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  1. Wonderful Mr. Whiskers pouch

    I was delighted when I saw the Mr. Whiskers pouch available for HM coin this time, and spent all I had on two 10x discounted packs. Only now do I realize that NCWest did not say explicitly that HM coin sales would also contribute to the Battle Brawl prize pool. Can you please confirm that this is the case? After all someone paid 50€+ for all that gold that I spent to get the HM coin to get the pet pouches...
  2. Remove Moonstones from 6v6

    As a 6v6 player without access to Raven / Aransu raids, moonstones are one of my main sources of income. Just like with soulstones before, they are meant to provide a fair income to geared-mode PvP players that do not want to be forced to PvE all the time. My suggestion for you people is to just do the PvE you people like and buy the moonstones on the marketplace from people like me, who do not enjoy PvE grinding at all. Then everyone should be happy. I mean I do not mind having to buy all these PTS and sacred oils from marketplace for the gold I make from moonstones, so why should the PvE heroes not pay some gold to the 6v6ers? ^.^'
  3. Gems

    To be honest, gem stats are so generic that the usefulness of gems is almost completely class independent. Only exception I can think off is peridot for classes that can boost their evasion to 100% (KFM max agility), and that is only relevant in PvP. For PvE, I would fill up in the order: Obsidian, Ruby, Diamond, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Amber, Citrine, Sapphire, Emerald. Maybe Peridot somewhere with Amethyst for KFM. For PvP, my order is: Amber, Obsidian, Citrine, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, Peridot, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Sapphire. For low level, Diamond and Amethyst are much stronger, so use those if you want to easy level an alt through storyline. All HM gems can be traded around the account at negligible cost.
  4. KFM in pve n pvp questions

    Q: which build is better for kfm in pve currently? --- both are and have always been viable, but there are pros and cons. Wind needs decent skill at 2RF anicancelling, or at least RF anicancelling with gear that supports free Cyclone (Blue badge, VT wind badge). Wind currently has the highest dps at maximal gear. Fire gets a huge boost from any focus generating equipment (8s soul, MSP badge) and is much higher dps in middle tier gear. It also has dumbfounding healing potential from Tiger Strike. It is also immediately better when there is more than one target, since Tiger Strike is AoE and Cyclone kick is not. Q: which hm skills do i need for kfm in pve and which ones for pvp? --- PvE: Tiger Strike (if fire), Comet Strike, Counter LMB and Rising Dragon not so important PvP: Rising Dragon + Counter - both essential! Comet (6v6 more than in gear balanced modes) Tiger Strike depending on play style, LMB is nice for 1v1 Q: in pve, kfm role is tanker same as bm rite? in pve, is kfm better than bm(fire build) as tanker and dps rating? --- Yes, in PvE KFM is a tank with very good threat generation. Good iframes, very good healing, better damage support for party because of blue buff and tremor. Unlike BM, they do not have a party save, though. Fire BM is also very nice and easy dps. It's difficult to compare because for all classes dps is more gear and player skill than class dependant. Parties might not like KFM tanks that move around the boss a lot (I like to do that), BMs will never do that as they cannot block while moving. I play both KFM and BM as tank and enjoy both. Both are always welcome in parties that need a tank. Allegedly in max gear KFM is a dps class, but in middle tier both KFM and BM are distinctly below other classes. If played right they should always hold agro against Gunners of equal gear, though. Q: is bm/kfm alrdy overcrowded in F8 or they;re good to get pt? --- Never have a problem to get parties, people look at the gear more than they do at the class. As a KFM, if you are not needed as a tank, they want you for blue buff. As BM, you add an extra party save and steady dps. It's all fine.
  5. Realmrift Supply Chain is way too hard for an event

    Ran it with a friend and rest of the party PUG yesterday. We had about 5 or 6 tries until we made it, were lucky we had 2 guys who knew the differences compared to old EU version. Destroyer was a big bonus, by the way. I personally had a blast, this was really cool and it will only get easier the more players get used to it. Who expects to first time clear a new raid? :O Had to re-recruit 3 or 4 people, so I would say the event was tuned towards the very edge of what the community can still like. Since it's an event for everyone, something should be tuned I guess. My personally favourite idea would be to make the dungeon split into normal and hard mode, with normal made easier on damage and hard mode having double the comb rewards. That would please a lot of people I bet. ^_^ By the way thanks people for the consumable tips. using 15k buff food and instant heal potions will make me an unkillable tank! :D
  6. Promoting B&S esports

    No company holds an esports event by itself. They don't have "spare" money lying around to spend as they wish. The money always has to come from somewhere. But of course there are options: - Income from advertisement, or indirectly via licencing to broadcasters (B&S is not big enough yet for that) - Sponsors (look at Corsair's contribution and you see we would neeed hyperexponential growth on this before it could generate notable prize pools) - Investment funding (some esports organizations can do that, but when you are starting up and your genre is not as established in esports as MOBA or 1stperson shooters, I doubt any bank is gonna loan you a million with insecure returns about half a decade off) - Company pays out of their own profits (Blade & Soul devs are not more stupid than banks, so this would be small until they see their investment feeds back into their income, e.g. via higher player base) - Crowdfunding (advantage here is that those players that are interested in PvP contribute, while people who don't care do not have to. More fair than taking this out of the Premium membership revenue, e.g.) Biggest advantage I see in the crowdfunding thing is: it instantly produced a big prize pool, which has a much larger chance of being noticed in the scene. If you look at the esportsearnings site, adding the NCWEST 2017 prize pools to the total would bring Blade and Soul already to the top ranks of both the MMORPG and the Fighting Game category. That is huge and should be communicated in some way to the gaming and especially esports press.
  7. Promoting B&S esports

