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  1. Arena Question

    So I was a BnS founder and played until early 2016 before I quit and I was thinking about coming back but there have been a lot of changes in the past 1.5-2 years. My question is in arena do you now have access to all the skills even if you dont have the hongmoon book yet? Any other arena changes? Do pets or the new Hongmoon level points affect anything or is it still completely balanced in arena?
  2. Haven't played in awhile, but just to chime in Blade and Soul is number 10 most played PC games in Korea (with overwatch being #1 and LoL being #2) and it's the #2 game from NCSoft with Lineage 1 being the #1 game (population and revenue) in Korea. So I doubt they're going to die regardless of if they change stuff, Aion is super old and it's the #13 game in Korea and the NA servers are still around even though the population has been low for a long time.
  3. Should I return?

    So I was pretty hyped about this game before release, bought max founders pack and spent a $150-$250 on the first treasure trove event. How is the game now? Ill list my concerns: Population: Is it doing ok? I took a break between May and October and it looked REALLY dead. Like 15-20 min queues in dungeon finder. My main issue was arena though, it seemed like it really suffered after the streamers left. Tons of bots and very few people even in the rankings compared to back when I would be top 10-20 WL. Arena: Like I said population in arena was pretty low even though it's cross server. How's it doing, still lots of bots and the occasional hackers? PvE: Just didn't appeal to me before not really sure why. Maybe it all felt the same with a few different mechanics. Is it similar to awhile ago back when asura, yeti and cold storage came out? Nothing really game changing added? P2W: Not really a big deal since I can drop cash to catch up but has it gotten worse? Heard there's Treasure Trove events once to twice a month now. Any new features added in the past few months? Saw Mushin tower extended and that 2nd tower added, anything else?
  4. How is the game population?

    The main issue I mentioned was 10+ minute queue times for F8 and F9 lobbies, thats way too long considering theyre both cross server.
  5. How is the game population?

    U mean itll eat bns alive
  6. How is the game population?

    So I keep seeing these posts about the game being dead and I'm wondering if I should even bother coming back. I've played this game since the 2nd CBT all the way until around May and then I had to take a break for real life issues for about 3 months. When I came back in July the population was SUPER low compared to when I had left. 1. All the top streamers had left and were playing other games like Overwatch or WoW 2. 10 min queues for simple dungeons in F8 where all the servers are linked 3. 10 min+ queues at higher ranks in pvp and on some streams they wouldnt even get a fight at all in high gold after 15-20 minutes 4. No one talking in faction chat 5. Significantly less people in the main areas, especially Zaiwei I think there's more I'm forgetting but for me the main issues were the 10 minute plus queues in cross-server match ups because that shows that the entire population on all the servers has gone down, both pvp and pve. So I'm just wondering if this has changed at all or if it's still the same? I really love this game because it really has the best combat out of any of the games I've ever played but good combat is pointless in an MMO if there's no one to play with.
  7. Na B&S censored or uncensored?

    NO clothing is censored, stop spreading false rumors when you can't even bother to look up the information yourself. All of our costumes are exactly the same in Korea, the only region with censored costumes is China and that's because of censorship LAWS and the game wouldn't be out there without the censorship.
  8. If you think p2w and pay to progress faster are the same thing, well I guess you have some learning to do. The point of "p2w" being a problem is when you have an advantage against other players and until we get 6v6 that isn't going to be an issue because no one pvps open world right now especially with faction imbalances and all the pvp in arena is balanced. And for anyone who hates the event would you like to explain why besides the fact that you're salty you had to grind for stuff and other people can get it quick (with RNG luck). This event has dropped a lot of prices which f2p players should be happy about,not complaining for.
  9. Yea they do drop here, its just very rare. Remember you can buy them from the achievement vendor in Zaiwei for 10 Naryu Silver each.
  10. Clan Names - Limitation on Spaces

    This is the right place, but they already know that people want that and said they are working with developers to change that and the maximum clan size so we just have to wait for the KR devs to do it for us. It was the same thing with mailing shop costumes and they KR devs did it for us with these stamps (we're the first region with it) so just give it some time.
  11. Pirate Coins - Subtle NcSoft

    Yea probably missed that, but even so I was just trying to say its a good thing and if pirate bracelet/belt can only be obtained now with emblems since people don't run old content its even better because you can just skip that content by buying NCoin or buying it from someone else with gold.
  12. WL should rarely lose to BM matchups since they can break block 3 times and keep distance by branding the BM and kiting them slowly. If you aren't using the middle row of dragoncall with the 2 points in HM (zen bean) to pierce block then you're not playing against BMs correctly.
  13. Since the update all is worse in pvp

    No I actually do not even have a summoner, Warlock is Ruby Jones now rank 25 (2180) since I've been on break with bad internet but if ranks are what dictates how "good" a class is then you can call any class not at #1 bad. I'm not saying WL are OP, I'm just saying they're fine where they are right now besides their few glitches where skills don't work. If you want to see some good warlock play just watch Carthh on twitch (#1 WL in NA) or Nodah who streams from JP or KR severs. There really aren't any "weak" classes in the game, there's just some that require a little more effort to play at the same level. WL isn't in the top of rankings right now, and we all know that but rankings also include win traders and aren't accurate against skill versus all of the classes because they may just be getting 1-2 classes in the high ranks. But like I said I'm not saying WL is OP, I'm just saying people need to stop complaining it was "nerfed" when it can still play just fine. As for people saying look at the low amount of WL in the rankings for other regions, thats simply because a lot of people quit after the changes because they didn't like them. So a lot of the high level warlocks (like the world champion last year) are no longer playing warlock and getting high rankings.
  14. Nerf SIN vs KFM

    Well i can already tell you that you're playing wrong if you decide to tab as soon as you're webbed, then they can bait you everytime and 100-0 you since you wasted tab for nothing.