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Junghadooooooo!!!!!! *turn into supersayan*


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I can't beat him. You wanna know why people can't beat him?   Because he is likable. That's right, you can't help but like the guy, so you don't really take him seriously in the fight. You let lose, become calm... because you remember your first encounter, when you fought side by side with this dude.  You can't really bring yourself to hate him either, you can fake hating him, but you can't really hate him. He gives you fair chances. he doesn't even finish you off after you are defeated! That blow the other faction does (crimson player or cerulean that makes you think (how dare he!!) and you come back with rage and  beat the guy up.


No,  junghado is on an entirely new level.  The guy is kind, honorable, loyal and trust worthy. the truth is, you trust junghado more than the players you play with every day. Because he never really let you down, did he?  And to top it off, when the fight starts,  he doesnt promise to destroy you. he promises to educate you, to make you better, or  to bring out what you already have.  He is the ultimate  nemesis both irl and in fantasy. because he represents everything you wish to see in the world inside everyone else. And this makes him untouchable,  because he cannot be defeated through anger or rage. Its impossible. I won most of my battles utilizing my emotions. But thats not true here anymore. Against Junghado, your emotions is your enemy. In other words, your true opponent is not the honorable junghado, it is yourself!


I spent a few hours last night fighting him. Most people would give up after a broken bangle, but instead of leaving i stayed behind with the broken bangle, meditated, got up not even healing to full health, i initiated the fight, it is through these losses that i began noticing patterns. and began countering them.  With my broken bangle, i got him down to least 75-60% before my fingers went numb on me and he did his combos.


However,  I wanted to ask. Gear wise, am i even ready?  I have infernal ring and necklace, (saving up gold for the next upgrades)  I have my Siren weapon stage 6. Full moon-water. I also have 6/8 blood-shade in my bags. Siren belt, 


Weapon gems : stun 2 seconds, hongmoon valentine gem (event for collecting roses and gems.)  and  a purple gem with 100 additional damage. Sitting at 36k HP


I have the same build as this guy





Ha vent beaten junghado,  with my siren weapon i got him down to least 45%  before my weapon broke. But ,  even if you haven't beaten him, keep fighting him , with the intention of  getting good at pvp.  Even though I believe I can beat him with skill,  I know  full well, that my initial approach will not work. I do advice people to stay in the dungeon a few hours after having their bangle broken.  Its practice, and free one, because you can have as many attempts as you want, without consequences and simply for practice.


That's what i'm doing. (While researching builds.)




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you probly doing something wrong; as FM you can beat him with 200+ap and 24k+hp .Go burn build with chill on RB and STun freeze target+burn on 1 its the 2nd stage tier 3 or 2

.use Glacial beam and use phatom grip also learn to q/e /frostsheat and Tab on 1 min CD.

Well wtf you dont evwen stun him with impact ( m8 use impact on stun frezed target at least............ better with burn and burn build)I kill him in 1 min.

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I had huge problems while trying to use "youtube builds" and some other rubbish. Afterwards I used my pretty standard burn build with a decent use of Q+E (while he is in draw stance and charges you) or just 4+2 and freeze him with 3 afterwards. If he uses his dragon stance or your iframes are on CD, you still can use frost sheath and ice block. Or a 6 sec immunity potion. And every stance change is a free window to deal some dmg to his face. Just keep hitting. He is pretty easy after a few kills. It's just timing and practicing.^^ You can do this! :)

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One thing I've recently discovered and simply love in Mushin Tower is Fire Tab specced for Knock Down . Works on bosses as well. I use 1 point in whirlwind for extra crit. Rest pretty much basic burn build (HM 3). 

