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  1. Hmm. Ok . Thanks to explain.Was not know it..!!
  2. I have tested all gems ,all gems Works properly but Amber gems Have not seen any hp gainings .Something is wrong ! Anyone any idea ,whats is trouble with amber gems.?https://youtu.be/wUGXqw4goBk
  3. İf 57 Ap noting meaning for you ,why you spend thousands coins for Hongmoon energy Soul’s or gems? AP effect everything ,to your gems,souls ,to your damage,Critical damage rate, even hp drain..Are you sacrifice all of them for only 10 sec. ?I sacrifice if difference 30 Ap or less,but 57 Ap so much.!
  4. Yes thats subject there is 57 Ap difference between new Pve Aransu weapon .At last we need for our Pvp weapon new upgrade route ; İts could be more AP or Critical def or anything else ..We spend time,Money lot of effort, for this weapon ! I dont like to see my weapon weaker agains new Pve weapon when I make PVP in Battleground . I spend double time double coin for PVP and PVE weapon ..Reward musnt be like this.That couse me Think feel my self ,, silly ! But I know its not my mistakes,that oddity completley belong to stupid game devolopers.!
  5. I'm absolutely agree with you.Why people out of the game .Since years noting changed Ncsoft games..We just like korean version of game . Same items same rules .Ncsoft must stop suck NA/Eu players..
  6. Ascendant PVP weapon not worthy anymore front of new PVE weapons. Any one seen before any game in the World; PVP weapons get much weaker than PVE weapons when in PVP ..?? Ascendant Weapon(Stage 6 483 AP) already was weaker if you compare Raven weapons (stage 9 508 AP) Now new PVE weapon Aransu 540 AP ! I asking Ncsoft what we do our PVP weapon throw away or put in a collection .? I realy very regret I spend thousands coins/Ncoins for garbage PVP weapon .Thats makes us realy upset even hate the to our loved game . Aransu weapon –Stage 6 540 ap ( PVE) >Raven weapon-Stage 9 50
  7. Rare Elements completely "RNG" . I opened more than 20 Artisian Chest ,believe me cant get even 1 Rare element ..And daily reward challenge chests give me only 1 gold since 2 weeks . That only RNG and I hate it ,its not equal..Every opened chest couse of to curse my fate .Realy I'm not happy..Now I cant craft since 2 weeks because jammed for rare element ,I'm not trying profit for craft ; just I need untradeable Masterwork items for my own weapon.Untradeable items should not need RARE ELEMENT ..
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