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  1. You say Hallucination is wintrading when you have the same time stamp as your "alt clan" and look at the date. You queued on the 18th into your own clan and stopped queuing completely. Meanwhile the clan above you queued on the 30th and FINALLY caught up to the amount of points that you wintraded to. Before you start claiming another clan is wintrading, you need to check your own clan. Thanks man appreciate it. https://imgur.com/a/95WVT Btw I'm in Hallucination and there is a core group of 6 people that queue 6v6 for the clan. Just 6 people so there is no wintrading going on unlike wowbit
  2. Exaration

    PvP gear

    It'd be pretty awesome to have something like GW2. Basically where you pick what soulshields you use for 6v6. Like some people want more crit def while others want more evasion or block or piercing. That'd make 6v6 alot more active if people were just able to pick up their gear and go. I know that kinda defeats the purpose of working for your gear to show it off in 6v6, but its just a thought. Maybe make a unranked and ranked 6v6. Something like 3v3 except you can spar the other team and compete against each other. That sounds like an option. Then you could also have 6v6 tournaments and things
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