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  1. Bronze and Silver abuse in 6v6

    put a max 100 rating difference for duo maybe ? Can't be that hard right?
  2. Outfits in f10

  3. Exceeded purchase limit???

    Its a automatic system that prevents you from buying more ncoins (error pgl8008) just send a ticket and they will remove it . (Happens when u buy more than 20k ncoins , 🐋)
  4. Outfits in f10

    Home run!!!! And returning the outfit option in the daily items would be a good idea. What happened to that, we used to have outfits every 3-4 times /week in the daily items ,why did that stop
  5. Outfits in f10

    I'm pretty sure that majority of playerbase (that's left in the game) are dissatisfied with the outfits we are getting in f10, like i personally asked them multiple times to put a specific outfit instead of these unwanted ones. Of course they didn't do anything about it. And pretty sure this will not get any attention but yee, can you please listen to what players want ,at this point everyone is dissatisfied with everything the game is doing.
  6. 90 pet packs mean you did Hongsil + RSC on 9 alts every day. That is a minimum of 3 hours/day of doing just events and we gotta do many other dungeons & raids too, so is this a good way to farm? Further, what do you mean choosing oils over "cheap" pet packs? Oils are much cheaper than pet packs because event currency cost of pet packs is 40% of oils, whereas the market cost is 33% so it is not an ideal option to purchase pet packs over oils. And going by the past trend not all events are this rewarding, so this way it will take around 6-7 events to farm enough pet packs! We either need a more consistent way to farm things simultaneously or the cost needs to be more realistic.
  7. Ncoin, hello?²

    Can you use it now? I also recharged ncoin today, and cannot use!!
  8. Hey guys. So for the past few days my chat stops working as soon as I enter a dungeon. This makes it very difficult to coordinate with the other party members. Anyone else facing this problem or got a solution ? Help is appreciated :)