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  1. I’ve said it before and I was ignored and I’ll say it again. Release the outfit "flight crew" please
  2. I agree with you, at least they should have the % rate to obtain such items. GM always say discuss in the forum, so that developers take it into consideration for future improvements. I hope that’s because those RNG FAKES boxes are tacky
  3. this event is a crap is super boring having to do the 8th floor is eternal and only gives a sack and are 2 keys a day you have to do it twice???? stop playing this stupid game for that reason, until further notice when ncsoft stops doing stupid things,and stop killing the game there are fewer and fewer people for their p2w crap their bad optimization their dedication to creating p2w events instead of good content. bns is no longer an mmorpg it’s just a slot machine
  4. when the 22 winners of the 2019 cosmetics contest will rise? nor take seriously to respect their own proposed schedule?
  5. I believe that they should have at least 30 participants in the vote and that the community itself should choose their favorites, not that the judges choose just because it suits them more and gives them more facilities. I participated in the contest for outfit and weapons design an armor something that in the game you may never go to see why you do not want to get out of the typical costumes all with the same style and weapons were very original a katana for the greatsword who would not want a greatsword katana were quite innovative designs I had never seen anything like, Of cours
  6. I find it very unfair that they classify only 5 for voting of the 11 finalists, and even more that within those 5 finalists the costumes are equal to those that already exist in bns not to say copies with different color and that one arrangement, it seems to me an arrangement of the developers just to facilitate the work, they will never do something innovative ? Every time they pull out a new suit, it’s an old one with a different color. Several have said that there are suits that, if they are worth being on the ballot, should put the 11 to the vote and not just manage between you to facilita
  7. I agree, it would be much better to have all the items in the f10 for purchase instead of spending junk box suits that are not worth it, with guto I would buy suits that I could not get in some trove or past event, but never but I will see them leave, or maybe they leave for 12hrs and I just can not see them that day. They should reconsider that marketing strategy they have in the end they will only stay with a group of whales they always buy, many people will lose. They should sell those things in the item shop as an option.
  8. I would like to suggest the incorporation of the "m'ao gloves" to the same merchant who sells the den collar and other items in exchange for the alpha emblems. a suggestion, a help, for those like me who have already tired of farming give without any result, no matter how much alpha emblem you ask, but that it is possible to acquire it with effort and not with luck, because if you are lucky I will never leave. Thank you, take it into account.
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