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  1. Could you be my dummy ? 8]

    Assuming you are on the Jinsoyun server, I am happy to spar you with my KFM Shuchin and my BM Kumiho. Just drop me a message or PM when you feel like it. I am only online pretty late at night, though.
  2. KFM viable for me?

    SF and KFM are pretty similar in ping and fps requirements, so tough call on that decision. 200 ms would be fine for most things but not if you spike to 300+ ms as well. It will always make a difference in PvP if you have higher than optimal ping, but that is independent of class. Would recommend to tune down graphics so you get at least 40+ fps. I know lowering graphics is a sad step, but can make a difference even with good hard ware . My video card is enough to run everything on max at 60 fps, but still I see a positive impact of optimizing settings for battle in PvP.
  3. My statement about gear equalization was not a suggestion I advocate myself. Rather, I meant that segregation by gear is a poor solution. For several problems actually. But in the context of my statement, I meant that if you want to give players with less gear resources better chances, a stat equalized mode like arena would be much more effective. As for the deranking I completely agree with you. Most high gear people at low rank are just there because of luck or crashes. Currently I am 1580 in Nova and 1340 in Beluga, so I totally feel you. But there do seem to be some people that derank on purpose in the "medium" gear range. For example people farming for their full NovaCore, and that makes for bad experiences. <_< Personally, I have two gripes about current 6v6: PvE vs CC balance and class balance. Which are closely connected anyway. 1) Currently the PvE to CC balance is tilted too much to PvE. A lot of techniques are hopeless overkill at the moment, taking skill depth out of the experience. E.g. I cannot even run a blue-buff double-tremor comet strike combo on a target right now, because the full combo would do ~1 million damage, if I could ever finish it. :S Single standard aerials kill people, even without blue buff - that kind of thing. Basically what people collectively call one-shots, even if that is not always technically correct. The recent pet boost went in the right direction, but I would prefer if they added another solid 30k HP per full PvP soul shield set as well. 2) Class balance in 6v6, in my view, is unbalanced not so much about who wins an encounter, but rather in what classes can make a strong impact. For example, I recently had one of those Bronze rank Beluga matches where the enemy had a real low-skill gunner with Dragonforge pistols. I killed him both times we ran into each other 1 on 1, but then he just avoided me. In the end my team lost the match with the gunner having 15 kills and me 7. Some classes can just dominate the field much better, even if they are not superior 1 on 1. I have to concede though that this problem becomes less in the higher ranking matches, where my team mates do not drop like flies. Usually I seem to be much better value as a KFM in a team that knows what it's doing.
  4. I recently forgot to change my Raven 3 for my Dragonforge 1 weapon and still scored 3 kills in Beluga. Imagine all my opponents would have been forced to have Raven 3 too... The weapon is a small part of your actual 6v6 gear, this would be much too easy to exploit. But even with a complicated gear score, what's the point? Easier to just stat normalise 6v6 like 1v1 or 3v3 then. Rather, we need some solution for people who derank for farming. Maybe upgrade rewards for gold+. Offer a gold rank daily with double rewards? I doubt anyone has time to derank to farm BP then uprank for daily gold rank quest every day...
  5. Soul Fighter Update Howling Blast!

    I don't know anything about SF myself, but have a look at Tenah's latest streams. He is getting his SF near platinum atm, and he says most match ups are around 20% more favourable now. Like what was 20/80 now becomes 30/70, 30/70 becomes 40/60...
  6. I must say, you guys have great taste! <3 My BM is wearing Transcendance, my DES is wearing Great General. =:3 Grand Phoenix is sitting in my inbox still, even though I paid tons of HM coin for it T_T. But I cannot chose the right character for it. Maybe I need to make another one. :/ As back to topic - yes please, bring back the Grand Empress! I was too broke to buy it when it came out!
  7. i am fed up with mechs

    My two silvers: - I like mechs, but I like them easier than is usual in BnS. For people like me, having Easy/Normal/Hard mode would not be a bad idea. - I play BnS for Story, atmosphere, PvP (1v1,3v3,6v6) which I all consider excellent, so I am definitely not in the wrong game :P - I would be more ok with tough mechs if the reward was entirely skill dependent. Meaning if I do the mechs flawlessly and win, I want to have the fancy item _at once_. Not after 100 repetitions. <.< However BnS requires us to _grind_ mechs, which makes it onerous (and I bet for a lot of people, not just me) So I definitely feel with the OP. :-/
  8. I would definitely recommend to sell the tradeable materials for gold. It is very easy to farm the untradeable ones should you lack them for an upgrade, but the "rich raiders" are paying very handsomely in F15 for things like Elysium Orbs. As an example: It's no use being stuck on 200 ECry and 50 EOrbs when what you need for the next upgrade is 100 ECry and a PTS. Just sell the orbs and the upgrade is provided for. ;)
  9. Deciding on a Class

