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  1. i agree too, and i wonder if costume is still dropped
  2. Many thanks! I don't expect to win every match vs fm, but at least if i manage well q/e , self chi + 2 i shouldn't got destroyed I'm gettin used to sins, it seems bottom ladder is full of them, not to mention summoners Regarding hm skills, as long as i'm not at least gold, i don't know if it's either cheaper and faster getting them through pve. I didn't used any of my beans so far.
  3. Hi guys, started pvp with sf and i need some advices! Sadly i dont't have any hm skill yet and this is a big problem for sf. i'm quite a noob, as soon as i'm about 1500-1550 i'm start loosing. However i doesn't care that much about the ladder, at least for now. My ping goes from 150 to 180 ms more or less with some bad spikes occasionaly. That said, my biggest issues are certain classes, sin and fm in particular. Vs FMs: i've literally no idea how to deal with them without hm block. Always either chilled or frozed, whenever i got free with q/s or ss they chill me again jus
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