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  1. Playerbase

    I like how CMs issue warnings and then completely ignore the concerns players bring up, that's a really lovely interesting feature of the blade and soul experience. Anyway, the playerbase isn't small lol. If you go to places players stand around the most you'll see there's actually quite a lot. Now, are there 100,000 on at a time? No, it's an MMO. Not Fortnite. You're never going to see FOTM game numbers in an MMO other than it's first month of release. Your problem here won't be the playerbase, it'll be when you have a problem/complaint/feedback and quickly realize that no one outside of other players cares. Let me say that again for a little more emphasis, no one will care. Have a nice day enjoy bladeandsoul!
  2. Make Secretkeeper shareable

    WHOA!!! Are you me, from like 4 days ago?? I sent a message to support asking them to move it or at least make it bound to account but they rejected me lol. Told me to go post about it instead, which I usually take as a very lovely little way of telling me how much they love and support their customers thoughts and opinions here at blade and soul online since nothing posted here ever makes a difference anymore these days. I mean but who knows, maybe this very post will ACTUALLY result in something being done. Maybe this is it, maybe this is the time to shine. Maybe THIS post will magically be a situation where in fact an action is actually taken, instead of uh...written down on a little pad and then tucked away to go on break where it's then completely forgotten about which is what I imagine happens to everything else we ask for that never gets mentioned ever again (see; the costume request thread) Please make Secretkeeper Bound to Account, if you do I promise to be very proud of you for doing the bare minimum
  3. Reminder that video games didnt exist until RNG boxes came out and that it's way better to spend $80 gambling for a set instead of $50 to get it guaranteed.
  4. Archer??

    Make threads saying how much you want more Gon/Yun classes without crying about Lyns. If you can't actually back what you want then of course you'll never get it. Companies will always support what makes them the most. So prove what you want is worth a profit instead of shouting how something else isnt. Anyway uhhhh yeah, KR in what 2 or 3 weeks? So NA/EU would be 2 months or so after
  5. New Cosmetic Vouchers

    Finals week, tired Make vouchers cost less and people will buy them more and be happier that they get to change more freely. Happy customers, more sales, will never happen though enjoy the new patch
  6. New player looking for friends! :3

    I honestly would have rolled out of my chair and onto the floor if he responded to a post from like, beta period. Now THAT would have been a conquest, but I can appreciate the effort in this too. I cracked a smile, I had a lil fun. I'm sure there's a 'something something necro' but if you're going to do it, go for the high score everyone
  7. A wish for the F10

    Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan...I saw that a Moderator replied and was so juiced for an actual response...and here it is just a comment telling some chihuahuas to stop yapping smdh
  8. GJ with the server merge ncsoft

    I don't know. I don't know, it could just be me but ....what's the problem with people speaking in their language again? Maybe it's because I live by San Francisco, so I'm used to hearing people speaking all kinds of different languages everyday everywhere I go, because I'm just really struggling to see what's so bad about it here. Someone speaking their language doesn't rob you of your ability to speak yours. I can understand in the case of make a party and no one speaks English, so you can't explain rolls in case there's a wipe. THAT makes sense. But like, casual do-nothing shootin the breeze faction chat??? idk just talk anyway? People who speak English will still respond to you. Unless they're a big baby and decide if they can't be the only language that they're just gonna delete faction from their tabs I guess. idk the whole things weird to me. NC should just make more chat channels. Which has been suggested about 10 times in the last month alone. Something something feedback always greatly appreciated, something allegedly my conspiracy.
  9. Money making suggestion

    Beautiful ideas, love them all Also it would very very nice if we could also name our pets. I name mine but of course I can't have it showing anywhere yet because that isnt allowed!
  10. Delete KFM from the game.

    This is a great idea, I have a few suggestions of my own as well. DELETE Raven King, his cutscene traps people and I dont CARE if korea fixed it the point is he did it to begin with, therefore he needs to shown the door DELETE Zulia, her hair looks like two cows licked it and her costume is ill-fitting no matter which version she's in DELETE Master Hong, he lookin all swole for no reason when he's like 382 years old and I don't know where to look when he transforms DELETE Ryu, he took falling off that cliff entirely too personal when it's a passage of life absolutely crucial to teen development that builds character we did him a favor and he repays us with attitude and homicide like the entitled lazy millennial he is DELETE raids they take too long DELETE pvp and make it so when we queue up we actually queue into a moral kombat game, preferably one where 'toasty' still exists or any injustice game since currently they're like the same game now anyway DELETE GonF hand on hip pose, they look like theyre expecting something and i have nothing else to give other than my own uncertainty and emotional baggage from past relationships ok that's all I got, looking forward to seeing my many great ideas put into the game asap
  11. But how else can they get you to keep logging in and playing the game everyday?? If there's nothing to gear for months at a time, what else is there even to do? -is what I'd ask if I were a complete newbie to MMORPGS. Extra points for "and what else could they use to make money??" We've been proven time and time again that most of NC doesn't actually play video games. How people who don't even play games wind up in the gaming moderation field I'll never know, but here they are. Constantly doing everything wrong and then ignoring customers who tell them how to fix it, opting to just do something even worse instead probably under the assumption that "well they wont ACTUALLY quit" only to be shocked and appalled when their numbers start dropping. I dont know, not much else to say anymore. New thing costs 100+ oils. Yup sounds about right lol.
  12. Server Consolidation — May 1

