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  1. Closer Servers

    It is just amazing that the NA server myth still runs strong in 2017. ^_^   I look forward to the delight of still seeing this topic necroed when my kids graduate from school. XD
  2. Casual request for advice how to win against SF as KFM

    Thanks for the class round up but I recognize most changes you describe there (have been playing 6v6 after all), just wondered if it somehow had affected the gear balanced part more strongly. The lvl 28 SUM has something to do with a ranking exploit I think - apparently all pro PvPers are currently rerolling alts for arena to get easier match ups. Recently saw Tenah on a Warlock lvl 45 alt in diamond rank, so I am inclined to believe this. O.o Thanks a lot for the SF advice, every little bit is helpful. Will try without ice guard and use counter next time, let's see how it goes then. Checking bnstree, the KD howling blast also has 4 second defense disable, though. :( Keeping my distance seems counter-intuitive as a KFM, they lose their Q/E but so do I. If I do that I need to know what charges work against them and when. Any ideas? Flurry obviously but that is rarely available. They will Q/E Flying slam, and Avenging Fist - is it a free Elbow counter for them?    
  3. Few questions as a return player

    They do, but from what I read (2nd hand information, I do not play there), they have much higher stages for all these, a path branch to go to Raven from Dawn/Rift and an evolution of Galaxy into Emperor, which is still unreleased in the West.  
  4. Last couple of months, with all the 6v6 and PvE, I rarely got round to do more gear balanced arena than the single win a day quest.   However yesterday, I gave it a couple of hours, and noticed changes in how well I do against certain classes:   - BD was slightly less difficult - BM was much easier (really, was the dragontongue nerf that big o_O?) - Sin was easier (why? they used to be hell) - WL was harder (maybe I was out of rhythm. Once I flawlessly iframed from Thrall again I started winning again) - FM I lost. (what? impossible! this has never happened! XD) - SUM I lost once (hmm maybe that one was just very good. He was lvl 28... wut???) - vs KFM no changes. - DES easy peasy (no change there)   All of this from low gold / high silver KFM perspective. If anyone can enlighten me if what I experienced is typical and why, please do! ^_^ But this leaves one class which I actually want to ask about: Soul Fighter <.<   Damn, I literally have 0 win rate against them!   What's wrong? What am I missing?   Please give general advice, much appreciated! Also I can give my suspicions, but no idea if they are any help finding my problem:   - My opener seems bad. SF win the opener usually and aerial with re-knock-up makes it pretty punishing - SF seem to never miss the tech chase, even in silver rank. Is it somehow easier for them? - they heal so much, so I try to counter by using PvE searing palm. Do not dare taking blue buff because I want to be able to escape ice. - they seem to dodge-iframe really well, which CC skills are best to surprise them? comet daze? - counter or elbow smash? I fear defence break if I use counter, but am afraid to hit into their iframes if I use elbow smash   =_= help please!
  5. Primal force badge

    That item description is wrong, it's 1 second only in the other regions. 10 second reduction on every F would be way overpowered. Wind KFM could anicancel-2RF a Comet Strike reset every 3 seconds then.
  6. Is there a trove this season?

    Trove is not really an event, it's just a different mode replacing Daily dash on a regular basis. We know when the current daily dash expires, so no big surprises there.   I love announcements and hype as much as next guy, but trove is really only exciting if pixel money or lotteries give you thrills. :P
  7. Should I try the game again?

    Major changes: - Massive boost to faster/cheaper item progression to more easily catch up with endgame - Black Tower 24 raid as hardest challenge / biggest reward has more or less split the player base into two power tiers. This is reducing but not gone with introduction of alternative weapon evolutions - Skill and HM point revamp. Very much easier and faster to spec at the cost of slightly less flexibility. - Two new classes: Warlock and Soulfighters, 3rd soon coming up (Gunner) - 6v6 has more or less replaced open world PvP. It's 60% gear, 40% skill and both have a steep and very wide range. Expect shocking start experience. - EU/NA are going to the world championship. Current format is a mix and match style with both 1v1 and 3v3.   Hackers/botters: Personally have not had an encounter with them for over 6 months. Seems to have become much less. Unless you count people that call anyone who is afk a bot.   Community is like it has always been: Nice and great between friends and in clan, full of trash talk in faction and region chat. Random groups in between, depends on who you get. Also explains why people stick to more private chat channels. ^_^   No matter if you use your 50 FM or start from zero, you can catch up very easily to a certain extent. Pirate gear etc has been replaced by an alternative faster path, check the news article on that from a few months ago. Everything up to Seraph / legendary will be super fast, then it will slow down. Don't expect Raven gear within a month, though. :/
  8. Confirmation window for Auto-Arrange function

