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  1. Need help with tanking

    For LMB your choice should not matter much, as you only use it to anicancel during burst. Both crit and focus should be no problem during that time, so this is much less important than for wind build.   Use chained mace for RMB ("COMBO"), that way you can use it much more often. Bosses usually require multiple CC, in the worst case your firestorm kick stun even interferes with the proper CC.   You must use "damage up" tiger strike, otherwise your damage output with fire will be very low.   For some bosses I use the damage up flurry, for lower cooldown, for some bosses I use the 2 second version, when I expect several rapid hits after another (like with Yeti).   Equipment: Go with Baleful unless you want to go for very a very specialized wind build (which I currently work on and first have to see if it's still viable after the Stratus patch). Galaxy can be an option for more survivability, but by now it's the more expensive path to use and is more suited for PvP. Raven would be the strongest weapon to go for for tanking of course.   Badges: For fire build, I would say the one reducing comet strike cooldown by 10 seconds on every searing palm is best.   After pinnacle you should just go to the higher heroic dungeons for the legendary accessories (Oath necklace etc). The Spire will then hold the next better round of accessories. The new PvP accessory set will not help well with tanking, as bosses are rarely under CC. Elementary accessories can be an option, though.   Unless you go for skill boosts, soulshields do not do much for you in tanking but raise crit stats. Damage output is still one of the biggest factors so you keep aggro and beat enrage timers. So your path sounds pretty ok, full MSP is definitely also an option and by now also much easier to obtain with celestial peaches. Raven tower SS is best, though, by a very big margin.      
  2. Need help with tanking

    Ok I would say fire build will be the best for tanking anyway, so you are fine there.   That you can keep searing palm up is also good, box checked. ;)   Of course the most important part about tanking is reading up on the boss. You can check in the Hongmoon Training room, I have not looked to see how good it is for dungeon practice, but reading up on bosses with the guides by BnSacademy or freedomplays is a very very essential thing to do.   Now the remaining, generic stuff.   Tanking is mostly reactive, here are things to do by priority:   - Boss is under BD/DES grab --> use restraint skill 3   - WL has triggered SB --> use party blue buff, alternate comet strike and awakened searing palm. anicancel with LMB if you can for more damage. Important: use counter/Q/E to avoid boss CC and resume the 4RXR spam asap. Ignore boss non-CC attacks. If you are out of iframes use SS _backwards_ through the boss to stay in range.   - boss does nothing (long animation etc) --> tremor V plus tigerstrike spam 2-2-2-F-2-2-2-F   - boss attacks with an attack that you can counter --> counter plus iron shoulder then tigerstrike spam   - boss attacks with counter-piercing attack --> Use Q/E/SS then searing palm or chained mace plus bleed RMB   That's about it I think, the rest depends on the raid mechanic. ^_^    
  3. while it is true that a D/C will make it very hard to win, in the current system it also storngly protects the rating of the remaining 5 people. I have had 5 vs 6 defeats were I literally lost only 1(!) point. I suspect this is because the D/C person takes a 60 point share of the total penalty, and the net elo balance between winners and losers has to be 0 or something. Anyway I am not going to stop my fun even if I cannot get high rankings any more, and keep my fingers crossed that my i-net will go back to the times when I literally never had D/Cs.
  4. While I still do not dare to use 64 bit client because I get about three D/C a day with it, I have also seen some positive results of the penalty by now:   People really try harder now. I actually saw a Raven HM 17 trying to carry a HM2 through a match, giving him advice, taking the brunt of the attacks and allocating the weaker players to guard whale statues. He was not very nice about it, swearing a lot, calling names too, but he managed to make it a 1770 to 1800 end result.   Never before have I seen one of the "whales" put in such an effort in a low level "tainted" group.   So I see the positive side too, it's just unfair that people with regular D/Cs cannot realy do PvP any more. So in addition to low ping, you also need a super stable connection now as well. :(    
  5. Comments on the patch

    Reading your view on the game and towards other players, I must say I would be happy to never see you in Blade and Soul again. You do not seem the kind of person that will ever be happy, no matter what happens, and only see the negative side of things. Selfishness also seems prominent, and as a minor point a lack of true, i.e. gear independent, skill as well.   Of course there's a good chance I am just being triggered by a troll here. ^_^'   Just as a message to all the wonderful and nice people who play Blade and Soul out there:   I am very happy to be part of your community, I love if you return to the game now and I am glad to see you get all the nice boosts from the new patch so that we now can play together in arena, battleground and dungeons. Together and against each other, let us all play well! (^_^)
  6. Abnormal DPS or this is how it is here?

