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  1. You say Hallucination is wintrading when you have the same time stamp as your "alt clan" and look at the date. You queued on the 18th into your own clan and stopped queuing completely. Meanwhile the clan above you queued on the 30th and FINALLY caught up to the amount of points that you wintraded to. Before you start claiming another clan is wintrading, you need to check your own clan. Thanks man appreciate it. https://imgur.com/a/95WVT Btw I'm in Hallucination and there is a core group of 6 people that queue 6v6 for the clan. Just 6 people so there is no wintrading going on unlike wowbit
  2. It's the compensation man. Did you no read? It's not the fix. The fix is fairly simple I'm sure of. They have to get permission from KR first before doing anything drastic like giving out free keys and stuff. Just be patient dude. If anything, they might extend trove which will be amazing *_*
  3. I think it's more so the compensation and how they'll roll that out.
  4. I'm sorry destroyers aren't top DPS. You make it seem like their burst DPS isn't insane :thinking:
  5. Fire BM most braindead build ever released 4Head
  6. I did. The guy is spot on. The strongest classes are destroyer sin wl bm. but you said BM and BD didn't make it to the finals. 2 KFMs made it to the finals. Do you see what direction I'm going towards [content moderated by Amraith]?
  7. So was KFM so does that mean it's op? :thinking: your logic is invalid. [content moderated by Amraith]..
  8. Ugh a bunch of destroyers complaining about their DPS in PVE when they don't realize their class is a super burst class. I've seen destroyer DPS go to 300k but drop to 80k. And that doesn't prove that destroyer DPS is 11-13% less. That picture doesn't have the AP they had. I'm pretty sure they all didnt have the same exact AP with the same exact ping. 100k DPS is actually pretty good for a class like that. Quit complaining about your classes DPS in PVE or reroll.
  9. I've never seen anyone in my clan kick a destroyer because they're a destroyer. It's legit either you're too potato or you're trying to run with elitist and you need to find a new group.
  10. LUL you should try SF and fight Arashel or Cellular or even Sanctioned which rarely plays. You'll see a different light to things. It's legit one of the dumbest matchups. Power 100-0 combos...Let's talk about destroyers having 2 escapes? Do you want to mention that? How about typhoon that makes it so I cannot do a single ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ thing against them? 5 sec immune gets broken if they typhoon on it with no punishment. Oh you want to block as a SF? It's not an actual elbow smash like KFM, instead its a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ counter. So let me just hold down the F button as a destroyer and knee your counter
  11. + I play soul fighter so you argument is completely invalid Kappa .
  12. AGREE <3 I just love when you can just spin the entire time till emberstomp comes up then stall with stoneshield.
  13. I'm almost level 50! I've been leveling for about 8 months now and I'm level 42 please help.
  14. In KR, its all about 1 shotting the other person. If you think this is bad, it gets worse :) I have 3k crit def but that doesnt mean shit if I get hit by something that can hit a total of 100k. In KR hitting a 100k is common LOL
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