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  1. Ship is more than half way under the water my man.
  2. The title says it all... is incredible that this *** team believes the biggest issue in the game is the amount of gold players can get out of doing the only stuff that actually "produces" gold in game. You all trying to dream real big on milking people's pockets but you can't even get out a working patch properly... leave alone set up a stable/productive economy where new and old players could grow... but instead they only decide to nerf gold drop from quest and challenges just for the sake of their morbid exchange system, also killing the community's growth in the process making bad gameplay
  3. Brazil's population is actually not that small... they have over 209 million people (300+m in US)... which is still a big number... and yeah, they have a lot of gamers. Some other gaming companies, specially from EU usually have servers in there... at least they used to as far as I know because it's been a while since I tried new games. Other thing is that Brazil is a pretty big country... if you want to check and see the real size of any place you can do so on this site: https://thetruesize.com/ https://thetruesize.com/#?borders=1~!MTY4MDM1MTY.MzQxNTA2NA*MTQ3NDYxNTc(
  4. Excuse me? having to pay for the boxes and for the reward is fare for you ? right then, keep taking it from b. Those are suppose to be rng boxes... they just came up with an idea to make an even bigger Gold Sink... Even Trove itself is debatable on the way you have to pay gold for the rewards instead of you being able to pick up freely whatever is it that you have won... because let me tell you something about trove that you should already know: you pay for the keys, also for the expansions + you have to pay gold for the rewards which in most cases whatever it is that you pick wont be cheaper
  5. Yep, I wonder why the community (what is left of it) has a negative attitude about everything ncsoft does now a days... it might have something to do with them not learning from their mistakes and scams?
  6. what's new? They are a sneakier Trove 2.0 with over 60 different loot tables with only 11 good pouches roll among them which need a big ridiculous amount of gold to be opened.
  7. and we all are suppose to believe that you stopped, made some parses with your ET3 and the event weapon before coming here to post your biased opinion without any fact behind it whatsoever. Just because the 1 day version has a bit more ap than the GC9 does not make it better by default... the buff from that weapon works different than the other in game weapons which makes them a bit worse than a GC weapon... they do give a bit more ap than a Aransu 9 but is not that great and of even less value for some classes.
  8. Difference is that Circle of Sundering and the other dungeons that you are mentioning did not have an unfair timer. They were and are mostly mechanical based and doable with low gear if you know mech.
  9. you can say whatever you want but in my own experience this is not a fair event for the 80% of the player base. In my case as a returning player that was out of the game for about 5 months (was sick of all the p2w bullsht... and still) I find it impossible to kill the last stage of Longi with my gear as it is rn having a VT/TT geared Character with some TT stuff, say: Accessories + 5 Piece of TT Soulshields + Awakened Tiger stage 3 + Aransu 9 Axe. Reward wise the event is ok, but what kind of player can really claim that reward and make good use of it other than just st
  10. I have used 2 name change vouchers in the past and after more than 5 months my char can't be found by searching in f2... so it is an old problem of yours.
  11. So much things to fix and they only do a routine server maintenance... that's how much they care. Most of them are simple things they could fix on the go with a sql querry just like they do when there is money lost involved. That is how much they care.
  12. I did stop playing the game since the last update, they have literaly made too hard for us being able to farm what is needed to progress in this game. Right now if I were playing would be able to only play about 3 hours on week days... so why bother in playing anymore if you get nothing from doing dc/grinding dungeons that no longer have a decent reward (is not like before was good neither but now is way worst). Ncsoft west should stop releasing the same patches that korea does... the only thing they do here is to translate the game...
  13. Bump... If they used to be too expensive by this old date, now we all should just quit the game since the last changes have made them more than 3 times pricier than before. 30 Elements used to be 600g vs 2000g+ if you have to boy all mats from the market. GG ncsoft... you made them more accessible to all
  14. You have no word or trust as company with your user.. you are not loyal to us. But let me congratulate you, this was a smart move by part of ncsoft to eliminate gold from the server: 1- Announcing that Radiant Energy would be exchanged by powders making Radiant Energy's prices to go up in the market (jebaited) 2-Then doing changes at last moment about giving a poor amount of Gold instead of powders to the people that paid over 15g+ for those Radiant Energys and "going through clean" by "Announcing and giving a reason that we don't care about".
  15. I agree with the original post. The drop rate for Asura Ember, Offals and other Skill Books is too low... I've been around this game most likely since launch and I have ran a lot of times all mentioned dungeons and I can asure you that I can count with one hand the amount of Skill items that have dropped in my group. Shoguns 1 Ember in over 650 runs across my alts and main Necro 2 books in over 350 runs Avalanche den 2 books in over... a lot in all my alts and main Nexus 1 book in over 300 runs across my alts and main Shattered mats 2 offal
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