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  1. A Global Chat Chanel.

    I like the global channel idea! Another thing I think would be nice; the ability to create ones own chat channel. I remember some game having it and loving better explain it; It was the ability to create a chat channel-so for example, I make the chat channel "YuChunsHarem", then! I tell my friends "Hey my channels name is YuChunsHarem", and they type "/join channel "YuChunsHarem"" or something to that effect. and just like that we all had a group chat we could all see no matter what we were doing (within our server). Also comparable would be just having a buddy list chat channel as well. Both of them giving players the ability to talk to each other without all having to be in the same guild or in the same party. Actually now that I think about it, it's so strange that this game never had a buddy list chat channel. I think the social aspect of MMOs are really gutted straight out these days!
  2. Lord. Stop pugging so much. NA/EU players act like they're allergic to meeting new people or something. Having like 3 friends will never be enough. Put yourself out there. Network. Join discords where people ping everyone for daily trains. You're in a guild that doesn't ping everyone for dailies? Leave it and find one then. "How do I meet people??" Talk. With your fingers, on the keyboard. Type words. Type them when you F8 and the party is good and you want to keep going with some of them, type them in faction, type them in weeklies raids. Say words to other human beings and they will in turn invite you to more things. Yes they will also offer to carry your badly geared alts so long as you offer to help carry theirs.
  3. Producer switch good or bad ?

    I'm not good with goodbyes and often go full tsundere so it's hard to put into words all of my thoughts but when it comes to the "new"comer specifically.. You know, nothing is ever truly predictable, right. Anything could happen, good or bad. Are producer changes good? Usually no. I'm going to be more honest than I'd even like to be with myself and say that usually it's not good. Usually it becomes a tipping point. Every game I've played in the past, when the original team left, the next team that followed had no idea what they were doing or even what game they were working on and usually refused to talk to customers or accept any kind of input whatsoever. They usually just end up being floormats for higher ups to walk all over in fear of getting fired VS the team before them usually were confident enough to speak up. Allegedly this man has been here all along. Well, that sounds both good and bad. Good because he might know what items are and their importance to players. But bad, because...a couple reasons that I don't feel like thinking too hard about right now. Well, I hope he's open to new ideas and confident enough to push as hard if not harder than Jon. Now's not the time to slink into the shadows, he'll have a new title now. and it'll be a big disaster if he doesnt use it correctly. There's no room for shyness anymore. I hope he's ready to bring some life to the streams or hire someone who can. I'm going to miss Jons sassyness so much..
  4. AFK players in F8 (specially in events)

    I wish there was an easier way as well, but vote-kicking in dungeon has infamously always been a complete disaster. If you join a party of friends, they can boot you out after loot drops to take the item and leave you SOL They can kick because they decide they don't like you or that you don't do enough dps to please them, take one look at your ~parse and just toss you right out! There are just so many reasons that people use vote-kicking (while online) in very bad and mean ways Think about it honestly. How often do you see players speaking nicely to each other VS fighting? NA/EU cannot handle having any kind of power over each other whatsoever. No offense! But you're just a very very mean playerbase. Everyone always thinks they're the star of the show and that everyone else is wrong or in the way. So no, it cannot be trusted to be implemented in these regions. Instead, screenshot and send in a report when you see a player afk. Be sure to ask though why they're afk, see if you can get them to talk...give them a little time at first. Don't chimp out the minute they stop moving-maybe their cat jumped on the table. Maybe they heard a crash. Maybe they were trying very hard to hold in their pee but they felt the walls of their bladder closing in. Maybe their parent or spouse came in and they had to go get that annoying greet out of the way. So, don't get angry the millisecond you see them stop moving! Give it a few minutes, ask "hey are you there? if you're afk I'll have to report.." still nothing? Ok, screenshot it. Report it after you've completed the dungeon/event run.
  5. Ah yes, the marriage topic. This pops up just about every Valentines day now so I guess we were due again. As you said, the benefits are usually nice! Little stat bonuses (triggered from playing together to prevent people from marrying randoms/their own alts specifically for said stat increases), little love effects/special emots (That I'm sure they'd find some way to attach only to specific outfits that no one will want to wear), the ability to teleport directly to them (to get on their nerves), and maybe even someday the ability the share the costs of building a little house together (and then having the house disappear with half of its value split between you two once you divorce, often unfairly)-aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh yes. The aroma of love. The entertainment sparked from other peoples marriages is always very nice, so I somewhat support it. But at the very same time, commitment is something that I run away from on a constant basis so at the very same time just the thought of digitally settling down is almost enough to make one uninstall. MMORPGs are exactly the place for marriages and housing! However, I can't see BnS having marriage. Housing maybe, but marriage...they'd have to approve same-sex marriage to make it work since most men play as women, and I think they'd sooner burn down their offices than to do that, so perpetually "single" we all stay!
  6. Can we please have a [6 VS 6] PVP Event?

    I try to be pretty open minded, but even for me this is a big huge NO THANK YOU!! The gap between fully geared 6v6 players and the average players who don't pvp and would just be trying to do it for the event is just way way WAY too huge. It would literally be leading a bunch of cattle in for slaughter. No part of it would be skill-based whatsoever. No part of it. Not even one part-people would load in, drop dead, and get kek'd at live via like 5 different twitch streams. Which is another problem in itself-people can't even get into trying to pvp without getting a bunch of insults mumbled about them via streams, people whipping open F2s and calling people all kinds of names for not having ~perfect gear. 6v6 is a trashy mess, only way it could work is if some sort of equalization was done so that at least everyone had a fair shot but the earths core would freeze and the planet would explode before that happened so. I personally like Grims idea.
  7. Virgin Killer outfit censored?

