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  1. Nah. It would've been fine if ncwest knew how to time updates properly. When this came out in kr, 99% of the population would have had enough time to go to pirate, and would have more than enough stats to do things properly. Because they only care about "esports", non arena content suffers as a result since most of the people don't have the necessary gear for it.
  2. I want a mech class like in aion. *cricket* gunners.
  3. Idk why people are overcharging for soulstones. As long as you can hold 50 prestige, you can buy x3 item with it, then farm the 100 (5-7 ss) trade in. I get 14-35 ss every hour depending on how many people there are/how many times I get knocked out. Now imagine 50 people x active channel x how many servers there are x every hour, and that's before the bots. You also have the daily that give around 40. Literally costs you nothing except for normal keys.
  4. My server went from 8 misty channels to 5 over the last month. Around this time, nsh only has 3 channels, compared to 6-7 from before. Half of the population basically vanished. I don't even see the terror farmers anymore. I'm guessing they noticed it wasn't worth it anymore.
  5. Pick a couple for fun: http://bns.inven.co.kr/dataninfo/gallery/
  6. >translate a game >only translate some of it Took them years to do this shit. Google could've done this in less than a second.
  7. Just bored waiting on NA maint Want to one punch ncwest right now.
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