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  1. Share your presets if youd like! Gon Male - 112 Media Gon Female - 286 Media Jin Male - 278 Media Jin Female - 578 Media Lyn Male - 273 Media Lyn Female - 763 Media Yun Female - 550 Media
  2. So much variety in fashion now :D
  3. we been getting a nice amount of northern-ish presets which mixes well with the many asian looking presets we have! Please feel free to submit your own if you would like to share! (if the page ends make sure to check if it says "To see more, click for all the Media in this category.") a while ago someone submitted some pretty cool looking gon males (rare!)
  4. Looking for more awesome preset submissions, old, young, and ugly \o/ Click sig for link
  5. Cant quite find the words to how funny and sad this one seems LOL brilliant
  6. I have yet to have seen a cheerfully colored warlock >__> whyzit they all look emo gloomy
  7. I would like more beauties like these on my preset site :DDDD
  8. "I will never ever let you go, lock you up in my basement and keep you there for ever and ever" >_> looks like that thinking
  9. Made it before I knew Jin fashion was more boyscout-ish unlike sexy Gon fashion... I dont think i will make warlock or jin so sharing.... my baby bishi prettyboy >_> lolz http://lagunal8.net/bnsna/kgallery/UPLOAD/2741/my-pretty-boy
  10. "....Why is that a copper coin I see on the ground there?"
  11. Gons from a TV drama lolz Not perfect but im still practicing... http://lagunal8.net/bnsna/kgallery/UPLOAD/2707/deano http://lagunal8.net/bnsna/kgallery/UPLOAD/2708/sammy
  12. doodle.... pilfering another characters poh hair >.> just to see....
  13. I should try that one day but hell most of the costumes on lyn dont look that awesome >.> Add to that the costume itself doesnt look that great... aside from the 'its a hard drop' achievement lol
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