    Wait, if this issue is entirely based off what people expected based off other peoples art versions of a long sweater dress, then I can't see it going much of anywhere.. Sweater dresses arent a new concept, they've been around for decades lol. It just so happened that one anime version blew up..but that doesn't automatically mean that's what all sweater dresses have to look like. I can see that maybe they kind of wanted to go in that direction? but then ultimately decided to play it safe, as to not get sued by anyone. and not wanting to get sued is completely different than simply censoring something (If that really was the case, anyway). I thought based on the fuss kicked up about it, that there was another version we were missing out on/being denied, but if this version IS the main version then that appears to be that. Nothing was censored. It was just designed differently. I'm sure with enough pressure they can do a re-design like a recoloring, or if someone who wins one of the costume contests draws such a concept then that's a way too. But to paint as "this costume was censored!" just isn't accurate. It would only be accurate if what we got was a modified version of an original from another BnS region.
  8. black as a tailoring color

    Sorry to double post, but went ahead and threw together one for Textures as well. I'd send these to support too but they'd just tell me to post somewhere in forum so w/e pls no attac for crooked patterns, I'm old and feeble
  9. black as a tailoring color

    This is something that has been brought up a few times now actually. I think a solid black might be too difficult to work with and maybe that's the problem? For example, you'll notice that the solid black hair color is a bit over-saturated looking as if the color is somewhat bleeding. I suspect a true #000000 black might be a little too strong, but something close to that would be very very ideal, yes. I took the liberty of making a chart of other colors that I hope to eventually see in game Of course, these exact colors probably wouldn't translate into the game the best-but I believe with some determination and passion from the heart, they can find a way to make colors at least similar to the ones I've shared here. Most were lifted directly off screenshots I'd taken in-game anyway. If you look at the dye shop, one will notice that there is a lot of murky brownish tones and that's just a bit too boring. The pinks are so limited it's discouraging...blues could use improvement too. And of course, the deeper black'ish tones as well. As always, these are just colors that I myself wished were in the dye shop along with some friends I asked in my guilds discord and so if these colors aren't for whomever is reading or seeing them then sweetie make your own damn chart but anyways so like I was saying, we also noticed that there's room for a few patterns as well. Perhaps a very light/faint shimmer texture, a hearts pattern like the polka dots one, maybe ones they can release seasonally to compliment Christmas or Halloween costumes-Seasonally limited dye patterns/textures. Something like these would make the dye experience more fun, I feel.
  10. Allegedly easier. My guess is that it'll be out in the next few months seeing as we have GC9 out and about already
  11. As Deadly Intent said, fishing is on the way for just that reason, however it will be'll have a daily limit. So I'm not sure if you can really fish to your hearts content when that comes out-no idea. But fishing from what I understood is their first step in the direction of finally trying give players other things to do. Um...more aimed at the more social and taking it easy type of player, which is a crucial playerbase for MMOS. These players used to be the main demographic games tried to pull in, but I'd say over the last 5 years they were pretty much abandoned in most if not all MMOs in favor of the blood thirsty action-packed seeking players who would be willing to shell out hundreds for gear to keep up. Before then, it was mostly socialites willing to spend hundreds for outfits lol..but these days they seem to milk both without doing anything to try keeping relaxed players at all. I hope the future changes though will change that. I would very very much love to log in and relax, as MMOs are supposed to be my escape from a very fast paced real world.
  12. Virgin Killer outfit censored?

    I can't seem to find any screenshots of what the Korean version looks like. Whatever the original (Korean) one looks like is what we should get. So if it's different, then we should have that. But if it's the same then that's what we're supposed to have.
  13. Stop reusing bad event dungeons.

    Good event is good! Next time let's doooooooooo BSH or find a way to re-purpose poh24/nsh24 !
  14. From what I remember, as Grimoir said, you get the threads and with the threads you are able to buy rng boxes that may have the costume in it. The only sure things you could buy were the accessories and possibly the weapon skin-not sure on the weapon skin, but I do remember the accessories (hat, earrings, backslot) you could purchase outright using the threads for sure, since that was how I got my Rosethorn crown last time they did this. It would be very kind and gracious and greatly appreciated by those who really want them if they allowed players to just buy them outright, but if they do it the same way they did before, then that would not be the case. If you have a lot of money, this won't be too big of an obstacle for you, but if you're F2P or low on funds, it's gonna be a bust. Urban legend was no easy feat for most to get the first time around, so I can't see them making it much easier this time..but I wouldnt mind if they did! even as a sucker who paid through the nose for the set myself lol
  15. White Angel finally arrives?

    LINXAY!!! Thank you a ton for putting in Field day too I been waiting on that bootyshorts outfit for mmmmmmmmmmmmmMONTHS!!! I appreciate you coming through with the costumes, and I'm defiantly very very happy to see that a bunch of the Valentines sets can be obtained through the Valentines events. That's a BIG thank you on that!! Now that frees up cash to get to the newer sets with no issue, ahHEH!! Anyway, event is nice, prizes are nice, looking forward to it!!