    I know the forum is constantly monitored for community ideas so I thought I might drop this here: There's some really good esports meta websites out there, but Blade and Soul has poor visibility on them. Hardly any articles on B&S, and even our prize pools are not correctly reflected. For example this site: Only the worlds tournaments have been covered at all, despite the NCWest tournaments prize pools being almost equivalent in size. If NCWest could reach out to those websites with press releases, I think the standing of the game could be much improved, both concerning sponsors, income from ads and player base. Just my 2 Silvers. (-_^)
  8. Gear does not mean skill. Have seen the same kind of result with high geared people but the dominant player being a WL, FM, SUM or other class, even BM. Gunners are very good at killing low to medium skilled players. Most cannot even deal with TAB-F-X.
  9. I wouldn't worry much, the continent pack should be straightforward. It will most likely appear as an unpack-able item in your "received items". Once you unpack it, it should expand into all the different goodies including a lvl50 generation voucher. The goodies can go to any char, the voucher will be used up once you generate a new lvl 50 from login screen. So you can level your favourite character, give them the goodies and remake your second choice as a lvl 50 on 6th December. Should be no problem. :) By the way love your play style, pity you are playing NA. Would invite you into our clan otherwise. ;)
  10. How can a developer screw the game so hard?

    lvl 55 will increase survivability slightly statwise because currently defense stat boosts are way too high in the diminishing returns and thus countered too hard by even 3k pierce. However, we will also get HM ultimates, which means people will still be dying like flies. :( Anyway one thing I want to advise people doing 6v6 now, and especially after lvl 55 update: 3k crit def is not enough any more by far! If you really want proper protection you need to get 4-5k or any blue buff + soul will instant you.
  11. It is really important for undergeared new players in 6v6 to hunch up in groups. Always run to the biggest cluster of your own team, preferably when they are winning. there your chances to survive are higher, and your chances of having a positive impact through CCs, party iframes, party buffs and party heals are the best. I have seen many lowbies in 6v6 going afk when the enemy has a few Ascendants etc, just so as not to become feeders. But in my experience the above is better. Even a "whale" can be killed by two-three people with good CC that support each other with party saves. And it's always much easier for me to finish off the enemy team fast if I have some team mates around that help pull the tab escape faster.
  12. Lvl 50 daily challenge dungeon dailies are meant. Things like Sogun's lament and so on. One single Sogun run should give you about 9 gold. So you must have been doing below-50 dailies? Maybe in the open world areas? Those are usually not profitable, more like a lore enjoyment thing. ^_^'
  13. Intro and questions!

    Threat works pretty much the same way as in other MMORPGs, but Blade and Soul has a huge damage difference between characters that have nominally the same level, hence keeping aggro can be a challenge depending on who you team up with. Damage difference is not so much determined by class, but by gear quality, clever gear bonus combinations, skill rotation technique, flwlessness of executing the rotation and animation-cancel (ping dependant). Basically a fresh lvl50HM5 Warlock playing from overseas can have 3500 dps and end up in the same party as a lvl50HM11 bladedancer with Raven gear, legendary badges and good ping doing 150k dps. As for the tanking system, the biggest difference is the damage mitigation: It basically does not exist. Only a limited fraction of boss skills is in the range where your defence and healing will matter. All the most critical mechanics and boss attacks have an extreme damage factor that require you to evade tank. This is mostly done via iframe skills, and usually the whole party helps with that. BMs have a party iframe activated from block, FMs have a party freeze, DES have a party stone protection and so on. The tank is exposed to the most attacks and usually has to rotate between blocking/countering (against "yellow" attacks), iframing (against "red" attacks) and still doing enough damage to keep aggro. The classic tank classes are BM and KFM, with BM being a bit tankier and KFM a bit more of additional party dps support. Destroyers are not well suited as tanks because they have way less iframes and no threat skills. They have great utility though. Sins and BDs can be good tanks too if they outdamage everyone else in party. Even ranged can tank, though that usually conflicts with what people are used to and results in a lot of complaints. :P
  14. What do i do with naryu coins

    A rather old and probably completely forgotten use is the wheel of fate near blackram harbour. You can spin once for 2 regular Naryu coins and it will give you naryu silver (about same rate as if you would exchange directly), some items related to blackram instances (now mostly irrelevant) and at about a 1 in 50 chance an arena PvP quest item that gives you 400 extra zen beans per two wins. That's quite nice although you can only complete the quest once a day. Naryu silver can be used for some things at the achievement merchant in Zaiwei. Oh and regular Naryu coins also allow you to use Dragon blood in mid range dungeons (in low dungeons it's free and the top dungeons don't allow regular dragon blood sadly - only the shop version).
  15. Ability to train target

    "train its target" - do you mean as in keeping it under attack? Usually it's suicide to attack a skilled opponent without CCing them first, although some classes can do it with limited success in lower ranks, often disparagingly called "PvEing someone". So eventually this would be about the length of CC chain after all. But I guess that's also not very relevant as in B&S you would prefer a short high damage chain to a lengthy one. Because it would require more CC skills to extend, with a risk they are on cool down. Or are you thinking about middle game where you want to be able to chase better some classes that are good at distancing (Sin, Summoner, SF)? Most classes are pretty mobile if played right, WL is probably the most stationary. At the same time being one of the strongest in PvP. Maybe I have misunderstood your question though. Not realy sure how it relates to B&S specific combat system. ^_^'