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  1. I myself don't get why Force Masters use bangles, more so with the attached ribbons. A book, staff or even a floating shroud would have been better. In the case of the staff, it's pretty much the case like assassin and warlock, both have similar weapons but the other doesn't use it.
  2. It's a regular event for my clan but that aside, I am pretty much in the same boat as you. I can't understand why this is a "daily". Assuming people actually get coordinated and kill giganura every day, people will actually run out of plog essences just cause of the mechanics behind acquiring it, on top of the actual mountain pile of essences you need to use. It's just bad mechanics, same goes with Beastbog.
  3. They have to expire or else people will just stockpile the Nebula Stones and gather all the materials they need without any kind of restrictions. Plus you are forgetting about one fundamental thing, the event was a helping hand, an extra, you don't lose anything by not doing it. I'm also very limited in regards to playtime (prob less than you), I have 3 characters and I did the mushroom event on all 3, but I only bought nebula stones on my main character as I won't have enough time/gold to do the others. Saying that, I'm not getting bitter for not being able to do it on the other 2.
  4. Was there an "actual" reason why green dungeons was removed? If it was clutter in the dungeon list, a simple filter would have sufficed. And as much as I understand that most of the green dungeons are soloable, some are near impossible to when you tackle them at their intended levels. Few dungeons come to mind, Sentinel Ruins/Augerite Cavern on last boss where the two stooges at the sides just keep throwing stones while you try and kill mid. Or Skyhaven Stockade (I seriously don't get why this one is green).
  5. The fix exists and wouldn't need the capping of channels or minimum damage contribution, those two are fine as it is. I've seen it in WoW and some other games, Dynamic boss health pools that adjusts on the number of players hitting it. Of course only to be applied to open bosses/mobs where player numbers are inconsistent.
  6. My face when, my reaction time goes into overdrive and managing to I-frame 3 consecutive aoes perfectly from the Unbound Terror in SSP.
  7. A game with: -no maps (that are readily/magically available to you anyway) -no roadmap for classes -no roadmap for skills, no skillbooks etc -no class/profession restrictions A game where pretty much you can train anything you want, so you'd be good at what you keep doing. There'd be no class titles like "he's a blademaster". If people have read the manga/manhwa "The Gamer" something along those lines in system and personal improvement but ofcourse, a more fantasy type world setting. I know it's impossible right now cause you'd need an self-evolving
  8. It's time based, very fast one at that (unlike beastbog ~.~). Final boss is Tarakhan, he will only spawn if you kill the 3 mini bosses. You get 3 daily quests, of which you need to kill those 3 mini bosses. After you kill the 3 mini bosses, Tarakhan pops in the middle (3-5mins after 3rd mini boss dies). Lastly, there is a chance once Tarakhan dies to summon an extra boss north east, a dragon pulse (red) should pop up near Tarakhan to take you there. More details: 1st Mini Boss -kill mobs around the building to summon boss 2nd Mini Boss (House of Pleasures) -surv
  9. Has anyone tried transmuting outfit pouches? According to patch it has been "adjusted to be less punishing on a failed transmutation" , usually we get 1 fabric back on a failed set, wondering what it is now.
  10. Just wanting to make sure it's just me and my crappy RNG like usual. I usually solo my Kaari Lord after Mane, the past week or two after a certain patch, my drops from Kaari Lord has been limited to 1 stinger or none. Whilst I remember a few weeks back, I used to get between 3 all the way to 20 stingers. Can someone who solo Kaari Lord as well please post their drops? Literally my drops from the past week or two has been: 1x Healing Tonic 2x Naryu Silver 2x Freezing Orb 0-1x Frozen Stinger
  11. It's just so odd and counter productive really. Every other game I've played, they had systems to accommodate to new additions. New items/costumes, higher bank limit or new larger bags, etc. It's just odd to me that they keep throwing new costumes, items, materials at people and expect a magical storage system. This is alleviated a bit for premium players but even my premium friends have complaints on storage.
  12. Any non-premium players out there actually running out of inventory space due to costumes? I'm not even a collector, I just store what drops for me. I also periodically get rid/sell things that can be repurchased like costumes that are available at npcs or materials that are available in the market. I've even bought a few dragon pouches with hongmoon coins from venture tokens I was lucky enough to get, but evidently it wasn't enough. Hell, I don't even craft or gather, I can only imagine other people's inventory space. Also heard that wardrobe is free on other regions, is that true?
