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  1. Almost nothing of this post makes any sense. I'm going to tear your post apart. First off, there's TONS of info out there about AM4 Socket CPUs...not sure how you failed to find info. There are far more then three motherboard chipsets for AM4 Sockets as well, though 300 series (A300, A320, B350 and X370) are pretty much obsolete at this point. But right there is FOUR chipsets. 400 series has just the B450 and X470...older hardware but still compatible with a lot of Ryzen CPUs. And the most current ones, the 500 series, with A520, B550, and X570 chipsets. Both 300 and 400 series are
  2. As long as you have the keys, you have until May 11th to get them open as that's when the box expires. Be sure to get the keys before the 14th in case they do something silly like remove key purchase.
  3. A lot of side quests were removed at one point for whatever reason.
  4. Not everyone can afford to toss 50 bucks (or more) at the game at once. That's why I'm hoping such a deal comes to us non-US players so I could nab maybe 20 dollars of ncoin.
  5. Logic doesn't hold up, past a certain point it takes more then 500k to get one level. I have a unity level of 133 and it takes well over a million to level it at this point.
  6. No single upgrade in the game needs 390 Sacred Vials. Perhaps that many to max your soul or heart out, but it's meant to be a long term upgrade.
  7. What about Canada, as well? It seems unfair and unreasonable that many regions are being excluded from this.
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