    Let's start making those plans then! Blade and Soul has always been very cramped in terms of how it lets it's players communicate. We don't get buddy chat channels, we don't get global chat channels, we can't make our own chat channels, and we're only allowed to write one and a half sentences at a time. The argument against this has always been "well, spam bots" Well, you've had 3 years to get rid of spam bots. Did you? Did it work yet? And how much longer is a failure on NCWest's part supposed to effect the entire playerbase? You're telling me until the game dies we're still never going to be allowed to say more than a sentence at a time? We're still never going to have friend channels? We're still going to be punished for things we're in not in control of? But in other games they have no issues with this, they still have plenty of chat channels and chat space, and these games have even bigger populations than BnS. I understand spam bots are annoying and there's no way to truly get rid of them all, and that's why you do things anyway despite them. It doesnt make sense that players are robbed of normal functions all because of boogeyman bots for all eternity. I could understand it the first year, but after that it was just sheer lazyness. The very bare minimum least you could do is throw in a few more chat channels and increase the text input limit in maybe one of them or something-we're not typing in Asian language, so we need that space. and we need ways to talk to added friends/certain groups/everyone. I shouldnt have to keep tabbing out into discord to talk to friends who arent in my guild/faction. I have to leave the game to talk to friends I make in the game, do you realize how entirely backwards that is? lol It's bad enough our friendlists have been broken since the games release-we can't even tell who's on half the time...we can't tell who's on and we can't talk to them unless we whisper one on one..this is like..ancient communication tier. At this point we might as well be gifted carrier pigeons to talk to each other. So they can end up in F10 for 20ncoin each or something lmao zzzzzz
  13. Wrote something long and thoughtful, then deleted it all; BnS isnt a good enough game to rely only on it's gameplay, the server(s) are trash, they don't even have esports anymore, raiding is pointless, and gear doesnt give you anything but acne, sleep deprivation, and carpel tunnel from parse spamming to show each other who can be better at consistently causing nerve damage to their fingers for a higher score than anyone else. Alright. So, if they were smart, they'd push cosmetics more. and they'd do it in a way that more people could access more frequently. Alright, 2 costumes once every 2 weeks is pathetic. Having almost 2 year old stuff in F10 and not being bothered to update it is pathetic. The fact that 2D games from 10 years ago can easily keep large inventories of digital costumes up for sale and still keep afloat to this very day while BnS is acting like it's on it's deathbed with a fraction of a fraction of it's wardrobe up for sale is just mindblowing. It's a level of stupidity that even on my worst day even I couldnt achieve. They're a Mercedes lot that stocks 2 Kia's and then sheepishly reports to HQ their abysmal numbers like they don't know what's going wrong. Alright. Because no one can tell me they're making bank. Not with these servers they can't. But they'll find spare change to pay off some random twitch streamers to play for 20 minutes though, where the streamer will do everything in their power to bite their tongue and not complain about how bad the game is running. Yeah that's a good idea. That's a great idea. That's how they'll get more people to spend money on their game. Also we'll probably get most of those costumes shown. If we're lucky though we'll skip the neon and purple ones but who knows people love all kinds of things.
  14. The two-week rotation is a flop. It's a bad idea and borderline anti-customer. As I've said many times, the entire reason my MMO dedicated irl friends skipped and to this day still avoid BnS is because of that damn two week idea. It just pushes costume enthusiasts away who don't want to wait 9 months for something they like to come out for 3 seconds and then disappear again before they can remember to get it, or even worse, tell them "oh you can have this costume if you just sit and play the slots, sweetie :)" Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh In a former post, I posted old KR costumes that we never got. If you'd like to see those click my name and find that post idk it was like last week. For now though, I'll post new costumes that have not yet reached our region, since why not, we're talking about costumes already anyway. Maybe this'll inspire new rotation ideas idk. And so here they are, beginning with Costume Contest Winners from around the world: And then originals (I believe): Note that the Maritime Patrol (?) was changed to dyeable, so this also means that they're looking into going back and making past costumes customizable as well. For the costume winners, not they are not all done. The top one is Russia's which was just finished. NA/EU's last costume contest winner is still in the works as well, I remember one of the CMs here saying it still had a little while to go. but yeah. So, these are the things we just havent gotten here yet.
  15. Where to find outfits...

    Oh sweetie, I'll tell you where you can buy them!!!! In your dreams, because if anyone thinks they have any intention of releasing a costume that the majority of you want in a way that ISN'T RNG... I mean, who knows. We did once give a strong enough push about only getting ugly old rotations offered to us that Linxxy and co did work hard and actually deliver on changing that up a bit. But since she's been gone we've been right back to the same schedule we had before. Recolors and 100 times over re-releases. We're literally back to the Costco jackets again. It'd be hilarious if it wasn't also so depressing. Update F10. No you know what, lemmie go on ahead and stick my dumb ol neck out right quick @Hime @Cyan Uhh who else...I dare not wake Youmu from his slumber, I don't have that big a deathwish right now...maybe that's good enough. No it isn't, lemmie get on some more peoples nerves who are just trying to get through their workday @PhoenixMitra @Sunshine power rangers assemble Update F10 please maybe if you have that ability. Usually F10 costumes would all get cleaned out and replaced once a year, but it's been about a year and a half now and still no update. Spring clean it, it's perfect timing. And push cosmetics more. No, not in the form of RNG. You're missing the point by 10 miles again with this latest box. I'm not spending a cent on "chance", I'm not stupid enough and neither are the majority of your customers. Newbies take one look at that and just uninstall-no one likes to be told "you can maybe have this if you gamble for it" they'll just go play something where they can buy what they want outright instead. So anyways yes, please change the lineup in F10's cosmetics up a bit. ALSO!! Listen to me. Slap a discount on name, appearance, and gender changes. The bigger the discount, the more people will spend. Keep that in mind. Let's think "happy customers" and "profit". There's a way to get both at the same time. It just takes a little brain storming.