    In BnS, all classes bring value to parties and there are usually plenty of roles required where you can fit in. BD and SIN have more dps than tanking classes but less than gunner. Just generally being melee you often have to live with less than optimal dps for many boss fights. Sin was pretty high with dps though, higher than BD, but that info might be outdated (I play more 6v6 than PvE). As for value of the class for dungeon play: BD has Grab/restraint mechanic (like Des) and a party iframe (like BM). Sin has party crit buff (bb = blue buff) like KFM and party stealth (like Sum). Solo PvE has a very minor role in BnS and any class will feel OP there. Hardest solo challenge is maybe Tower of Infinity but even that gets easy with gear and mastery of your own CC skills. IMO, both classes are equally good in all aspects of the game. However, Sin is harder to learn for PvP. Oh, I forgot to mention that BDs like to spin around a lot in PvP. That's a defensive move and also very annoying to the opponent since it makes you immune to stuns and dazes but stuns the opponent if they hit into it. Another idea, to maybe help you decide, is to watch some tournament matches of the classes. It definitely made me very excited about my class (KFM) back in the day. Have a look at the BnS youtube website videos for tournaments, and scroll around looking for pjeb or Brotherbill (for BD) and Ryuki or Virus (for Sin).
  10. Deciding on a Class

    Hmm, do I understand you right in that your question is not so much about the skill mechanics but more about how the playstyle feels? Not sure exactly if this will answer your question, but here some comments on possible class choices: Blademaster: Lots of blades, but doing a lot of tanking in PvE and in PvP the feeling is more one of: Wait...wait...a gap!--> STRIKE!> dead. Bladedancer: Swords alright. No tanking needed. Very aggressive, but you must not mind to be 4 feet tall. Also the aggression feels a bit like you are making fun of your enemy: whipping him with lots of slashes, knocking him back down just when he tries to stand up, force grabbing him and pierce him with lots of flying swords... Destroyer: Not a sword, but a huge axe. Feels very aggressive, but slow. You have a lot of physical dominance: you can be 9 feet tall, have a lot of ragdoll moves. Hell, you can even lift up 20 ton bosses and piledrive them. But, well, slow. They do have skills like Fury, though, if you like to go ham. Assassin: Dagger as blade. Fast, but in a complicated way. Stealth, but you are actually faster during stealth, so no creeping around trying to backstab people, but rather ninja move behind people and burst them to death. Definite thumbs up if you like to make people feel helpless. All the other classes have no blades so I did not mention them. Well you could add KFM if you use some gauntlet weapon skin with lots of blades on it if you are into that. KFM is a lot about dodging and stunning your opponent though. It's when they are out of escapes is when you go real aggro on them, but half of those moves are kicks, not punches...
  11. Elysian orbs

    F5 *joking* but tbh if I need them I always get them from market. They seem to come out of higher tier dungeon loot boxes, but I would love to know myself if there is a place where they drop in larger quantities...
  12. Where to get Alpine Ring?

    I think it used to drop from purple Silverfrost dungeons, like Yeti Lair. But I think you could also get it from Heaven's Mandate.
  13. Summoner pvp

    BnS has a relatively awkward learning curve for beginners. The skill and CC interactions are complex, and different match ups require very different strategies. It's not enough to leanr your own class, you need to learn each individual match. KFM vs SUM is different to KFM vs SIN, different to SUM vs SIN etc. So it takes ages until matches feel consistent. The best advice I feel is to single out the matches that give you a headache and ask for someone to spar with you on that one. You will notice how much fun this can suddenly be and how much better you will do just after one hour. :)
  14. Abusing loading times in arena.

    This is a technical issue but I totally agree it's still not sufficiently fixed. I can sometimes just flurry-aerial people with lag at the start of a game. I can also move before I even see myself. :/
  15. Add Surrender option

    And then people like me who never press surrender would get flamed. Minus one from me.