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  1. i don't so, cuz if that was the case, I'd receive my stuff because i have room
  2. Maybe it's just happening to certain people
  3. Yes, I have the same issue, I logged in a couple of hours ago and when it reached 1 hour, i went to collect it, but i got nothing, so i waited and did a couple of dungeons during the wait, and accumulated all the rewards and clicked on it, and nothing still, so I assumed it was a bug, and I'm pretty sure it is by this point I also Logged out and logged back in to see if that would fix it, but no, it was still bugged
  4. I main a shadow gunner because the rotation is fluid imo. Also, to build up more dark energy for lightspeed, you can use HM moonshine, and one of the badges, I forgot which one. But as for rotations go, I always start out with triple shot, then true shot, and undertaker, during that moment I would use moonshine for the focus regen, then darkshot reload darkshot reload. Pretty simple for pve
  5. Now I noticed this awhile ago, but wasn't sure if anyone posted on this yet, and I'm guessing not since I haven't seen anything on this. But anyway, from what I saw on the Gunslinger Bracelet passive stats, Tiger Bracelet and Divine Dragon Bracelet seem to have the same description except the one passive buff from Divine Dragon Bracelet, thought it states the shadow abilities, it claims them as flame-type moves which isn't correct, now the outcome may prove different, but I'm pretty sure that would confuse the common curious player that wants to look into the Gunslinger more like I have.
  6. If everyone was PvP oriented, then this wouldn't even be an issue, we all have strengths and weaknesses and for most, PvP is one of those weaknesses for almost everyone, especially players with terrible ping and frame rate issues (I am one of them) so any alternative way to get pet pods would extremely help out a lot at the moment because transmuting pods is for the whales and the elite pvper's
  7. I'm glad someone else posted something about this atrocious drop rate, because I don't wanna be stage 1 forever, I can go stage 7 after I get this weapon, but because I can't get it, I might end up having raven accessories before I even get past stage 1 which is ridiculous. And Celestial Basin takes way too long to get peaches even with bonuses. Why can't there be an alternative path to upgrade using tormented pistols, because I have 5 currently after 17 runs in lair, and the tormented path is currently null because of the weapon upgrade change AGAIN. Also
  8. No hate here, happened to me last week, was playing with my friend and we both have potato connection, so we load in slow than the rest, so a minute goes by and I finally load in but my was already in and confused cuz the main boss was already dead, surprisingly we had reset for something like this, so we stayed and killed kaari lord, nothing good drops as usual, then we leave and reset the dungeon, and recruited from the dungeon gate. So I know how it feels my friend, you are not alone.
  9. Imma have to stop you right there, because you're suggesting something that assassin's can do already. If you want something that will make Force Master's worthy of a party a bit more than just dps, try this: Enhanced Divine Veil This is a buff aura instead of a shield for projectiles and defense, more or less you can keep those things but it can easily be switched by pressing C once more for a: 16m buff radius Locked in flame stance until buff runs out Activates fire fury as a replacement for frost palm 10% increase to accuracy 50% Coo
  10. I second that, with the fact that most can solo Kaari Lord, I guess you can say it's worth the trouble to solo, if not... My Orb, My Kaari Lord
  11. IGN: Region: Server: Class: Lvl: AP: Frequent playtimes: Languages: Partysize: Recommended AP: Soul Shields: Interest in: For those that are too lazy ^_^ And for me, I would love something challenging IGN: LittleTinkTink(main), IIAshleyII, Lt TwinkleToes Region: North America Server: Group 5 (Hajoon, Yehara, and the force woman) Class: Force Master, Soul Fighter, Blade Dancer Lvl: 50 HM 10, 7, 5 AP: 769, 633, 513 Frequent playtimes: 15:00-23:00 EST, wee
  12. Well the useless spirit bomb is gone, the burn build uptime has basically been reduced, and no additional damage with burn effect when using flame palm, then the loss of using inferno twice after using force blast is now null. Burn build will be a thing of the past now and frost bite is the new burn with no good uptime like burn T_T
  13. I know what you mean, I main a Lyn FM full blue Lycan outfit and everything, and I use the Lycan bangle as a skin, looks great, but I would like to customize my bangle trail color, these other colors are too generic now
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