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  1. Suggestion for weekly dungeon resets

    Like other said, it is to prevent players getting carried by experienced players. Even the experienced players (who cleared the raid already for the week) don't get the loot, they can technically sell the raid for golds. So, the buyers can get all the loots, but have to pay the price for all or partial of the loots to the sellers. Imagine that people can still re-do the raid (but with no drops) non-stop, they can earn thousand of golds in a day by doing this.
  2. F10 and trove?!

    Yes, there is a BM tanker in my clan who is very busy in his life. He barely gets on to play on weekend. Now, he just gets dragon forge weapon stage 3 just from troving (he doesn't even PVP) and raven 9 all the way to aransu stage 9 (yes, he just got his husk last night).
  3. Then, why don't you host your own party and post "CS: looking for any"? When you are party leader, you can go in whenever you want. LFP is a gamble and sometimes you will be stuck there for a long time if the dungeon is not part of the daily quest list.
  4. Put Premium Transformation Stone in F5 ASAP

    PTS are so expensive now because they opened aransu weapon to stage 9. People are rushing to stage 9 lol.
  5. There is AP buff for the dungeons, I think for DT, EC, and NF because of the events.
  6. One of the most broken updates ever ?

    Not sure if it is a co-incident. Yesterday in Nova Core, I didn't see as many gunners as before. Maybe they are working at new macro script? XD Anyways, I have a gunner alt too. To be honest, I don't feel much difference in term of playing. Now, I just have to press 4 first before tab. Also, you can press 4 x3 times to mark multiple targets at once for aoe or longer tab effect. In 1vs1, it doesn't change much. In group fight, now gunner have to be smart and react fast to do big damage.
  7. One of the most broken updates ever ?

    If you all are following up with KR patches, you would have noticed this changed happened like 6-9 months ago already. It is not something new. Also, even if they make the statement more clearly in the patch note, what would you do yesterday or the day before? Re-roll?
  8. One of the most broken updates ever ?

    They changed in KR quite a while ago. This is to prevent people to accidentally use airborne when they want to reload (lmb). So, they moved airbone to other key. What's wrong with that sentence? It just states that you have to use 4 on the target first (to get the target marked), then you can press tab and bulletstorm on the marked target). what do you confused about? This was the change in KR server as well.
  9. Trove procs.. or lack of.

    lol..typical post in trove event. In every trove event, there has to be some player crying about the procs rate.
  10. WL can 1 shot depend on if they have VT sb badge or not. Black Wing is OP in PVP. Without iframes, you die in few seconds. But still, gunner is still OP in bg no matter what due to their mobility and high burst fire power.
  11. skypearl earring is for PVP because you want to have the critical defense and debuff damage from skypearl in PVP. Debuff damage >>>> elemental damage in PVP. For PVE, just switch back to your BT earring.
  12. People Afkin in Lair? Report them

    It is pointless. They won't do anything about the afkers. I have sent numerous tickets to the support with many screenshots about the afkers who afk for the whole dungeon, but bidded on the last boss' loot. Guess what? They are still running around in this game like nothing happened. I guess they need at least 100+ reports on the SAME player who afk in the dungeon. Then, maybe they will do something about that player.
  13. Wind Blade Dancer

    Do you have VT badge for wind bd? That is quit alot of aoe damage boost. I feel that Wind BD is good for group fight. (VT badge aoe damage around the user) and the rolling typhoons can hit multiple players at once. Lighting BD is more for 1vs1.
  14. Why nerf Gunners?

    Yes. Any class can tank, but majority of the range class players don't want to tank? Why? It is because if they tank, they can't use script and they have to actually know the boss's attack pattern and click on the buttons. Then, you will see a big DPS difference when they tank and when they just DPS. Instead, they can just stand far out from boss and press 1 button and let the script do all the skill rotation.
  15. This is not exactly the case. Sometimes, this is true; Sometimes, it is not. The low rank player can quene into high rank group as well. It depends on luck really. This game can't tell if the person leaves the match on purpose or disconnect from game or client crash. It treats all the same. I don't know what do you mean by this. In this game, it can't tell or distinguish whether the players quit the match on purpose or disconnect or client crash. With your suggestion, it is not fair for the people who disconnect or have client crash. Even with 20 elo rank points deduction as of now, it is already considered a lot of punishment. I don't mind it changed back to 30 points deduction; however, there were a lot of players complaining about the punishment being too heavy before. That's why they changed to 20 points deductions. There is no points to change it back and forth. Just yesterday during frenzy bg period, I disconnected 3 times in beluga (x2) and nova (x1) even though my team was winning before I disconnected and I got my -20 (total -60) elo rank deduction already with 0 BP gained, plus the time wasted. Also, there is a bug in "coming back" to the match after you disconnect. It is when you are killed or dead in battleground before you disconnect from game, after you log back in, you can't join back the battleground match because you have to press 4 to get back up. After the loading screen of pressing 4, the rejoin button will disappear. This needs to be fixed. There were numerous times I logged back into game in time, but couldn't join back BG match due to this bug.
  16. IS THAT A JOKE !!