    I actually know the BM in that video well, have played with and against him in 6v6 and he's got good ping, decent PvP technique and really high end gear.   1-5 Elder and 6-7 Sparring is paper against that (really 6-7? So not even the 3 set bonus?).   You need 3.5k+ crit def and 170k+ HP. Really high def might help since he uses Raven and not galaxy so might not have more than 3000 pierce. So high pet, at least 20 HM points in defense, top belt of course.   But that's about it defense-wise with gear. Rather, you need to get your iframes and PvP technique honed up, and strong gear to punish him once you have the upper hand. BM has become really punishing so I feel your pain of running into Raven BMs. But what you can do is get as dangerous as them yourself. Will take a lot of grinding, though...
  7. PVP suggestion

    They will just wear a bathing suit costume instead then.   Better ask for the glow to be made more obvious.
  8. KFM Iron Shoulder also got a huge buff in that it deals damage and dazes at the same time now - big boost for punishment in the neutral game.   And there are more buffs hidden: Resist Avenging fist available on counter use instead of counter success now makes it very versatile as an iframe. TAB escape now escapes grapple and dazes at the same time. TAB cool down reduction with LMB without the need of 6 skill points investment 8m SS, but with agility stack on resist at the same time for 6v6 - pull tremor with AP buff and strong DoT at the same time, finally making it viable   Overall a lot of small but all valuable additions. I only cry a little over the loss of ground grapple and over the longer animation time of Swift/Tiger Strike. T.T    
  9. F10 bundles worth it?

    The starter pack is worth it if you want to play using premium membership as the premium days included already refinance most of the bundle.   The duelist bundle is worth it if you want to enter competitive PvP quickly without any disadvantages. You can get the HM skills by PvPing no problem, but it needs weeks or months I would say. If you PvE, HM skills should not be too hard to get at all, but again it depends on your patience. Duelist bundle is definitely a big power boost you would normally need a long while to earn free to play.   Master bundle is new, I will have a look at it tonight to see if it's worth it for a new player.
  10. New Hongmoon store

    it is really annoying I cannot see the Phoenix weapon skins in advance >.<
  11. Main class

    If you do not like playing a summoner, I would say KFM is your best bet for soloing dungeons. As long as the opponent is a dumb AI, KFM can counter and iframe a lot, and get healed in the process. Only trouble is beating enrage timers with KFM. You need proper ping, right kind of gear combinations and right skill rotations for that.
  12. problem help pls

    - your second photo shows the launcher, so you must have found it.   - 6.7 GB is just the first compressed package, it's likely to be much bigger uncompressed, and there might be additional files that will be downloaded in a second round.   - Use Europe, the ping is not so great but to North America it will be even worse.
  13. Ping Issue

    In game skill delay value is not just ping, it's ping + server skill calculation time. So 100 ms is indeed pretty good.   I recently had very different skill delay values for no reason I could see, and got a good impression on the impact for PvP:   <120 ms no problems 150ish anicancel damage lower 240+ iframing and combos impossibly bad in PvP   Once I reached 350 ms and felt as helpless as a baby =_=
  14. Help me pick a class

    Assassin seems to tick most of your boxes. Melee with lots of ranged effects, good in PvP and PvE, versatile, stealth, no pets, no healing, no Lyn. :P   Never played a sin myself but they do say in PvP it's crucial to set up / initiate your combos well, and that if you drop it you sor tof have to start from scratch. Sins can do insanely long combos that take a while to get you from 100 to 0, but with good tech chase they are fearsomely inescapable. But there are also more bursting damage and toxic (DoT) play styles possible.   People say the learning curve is relatively high, though, like with KFM.