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  1. I just use them to farm stingers. 12-21 stingers a day from dailies is nice. I'd normally farm ssp, but that place is riddled with hackers now.
  2. I have 500+ ap and could literally care less about other people's gear. But I see other people complaining about lower gear people all the time, then watch them quit. I'm gonna carry the party anyway, so it doesn't bother me, but it shows that those people don't care about smooth runs. They just want to be an elitist asswipe. The current content is retardedly easy. So easy, that 1 person can carry a braindead team. There's no reason to cry about other people's gear when you're just looking to get carried anyway by 5 other top geared people.
  3. Nah. It would've been fine if ncwest knew how to time updates properly. When this came out in kr, 99% of the population would have had enough time to go to pirate, and would have more than enough stats to do things properly. Because they only care about "esports", non arena content suffers as a result since most of the people don't have the necessary gear for it.
  4. The best way to tell how much of a noob someone is, is to look at their crit/critdmg. That actually involves some thinking/farming especially if they have awful luck, instead of just buying up the mats. If they have 550 ap, 40% crit, and 180% cdmg, then you know they're just a shitter/cash shopper. Even accuracy/pierce is a factor.
  5. >Not carrying 2 300s and 3 low 400s It's like none of you know how to flash your epeen.
  6. Why are you complaining about low ap players, when you can't even take aggro from them with your supposedly high ap?
  7. I'm partially to blame for bad players. I just carry people without any regard to their ap. But to my defense, the new dungeons are so easy, only a retard would require a full high ap party for them.
  8. I want a mech class like in aion. *cricket* gunners.
  9. Just go to silverfrost and just keep doing quests. It'll give you oathbreaker bracelet eventually. Heck, the blue ones are practically worthless in marketplace.
  10. It's easy to say do the dailies, but then no one does those anymore especially when they keep refusing to reduce the number of bosses required to make mm spawn.
  11. Why do you think they put emblems in nc coin shop only? That's what you get for falling for their "not p2w" lies.
  12. Learn to pick your battles. If you don't have the skill, the only bosses you need to avoid are fierce and the last boss, maybe grassquatch and grindtooth if you're ultra bad. You can farm everything else with little threat.
  13. I don't even bother with dailies anymore. Soulstone plains is enough for me. Gets me plenty of gold + soulstones. I don't need to worry about kill stealing or a lack of mobs in the area. Don't have to run 10 miles just to finish 1 quest. Don't even have to worry about elitist assholes.
  14. Idk why people are overcharging for soulstones. As long as you can hold 50 prestige, you can buy x3 item with it, then farm the 100 (5-7 ss) trade in. I get 14-35 ss every hour depending on how many people there are/how many times I get knocked out. Now imagine 50 people x active channel x how many servers there are x every hour, and that's before the bots. You also have the daily that give around 40. Literally costs you nothing except for normal keys.
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