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  1. As we all know with the amount of inflation in the game due to hunter refuge and other reasons the value of gold has fallen drastically. In spite of all this the minimum listing fee on the currency exchange for gold to HM/Ncoin still remains as 1:1. Because of this everyone is trying to sell gold and literally nobody is buying, in game gold sellers are unhappy because their gold never sells and potential buyers are unhappy because the price is too high. You people keep putting good stuff on the hongmoon store and free to play players can't even buy them because the only other means
  2. "They felt no adjustments were needed", do these people even play the game and know what its like to be in the shoes of the players. 1800 pearls for 1 measly event currency, not to forget you need a total of 7 event currency every day to make the most of this event, which will cost a grand total of 12600 pearls. I AFK fish for hours and don't even get that many pearls! The majority of the event currency would be coming from fishing, why make an event to encourage players to AFK fish for hours, players should be encouraged to actually play the game and enjoy the events it offers. In my opinion
  3. WHY does everything take so long , it literally takes less time for players to kill the boss than for the boss to actually become attackable and for doors to actually open after clearing a floor. Other problems that I noticed is that even if you 1 hit Junghado he does not die, you need to attack him like 10 more times before he actually dies. Also with the Mushins on floor 8 they have like a 5 second iframe and it is impossible for most classes to resist Mushin's phantom grip at the start, is all this really necessary? I just want to get my pouches as quickly as possible and get out.
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