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  1. Stop this relentless spawn-kill bashing

    Aviarn, There are countless people in every game that allows for PVP content that will grief just to do it. In BnS, there is no benefit for them killing you at the spawn point, they do it to do it. Posting on the forums will only frustrate you more. They will ruin your fun, because that is what is fun to them and then they will say that you have no right to take their fun away either. Best advice is to not come to the forums to post, it will do nothing to change the current situation.
  2. An Open Letter to NCSoft

    I am not aware of any other PVP quests outside of the 1 to kill 10 faction members, what others are there? What other quests require you to PVP to complete them? All RED faction quests are PVE.. kill such and such mobs or loot this etc.. and turn in outside the 1 for kill 10 of the opposite faction. You are assuming I don't like PVP, I don't care about it one way or the other. Your posts began about arena PVP and you not really liking PVE, but you wanted PVE gear.. Saying B&S is heavily PVP might be stretching it.. aside from the 1 single quest to PVP 10 of the opposite faction, what other aspect of it is PVP? The entire story is PVE.. All dungeons are PVE, 99.999% of quests are PVE.. PVP quests - Arena and 1 RED faction quest to kill 10 people. All of the outfits for PVP are just for achievements, no one will ever complete unless they kill trade. Does your server? ( which are you on btw? ) have everyone running around in PVP outfits all the time with open world PVP in every zone?
  3. An Open Letter to NCSoft

    To the point though, this still won't ruin arena, it would remove the bots which = a better arena. Zero benefit for the arena beyond the soulstones.. hmm so what is the benefit of Open World PVP beyond the 1 single quest to kill the other faction? If your answer is "fun" then arena will still survive as others will do it for fun. So you need the arena to grind for PVE gear so you can use said PVE gear in Open World PVP? On Hajoon server, Open World PVP is not a thing, it is used to grief others from completing their PVE quests that force you to wear a PVP outfit. So you can PVP for PVE, but others are forced to open themselves up to PVP in order to get stones for PVE? Sounds like a double standard.. As for skill books, Royal Zen bean?
  4. An Open Letter to NCSoft

    converting to Hongmoon currency would create a different model of gold seller. Instead of selling gold, they would sell Hongmoon currency for gifting keys, premium membership at discounted prices from what NC charges. It would undercut NC basically leading them to less profit from their own store.
  5. An Open Letter to NCSoft

    Can you expand on your thoughts of how this will ruin arena? If gear doesn't matter in arena, why do you need to upgrade gear for PVE that you don't care about? Please elaborate to your comments. Can you also expand about how this will ruin the economy? Making stone pouches from zen beans and the stones from the pouches themselves something that you cannot trade would remove bots from the arena as there will be zero benefit for them to go into it opening it up for better pvp arena matches. Please elaborate on your comments. Based on your statement of this ruining the game for yourself and others, you are implying earlier that you don't care about PVE, but if this ruins your ability to make money.. you seem to actually care about PVE. If all you really cared about was Arena, you can do that all day long and need nothing from the PVE land. Is that a correct statement? What is required from PVE to do arena PVP matches?
  6. An Open Letter to NCSoft

    I didn't read the entire thread, but it appears soulstone pouch from zen bean was a part of it because of bots in arena. Make them so you can't trade them. You can't trade zen beans, so why can you spend a currency that can't be traded to buy items that can be traded? Soulstone through open world PVP dailes should still be something that you can trade. Just not the ones that required zen beans to buy the pouches.
  7. Windstorm T2S2 dafaq?

