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  1. To me this reads like an honest attempt to make a reboot HuntersRefuge that is better than the last. I will not judge it before I tried it out. The upgrade event sounds fine too - It is a ridiculous amount of gear and it should not be available like a treasure pot where all you have to do is log in - take the gear from the first stages and try hard to overcome threshold points to unlock even more gear boosts. Sounds fun to me. I will probably be stuck at TT/ET because I have no one to who knows how to raid them and Den might be challanging on my alt. But Den is a matter
  2. +1 to gold sinks. I would much appreciate if you managed to increase the value of gold, and soon.
  3. concerning the stats of the many new weapons and how to know which one you want/need: There is a very important new feature: A gear progression scheme window that you can access from the inventory (it's one of the bottom buttons, next to Salvage etc). When you click that you will find overviews for all the different item slots, showing you how gear evolves and even some lower gear versions that do not evolve. It's all very nice and neat and I guess it's one of the reasons you do not find any gear spreadsheets on the internet any more: the game itself already does the job quite well
  4. ^ this very much! I certainly did not start out this way, but by now I am a casual PvP/6v6 player that mostly avoids PvE, especially anything that is time consuming and repetitive. It is just boring to do the same instances over and over again. Before the patch, the daily challenge allowed me to combine my passion for 1v1 and 6v6 and still earn a not insignificant amount of gold to help me with my 6v6 gearing, with nothing extra needed but a run to celestial basin. Now, it's like a major time investment that I would prefer to spend entirely differently, especially since t
  5. I can confirm from personal testing that, at least when this gem came out years ago, it had a 30 second indirect cooldown. I say indirect because what actually happens is that it buffs your crit (by an overwhelming 40!) for 30 seconds and all this time the CC immunity cannot be triggered again. I even still own one of them so could re-test, but I doubt NCSoft ever touched it. They just never made new types of them. So now you would have to give up on some other gem with like AP 30+ ++ other stats just to use this. All-in-all no KFM would go for it, as there's a ton
  6. It's frenzy time +1-2 hours afterwards. For people who still want to prove something or had an unlucky streak and want to finish up quests. During late frenzy phase I literally get matches in under 1 minute. After Frenzy maybe 2-10 minutes. Worse and worse the later, really.
  7. You can just save up BP and wait until you reach gold in one of the BGs. This will either materialize by chance during the crazy start of season boost phase or near the end of season when ratings have expanded. Unless you cannot play 6v6 on a competitive level anyway, because it's an alt or you are a casual player. But even then silver chests don't offer that bad of a payout.
  8. There are 1v1 and 3v3 arena modes are entirely gear balanced and therefore only depend on skill. However, currently all battlegrounds are highly gear dependent and personal skill will only get you so far (though it's by no means unimportant). Upcoming there will be a Battle Royale mode that is already released in Korea and that is gear balanced. So if it is the combination of terrain and skill-without-gear that youa re looking for this might be something for you. If you specifically want the MOBA type gameplay that the battlegrounds offer, but gear bala
  9. Can I block Turning Leaf, and if yes do I need to block towards the sin or behind me?
  10. So when does it work up to 4m and when up to 9m? If it always works up to 9m, it should say "range 9m", just like for the stage 1 version.
  11. Gear switching is costly, though. -_-' For PvP reasons, I had to get the Dynasty VT badge, and thus my PvE gear went to fire instead of wind. I tried to switch to wind at some point but my dps was less than half. o.o Actually I feel there's no point to go wind for PvE atm. I can easily hold aggro with fire and the healing is very good.
  12. If your focus management is good you could just disable Smite as a skill to avoid the dps loss. ^_^
  13. Yes at the time Glory became available I already had Alluvion, so the question never arose. I don't have hard test data, but intuitively I would give Alluvion the preference, at least once you have 30% reduced bb cooldown from shields. Under soulburn you don't need the stack 4 searing palm effect, and under blue buff your crit is 100% as well. While the tremor will increase your tiger strike damage both directly and via the VT badge. For 6v6, Alluvion also would be much preferable.
  14. @Lulius Are you playing EU? I miss teaming up with low gear high skill players for 6v6... ^_^
  15. Got 1v1 Gold rank yesterday within the "Deciding" grace period, it almost felt as if I was back in the times when the game launched! Thank you NCSoft for the boosted elo effects - such a simple change and I already feel that things are much better! :D
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