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  1. There was never balance in the game and will never be . It will be always the same some classes will go on TOP and some will just stay at the bottom. Like you can wait your class to get mega buffed and have some "fun" while other suck it, after that get nerf so another class will raise -> then you will suck it and all over again xD enjoy!
  2. Instead of thinking what to be improved in that damn BIG PVE bullshit 6v6, where the gods are the whales.. there is simple salvation for this >> just let one version of it like for the dumb whale PVE players to have fun with their op gear and create another gear balanced 6v6 for the skilled players !!! All happy!!
  3. OW fk nice to know that got to do it on my alts fast! :D
  4. Don't worry guys WL get even more buffs on new the upcoming patch so yeah good luck with that! Like they wasn't already to op >.<
  5. 3 pet skins? That are not even bound to account right? They better be putting those separately or that's redicilios if it's over 2k NCoins.
  6. I sold my ornaments back when they was like 19g each and I hope they go up again like the soulstone as well. I made mistake keeping my soulstone and not selling them i pray they go back to 20s!!!!!!
  7. Ye this is very annoying in 3v3 must be fixed!
  8. Ye or just for achievement or some outfit how much would cost?
  9. That's the only ONLY skin i like for my KFM! All rest is crap. I like it cuz it's small and fit all outfits !! :)
  10. Hellooo not a little support here fellow KFMs ?
  11. Could you please add a permanent stunned training dummy in the room so we can practice our anicansel it would be damn great !! And as far as I know 3rf become soon 2rf .. I think was asked many times before but since you are adding training room why not add that dummy as well please!!!!!!!
  12. What you people didn't get until now!?! Doesn't matter Baleful Maleful Galaxy Malaxy Raven.... true soul and other bs, 6v6 will be always trash it will be never equalized and never balanced so either you stop going there or don't enter until you have the max whale gear.
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