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  1. Where to find outfits...

    Oh sweetie, I'll tell you where you can buy them!!!! In your dreams, because if anyone thinks they have any intention of releasing a costume that the majority of you want in a way that ISN'T RNG... I mean, who knows. We did once give a strong enough push about only getting ugly old rotations offered to us that Linxxy and co did work hard and actually deliver on changing that up a bit. But since she's been gone we've been right back to the same schedule we had before. Recolors and 100 times over re-releases. We're literally back to the Costco jackets again. It'd be hilarious if it wasn't also so depressing. Update F10. No you know what, lemmie go on ahead and stick my dumb ol neck out right quick @Hime @Cyan Uhh who else...I dare not wake Youmu from his slumber, I don't have that big a deathwish right now...maybe that's good enough. No it isn't, lemmie get on some more peoples nerves who are just trying to get through their workday @PhoenixMitra @Sunshine power rangers assemble Update F10 please maybe if you have that ability. Usually F10 costumes would all get cleaned out and replaced once a year, but it's been about a year and a half now and still no update. Spring clean it, it's perfect timing. And push cosmetics more. No, not in the form of RNG. You're missing the point by 10 miles again with this latest box. I'm not spending a cent on "chance", I'm not stupid enough and neither are the majority of your customers. Newbies take one look at that and just uninstall-no one likes to be told "you can maybe have this if you gamble for it" they'll just go play something where they can buy what they want outright instead. So anyways yes, please change the lineup in F10's cosmetics up a bit. ALSO!! Listen to me. Slap a discount on name, appearance, and gender changes. The bigger the discount, the more people will spend. Keep that in mind. Let's think "happy customers" and "profit". There's a way to get both at the same time. It just takes a little brain storming.
  2. Starcaller RNG Box

    Can these be sold to other players/in the market? If they're sellable then this box might be ok. If not though this box is an embarrassment and I'm going to have to drag NC for at least another 2 weeks, once a day every day until they like it.
  3. Where are we now?

    Every single MMO that launches starts out with like 5 or 6 servers. Then on launch day, those servers are not enough and people face long queue times and get angry. That's when they open even more, and that's why we wound up with having so many at first as well. Literally every single one goes through the same thing. They all have a huge boom at the start and then shrink to an average. Now. As for whether or not they did a good job. The answer honestly, truly, is not really no. Like I've said in a past thread...they monetized all the wrong things. They STARTED out right!! They were absolutely on the right track in the beginning, and many people loved it. Blade and Soul around launch was a breath of fresh air. Finally, an MMO that didn't revolve around RNG boxes!!!! and then once they release Silverfrost, that's when the RNG boxes and trove started and that's all it's been ever since. It turned into yet another gambling casino which the majority of people rightfully hate. "If they dont rely on highly unpopular for the long term ideas like RNG boxes or Trove, then how can they make money?" Sell things players want to buy that don't feel like cheating and don't feel like they're being taken as a fool with endless amounts of money to throw away via gambling. "Well, what kinds of things??" You have a wardrobe with what-200 different items? But only 2 or 3 things are in rotation every two weeks along with maybe 10 other things that have been rotting in F10 for two years now. If I walk into a clothing store, I don't want to be told that I can only buy what's on 3 mannequins in the back room. People act like customers who buy costumes don't matter. It's insane. This is where a considerable chunk of their income could be coming from on a regular basis. For example; A newbie starts the game. They have access to a crazy amount of costumes. They buy a couple, this and that and this and that-well now they've already bought in so they'll try to make it work for the long haul and even if they quit at least they spent a lot on costumes first. Now let's try that again. A newbie starts a game. They have access to 3 costumes and none of them catch their eye. They quit easily with nothing tying them down and didn't buy a single thing. Come on. But I'm sure I can say it until I'm blue in the face and they'll sit in a meeting and go "nope nope, rng makes us more" completely ignoring that rng costs them way more than it'll ever make them and these 3 years of flopping is extremely hard proof of it. But anyways even I get tired of being a broken record.
  4. Is it Time to Cut the Cord?

