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  1. The suggesion is not entirely bad. In GW2 when you entered a lower level area, your stats would be capped for that level range. So if a dungeon is for level 30, whoever enters that dungeon (high level player) would have its stats maxed for level 30 but not more. Ofc this will never happen, but I do somewhat agree with OP, not because I think it's important to help lower level players (screw them), but because there should be a limit to how easy and fast a high level player can farm a low level dungeon.
  2. Average F2P player reaches 450+ AP now

    On the contrary. This game is designed to be accessible for casual players . You want Korean grindfest? Go play Lineage 2 Classic server.
  3. Average F2P player reaches 450+ AP now

    serious about what?
  4. Infinity Tower and You

    Floor 46 with 600 AP, I am using 3xsparring SS +3xchallenger SS + 2xNaksun. Mamosu stew+heroic friendship charm+pet as buffs. Build is hybrid PVE/PVP and when I say hybrid I mean that I only use sunflower instead of rumblebees stage 1 tier 5 for instacast on stun,dazed,airborn targets. Rest is pretty much routine until you reach a point where you don't do enough damage to continue. Probably with 650 AP I would reach floor 50+. A very important aspect which might help is that when you counter and are invisble, the NPC will just stop. That is the best time to stun,daze and pin down or root and position yourself at the back (in case of FM). Against destros is basic PVP tactic: 4+f for red spin. When he stuns, don't use 2, instead use cat stun+pin down. Use 2 only in case of emergency (cat is stunned also), because if you waste your 2, they will imediatly start their OMG WTF 1 combo death routine. Run into spins to trigger counter (at floors above 40, destros will stop spinning when you use 4, so it's harder to trick them). For summoners: use 4 to avoid cat attacks and keep running around. Use 3 and 1 as much as possible. Always follow summoner and not cat. CC as much as possible and spam skills. Don't stop running or he will pin or airborn you. Blademasters: pretty much same as destros. When they spawn blades and are immune to damage. just 4+f, run into them to trigger than run away from them. They will just stay there and wait. Before invisibility wears of,CC them. I highly reccomend sparring first (the training option in the tower), where you can face the same class with various degrees of difficulty. Perfect to train vs the classes you feel weakest. Also nice rewards.
  5. Average F2P player reaches 450+ AP now

    I am a F2P player, rerolled summoner when WL was introduced (so my current char is not from january). I play max 3h/day. I don't have a constant group for dungeons, just random X-server groups. I do daily challenge (dungeons +PVP) +cold storage+ heaven's mandate (takes about 1 1/2 hours), and SSP quests (which can be done in half hour). I do not play on my alt (former main char) at all. I currently have 600ish AP and am close to HM 10. In a week I will finish mats for true scorpio weapon so +20 AP boost. I dunno how hard it is for new players to gear up nowadays, but I can't imagine being very difficult to reach 500 AP, considering that moonwater dungeons still give nice items to sell and players still farm misty woods terrors and BW.
  6. Server link Rage Page

    2-3 weeks merge hype (sorry, meant "link hype") +new patch, than dead servidors again. Already most players are switching factions to the most populated one, others emoragequit for not wanting to switch, thus "OMG SSP PVP GOGOGO" is just a myth, soon 100% PVE again.
  7. Garbage RNG with event

    2x 100ss, 2x 10 stingers, 1x ruby.
  8. 80 degrees for what? CPU, GPU? CPU temp would be a bit high, GPU temp would be ok. Loud fans doesn't mean there's a problem, it means they're working. If you play BNS and don't hear the fans, that's the problem. What you need to pay attention for: - is the laptop dusty inside? (dirty fans, blocked airflow) - make sure the bottom is well ventilated (I've seen people who play in bed so there's no airflow beneath the laptop) - what is the average temp for the GPU model? (some GPU models get hotter than others, my desktop GPU for example runs at 70-80 celsius, others stay at 60; i've seen laptop GPUs that run at 90 with no dust and cooling pad included) Normally the failsafe for high temps is reboot. So if you experience sudden reboots during play and you hear fans going crazy, means something is overheating.
  9. Hongmoon secret technique - rosethorn

    After you follow 5000 women you achieve special secret technique : "creepy stalker". Rest of the items you get from : Ocean life force - POH 24 man, event shop, achievement merchant, merchant of wonders Deep Sea Kelp - monster in Summoner Song Cafe (Skypetal Plains), event shop, achievement merchant, merchant of wonders Golden Honey - monster in Summoner Song Cafe (Skypetal Plains), event shop, achievement merchant, merchant of wonders Fog Mushroom - monster in Summoner Song Cafe (Skypetal Plains), event shop, achievement merchant, merchant of wonders Evil spirit root - monster in Summoner Song Cafe (Skypetal Plains), event shop, achievement merchant, merchant of wonders Hongmoon Pellet - clan craft, Arena Shop, Battleground Shop
  10. Cat health reduced?

    Cat HP is based on summoner AP.
  11. Merchant of wonders

    I think half of my clannies got the gem (including me). I just do daily cold storage/heaven mandate, no necro, no resets. Other than that only crap (costumes for me are also crap, although it's funny that a 5g costume used to be 100g when it dropped in dungeons and players still complain), I've heard lots of players getting the 100ss bundle or 10 moonstones. @tlnzo the gem is a peridot with 4 AP, 300 hp recovery (dunno how it triggers) and 400 hp recovery during evasion (or viceversa, 300 hp during evasion ,etc)
  12. GF left me coz of playing too much BnS

    A girl/woman will only notice what you are doing , and complain about it, if she's bored. Keep her busy and you'll have all the time to play games.
  13. By the way is the Admiral a man or a woman?

    I heard the Divine Mandate Ritual is coming June 1st, somebody tell that lady in Grand Harvest Square pls.
  14. So, this is how PvP is.

    @Arohk OMG L2P noob, KFM also evades not only resists,counters and stuns.
  15. Whirlwind valley

    99% of the players should have 500 AP by now. I've started a second character after warlock patch, play like 2h/day and have 500+ AP. BG (battleground) looks exactly like how open world PVP should look like instead of a PVE frenzy.