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  1. The icon on the crafting table says unable to trade, is that a typo?
  2. no more raids for me

    They need to limit the channels like the 24man instance and put it on all channels, not just 1 through 4.
  3. This is really getting old.

    I know a lot of ppl say they don't get the whispers and some do. As well as these damn constant friend invites.
  4. Search item in marketplace

    If the item has an apostrophe, it screws up the search string.
  5. Punishment for Undergear and Delaying Players

    This has to be troll because this is the most retarded thing I have seen on this forum to date.
  6. Passing Clan Lead

  7. Blackram pirates 4m bug ?!

    We had the same issue with thrasher resetting for absolutely no reason, only happened on one run.
  8. Getting real *cricket*ing sick of getting 30 of these a day. And the forum MSG spam.
  9. Captcha

    Please put one on the send message and create account. The spam is *cricket*ing bullshit.
  10. Junghadooooooo!!!!!! *turn into supersayan*

    Are you sure your frost palm is Stage 1 Tier 4?
  11. 3/2 Unleashed Patch Notes Released!

    I have radiant ring and didnt even realize that smh
  12. 3/2 Unleashed Patch Notes Released!

    What radiant ring bug?