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  1. I have used 2 name change vouchers in the past and after more than 5 months my char can't be found by searching in f2... so it is an old problem of yours.
  2. So much things to fix and they only do a routine server maintenance... that's how much they care. Most of them are simple things they could fix on the go with a sql querry just like they do when there is money lost involved. That is how much they care.
  3. I did stop playing the game since the last update, they have literaly made too hard for us being able to farm what is needed to progress in this game. Right now if I were playing would be able to only play about 3 hours on week days... so why bother in playing anymore if you get nothing from doing dc/grinding dungeons that no longer have a decent reward (is not like before was good neither but now is way worst). Ncsoft west should stop releasing the same patches that korea does... the only thing they do here is to translate the game...
  4. Legendary Elements

    Bump... If they used to be too expensive by this old date, now we all should just quit the game since the last changes have made them more than 3 times pricier than before. 30 Elements used to be 600g vs 2000g+ if you have to boy all mats from the market. GG ncsoft... you made them more accessible to all
  5. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    You have no word or trust as company with your user.. you are not loyal to us. But let me congratulate you, this was a smart move by part of ncsoft to eliminate gold from the server: 1- Announcing that Radiant Energy would be exchanged by powders making Radiant Energy's prices to go up in the market (jebaited) 2-Then doing changes at last moment about giving a poor amount of Gold instead of powders to the people that paid over 15g+ for those Radiant Energys and "going through clean" by "Announcing and giving a reason that we don't care about".
  6. I agree with the original post. The drop rate for Asura Ember, Offals and other Skill Books is too low... I've been around this game most likely since launch and I have ran a lot of times all mentioned dungeons and I can asure you that I can count with one hand the amount of Skill items that have dropped in my group. Shoguns 1 Ember in over 650 runs across my alts and main Necro 2 books in over 350 runs Avalanche den 2 books in over... a lot in all my alts and main Nexus 1 book in over 300 runs across my alts and main Shattered mats 2 offal in about 250 runs Gloom 2 offals over 250 runs Is fine for this item to be rare drops but they are most likely "imposible drops" than rare.
  7. 720USD never seen fountain

    In my own experience with 500 Keys... This "New"(old) 40 Key's Crit System here in NA is as Always in this region "pure Bullshit" , Those 40 Keys Crit Are useless There are Better "Normal Rolls" than those "Crits" when you reach the 41 spent Keys. I applaud you NCSoft Team, You are killing your own game with your "Fake Advertisement" since a long time a go, if your plan was only squeeze all the money you could from the game (which we Knew that from the start) without caring about its longevity? you did it great. Lets see how long will this 2 servers live on.
  8. Trove Critical RNG

    I had the same problem with about 500 keys... getting the same trash over and over... I also had criticals with pages that were worse then some normal pages like those pages giving packs of 10 elements... and right after that normal page with 10 elements got a critical where the only good thing about it was a raven king soul... all other items were useless.
  9. get your hm skills ;) The only problem I see with this class is the "Escape"... it has only 1 if I'm not wrong...
  10. Dead Reckoning Set...

    do you think about what you gonna say? wtf with the ppl these days lol Sorry Friend am not a Sheep like you and neither a lawyer to be argue with ya... The only thing I'll say to you is that You can not Paint a Lamborghini red and sell it as a Ferrari...
  11. Dead Reckoning Set...

    okey... I know it is free... but that is also part of the problem for me... Why is Ncsoft west giving away a recoloured version of "Quick Draw Outifit" from the Master Founder's Pack ? wasn't this suppose to be an Exclusive Item to never be sold or be given away ever again? A company that can't keep his own words. R.I.P. for us the fools which did buy the Master Founder's pack.
  12. [Update] Raid Sizes in Dark Origins

    The Original post was about the "hype killing" made by ncsoft by giving a wrong date for the 24 to 12m raid system changes... and some people made a cry-spot here... I don't see the problem here with the new raid system... by this time you should know that ncsoft always nerf dungeons after releasing new content... this is to allow new players or players that are not geared enough to be able to run the old content and get better equipment and have a chanse to get into the new patch content... You should have in mind that even if they do nerf Bt and make it easier on the 12m mode you will still have a new raid coming up (VT) that wont be nerfed and will be the new standard for the full geared players... new raid = new SS, accesories, weapon... Anyways I don't know why are people that have never done BT complaining in this threat... the same goes for that peope that have run BT all this time long and are also complaining here... or were you thinking that raven items would last for ever the best? Sorry for my bad English but I had to sat something. e.e
  13. Draken Bracelet Nerf

    why the imperative need of lie to us? you think we don't notice when you do Nerf the drop rate on dungeons? like the non-mentioned Nerf to the Pouches drop in last update? what about that ? And why don't we talk about the Scam that you have done to us with the "New Gems System"? This is the first "Official" game Server where I see that the Staff is taking away Items quality to allow them to earn more money selling them again in the future. I'm thinking seriously about claiming refund of my money... after this dam Scam.
  14. Thank You NCSOFT

    I dont know if you are being serious about what you are saying here... but since last Tuesday I'm having 200-450ms in game... and I used to have 95 - 150ms. I dont know what they did but now is a pain for me to play with my destroyer. Pd: I do live in Toronto Canada.
  15. XIGNCODE3 ?

    Xigncode3... I used to play another game called EOS that uses this software... and it is the worse of all game guards... he will randomly crash your game just by using your keyboard/mouse/headphones software... (I do use Logitech peripherals...) and guess what? I ended up quitting that game once I knew how does this "Game Guard" works... and I remember that game was filled with bots and cheaters anyways. When I started my game today and tried to do my daily purple dungeons run could feel it on how my game was more laggy and my fps were being dropped more than usual... so all is left for us is wait and see if ncsoft comes with a better solution about this problem they have brought themselves. -1 To the Spyware Software ncsfot have given us in our computers...