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  1. This is likely due to the fact that the client and server are mismatched version wise due to them having to revert things server side. Expect a fix on Feb 2nd.
  2. Probably won't go down at all, we'll see a update at the usual time on Feb 2nd.
  3. At this point it is beyond clear NCSoft intends to shut down our region sometime within the next four to five months.
  4. UE4 was 12 hours plus a couple daylays.
  5. NCSoft is not known to sell IPs of their games, even those they have closed down. BNS dies with them.
  6. I refuse to install a kernel level anti cheat over concerns of privacy.
  7. As already outlined in this thread, NCSoft does have the means to stop Multi Tool and BNS Buddy, but that would do little to stop cheating. It would stop CASUALLY doing so, but there's already ways to do it without even installing either. The only solution would be the often quoted server side validation, which will never happen.
  8. The patch notes are not specific enough to indicate one way or the other that HMCoins will be removed, however if they are it kills 6v6 and it will NEVER RECOVER. People wanting this want to kill the game and likely do not currently play and should be ignored and possibly blocked from the community for attempted sabotage.
  9. The utter radio silence as of late is proof that NCSoft has abandoned BNS in NA, EU, and RU at this point. Several weeks of no staff posts except maint notices? It is time to announce the obvious plans that the game is intended to be shut down and issue 100% refunds before the lawsuits and chargebacks hit.
  10. They AFK because Koldrak is quite prone to disconnecting or even freezing the game of players. Until this is resolved AFKing likely will continue. And before you go 'if their computer can't handle it they shouldn't do it', keep in mind ones computer often does NOT dictate them getting disconnected from the game itself, which is not their fault in the slightest, nor is the freezing up because I've heard from people with high end hardware having the same issues. Besides, a vote to kick would be useless because sometimes they have majority. AFKers are unlikely to vote kick other AFKer
  11. KR will actually be four dungeons ahead of us on the 19th, assuming we don't get the second Demonsbane dungeon, the 'Illegal Weapons Factory'. Plus a solo dungeon ahead. They seem to get a new one every month on the dot as of late. Other dungeons we don't have yet are the Chaos Supply Chain, Namdo Hall of Trials and the Shrine of Victory. All of which are likely to get new names of course other then maybe Chaos Supply Chain because that name works. They've also reworked Ransacked Treasury, Starstone Mines, and Ebondrake Lair to have Easy/Normal/Hard difficulities.
  12. 200IQ is correct. NCSoft in Korea (which virtually none of its employees speak English) is the sole authority over the game. No one who works for NCWest has any say whatsoever, they cannot alter or add any content of their own accord. So who knows when we'll actually get things, and I wouldn't be surprised if they announce in the near future the closure of our region.
  13. Don't get me wrong, I actually agree with you. Many people use it for performance reasons, hence why I suggest that if BNS were to get some of the PERFORMANCE stuff incorperated into the game, it may eliminate some tool usage. As a note, the devs of Multi Tool and Buddy would absolutely lose a lawsuit: NCSoft actually has a few ways they could go about it. Trademark infringement could be one of them, violation of the terms of service, or simply putting forth the theory that it loses them profits (lol). But it absolutely would cost them far, far more then they'd ever gai
  14. I am reasonably informed, and I am not wrong: lawsuits would quickly destroy BNS Buddy and BNS Multi Tool. I did not once say anything about cheating myself in any capacity. Ending cheating will never happen as long as a lot of the games files are exposed to the end user and there is no server side validation...and even that would not be flawless and could not defeat macros.
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