  13. Wouldn't Stage 5 of Blazing Beam be good for normal, non-aoe situations? Not just for the damage of the number of Dual Dragons you can churn out but the extra focus/embers too, not that focus management is a problem anyway.
  14. I had 360AP when I cleared Darkness at True Siren with 50% Crit and around 190% crit damage, Level 45 skill points. This was the time when I was poor as hell and couldn't even afford a 25AP Diamond haha. I used full burn build. But keep in mind that I was constantly hitting enrage at around 5% or below, which is quite frustrating. 7 out of 10 times roughly depending on luck. So I would say that 360AP is bare minimum. My suggestion is don't take more than 3 of his AP buff or you will kill yourself eventually, unless you are a god at evading. Trick is to maximise the time
  15. When you come back from a DC while you were in a party, you get a notification asking if you want to come back. Problem is if you return from a DC and something kills you while you are loading, enemy/players/fire, and your only option is to release, the notification to come back to the party is lost. Please put a fix for this to let the notification actually run its course for its whole duration or until manually cancelled. It appears any loading screen (i.e, death screen) cancels this.
  16. I have acquired around 50+ tablets since silverfrost came out. I have acquired a grand total of 6 tablets from dungeons(bosses+boxes). The rest I got from the chest from beastbog treasure room. As others have said, it may be better for you to farm the map pieces+keys, they are quite easy to get.
  17. @SnugglesFairie Do what Andrewgr said. My friend was in the same exact dilemma as you after I invited her to the game. I upgraded my soul the old way so I didn't actually know that you can get the 15 AP straight away. After searching around and found that you can do it that way, I relayed that to my friend and she couldn't be any happier/relieved that she could take the step at whatever pace she wanted.
  18. What's exactly in em? Not planning to buy em, just wanna know what the hype/rage is all about.
  19. Not to mention it gives 5 stacks of burn, recovers focus and can hit multiple targets. And well, it looks cool.
  20. What the guy above said ^ I personally have met 2 kinds of Auto-detonate FMs. The ones that use inferno/short-fuse/impact to re-apply the burn, and the ones that don't give a crap about any other FMs. I don't mind Auto-detonate if it's the first kind, the second one really drags the fight longer.
  21. Watch from 9:30. I don't care if it's a dps loss, I want to take it cause looks fun as hell to use XD
  22. Only two things you need to watch out <50%. The new 4-hit combo, it's the same exact mechanic as the one one the first half but it looks different, it ends with a high right kick, instead of the summersault double kick from before. Try to i-frame the last part of the combo to prevent you getting thrown in the air which is pretty much a one-shot. If you have a lot of time, try to stall as much as you can with him phantom gripped/freezed/frozen. As you will need as much i-frames as you can. The second thing you need to worry about is the pull -> aoe comb
  23. If you are only doing the "occasional" Blaze Beam/Dragonchar/Ice Rain, then that's where you need to focus on. Those 3 interchangeable abilities are you main source of damage outside your cooldowns. Sure Inferno and Meteor Shower looks nice on burst but they are both tied on cooldowns. You can only use Fire Fury if you land a critical hit with a fire skill, so it's kinda tied with your crit rating. Spec your Blaze Wall into Meteor Shower if you have the points/if it's available to you. And lastly, I'm afraid it's a little bit monotonous on low levels yea.
  24. Rasky

    convience me

    Not crapping on Ice btw if I made it look that way. Just made an opinion on gameplay. :P But yea jaffar mate, you mentioned wanting a "hardcore pve fm" so I'm guessing you really want to min and max stuff. But to that end, unless you want or get people to look and record their combat logs, do it again at least 10 times, from more than 1 player, we can't really say which one is "better". We can only give you situational recommendations, "Fire is better cause of this", "Ice is better cause of that". Point is, they are both good and really not far off each other, whichever is higher,
  25. I'm not saying money is no object to me but 100 keys is about £50, this can have a considerable effect on the character(s) in the very very long run but I'm not gonna sidestep into that topic. On topic, considering people nowadays pay £60 for a premium game on pc/console that has limited replayability and short life span still baffles me. Pretty sure when those people that can afford a £40-60 game, they can afford this much. Not including the people that have been stockpiling HM coins to buy the keys steadily but yea. Not denying that people do buy the keys with real money. I also
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