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  1. Intel® Core ™ i3-330M Processor 3M Cache, 2.13 GHz motherboard core i3 4 gagas de ram NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti thermalteke power supply 500w
  2. A mountain stop insulting because what we are talking about here is something certain that in bearing you are right as well as I am, if you can answer me with respect
  3. How can you know that they are 10%, it could also be 30% or 50% but since we are getting used to everything that is a business, let's make new technology so that they are forced to buy because if they cannot play they see the need to invest And so it happens with an entire smartphone from 2019 to the same function of 2021 of course 2021 is flatter, has more capacity and the camera is a little better but you have to buy the one from 2021 because they improve some things in the app and now the of 2019 that app does not work for him that is how things work now
  4. For those who have pec of tin range or medium it is good and I am happy for you but there are many people who want to continue playing this game I particularly love it is one of the games I have played the most and I know there are many people doing it. As I have invested money and time as I say it is easy to say stop playing or go suddenly or it happens to me and many other players in this game and suddenly to you in another and so on, but the lodge in compensating for time and fidelity of your community to give a small option to those other people I am not saying something from another world
  5. Exactly of course give it an option because it opens many people who find it difficult to run the game, not only what we are, this topic and I think that all of us who are here like the game and mentally not all of us can buy high-end pc for saying something why easy to say don't play or quit the game
  6. It is not a question of how far back we go it is easy to put that you bought the game recently and your pc does not meet the requirements or you have to play it with very low graphics I think they should give an option for those people like a server
  7. It is unfair for the other players who love the game but we do not have a pc with the requirements demanded by the new graphics engine, there should be a server for those people
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