    It's a bad event. No game can avoid having a bad event. They have to think up a new event every month so if you think they or any other company in the entire world is going to think up a perfect event every single month back to back to back you're either out of your mind or you're a super genius who knows all the secrets and should go apply to NC yourself so you can cook up every event we get. NC can only do so much. People hate playing with newbies, they hate teaching anyone anything, they hate each other and then sit there and yell at NC about why their games should be more popular and what NC can do to fix that. No, loudmouths, you need to stop being barbaric first. They could lead in a million new players and 70% of those players would quit once they get a taste of how they'll be treated and that's a fact. They'll try to 6v6 and get told they should F off. Try to do a dungeon and get called names for messing up. Come on. They'll get lost for 3 seconds and get killed/locked out by a fire wall because someones time was too precious to wait, come on. My annoyance with the fake confusion around here aside, I think another important thing to consider is that NA/EU never made as much as KR was expecting them to. The problem isn't the games population, because the population is average. The problem is the lack of paying customers. and not problem in the sense of "they're poor!!!" but problem in the sense of, KR is a profit hungry beast and if they're not getting the millions they feel they deserve, they'll continue to punish and then eventually yoink the game away from West because it's profits just arent satisfying enough to them. I think a big hint to this was the Golden Lotus event where they expected our playerbase to come up with $400,000 for some event. They posted it confidently as if they thought we'd reach that without even trying within a few days. But that's not what happened. It was a struggle and for the most part turned out to be an outright embarrassment. It was here: And here: Here was a forum post about it: I think even in NA/EU's best days, KR wasn't happy with the profits. I don't think we've ever satisfied them. And right now is probably a pretty low point too. But this, they cannot be mad at players about. Players are the ones without a doubt that scare away new players-that much is true. Newbies dont know what white orbs were, newbies dont know or care about the things that pss all of you off. So if someone joins and quits, either they got bored of the story or one of you told them off while they were trying to learn. BUT. When it comes to the profits of BnS, this is not the playerbases fault. This is NC's. It's NC's fault because they arent providing things and services that make most of us want to spend. They arent encouraging it. They try to use guilt and force tactics, but instead it turns people away. The secret to making a person part with their money is to make them happy. Give them something they want in exchange for that money. It can't be gear. That turns too many off. It can't be trove, that's gambling and again turns too many off. It was supposed to be through selling cosmetics, but they hide behind RNG for that. "Well RNG makes them more" it costs them more in the end. They've been shooting themselves in the foot for a solid 3 years now. Sit down and think about what you like to buy and what makes you buy again. If they're at all in any type of panic about income then they need to actually think about what they're doing and try something new. Another reason newbies could be quitting is they join they game and they see they can't even buy 90% of the costumes out there. What are you doing that for? Who cares if some costumes are rare or not, you could have that income of people buying costumes as soon as they join right off the bat but instead you cling on to this weirdo 'everything has to be rare' concept which just irritates people. You're withholding looking like dumdums when that could be a steady flow of income all the time. I dont know, I could very well be wrong but if I'm right then I said what I said.
  5. Server Consolidation — April 24

    The whole "GAME IS DED!!!" screaming thing confuses me though. Like said, Zulia is very active. Everytime I log in there's so many people standing around Moon Refuge I have to go run off to escape the bit of lag. And if I go to mushins it's packed too. and Jadestone always has a group, and House of Pleasures, just outside of MSP, just outside of TT, Dasari Gardens, outside hong-so it's not that these servers are void of players. That's not the issue, you can't tell me it is. Because everywhere I go there's at least 20-30 others standing around or doing something. When I think of "dead server" I think don't see anyone for a long time. Maybe one or two, but mainly abandoned towns as I've seen in past games that died. Maybe what you really mean is lack of paying customers? Which that could completely be true! Let's be real, they arent selling anything that anyone wants!! So that could be true, they're not good at making money. but "dead" ehhhhhhhhhhh...kind of implies there's no one around which is far from the case. idk that always just bugs me.
  6. Down to 1 server they need to change something

    Can I be real for a second here. I just had yet another friend try to come back to Blade and Soul and do you know what his complaint was? It was the same complaint I hear from the majority of friends who try the game and quit. "Players demanded high gear for even lower tier dungeons" I'm sorry, no offense here, but what the hell is NC supposed to do about players being jerkoffs to each other again??? What's the magic solution to that again?? What, give us all more gear?? So players can be even more ridiculous about requirements???? and I love my friends but they end up being part of the problem too because when I tell them, "well just talk to people and join a guild" I hear what I now hear from the majority of NA players which is waaahwaaahh I dont wanna make new friends-then what the hell are you doing playing an MMO?? Go turn on your playstation if you want to sit in silence by yourself, jesus christ. It's's two things. Players insisting that you need 3k AP to clear Pigsty and then also players suddenly getting real shy tucking their tail between their legs acting like they don't know how to type "hi how are you" when they have the courage to type all kinds of freaky things in their search bars every night with their 20 tabs open-stop PLAYING with me!!!! Ok now back at the main issue though. "What is driving people away?" Yes, absolutely, the way the game is monetized is caveman tier. The people who run MMOs these days don't even play them and legitimately have no idea what they're doing which matters because it shows PAINFULLY HARD that they NO idea how to actually CATER to their customers because they have 0 understanding of what their customers want. It's like if I opened up a shoe-line for snakes and then acted confused as to why no snakes were buying my shoes. You don't play these games, you don't know why people like them, you're applying things and rules that just turn people off. Yes, that's a problem. But Daddy Korea doesn't care. and Auntie NA can't be bothered either-if they try to be bothered, they probably get snatched up and tossed right out that comical window just like Jonathan probably was every other week. So to sum it up; It's not just NC, it's the playerbase too. But the playerbase won't change and neither will NC. Maybe if you stopped treating each other like animals more people would want to stay and play the game, Happy Easter!
  7. Legends Reborn Event is Diabolical

