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  1. Ground counters

    I dont know about others but me as well as other kung fu masters have experienced a bug when we stun someone as soon as they use the ground counter, and that allows them to counter us on the hit after the stun. This has happen a lot of times to me when I use tremor as soon as they hit the ground.
  2. The RNG is beyond rigged

    Update: 1.7k essences / 40g+ Used, 0 outfit from the wheel of fate. Lmao.
  3. The RNG is beyond rigged

    Because of me the nighshade essences went from 3 silver to 6 on this evening. RNGesus hates me :(
  4. The RNG is beyond rigged

    700 Nightshade essences and 0 fashion outfit. I dont know what to say about it.
  5. Summoner Counter

    #Lost Lmao Wrong spec
  6. Summoner Counter

    Also I just checked from a friend of mine and it doesnt say invulnerability nowhere in the skill info.
  7. Summoner Counter

    I know what invulnerability is. But the game only tells me to use that skill when it is able to go through the defensive skill, that's the thing.
  8. Summoner Counter

    You trully dont understand, I dont care if it is a counter, is still a defensive move and the skill as it says should be able to go through it.
  9. Summoner Counter

    Exactly cathead. The game tells me to press F and as I have the spec, it should pierce it. The own game tells me to use the skill that means that the dandelion is actually a defensive move, which my skill is able to pierce through.
  10. Summoner Counter

    all I read is you swearing for your mom bae.
  11. Summoner Counter

    How childish can you be. Im not having problems, im just here looking for an answer on why they get invisible after that skill, and why it does no damage. Have I ever told you that I actually lost against them? Have I ever told you that I have problems against them? What is this topic about? Answer me those questions you drama queen or go *cricket* off to another place alright?
  12. Summoner Counter

    You gotta be hella stupid, I do know how the summoner *cricket* lion works. Stop trying to be a smartass and yes I am 2k rated , give me your nickname and we will see. I know that if I attack while he is holding his *cricket* he will go invisible, I also know that we as blade dancers have a skill called Blitzblade which if you spec it , it pierces defensive moves and cancels their defenses . I have fought several summoners and it was never a problem, but recently I tried this technique and it showed something not listed on the skill info.
  13. Summoner Counter

    We are talking about how the skill works and not how to fight against summoners. And also making the pet sleep is indeed not the best way to fight against them, and also I am 2k rateing.
  14. Summoner Counter

    Pierces does not mean it only does damage as against KFM and JBM I can pierce their blocks and they cant use the skill chain after it.
  15. Summoner Counter

    Look at what I said on the top, the damage doesnt matter to me but the fact that it pierces and the summoner still goes to stealth as it counts as a counter? Mby from your pov this is right but for me is totally wrong.