    None of the dungeons require BT gear to clear? Wow...just wow....maybe you can make a video with a full baleful gear players with storyline quest accessories to clear normal mode in SSM dungeon. If you can clear, I believe your words. Well...the only way to get into HM dungeons for the non-BT gear players are the time when F2 is broken. haha....
  17. ^ These people already have a huge amount of legendary elements and jewelries stock in their inventory from previous trove events. Of course, this change doesn't concern them at all. There are also people who don't PVP at all, so they don't even have to get and upgrade the PVP accessories. So, in theory, they are already done with their BT accessories. Of course, this change doesn't concern them as well. If I am in 1 of these 2 kinds of players, I would also be eating popcorns and saying this change is good.
  18. RIP with Rift

    Well...for gear revert, it needs to be within 1 week since upgrade and if you are F2P player, then you only can revert one of your gear ONCE in a life time. I have seen some players revert their gears multiple times, but obviously, they did spend a lot money in this game. Raven is cheaper now because there were a lot of crying from people saying raven gears were too expensive to upgrade and BT content is getting old now. Also, nowadays, it seems like "based on the devs's perspective", non-raid PVE weapon upgrade should be more expensive than the raid PVE weapon. If you look at the new weapon path (such as dragonstorm weapon) in parallel to aransu weapon, the new weapon path upgrade is also a lot more time-consuming and expensive than aransu weapon. So, I don't see any cost reduction coming within at least next 6 months for the non-raid weapon path since we got the new non-raid weapon path a month ago.
  19. Actually, HM level doesn't correspond to experience. I have seen a lot of HM13+ doesn't know a single mech in DT, EC, NF, NS, etc. Maybe leveling is a bit too easy nowadays to reach HM13+? HM8- doesn't mean they are not experience. In fact, they may be just alts from the players who played this game since beta.
  20. Trash class oscar goes to Force master

    Why do people care about DPS so much? You don't get extra reward for being on top of the DPS meter. It is just about feeding the player's ego. That's all about it. Bad DPS = not welcome to dungeon party? this a joke? FM is needed everywhere rather it is in 12m raid or in F8 dungeons. In conclusion, just play whatever class you like to play. There is no best class as this game occasionally do class balance once every few months. Sometime, you get nerfed; sometimes, you get buffed.
  21. In this game, HM level has no meaning. HM 8 lv55 player can have full vt gear while HM 15 lv55 can have baleful and story line quest gears.
  22. AP Requirement is not the problem.

    It is because majority of the players in these AP range know that the failure rate for the dungeon will be higher if the party is full of similar AP players. They know clearly in their heart and that's why they tried to get into higher AP party, but constantly got kicked out and that's why this post exists. People have been mentioning that back in the old days this, back in the old day that...yes, we all came from baleful/seraph days. However, remember that we all had to learn the mech in each dungeons inside out and did the mech perfectly in order to clear the dungeons. Nowadays, do people still do mech in the normal mode? Yesterday, there were few people (even raven gear players) asked me how to get the DT 2nd boss down to floor so quick. This is just an example why people fail or lazy or doesn't want to learn to do mech. In fact, it is party of the game company fault that they nerf down the normal mode into child play. There was once I lfp'ed into DT dungeon with my alt with 850AP and I saw the whole party was between 800-950AP. Okay, sine it was DT normal mode and there was no mech and I had some time, so I just continued with the group. Then, I found out that we didn't have enough DPS for last boss because of 2 reasons. First reason was people didn't know how to do mech. So, they just faced eating the lighting and stand far away from boss, so in the end, the boss wasn't doing any self-damaging mech. Second reason was people faced eating all the damage such as no party iframe/self iframe for aoe, didn't know what to know when they had fire debuff countdown on them, standing in the lava, etc. So, in the end, people just kept on dying. Obviously, with this low DPS group, dying and lying on the floor for the rest of the fight was not an option. That's why the boss reached enrage time. After that, all the people left the dungeon immediately without even trying one more and obviously there was no way to recruit new people because new people couldn't finish the daily quests (missing 1st and 2nd bosses). It was a total waste of time. So, I believe this happened to a lot of low AP players before too and they don't want it to happen to them. (running a dungeon for 30min+ and finally couldn't finish it.) So, they just try to get into higher AP group.
  23. About Hard Mode

    This change is so....stupid? For the people who can run hard mode, they have to have raven gears already or else do you think they would even let the baleful/seraph players to go into their party for hard mode? For the people who have raven gears, 99.9% of the players already have 8 sets raven ss. What's the points of giving more raven ss? For BT accessories, is a good thing, but 600 hellions core? um....and for most of the people who can run hard mode in these dungeons, they are already very experience in them and have full set of BT accessories already. Also, I have a feeling that the drop rate of the new items are still below 0.1% like all other legendary accessories from these dungeons. So, why don't they just put the BT accessory in the BT merchant instead? If they really want to give better rewards in these hard mode dungeons, how about give us more mats such as a guarantee bundle of 5 moonstones, 5 soulstones, 5 sacred orbs, OR 5 elysian orbs in a RNG box OR even increase the rate of the RNG gold chest? At least everyone would be benefit from running the hard mode.
  24. Trash class oscar goes to Force master

    um....people wants FM to have top DPS while having all those sheaths and projectile resist? Also, in a 6 second battle, if you compare to other classes with True Ascendant Soul, obviously, you will have lower DPS. True cosmic soul is for pro-longed fight. You should try to compare the DPS in a 59 seconds battle.
  25. Well...expect the soulstone and sacred orbs price to keep increasing after patch. So, this option will be way more than 31g per element/jewelry after the patch.