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  1. Got it 3 days ago :) Run #55 while preloading Dragonball Super xD Edit: They should make it buyable for ~10k tags. Would be fair^^
  2. I think we FMs have far the easiest fight. Managed to kill him with less than 400AP (true sirene weapon + infernal accessoire) right in time. But needed to take 3 of his Dmg-Buffs. Dot did more Dmg than Mushin himself^^
  3. I had huge problems while trying to use "youtube builds" and some other rubbish. Afterwards I used my pretty standard burn build with a decent use of Q+E (while he is in draw stance and charges you) or just 4+2 and freeze him with 3 afterwards. If he uses his dragon stance or your iframes are on CD, you still can use frost sheath and ice block. Or a 6 sec immunity potion. And every stance change is a free window to deal some dmg to his face. Just keep hitting. He is pretty easy after a few kills. It's just timing and practicing.^^ You can do this! :)
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