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  1. You are twisting my words. You know damn well when I say 'we will never see BNS2', it purely refers to us, as in our region. Reported for trolling.
  2. Please point out where that site says when we'll get BNS2.
  3. A site being in English is not proof as it has zero info on a NA/EU release whatsoever on it. Remember that BNS2 utterly FAILED in KR so hard that NCSoft's stock value dropped by a full THIRD. You think the investors will even LET them release it over here, risking their money?
  4. We will never see BNS2, so it's not part of any plans. Given that it crippled NCSoft's stock value I'm surprised they haven't pulled the plug yet.
  5. Are you an employee of NCSoft? You act like one and you are legally required to disclose such facts.
  6. I usually don't defend NCSoft, but...uhh...buddy. Content isn't meant to be cleared day one, or even day thirty one sometimes. Also you do realize KR is ahead purely because they have a heart tier we don't and three more Mythical Accessories we don't, right? We'll have them eventually, why bother making the content easier now? It'll make people complain like they did when they buffed Spectral Shrine's health.
  7. Anyone complaining about this should have their heads checked. You're literally complaining about it being easier then ever before to get upgrades.
  8. Maint has always been shockingly long for BNS. The shortest I've ever seen is 3 hours for them, and only a few times. They only have a couple employees at NCWest that know how to do it, so the delay isn't a sign of alterations or changes to the game whatsoever.
  9. Xigncode is not active in any way, shape or form currently. The file are present, but not enabled, proven by simply deleting the Xigncode folder.
  10. NCWest has no authority over the server hardware or its connection, as they moved it to Amazon hosting earlier in the year. Even if they didn't, orders would STILL have to come to KR as they have no authority to change, alter, remove, or add anything, including improving the server hardware. They are utterly beholden to KR in a way that makes me wonder why anyone would willingly work for them. They'd rather focus on the cash shop anyways, as NCWest's new CEO is a former casino operator. Expect all events to have RNG boxes for now on.
  11. There is significant proof they've nerfed FM quite hard. Please stop shilling for NCSoft.
  12. Really? The exchanges were removed by mistake and I have no idea how this negatively effects you in the slightest, either...
  13. Defending NCSoft's actions is the mark of a shill.
  14. No testing is ever done, which is why every update breaks the game. These people should be fired and banned from the video game industry.
  15. If enough whales charge back at once, it'll kill their company.
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