    This is completely unrelated for the most part to the main focus of this post which is the event and the problems that came along with it but I'm gonna say what I wanna say anyways It's actually very simple to get into parties while being what many would consider to be "undergeared" Are you all listening, come real close Be sociable. If I need to pug, I don't just jump into some F8-are you kidding me, they'll kick my butt right back out. I start my own party, say the stupidest thing I can think of which is usually most of what I think of all the time, aand then let them all come running to me. Or sometimes. I just talk a lot in faction. I let my stupidity be nice and publicly known. That way, when I go "hehe does anyone wanna carry me" they can't help but feel sorry enough to say 'alright fine'. That's the secret. That's the secret to MMOs. Communication. Talk to people. Befriend them. Be nice, be clumsy, be whatever you are as long as it isnt a meanieweenie. When you get to know others, suddenly you never find yourself at the mercy of strangers who only care about your numbers ever again.
  8. Loyal players and veterans

    And there we have it, the entire purpose of the game and the only reason why anyone should be playing There's no reward for being first, so just take it slow and have an easy going fun time. There's no rush, there's no need to actually stress. and if you love to rush and love to stress and that's fun then sure do that too but understand that games are never actually entirely built around rushing people only. You can still in fact take it slow and you will not lose everything just like that.
  9. Congrats on your mask! Alright, so I was spying on KR like usual when suddenly I saw something that made me put the binoculars down. I saw yet another set that we never got. Just like the spring-sheepie looking set, this one also has been out for a good least 4 years? in KR anyway. Along with the very long forgotten TV hats and medium length male wig-all as seen below In addition to this, just thought I'd bring up yet again the Sanrio set. Make no mistake!!! I don't like them. Lol. But I remember for years Tera was blocked from releasing their Sanrio sets and then about a year after I quit that game for BnS I did see that they did finally get that set. So I guess, kind of makes me wonder if maybe someday that would at all be possible for NA/EU, even despite me not liking the sets myself-see how charitable I am?? You're all welcome, I do this all for you but mostly for myself but maybe just this once also for you Ok that's all I've got, have a nice day. Hope you're all weathering the bad event endless walls of text storm well.
  10. No I'm gonna say it Those wings are ugly. Those wings, those wings are god awful. Those wings make you look like a chicken that just narrowly escaped being a Kentucky fried chicken. Those rotisserie chicken lookina-listen. Those greasy burnt up looking can I take your order mam looking wings you couldnt give them to me for free even with 0 effort involved so you know what they can keep them. Oh yes they can!!! Oh yes they can and let me tell you something else. THIS event. This event right here. Today. It's goin on right now, you log in, bam, it's in your face, that's what's happening, that's the mood of the day. That event is not their best work. I wouldnt put that one on the resume, I wouldnt show that one off. But we all make mistakes. But the mistakes are getting a little more frequent than usual, I'll admit that. I'll admit it, I hope they do too. Now. What's my point. Well let me get to that, I'm gonna say it right now. I don't particularly care for this event and I do not think that I will be participating in it, however I am looking forward to what the future brings here in Blade and Soul Online now let me tell you something else. Hmmmmmmmm. Actually, we don't need this many events. There's way too many events back to back to back to back, it's not an event if it's every dam day how many times do I
  11. Server Consolidation — April 24

    The thought of the lag is really getting spirits down, I can't even lie. It'd be one thing if we were dead servers status, but Zulia is well populated and I thought Yura was even more populated than we are..the thought of everyone being smooshed together and lag getting even worse is like...I just really hope you guys know what you're doing here. I know KR is probably grabbing you by the neck but if it's about money surely there are easier ways to be less in the red? I don't know-I don't know what's going on. Please just don't do this for a stupid reason. If you do this and the lag is awful, you're going to seriously see a drop in players/customers that I'm not sure you afford. Make sure it's a good strong server please, you are frightening me. ty
  12. There is a "Wonderland" set and then an "Alice" set. Wonderland is the pale blue and white one, created by NC which you can see at the bottom of the next coming event page here: along with the first time it was released which was back when Gunslinger came out right here: Album here: Alice is the royal blue and white set created by NA in the first costume contest that was held as shown here: Album here: Just chiming in for clarification.
  13. Show off your characters!!

    Post your nonlyn and if you already have well do it again!!
  14. Oh wow...I totally forgot about this set.. we still never got that! That's wild lol Yeah, definitely add that one in as well when you get the chance please-that one has been out in KR since before NA/EU even existed. Very very long overdue.