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  1. Outfit wishlist

    Pick a couple for fun: http://bns.inven.co.kr/dataninfo/gallery/
  2. Will Point-napping become a new trend after May 11?

    They should change it so grabbing someone in ow should root the user. It can't be cleansed and last as long the grab skill is in effect. I don't know how speedhack works, but if they just run really fast instead of literally teleporting, then it should stop them.
  3. 4 Man lair 3 totem boss mechanics?

    7m or more is usually the range where bosses will use ranged attacks or gap closers like choke/jump.
  4. If bots can keep friend requesting you, then blocking a normal player sure isn't gonna do anything.
  5. Please destroy bots...

    What NC would say: "lolno. Buy our spring silverfrost box instead so you won't have to deal with them."
  6. To clear up some confusion on Yeti...

    Just tell your party to get 2 hearts and tell them not to lose any before 40%. You can just dps the crap out of yeti then without needing to worry about iframing anything. Obviously you will still need competent tank that won't let himself get grabbed, and competent people that know how to cc a boss during the first 50%. The only real reason yeti 6man runs fail is because people are morons and skip on hearts. Naryu coins aren't rare. You would have 10x the amount compared to your actual gold.
  7. Warlocks dps

    WL dps is good if you time sb properly instead of using it instantly at the start of the fight. Without sb resets, overall dps is pretty low because of long cooldowns. I remember struggling to get boxes in ghs on my wl alt if my sb was on cd when level 50 first came out.
  8. More and more people expect to be carried

    You make it sound like this doesn't happen at actual level 50 dungeons. Just go in to any necro pug. 2 people will immediately run to soul ward and just stand there until lycan and the other camps are done. They pretend it will "save time", but they just want to be lazy since 6 people on lycan is faster, and escape only takes a couple of seconds.
  9. Money doesn't buy skill

    The real problem is people don't change their standards as updates come like they're supposed to. Current p2w ap is 700ap. 600ap is high tier. While 500 is the current mid tier. Anyone who has below that is considered trash, especially if they're hm8 or higher. What are you doing that you can't get 500ap when you are doing full dailies (maybe even p2w) everyday?
  10. Avalanche Den Mechanics Guide needed

    @ 90%, 70% and 50% he will jump to the middle and suck everyone in. Either iframe it or ss/tab after you get sucked in. He will jump at the aggro the first time. While he is doing the animation for the 2nd jump, double cc him. Stun is fastest. It can be done while he's charging up for the jump or while in midair. If he got cc properly, he will do an instant kill jump, but it won't kill you unless you're at low health. Run to the fire pool under him to remove ice debuff + get a dmg buff. Never grab/root him. @40%, 30%, and 10%ish he will jump back to the middle. He will do a suck in animation, ignore it. Iframe the second one or you will die to the jump that follows. After that he will rain ice pools. You either have people run to the 7 of the ice pools or have a fm iframe all 8 aoes that follows(using sheath to save everyone from last 2-3). It uses the same pattern as the 40% animations. He will always do at least 1 aoe, so don't bother getting the last ice pool. Repeat till dead.
  11. Fighting > Stealthing Past Trash Mobs

    You're kinda useless too since you don't know anything about sins and just start spouting lies. Stealth is not required for the run. No matter how butthurt it makes op feel, it's not gonna change anything. It's not like bsh or necro where you will be left behind if you don't skip mobs.
  12. To Mushin players (Both Red and Blue Faction)

    You seriously telling people to not attack each other when attacking with op weapons is the easiest way to gain prestige especially with speedhackers as backup?
  13. Funny how people want to use the literal meaning of p2w to defend nc. Winning items from the rng box is the literal definition of p2w, doesn't matter what's inside it. You're not buying the item because you wanted to get really expensive keys/unseal charms. You want to buy it because you want to win exclusive costumes or gems or mat bundles. That's what literal "pay to win" means.
  14. Content release rate

    They're not gonna do anything about it. Fast content = people struggle to keep up = the more tempted they will be to pay up = more money in NC's pockets. Bots work the same way too. Too many bots = can't do content = only way to get things is to pay up = more money in NC's pockets.
  15. please let us get this bikini

  16. SoulStone Plains Unplayable with bot army

    They're not gonna do anything about it. Why do you think they put in another cash grab rng box?
  17. Really? More p2w?

    They deserve to be flamed at. They're not just wasting their own time, they're wasting the time of 3-5 other people. Do you actually think being a liar is a good trait to have? You whiteknights have the most inane responses.
  18. Really? More p2w?

    Don't be dense. 90% of noobs don't speak up. They just assume having the required stats is enough to run the dungeon. All they do is *cricket* up your run and what little playtime you may have.
  19. Really? More p2w?

    That moment when you realize that asura parties are gonna get flooded with noob p2w asshats because of this.
  20. Really? More p2w?

    Implying rare costumes doesn't count as winning. That's like saying receiving a trophy doesn't mean you won.
  21. What they need to do is introduce more ways to acquire moonstones. SSP is just bananas right now. Hackers everywhere, and then suddenly bot army comes and annihilates the bosses and people end up with no prestige or drops.
  22. Pyro pull on awakened necropolis

    Sprint right into circle > rmb > sheath Aoe everything, he turns slow so just run around in the circle Use 3 to stun + freeze Go behind him Spam rmb to keep him locked down He will never turn around, and it's just free dps. People need to learn how to do things in melee range instead of attacking at range all the time. For one, all bosses have gap closers, so it's stupid to go full ranged. It kills the team's dps to have to follow the boss around because you're too much of pansy to get hit a couple of times. Most boss attacks are frontal, so freezing them is usually enough to indefinitely disable them.
  23. Upcoming Changes to Shattered Empire 4/27

    Using shill logic, no one should complain about hackers in ssp or arena. No one is forcing you to do them.
  24. Be tahnkful for a good tank

    Didn't know you had to be kfm/bm to be a tank. And here I was tanking on my fm using my ow ss for pve.
  25. Do You Have Alts & How Is It Going?

    I just use them to farm stingers. 12-21 stingers a day from dailies is nice. I'd normally farm ssp, but that place is riddled with hackers now.