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  1. Sweepstakes

    As an avid follower of the various championships I am somewhat disappointed by the current sweepstakes promotion: There is literally no way for me to participate without registering with social media platforms. At least my B&S newsletter subscription should have counted as one entry... <_<
  2. Top Classes / Bottom Classes

    Hmm to be honest it's been a very long time since I played without HM 1, so lots of things have changed. Thanks for telling me, so I do not give bad advice next time I am asked. :)
  3. Top Classes / Bottom Classes

    Elbow works well even without HM version. ^_^
  4. Ranking bugged?

    At your rank, probably using deflect spin will already be enough to get you the advantage. Blind ranged spam into your deflect will make for an easy kill. Also practice Lightning Draw on a falling target and you can probably even get them with Soul Stab - Blade Storm. Really, don't worry, BDs are immensely powerful, you just need to learn what it's capable of! :)
  5. Times to create new rules for alts in arena

    Thinking about what N3ro said, how it's sad when PvE players just afk for a PvP event. I think something that might draw more earnest PvX players into arena would be an actual item type you can only acquire via arena. Something with a stat boost that you can only obtain and equip if you are 1v1/3v3 rank gold /plat / diamond (of course with progressively better stats). Make it just half as strong as souls and half the PvE player base would suddenly PvP. And that's not unfair: considering how 50% of all the gear that is 6v6 relevant is only obtainable from boring PvE dungeons, they should give the PvP side some love too.
  6. The Kung Fu Master is fun.

    In PvP, KFM has always been ranked in the middle field, and even with recent buffs to ice guard and fighting spirit, it still ranks lower than BD, SIN, WL and currently even FM. KFM actually has neither very many iframes (compared to e.g., SF) nor very long ones (compared to FM, WL under TD, DES or the typical 5 seconds of BD/BM/SF/SUM). The only time you will see a seemingly invincible KFM is when some newbie keeps spamming skills into their HM counter. One such bad apple can actually allow a KFM to take down even a strongly geared group in 6v6, by gifting them limitles iframes. A classic here is the never-beckoned cat. :D
  7. Can you still earn Ruby Coolers?

    Did you try in 1v1, 3v3, 6v6 or ToI? They won't work in competitive instances.
  8. Times to create new rules for alts in arena

    I think it is a positive thing players are getting good in arena in all classes. It was especially encouraged by NCSoft because of the new mix and match championship format which allows for flexible class choice. And while using an alt of the same class will not fit this purpose, it does mean these people play more matches and help keep the arena more alive and the queues shorter. Many of them have mains in the desert rank of high platinum / diamond where they would have to wait 40 minutes for a match up. Creating an alt is a way for them to keep playing without having to use sparring constantly. It also helps with the rewards that are abyssmally low for PvP players in comparison to PvE players. And I mainly mean HM coin for costumes here, as PvP players have little use for anything else. Of course PvX players can draw from PvE and PvP rewards, but then just the time invested to get ranking rewards in PvP would net you 10 times the HM coins worth in gold from PvE. So all in all I think we just need a much larger reward pool, so that lowbies can also benefti form it. Something in the scale of ToI rewards, with payout starting at rank 5000...
  9. pet ulti rolls

    4 tries
  10. Graphics

    Hmm yeah that thing is 5 to 10 times slower than a state-of-the-art videocard. You can go to settings - graphics TAB and push all the sliders to max, but likely as not the game will become slow motion for you. Buying a cheap graphics card for only 100 bucks will probably improve your experience tremendously.
  11. Sorry for being very brief: - Finish storyline for a lot of freebies. - Midnight Skypetal Plains will be a good start for easy legendary soulshields - Desolate Tomb, Ebondrake Citadel and Naryu Foundry can get you started on the first legendary accessories - Doing daily challenge will likely provide you well with materials to progress your main weapon - Once you feel on top of your game with these, check for things like Skybreak Spire, Naryu Sanctum and the new endgame. :)
  12. New player - Keybinds

    I am not very knowledgeable in these matters, but I know some of the better mice allow you to assign keys to the mouse buttons. So you could keep the default key and assign that key to your mouse and it would work I think. NCSoft said they have no problem with this us long as one click stays one keystroke (= no macros, not even for S-S please).
  13. The Kung Fu Master is fun.

    Well KFM PvP for sure isn't easy, but beyond a certain point it's difficult for any class. But the learning curve for KFM in PvP is relatively steep, you might go through a 90% defeat phase at the beginning. Unless youa re a natural talent of course. ;) Personally I tried KFM, BM, DES and SF in PvP so far and DES and SF were definitely easier for a beginner than KFM and BM. So there seems to be something behind those difficulty ratings shown in the game. ;) As for PvE, I honestly see no difference in difficulty no matter what class you play. Dungeons are either easy or difficult - if they are difficult on one class, they will be difficult on a different class as well. Makes sense since it's group content, anyway. Mushin's Tower & Tower of Infinity might be a different story, as they are solo instances. Here things can be easier or harder as a KFM, but you will find both. Mushin floor 7 for example is much easier for a BM than for a KFM, but harder for a forcemaster (I heard). Then there's also the anicancelling, which the KFM sometimes does with 3 keys (2-R-F), while most other classes do this with only two keys. Maybe a bit deterring for beginners. KFMs also do a lot of dodging, countering and other reactionary iframes, as well as stacking aggro and party relavant buffs. that can keep you quite busy during raids. ^_^ There's no problem wiht the class, I love it after all, but it's not the quickest to deliver a feeling of accomplishment after only a little effort. And you won't be uber either once you mastered it, just on par with the other classes. So maybe that's what's grating people: you work hard learning the class, and then people don't even go "oh" and "ah". -_^
  14. Battleground Problems

    Before we had the weeklies, there was not much incentive to go to the battlegrounds, so the average ranking in 6v6 is still very low due to the small PvX playerbase. Essentially there was no entry level player population. So in theory that would become better as time progresses, as the high/gear veterans should rise in ranking more now with a low gear/newbie base to push them up. However what is worrying me much more than the new players coming in (who are very welcome to me - the more the better for the PvP community!) are the mid- to high-geared players who will just cancel unfavorable matches to purposefully under-rank for easier wins for their weeklies. Since the match-quitting / DC punishment is already well adjusted, the only solution I see is a steeper reward curve for higher ranks. E.g. doubling the battle points / XP you get each tier silver > gold > platinum.
  15. Fix clan battle match up loophole

    some clan invite / re-invite cool downs are in order I guess