not much reason to farm top raids otherwise as you do not need the gear they drop to clear them. So I think 6v6 fullfills an important function for NCSoft to keep hardcore players in the game. Probably they are big spenders too. I think a simple and effective change would be to give everyone who enters battlegrounds a flat boost buff. Something like +100k HP, +500AP. That would help mitigate the gap between low and high geared players, would reduce the too high rate of one-shots and still leave the whole system working as normal. How about an event with that kind of buff to try out how people like it? See if it would draw more beginners into arena and make it more fun for technically good players?
  7. Free Pristine Astral Oil from June 13–27

    How about offering some extra for HM/Ncoins? I know you cannot extend the free oil offers again and again because each offer brings a new person to the threshold and then grounds them there. But if it was for gold or HMcoin only people who really need it would get the last few.
  8. 6 vs 6 Punishment

    oh then I misunderstood what the issue was, sorry. It used to be that you only needed to deal at least ~5k damage to get credit for the fight, which is basically one hit. But maybe they increased that threshold now?
  9. Every class's dps?

    These are like not 100% last skill patch and without party buffs obviously, but you get an idea. Maybe in your mind multiply that by 1.5 for classes that don't have bb themselves and by 2 for everyone but WL to account for SB. Then you see why gunner ends up so high, followed by FM, in dps rankings. Mostly it tells you that gear/ping/rotation matters more than class in BnS. -> A single piece of gear missing, bad ping or bad player rotation will drop you down so much in this list you won't care about class rankings.
  10. The party problems at Irontech forge and higher

    Yes the dungeon mechanics in BnS and learning curves are a hot topic, especially if NCSoft ever wants to make an ad offensive for getting some of those 2 million players back (e.g. when the overhyped UE4 comes). <.< When my clan was still active, that was by far the best option to learn dungeons. No one sticks with you, helps you and understands your struggles while learning, like a friend and clannie does. v.v I have been living off my friend list for this for a while, but now I want to attempt Drowning Deeps, and none of my friends have done it yet, and it's a real problem for me. As a KFM people will expect me to tank, I cannot just hitch a ride for it to try it out. So what's on the program? 1) I read the written guide (BnS academy), make my personal notes 2) I watch a video guide, expand and clarify my notes 3) I run F12 on the two bosses there to perfection my tanking rotation on their normal attack pattern. Only then, and I am still doing #3 right now, can I dare to apply for any of the pick up groups, because I know it will just be a horrible 30 minutes of toxic torture for me if I try to learn on the run with other people there. =_= Now I imagine how a new player would stumble into this without knowing their options like I do, it would just feel like a wall of Dev stupidity and toxic community. :( We really need some mentoring, social and learning support for PvE, no kidding. The best thing atm are some discords of helpful players/communities, but you won't find them if you don't know they are there... Oh and gear has zero to do with it. I can do 190k on Moyun and will hold aggro vs 400k gunners, no problem there. So this will not be solved by giving people cheaper upgrade events.
  11. @nemises I like all those ideas except #4. I actually think it's good dedicated PvP players are allowed to play on many alts because that means they can queue more before reaching desert rank and actually keep the arena above 1500 somewhat alive. They even deserve the rewards as they actually put in a lot of play effort. However I agree it's bad they take away rewards from other that way because it's a ranking based reward system. Possible solutions: Season rewards for elo in addition to only class rank. More PvP quests that make people play on same char for longer to reach rewards. Much longer reward lists as suggested above (up to rank 5000 e.g.). Concerning class matching: Random match ups I actually like, so this should be optional. I would rather have faster matching than restricting class composition.
  12. 6 vs 6 Punishment

    Empyrean Spirit Stones are tradeable. Moonstones too. You will get them faster PvEing and selling / bidding drops than farming in battleground. I would always recommend to go the route that is the most fun and use gold in every way that makes life easier instead of thinking you should "save up" and then end up doing content that you don't really enjoy.
  13. Battlegrounds: Feel the same way. Arena: not really.
  14. Beans: Alternative Path

    I have been playing arena since launch and still enjoy to do so. Maybe people burn themselves out too fast. I checked my achievement page and I did ~900 matches 1v1, 300 3v3 and about 2k total for the 3 battlegrounds. So ~4 matches per day for 2 years. I think if you only do a few hours of PvP a week, enjoyment can last a long while.
  15. Clan battles is basically a sort of 6v6 league. But it might be nice to have a spectator mode (I know this is very hard to implement). Or some LAN play-offs for the top 8 clans. I would watch it.