    Not hard to find :/ second page... I agree that yes grapple is required. I did mention that in my post, but how easy is it to switch out skills if you don't have a grappler in your party or if you do? I swap skill sets multiple times in runs depending on the fight already, this is easy to do. In 24 man, I swap out for trash kills to do large pulls AE kaboom and then to single target set for bosses. We have an abundance of extra points right now for PVE, spend them on whatever play style you like. Windstorm takes 2 ( or 3 if you want no threat, if you don't use 3 you will be pulling agro a lot. ) As for not being able to use other skills, there is no need as if you do, you are losing dps compared to just straight windstorm on the grappled target. At the end of the day though, play how you want or how you think is best and I will play my style. I do agree that Blazing is more effective all around and windstorm is use case basis, but again, skills are easy to swap out. Tailor your set to the fight for the biggest bang or run a generic set for everything, up to you.
  8. Windstorm T2S2 dafaq?

    Necro thread.. but anyways. There have already been videos and break downs that windstorm can top burn build DPS in groups when you have a person to grapple / hold like destroyer, blade dancer, cat summon hold down etc... With as many extra points we have to spend on what we want outside of the required burn build points, it is useful to spec this in groups and 24 mans.
  9. Cowards detected? Exit function abuse :O

    If I am doing my quests and get attacked.. I fight back. They have popped Ice Armor and exit when they begin losing. I am not the best PVP player, but I am better than some. Your quoting me and then no comment is pointless. Whether you agree or not with me is your choice, but to me if you attack and then are about to lose, so you resort to Ice Armor and exit basically exploiting the exit system.. you are a coward and I will report you. The 10 kill quest is pointless indeed. I do agree with you on that. I can solo brightstone and sell the tears that are selling as of last night at 96silver each and just buy the 2 soulstones faster than it would take me to do the quest and hunt 10 crimson. I don't attack others unless they attack me or unless I am a kill or two away from finishing the quest. I usually complete it every few days from others trying to kill me.
  10. Cowards detected? Exit function abuse :O

    I have seen forcemasters ice armor and windstride out, makes sense now that they are probably using EXIT. I will have to start reporting these cowards.
  11. The lag is completely unbearalble.

    I normally have not been seeing much lag lately, after the initial rush it got a lot better. With Warlock having been released yesterday, it appears a lot have returned to try it out so the server is beyond capacity to run things smoothly. As soon as the shiny wears off, those that returned will leave again and it should go back to a hopefully less laggy state.
  12. Attack Power

    Hongmoon levels may be a difference as well? Are you and your friends all the same level and same hongmoon level?
  13. LMB+RMB Spamming?

    I like the ice build as well. It still does great damage and it doesn't require any animation cancelling to be effective. Others can do what they want of course, but my opinion is animation cancelling is exploiting the poorly designed skills and breaks the balance of a class. What is the point of having the animation if it was intended for players to be able to circumvent it and cancel it out for faster skill spamming? You cannot balance classes with animation cancelling rotations. To each his own though.
  14. Junghadooooooo!!!!!! *turn into supersayan*

    Since you are using an Ice Build, just drop Ice Rain almost the entire time, go around him in a circle and stay close, but no within melee range. If you get too far away he will use his moves to close the gap. To start the fight, pop an invulnerable potion and just rain rain rain on his face for 6 seconds then begin circling him. When he does turtle, dodge the ice then glacial beam him to stun him, close the distance to stop him from dashing at you. When he does phoenix, easy to dodge, then close the distance again, phantom grip him and toss him towards a wall and keep running to him to close the distance. For black sword super combo, Ice shield, sheath, or if those are down invul potion and immediately phantom grip him once his initial combo is done to stop him from his next combo that does a lot of damage. Anytime cold snap is up, you should be ice raining and using snap for the extra damage. There are a dozen ways to kill this guy, the above works very well for me and I don't use the invul potions anymore unless I get a bad roll and he super combos too many times near the end to force my ice armor and sheath to be on cool down.
  15. Forgotten Brightstone Bangle Drop rate

    Glad you finally got it, but yes it is normal. RNG is RNG and you could get it on your first try or never. I am sitting 85 Brightstones of which more than 60 of those are solo and I have yet to ever see the Merry Potter Recipe. RNG is RNG and I may never get it or I may get back to back sometime in the future.