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  1. Also come prepared for stupid comments from your team mates, as 6v6 is currently housing a good fraction of endgame players and very few low tier people. Essentially 95% of 6v6 players are in silver rank, so there's high chance any beginner will run into HM15 Raven/Ascendant elemental damage monsters with 200k HP straight away. -_-'
  2. Loving both, but also my main, KFM. (^_^) There are so many aspects to class choice, it would help if you give a little info on what in the game most interests you, or what roles or playstyles you like in general. BM will mean people expect you to tank, for example.
  3. Just from reading the Zulia mythic badge stats, I suspect the wind = solo / fire = AoE duality changes to wind = sustain / fire = burst. It's crazy damage on a tremor/blue buff/comet+tiger burst with fire, while wind will finally get AoE (albeit short range) with a lot of continuous dps. But with low gear equipment I would say the pros and cons are rather: fire: easy rotation without anicancel, more AoE damage wind: more flexible rotation, almost no AoE damage with same damage on single targets. With more flexible rotation with wind I mainly mean fire relies on focus management a lot. Optimally you want to keep using Tiger Strike as much as possible and Searing Blow as little as possible, but if the boss suddenly jumps away during a raid you can get focus starved. Blocking and iframing should be ok since they give you back focus, but still I find wind build more reactive during boss battles...
  4. You only need 10 wins to get the Elder 5-set, which is all you really need because combining it with 3x Challenger (or even 3x Sparring) is so much better than the lame 8-set bonus. The 100 win achievement is really only for those people that want to perfectly match the pieces, like C367 E12458 for example. Having an 1-5 Elder 6-8 Challenger set instead is no bar to success. For that, you have to look at pet, critical defence fusions, pierce, elemental earring, that kind of thing. I am still running around with galaxy because I cannot afford Ascendant (quite yet) and nevertheless stay in the WWV top 30 consistently. I am not saying it's easy to succeed in 6v6 as a beginner, because it isn't. All I mean is lowering or removing the 6-8 SS achievement barrier is not going to make it easier. :-/
  5. It was part of the simplification process of the whole skill system, where they kept ice guard as the most common PvP option, Fighting Spirit as the most common group option and Focuses Fighting Spirit as the most common solo option. I can only suspect that ground grapple was removed because it was a minority choice in all of these 3 play modes. It was also largely redundant with other grabs, especially the much more powerful restraint graps of BD and DES. Another reason might have been 6v6 balancing, but that's pure speculation. I certainly would have gone grapple spec for 6v6 once the Black Wind 3-set bonus had become available. Grapple on any defence / KD every 12.6 seconds (down from 18) would have become a totally broken TAB baiter in 6v6. They are going to merge Focused and normal Fighting Spirit in the future, giving them a back a slot space in the skill spec window, but I doubt they will use that to bring back ground grapple. Though I would be happy if they did.
  6. One simple solution would be to reduce the amounts of Ascendant Stone and Hand of Xanos required for their respective items. 1) It would help level the field more quickly, 2) you do not take away anything from those who bought from F10 massively and 3) everyone who did not buy will feel better about it because now they get their items for cheaper instead.
  7. As said for over a year now, soulstones and moonstones are PvP-linked materials meant to be bought via marketplace. Which is why there is an achievement for buying the stuff even. PvE crafters buy soulstones + moonstones, and they should be expensive to buy because that's the only way for PvP players to earn money from PvP. People in 6v6 complain about it being unrewarding, now that the moonstone price is finally going up again the PvEers complain. :D Even though there really isn't anything to complain about if you craft for profit: If the raw material price goes up, so will the price of the finished product. Often, the profit is higher then too, so a win-win. As a crafter and a 6v6er, I would not mind if moonstones went for 7g each. Cannot wait for it, actually. =:3
  8. What specifically would you like to talk about? I could write for days about 6v6, but I don't feel the need to write guides here. ^_^'
  9. I successfully used Misty woods ring in the past, which does not have any stats at all except for 20% CC duration and I can say it's very valuable. Since the heroics also provide some decent stats to boot, I will definitely go for them. Just a pity the ring is not available, as earring+ring is much less costly to your PvP dps than the necklace. This is because you need as much pierce as you can get. If you can get Black Tower accessories it might be a tough decision of elemental vs CC damage, but the CC damage is definitely much better than the regular legendaries. Ideally you would want Neck+Belt for the 10k HP bonus, and CC earring and ring for the 20% CC.
  10. Just did Beluga yesterday and had +10-20 for wins and -10-20 for losses. Might be an exceptional case where it matched too strong members into your team vs too weak ones into the other so you got a bad elo rank up result. The most valuable player votes only affect a little bonus BP, they do not go into elo ranks. Mostly the best way to earn enough BP for the new gear is to consistently do dailies and weeklies for the one win and 3 win condition. Other than that, Frenzy time and higher rank will help, as will clan battle ranks and premium membership for bonus. You get a lot more BP for gold than for silver battles in 6v6. Maybe you were playing in Bronze? Those might have especially low BP turnout, cannot remember. ^_^'
  11. Would say it depends on class and what playstyle you want to build around the soul. If your class can do a really powerful burst after one CC, you can use that with 1 min soul to surprise them before they realize they should TAB. Or exactly to frighten a TAB out of them. -_^ Most cases the 8 sec will be more beneficial though. Just looking at it on paper, considering most fights in 6v6 are pretty prolonged, you will get more out of the short cooldown one. For KFM I would certainly pick the 8 sec (if I could afford either :P )
  12. I don't like the attitude displayed by OP. I have no idea where he got the delusion he was authorized to speak for more people than himself and go ahead to invent arbitrary "rules". It all seems symptomatic of a loss of contact with basic reality, where fictional hierarchies are invented based on pixel power and basic inter-human respect is lost. Every low AP player has the same rights to respect as a high AP player. They have just the same right to expect that _you_ ask _them_ politely if it is ok to exclude them from a party only because they have low AP. In a healthy social community, a new and inexperienced player actually should deserve more intensive and more supportive attention, instead of the marginalization visible here. This is why I greatly prefer to sign up to random PUGs for my daily challenge and help players with half my HM level.
  13. Are you sure WL cannot do that too? ^_^
  14. It's pretty balanced now, with Ascendant lagging "only" 3 stages behind Raven now. Crti def will also be worth more now with many PvE builds switching over to the 8 second souls, so the burst cannot overcome crit def as easily any more. And Shiro is right, Raven weapon is only a small part of the problem. Elemental damage comes from many sources, including the new Obsidian gems, which is another 6v6 impacting perk that is exclusively PvE. So current best gear for 6v6 will need a lot of effort in both PvE endgame dungeons and in PvP, given the crazy ~ 1 million battle points needed to max out a Beluga SS set...
  15. I never have problems getting tag matches on the days tag match is on daily challenge.