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You are overgeared a bit imo :D I beat him with True Profane. Well we Force master has the DMG, you shouldn't even see his rage timer if you at least has 300-ish attack, you just need to survive.  I'm the same as you because I can't beat him until my weapon broke. But utilize your force grip to stop his charge, eat dumpling for regen, and buy the invulnerability potion in case you don't have Ice-V, Q/E/SS and Tab ready for Roar of the Dragon . Standard burn build and constantly freeze him even if he can still walk from it

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Since you are using an Ice Build, just drop Ice Rain almost the entire time, go around him in a circle and stay close, but no within melee range.  If you get too far away he will use his moves to close the gap.


To start the fight, pop an invulnerable potion and just rain rain rain on his face for 6 seconds then begin circling him.


When he does turtle, dodge the ice then glacial beam him to stun him, close the distance to stop him from dashing at you.


When he does phoenix, easy to dodge, then close the distance again, phantom grip him and toss him towards a wall and keep running to him to close the distance.  


For black sword super combo, Ice shield, sheath, or if those are down invul potion and immediately phantom grip him once his initial combo is done to stop him from his next combo that does a lot of damage.


Anytime cold snap is up, you should be ice raining and using snap for the extra damage.


There are a dozen ways to kill this guy, the above works very well for me and I don't use the invul potions anymore unless I get a bad roll and he super combos too many times near the end to force my ice armor and sheath to be on cool down. 

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Thanks all for your comments.  I realized yesterday I also lacked combos.  I was wondering if anyone could give me a few good combos, especially to stun him. I tried stunning normal mobs, but for some reason it doesnt stun em. Still learning the class, and i specced into stun (as the ability says).


I was wondering, if someone could give me a few good devatating combos in the form I could understand, like:

3 + LM + tab = Launch enemy into the air

LM + 4 + V = Force grip into fire (etc)


I want to know  good combos to effectively stun. Espcially with impact.  because impact fails me alot, but i know im doing something wrong.




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Just another random force master here reiterating, it's all about learning the fight. You have plenty of gear, I was also at True Profane when I beat him. Also, you can beat him on either frost or fire build, or both really. You can pretty much cheese ALL his moves. Try these if it'll let you kill him, takes some practicing to perfect though:


On Tiger: Use Fire Tab (Firestorm, stage 2, tier 3), the moment he charges to you, better yet use it -just- before he gets to you so you don't take damage at all and cancelling his combo completely.


On Phoenix: Easy to dodge, what's important  is what comes afterwards which is always Tiger, again use Fire Tab. Sometimes Fire Tab will be on cool down so use Frost Sheath or the 3 seconds immunity  potion.


On Turtle: Find a safe spot. Actually, you don't even need to find a safe spot, just time when the frost circles are about to explode and use Q or E. Phoenix almost always comes after this and guess what comes after Phoenix? Yep, tiger, Fire Tab/Frost Sheath that mofo.


On Dragon: Straightforward, use Frost Sheath, Ice Tab or the potion.


Lastly, this is what gets people the most as it is very unpredictable. His box slash combo followed by a followthrough attack. Again, you can cheese this. As soon as you see him do his first "box" slash, grab him with Phantom Grip. Okay, this is the important part, while he is in Phantom Grip, don't use Bolt Bash or Life Drain, push him away with Phantom Push and start damaging him immediately to knock him down. If you do not use Phantom push after your Phantom Grip, he will resume his box slash combo, and you do not want that as not only it hurts like hell, you are pretty much incapacitated for a good 5 seconds.


So yea, you can pretty much take anything on your tree, just get these few abilities;

Phantom Grip: Stage 1, Tier 1. For the longer grip.

Firestorm: Stage 2, Tier 3. For the deflection for Tiger. Note that it is only for 0.5 seconds so use it on perfect timing.

Frost Sheath: Stage 2, Tier 2 or 3.

Frost Armor: Stage 2, Tier 3. Tier 2 for the freeze effect, and Tier 3 for the 15m dashback. 



Frost Fury: Stage 3, Tier 3. For the health regen.

Flame Palm: Stage 3, Tier 4. For the health regen.

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