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  1. Tell that to Final Fantasy. Matter of fact, google "HousingSnap" or "HGXIV". Then tell me again that it signals the end of the game. If anything signals the end of a game, I think long periods of silenced followed by RNG boxes back to back might be a bit alarming, don't you? Or is that the only thing players know now. Did it become the new normal here? Because that's how it's looking every time I check back in lol
  2. Oh that's blatantly traced. LMAOOOO THE LEGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bruh...even her breasts are the literal same size as the original ldsjfljkf THE BULLETS FLYING FROM THE GUN Ok so that's art theft. If you've never seen what art theft looks like, this is it. This is the perfect example. It's literally traced and then they just drew different clothes on it and colored it differently. It's like if I traced Mickey Mouse but made his ears green and called him Macky Moose....like girl, thats still Mickey Mouse!!!!!!!!!!! I know it can be hard to tell when someone's stealing something
  3. Hate to specifically show up to post the equivalent to an "I told you so" post, but that's exactly what I'm going to do. In the what, 5 months I've quit now? The CMs are still shying away and the community is eating itself alive. A big problem with the west experience has always been the playerbase. No, don't get offended-don't get in your feelings. Just because it isnt specifically you being a jerk doesnt mean it isnt many others. In both PvE and PvP there are people who just have no regard for anyone else and act out and argue every chance they get. and there's nothing you can do a
  4. So I've been gone for like a month or so now and comparing BnS to other games I've played in the past as well as the games I'm now playing presently, BnS is in an actual awful state and really needs to start shaping up big time. BnS isnt offering anything that other MMOs arent anymore. If anything, BnS is more expensive all around. It demands more playtime, more money, more studying for raids and even some simple dungeons. It's an uphill fight of a game. Even costumes are an uphill fight. You have to wait out rotations, try your luck gambling, then wait for an entire year or t
  5. Figured I had enough experience to speak on this but of course note that my experiences won't be the exact same as everyone else's. BnS is probably the 4th MMO that I played long term (more than 2years). There's no way around it, it currently has the absolute worst community out of all of them. It's always been a pretty bad one, but overtime it only got worse. Most people don't like talking. They take the game super seriously so they log in, do obligatory things and log out all the while wanting no one to get in their way. No, they don't want to teach you anything.
  6. No it isn't, stop excusing poor performance. What job do you have that makes you believe any of this insanely unprofessional patch is ok..? In all the years I've worked in customer service not only did I need to know the brand itself inside and out, but I needed to know details about every product they had and what other choices were out there and how to help all customers regardless of their mood-I had to be a walking google search. So tell me what it is about being a CM that suddenly makes it ok to know absolutely nothing, dig their heads in the sand and go "oops
  7. Logged in specifically to tell you that you're wrong. Yes it was sneaky. Or more like, they probably felt too "anxious" to deal with streaming that and just opted out of doing it entirely. Which is no excuse and actually made things worse. RNG boxes are always told about and shown to us via stream just about a week before they come out. I've been screenshotting streams for people who missed them for 2 years now. We always see the RNG boxes and everything new that comes to F10. If you think they don't, I'm inclined to say that you've never actually watched their str
  8. Oh yeah forgot something, apparently couldnt be bothered to do a stream this time?? What's going on there. Is there a procrastination issue? There are some super last minute announced things in those patch notes too like the spec swaps. At this point it's actually unprofessional. What are you doing?? What are you guys doing. lol How swamped are you that you can only respond in the forum once every 3 weeks, can't do streams anymore, can't take a screenshot to post in your event news page, and can't write an event page without word padding. Had no idea CMs w
  9. Too much arguing back and forth, makes the eyes glaze over. I've been playing with the same group for about 2 years now and all of us at this point are on break or super casuals now. Here are the reasons why; 1. Too much lag. When I watch their streams, often there is server lag where they all freeze during a raid. Usually happens on Wednesdays. Very inconvenient/frustrating to deal with. 2. Repetitive events without much or dull rewards. If it's not an great deal, there's no point to it. Sorry, not logging in. 3. Ugly costume releases/good costumes ag
  10. Please either pick different people to select the final "11" or allow players to actually pick from 11 instead of 5 next time, I am actually begging you. Like not to be rude, but this turned out to be the equivalent of having my mom pick the final 5. Thanks.
  11. Even if they spoke up on the front page when they first posted it to the public emphasizing that we would only be picking from 5 like they should have done in the first place which they didn't do, it still would have been wrong because there's no way we should be picking from such a small amount selected by people who for the most part could not care less. Because they're employees their opinions are going to be whimsical at best with maybe a lazy dev or two chiming in on the "harder" to make ones probably putting them down for obvious reasons. If they just wanted to choose themsel
  12. No one's going to spit on me and tell me it's raining, that's not happening. It should be 11 choices posted. Not 5. There's more I want to say, but simply can't. You put both us voters and the artists themselves in an awkward situation with this. Because I don't want to sound like I'm slapping certain people who I'm sure worked very hard on their submission but at the time it's hard to say what needs to be said without doing so. When I went back to find the previous contest posts, they were deleted. But at least some can be seen talking about it. The
  13. I actually missed that part about the dev team I'd hate to think that some of the top 5 chosen were selected merely because they would be very easy to implement considering they do look quite a bit like a few things we already have. This wouldn't have anything to do with laziness on the development teams end would it..? Please release the other 6 choices if not!
  14. Please undo the change is what we're saying, because it ...you're very lovely. You're a nice person so I, I'm really not trying to talk down or swat at you like you're a kid. But this is a bit disappointing to hear is what we're trying to communicate. The way it worked before is what we're used to and feels a lot better, if you don't mind. Especially considering we've already seen what a few of the others look like and we like them enough that we're confused as to why they're not being shown. Most likely they're in the top 11, but not your personal top 5. and that's the prob
  15. Do I need to link all the previous contests. It's never been done like this. We've always chosen from at least about 10. What is even Why are we only choosing from 5 if there's 11, I-
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