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  1. What do I do with leftover souls and pet auras?

    I can see that both you and the OP are still very new to this game. Well, you're in for a trip. Let me tell you, in this game everything you upgrade and put time into will eventually become worthless and almost free for new players. I've been here for 2 years, I've gone through numerous upgrades and later have developers turn then almost worthless by reducing the upgrade costs immensly. But I wasn't complaining, I upgraded my items fully knowing one day there will be reduction coming, but I needed that upgrade at that moment so I didn't hesitate- and they served me well. See, it's hard to take you seriously if you say you're not complaining, while using words like "useless" and "I've wasted/put so much time into those resources." You're clearly complaining. Trust me I've read the OP's post very clearly and I can understand he's grateful but he's still complaining so it's kind of mixed signals there. Really there's only 2 things he could do with the "useless, wasted mat old items." Either keep them in case he in future seals the superior items and send to his/hers new alt/main and just have a backup in the pocket, OR just simply delete them. It's really that simple! It wasn't necessary to make a thread about this because really, what else can players suggest him? We're not here to make decision for him between those 2 choices, I'm sure the OP is old enough to decide on his own. Lastly, after given the more superior items, OP now came to forums to demand a some sort of system that turns his old "useless" items back into materials? What the hell is he thinking? This game doesen't work like that and never will. Just be happy with what you got and move on. Trash the old items or do what ever, but don't ever expect to recieve superior item and THEN DEMAND a refun for your old ones. Not in BnS.
  2. What do I do with leftover souls and pet auras?

    Are you serious with this thread? This event is not only about you. This is aimed at new people to help them catch up to vets. This is aimed at vets to help their alts get an amazing upgrade with out having to spend a ton on yet another character apart from their mains. This is aimed at anyone who did not have neither an awakened soul or pet aura. Those items were handed out literally for free, having to put just a little time into the game, like they would anyways. NCwest is giving us those amazing catch-up events and this is nothing to take for granted. Not only does it benefit literally every existing player but it's also the perfect pickup time for NEW people that the game so desperately needs to keep the flow fresh and game alive. AND THEN THERE IS YOU. Can't think of anyone else but yourself. They literally handed you two items worth more than 10,000 gold and saving you probably 8000 gold, AND YOU STILL COMPLAIN? You upgraded your old items because you felt the need for it at the time, and they probably server you well and helped you a bunch, so tell me again, how was it a waste of resources? Now shut this bullshit. And if next time you're so against such handouts, just don't participate? Simple as that. No free item- nothing to complain about. ,
  3. What happen to Naksun 10 moonstone bundle

    About 270 runs in after patch, 0 bundles. To think that the community manager had the decency to say that nothing was changed shows a great deal about how they look at their playerbase- a bunch of monkeys with creditcards.
  4. What happen to Naksun 10 moonstone bundle

    I agree with everyone in this thread. 10-moonstones bundle used to drop from Naksun every 10-30 runs. I've done over 150 runs since False Idols patch and only seen 1 bundle. Way to treat your customers! Nothing but lies.
  5. Trove heptagonal gems not existed

    900 keys and 0 heptas here
  6. combat record...

    The argument "To have people flaming at each other in every single party? No thanks..." is getting a tad old. In my 9 months of gaming I've probably come across only one person who had something to say about someone's low dps. People generally never do that. And if they don't do that in hard modes or any other place where DPS meter is displayed, why would people assume normal mode is any different? If someone's salty enough to flame someone for their low dps, they'd do that regardless of whether it's normal mode or hard mode.
  7. Frozen Jade (Cerulean) recruiting

    We are an old and active level 15 Cerulean clan, originally from Windrest server and we're looking for new and fresh recruits! This is a quite casual clan with a very tight group of people who above all just try to enjoy the game. To enter our ranks, you'll need to meet a few requirements: 850+ AP Main characters only MSP SS Draken Neck Activity both in-game and Discord Be independent. Meaning don't expect to be carried all over the world with the help of this clan. If you want to recieve, be able to give. Basic knowledge of the game and the mechanics. We're a social and friendly clan and with that we encourage everyone to use Discord as it is out main tool of communication. Which is also the main requirement I'll ask from new recruits (You do not need a mic). Importartant to note that we put quite an emphasis on BT raid with the oldest members and try to give a chance for newer members aswell. We've been actively clearing BT for almost 4 months now and our main raid has grown to be quite an experienced one. Currently we only got a single raid but we're working towards 3-4 full raids once 12m raids arrive. With this, we can't promise much raiding for new recruits until the update arrives or if by any chance we can fill 2 full 24m raids for the time being. VT is something we'll hope to conquer in September and will probably only be a select few people. To join or if you got any questions, either leave a message here on PM CashCow or Miho in-game.
  8. Thank you NCSoft

    RIP f2p players. RIP market. This game just went p2w at its finest.
  9. Fix 6v6 Crashing

    I feel ya ... I've had 2 disconnects which totally rekt my score and class rank ... While I approve of the system and understand that quitters must be punished, it also punishes those who get unexpected internet errors ...
  10. Is there a trove this season?

    I'm guessing the reason they don't announce the events ahead anymore is because they've learned that every word they say has huge effect on the economy of the game. Heck, even rumors about trove have killed the market for mats already. There was no tweets of Jonathan saying that kind of stuff, but he did tweet quite a while ago that spring trove will indeed happen in spring this time.
  11. Pvp now..

    FM or make a summoner if you really want to dominate 6v6 pvp.
  12. I also don't understand how is that even possible to accidentally upgrade to that weapon.
  13. Event and potential profit math

    This event being so ridiculously unfair was already obvious from the start. Since day 2 of the event, people were already reporting making 500g a day off the special boxes. This event truly is stuck behind a paywall for vast majority of the players, as you really need to have a good gear and at least an awakened soul to get the burst off since the boss dies in just mere seconds. Gear is everything in this event. It really is sad, that the people who are already so geared up can so easily farm thousands if not tens of thousands of gold with this event, while the poor will stay poor. This event is a disgrace and once again goes to show that the people who made this event clearly don't even play this game. I think everyone should have a fair chance to make gold with this event and farm the bosses, not only those who have good gear ...
  14. Suggestion : make 6V6 keys more available

    This was actually asked in Twitter yesterday or 2 days ago, Jonathan responded by saying it will not get changed.
  15. At least pretend to be adressing WWV team balance issues

    Sadly the game has come so far that the 6v6 battleground really is only for the most geared and richest players. I am constantly getting called a dead weight and so many other things, because I have no raven weapon and no BT accessories. However despite all the inbalance I have to deal with, I keep on trying to do my best and win my battles. It's a hard thing to fix. I guess one way to fix this would be to introduce gear score to the game. This would take into account all your equipped items. Upon entering 6v6 battleground, you'd get placed into bracelets based on your current gear score and the gear you're wearing, and then be locked to that score and gear - thus avoiding people from abusing this by entering battles with low gear and then switching to their BT gear. Ofcourse it would be more in depth because it would also need to take into account battlegroudn rank (bronze, silver, gold etc.) but obviously implementing something like this probably wont fit into this game as it would just feed the elitism of the majority of this community.