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  1. And here it is again, since last night Xigncode won't load if using NOPing. First it started 2months ago, but helped if i changed settings from "Routing Process" to "Routing Raw", now none of the options work. Why does Xigncode keep messing NOPing? Anyone found a solution? I still have 3 months on my Noping sub, would hate for that money to go to waste, cause of this damn Xigncode trash.
  2. The Founder Title (Recommend to Redesign)

    I like this idea, been playing since closed beta and bought founder's pack, it's good the title is unique, but wearing it, doesn't make me glad I supported the game since start. Especially now that people are walking around with nice and special titles, some of which are only obtainable if you're lucky with rng (sapphire wings, hongmoon feather) which is kinda stupid but ok. Why doesn't the hongmoon feather from premium subscription give nice and shiny title? So support the game from start, support the game with subscription and get nothing special, but crit lucky in trove and you're running around with special title? Definitely sends wrong message about supporting the game and being loyal...
  3. Treasuere tove a rip off or not?

    970keys, no dyad gems, 3x 3star crit, one of those was the mentioned prisms, other two were gilded gems. Well since previous (3-4) troves i didn't get any 3stars in hundred keys, I'm kinda glad i got them this trove at least, but the chance for 2star crits was 100% lowered. I could go through 50-60keys and not get 2star, other than guaranteed one, bad move NC, really bad. Maybe in their logic they thought let's nerf crits, so existing players buy more, to compensate for the lost playerbase, but trust me, that only makes the ones that still continue to support you, angry and less prepared to spend more. I definitely learned my lesson, I'm not gonna spend hundreds of euros anymore for this kinda %. I mean seriously that's hundreds of euros on a game and in the end very little to show for it. Your logic is distorted and not in touch with your playerbase, please get your act together, before it's too late, if it's not already.
  4. 2018/12/12 maintenance

    While you're trying to fix F2, can you please also fix the disgustingly low crit chance of 2star crits in this trove? Off course warriors will come and defend, but I use hundreds, sometimes over thousands trove keys, every trove since the very first one and this one is 100% nerfed in that area, shame on you. And for those that are gonna scream RNG, smart people know rng is mathematically impossible to do on computer, so go away. NCsoft controls the rates.
  5. Xigncode will not launch

    Are you running NOping by any chance? Stopped working for me too recently (wouldn't load) had to change Noping setting from "Routing process" to "Routing Raw" otherwise Xigncode wouldn't load. Not sure what changed, but had to do that in order to play. Maybe if you're using another VPN, there is similar setting or something.
  6. EU servers unstable again..

    We had our TT raid during it and it was unbearable. Almost every Sunday, Jinsoyun decides to lag and don't get me wrong, spikes rest of the days of the week too.
  7. Treasure trove bugged

    Friend did 800 keys, not a single 3star. I'm currently at 250 no 3star yet, so please stop with the rng excuse, it got old long ago. This is robbery, plain and simple and no wonder we lost 90% playerbase. Soon rest will have enough and you can talk to yourself on the forums and game...
  8. Blade & Soul development - Warrior Class

    I'm happy it only took 2 months from Korea to West on Warrior (Warden). Hope next update in line for Korea is porting to UE4, imo that might be the only thing capable of saving this game, unless it's ported poorly and we get little or no benefits. Playing this game since CB, bought Founder's pack and paying for premium since start, but last few months i just can't stand the poor performance anymore during raids. Affects my skill in raids and upgrading PC didn't do much. Raids are pretty much only thing fun, left to do in this game and can't enjoy it because of all the ping spikes, jitters and various other crap. Sad...
  9. Appearance change voucher on 3 month premium

    My 3 month premium renewed yesterday and I didn't get the voucher, where is it supposed to be? In-game chest? I'm guessing I'm eligible for it? Thought I'd ask before I opened a ticket.
  10. No wonder no one cares. I just did few matches after a month and got stomped and kicked around like punching bag at 1500 elo. Every win or two I'd meet lvl48 that played godlike and kicked me back on ladder. I'm not that great, but not that bad either, used to be 1600-1650 usualy. Ok so I thought I'd go few 3vs3, since I was 1590 and thought to get gold before season end. Pretty much same team almost always, with 1 guy carrying full matches. 2 of opponents played bad, but that one guy carried them easily and after 2h I'm at 1510. At this point I don't really care anymore, used to enjoy arena, but they can just remove it from the game, for all I care.
  11. Server down

    It's always ALWAYS, only Jinsoyun. Angry doesn't even begin to describe how I feel.
  12. I'd pay good money to watch that stream. They LFP as duo and get 4x HM10's and opponents are full pvp geared. Would be fun to watch and to listen to comments. Make it happen please!!
  13. I've seen that happening a lot, they ask for 1.1k and someone joins with 50 atk less - kick. Seriously how much difference do you think it will make in overall dps of the group. 50 less attack in 6.6k combined AP? Stupid. My main is at 1.3k AP and lot of times i join 1k+ groups, just to help out. Also it's even more fun, since the boss doesn't die in 30sec. True, most of the time, I like fast and efficient runs, but not for NS,IF,EL. Those are old dungs and with just 1 "whale" in group, you simply can't fail, so why not take less geared people and help out? I blame "millenials" because most kids today, just lack common decency, empathy and goodwill towards others, especially in BnS community.
  14. Best Way to Farm Navigator's belt?

    I dropped that belt more than couple of times from first 2 bosses, so just farm that if you can't beat Slashimi.
  15. About soul burst TT Boss1

    All they would have to do is move that effect from person to something else that would work too (area, boss, dunno). Not sure why NC didn't think of it. How badly their client is optimized, playing without CTRL-F in raids is a nightmare and shouldn't be required.