    That fairy better had stayed silent, lest she turns into a troll. :P   Your inventory is indeed very nice and orderly, Alysha.   I completely support the suggestion. I have had dozens of annoying auto sorts, especially since the button is directly next to the Remote Storage which I use constantly.
  9. Few questions as a return player

    Have a look here:   As I understand it, your weapon should be salvageable to the Ivorymoon weapon pathway. Once you upgrade that to True Ivorymoon stage 10, it should be more than strong enough to complete all current acts.   The True Ivorymoon can be evolved to either Seraph or Baleful weapons, and getting those to higher stages will keep you busy for a while.   Eventually you can then transition those to either Raven weapons (if you have access to the big raid) or to the new celestial basin variants.   If your weapon is not salvageable, contact Support I am sure they can exchange it for the Ivorymoon equivalent.
  10. 1) Celestial Basin event   2) Raven from the black tower. True Soul. Unleashed stage Pet. Bracelet from Naryu Sanctum and Mushin 16-20. Octagonal HM gems. MSP soulshields for some classes. Badges depend on class. Cannot answer 3)   ^_^'    
  11. Primal force badge

    Primal Force only decreases cooldown by 1 second on F, and adds 2xAP damage to next comet strike.   Blue Moon can decrease cooldown by 10 seconds, but that is after searing palm!
  12. General KFM Inquiries

    Cannot trump the roleplay advantage of the Seraph name, and the clearly better looks (if you do not reskin anway), but there might be a 3rd alternative concerning survivability:   Galaxy weapon provides a lot of survivabilty in the form of HP leech and increased vitality stat. It has relatively fast skill resets, which also reset potion cooldown I think, and the ten stack buff is huge for HP regen and defense.   So even though it is about 10% below damage output of the same AP Seraph/Baleful, it has a lot of survival benefit. Nowadays upgrade cost for Seraph are a lot cheaper though, so maybe it's not enough value. Plus it cannot be evolved in the West regions yet, whiler Seraph already has two options now...
  13. legendary element

    it's always completely random which slot they appear in.   I had the elements with my alt in slot 1/2 as well as on any other position with my 6 slot main. This even goes for things like gems - got one once on the alt, two or three troves ago.
  14. Have not done the maths, but it's probably not worth it.   You can often get legendary jewels from events, and now also from F10 daily offers for cheaper prices.
  15. Newbie questions about gearing and misc

      1+3. probably 90% of times it's not worth it. A few things will be better than campaign gear (e.g. purple drops from Blackram Narrows or Forgotten Tomb), but low level blue or green grade gear is not valuable any more. Unsealing charms can be expensive, so yes better skip opening and unsealing everything. ^_^   2. I actually never found a good use for my Viridian Brilliant keys. Cinderlands, maybe you want to keep it for the Infernal Weapon from Tomb of Exiles. Moonwater, I would recommend to keep them and check carefully in the Ivorymoon upgrade path if you need any Moonwater weapon for breakthrough or evolution that is hard to farm. Silverfrost keys, now they are very expensive, and you might want to make 200% certain you use it on the right weapon. Currently many are complaining about the Twisted Weapon farm needed for Baleful/Seraph stage 4, so that might be a good use for it.   4. In game guide was recently introduced in the client user interface, but the guide itself does not exist yet. I.e. it works for no one at the moment. ^_^   5. Yes, unfortunately they changed it so that now you have to click on the price button to see the details. I also am always reluctant to do this, as it feels as if you might accidently buy the stuff just when looking at it. :(